Many people seek out Feng Shui experts for advice on how to invite financial good fortune into their life, but inquiries about how to actually manage finances are much rarer. Many of our biggest frustrations and accomplishments in life, however, have to do with our relationship with money. Luckily, many schools of Feng Shui also offer a wealth of insight into the best ways to earn, spend, invest, and grow our money.

Prioritizing financial goals like paying off debt, growing savings, and making investments is a major monetary concern for many. Uncle Dixer, our qualified Feng Shui expert, weighs in with insight based on Feng Shui principles.

Dear Uncle Dixer: We have a huge debt to clear. What should I do? We are also planning to expand our catering business. My date of birth is Jan. –,1979 and my husband is Mar. –, 1969. We have two kids. One was born in 2003 and the son was born in 2010. Please do help me and guide me. We have also just started keeping an aquarium recently. Anything else to be done?

Answer: Before expanding your business, sort out your debt first.

In Feng Shui, we try to establish what our main and secondary financial concerns are, so we would know the way forward and not confuse ourselves about which financial concerns are urgent and which ones are not.

Additional Comments

At the baseline, Feng Shui principles encourage us to respect all our money, whether we save it, invest it, use it to pay our bills, spend it on something that gives us pleasure, or something else. Treat the process of paying off bills and debts with as much care and respect as you would your investments and big-ticket purchases. Keep your bills as low as you can and always pay them on time, and do the same with any loans or debts you owe. These are top priorities in money Feng Shui.

Looking for more specialized financial advice using Feng Shui principles? We encourage you to look up professional Feng Shui consultants in your area. Feng Shui Nexus can also make doing so a breeze with our handy, comprehensive directory, which lists contact details for experts located all over the world.