Dear Kartar: What are my lucky numbers and colors? I was born 1983 so I am a water pig. Thanks and regards!

Answer: You asked what your lucky numbers are and your best colors.  These are two topics which are barely associated with Feng Shui, or Chinese astrology. You’ve asked these questions on a Feng Shui website, so my best recommendation would be for you to check in with a Numerologist for “lucky number” information and to seek out a Wardrobe consultant for your best colors.

When it comes to your year of birth, in the Feng Shui Trigram system, you are 8 Gen (Earth). But to suggest you wear earth colors, like yellow or brown, would be too limiting and meaningless. Equally, if you gathered that as a Water Pig that you should wear water colors, that is also equally inconsequential and not how Five Element Theory is used in either Feng Shui or Chinese astrology.

Feng Shui deals with how people are impacted by their man-made and natural environment. Chinese astrology looks into the personal destiny of the individual, their luck cycles and how they relate to others.