Dear Feng Shui Expert: I was planning to buy an eagle to place on top of my roof to keep away the pigeons from nesting in between my solar panels. I saw this lady clearing her items, so I bought 6 eagles in one form of statue. 1 winged eagle, 3 closed wings and 2 babies in the nest. I know I can’t place on top of my roof as they are not big enough to scare the pigeons, and also, they are slightly heavy. Where can I place them in the house?

I work from home. My house is west facing. I placed it temporarily at my back deck on the North corner but facing East. My deck in a way is an enclosed area on both sides with roof. My friend said it is good and but others say it’s not. Please advise as I am so scared.                 

Answer by Kartar: You asked about a solution for making sure the pigeons do not lay eggs on your roof and interfere with your solar panels.  You bought some eagle statues as you heard this might help, but they are not practical to use.  Placing anything, a statue or some other deterrent in any other part of your home is not going to resolve the pigeon problem.  This is not a feng shui problem, but rather an ordinary, mundane landscaping property maintenance issue.

I highly recommend you contact a licensed landscape architect or landscaper, even a gardener for suggestions on how to keep the pigeons away.  You might just need some kind of spiky meshing around that area, which would be difficult to sit on, let alone lay eggs.  Don’t worry about having something protective on your roof to shoo away the pigeons. It is not bad feng shui to have a deterrent, in the same way that it is not bad to have some deterrents to keep birds from turning an outdoor fountain into their bathroom.