Dear Kartar: If I use Bagua mirrors on the four sides outside my house, should they be between windows or close to one random window? Advice please on how to position a set of two mirrors.

Answer: You asked about Bagua mirrors and have a desire to post them on each side of your house.

Some people use Bagua mirrors as a talisman for protection, while others believe they have the power to deflect away negative energy.

I have to wonder why you want to use them in the first place, and on all sides of your house, when there may be something much more effective than this Chinese folk remedy, which many high level Feng Shui masters do not even use or respect.

Back in the 1990’s I asked Master Joseph Yu about bagua mirrors and he said that they can create bad luck because the glare from an outside mirror could cause someone to have a car accident.  He was being facetious, but his point was made.

I also asked Master Larry Sang about bagua mirrors and he said they are like an advertisement that says “I am worried I have bad feng shui.”

But here is a comparative example of how one may use something more effective than a bagua mirrors.  Let’s say that your house is aligned directly with a busy street, oncoming traffic could drive right through your house unless the driver turns sharply left or right.  This is also called a T-junction.  Someone might think they can push away the traffic “sha” with a mirror.  But a much more effective remedy would be a stone wall or even a bush hedge in front of the house.  Something bigger and more substantial than a little mirror.

This is not to say that bagua mirrors have no power and are just placebos.  But very few people know how to use the bagua mirror and most people just hang them up out of superstition.

Instead of putting one up on every outside wall, save your money if you have not already bought them.  If you want to put them up just for the heck of it, then you really don’t need to worry about where on the wall you put them if it is just for decoration. 

Normally, people use them in a more targeted way, towards something they don’t like.  If you don’t like your neighbors on all sides of your house, then it might be better to move than to send them all this negative kind of mental energy towards them.  Giving a nasty neighbor a fruit basket is a more effective way to get an issue resolved.

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