A waste container, dustbin, or garbage can serve as a temporary receptacle for objects you want to remove from your home. These containers serve a practical and necessary purpose, and thus Feng Shui experts agree that their presence in and around our homes isn’t a bad thing. Most experts will approve of these containers being placed in locations where they can best be used, such as around the front area of the house where garbage collectors can easily reach them.

However, most Feng Shui practitioners also assert that a waste container shouldn’t be the first thing a person sees when they approach your home. A garbage can placed in an area that attracts too much attention may shift the energies in and around the house in a negative direction. Our resident Feng Shui expert, Uncle Dixer, offers practical advice for how to direct attention away from public wastebins placed in front of the house.

Dear Uncle Dixer: There is a public waste container/metal dustbin a few meters from the main door. The dustbin is screwed to the curb. From the main door, you can see it a little bit to the right side of the door. It is on slightly lower ground than the house. Is the Feng Shui good for the house? I am wondering if I should buy the house. Many thanks for your advice.

Answer: If the waste container is lower than the house and you can plant a tree or put up a fence to hide it from view, then it is fine. But if it is really close to the front door and you cannot hide it, then this is not a good situation.

Additional Comments

Feng Shui theory generally advises that garbage and garbage receptacles be kept out of sight as much as possible. With outdoor wastebins and especially with public waste containers, however, that concept needs to be balanced with practical considerations. If you can’t move your outdoor dustbin into a less conspicuous location, obscuring it with gates, hedges, sheds, or other means is both a practical and aesthetically pleasing alternative.

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