Dear Uncle Dixer: I’d like to know more about traditional Feng Shui cures. What are, if any, the REAL Feng Shui cures from old tradition?

Answer: Real or traditional Feng Shui Cures are called “Jie Hua” in Chinese, which can be translated as “overcome (transform) with understanding (explanation)”. These Jie Hua cures are based on the Five Phase or the Five Element relationships.

For example, if the Phase of Water is needed to enhance Wood, then we can use either a water feature, a painting with a blue water theme, or a wavy shaped sculpture made of metal as the Jie Hua cures. They all express the Water Phase in material, color, or shape. We can buy them off the shelf in a Feng Shui shop or we can make them ourselves. There is no fixed rule as to what we can have, as long as they adhere to the Five Phase principles.

The idea in Feng Shui is not only to use the Jie Hua cures to nullify the negative Qi of the Trigrams, but at the same time enhance our environment physically with these correctly chosen objects.