Dear Kartar: I’m wondering which is worse: the Three Killings or the Illness Star? Assume that the three killings are in the direction where my head points while in bed. Is it more advisable if I move my head to point towards the South than putting a strong metal cure in the three killings direction? I’m thinking of 2022. Thank You  

Answer by Kartar: You asked about the comparison between what is called the “Three Killings” versus the “Illness Star.” These descriptions do sound dire, but often they have no measurable impact on occupants.  It all depends on use of space and other compounding influences.

The 3 Killings are also referred to as the three minor sha.   Each year there are several directions which can be precarious for remodeling or digging outside.  Planting flowers is not a concern, but uprooting a tree is significant. One has to weigh the consequences of removing a diseased tree for its own ill effects versus the timing of when to do it.

The 3 Killings might be as potentially precarious as the Tai Sui or the Sui Po directions in any given year, but these directions which are deemed harmful when disturbed can be overcome if they are micro-managed.  For example, if it is a bad year to dig in a certain direction, then you might be able to start the project in a good month and on a good day, to counter the negatives. This is the Feng Shui equivalent of making lemonade out of lemons.

Some people worry about even sitting, facing, or sleeping in the direction of the 3 minor sha, as they do with the Tai Sui (Grand Duke) or the Sui Po (Yearly Chong) direction.  There are even calendar guides which state you should not go to a funeral if you have to face one of these bad directions when facing the grave.  Many of these older edicts have been taken out of context or they are overly simplified.

The Illness Star, also known as the 2 Soil or 2 Earth star, is an energy that is contained inside a house. Its influence on the outside is diminished unless something really disturbing is happening just outside near the 2 star location.  Every house on the planet has two locations for the 2 star within the floor plan when using the Flying Star School of Feng Shui, and this energy is not a concern at all if it lands in a kitchen pantry or bathroom, but could contribute to an occupant getting sick if it lands in a bedroom, home office, or some place where occupants spend a measurable amount of time.

This is why it is hard to arbitrarily say that one situation is worse than another.  We also have to take into account who the occupant is that is experiencing these influences.  For example, in 2022, one of the 3 killing directions is the Rat direction of dead-on North.  What if that happens to be the Lu Cun Lucky Money direction for the occupant?  What if that happens to be the occupant’s most peaceful sleeping direction?   We have to assume that the negative influence for that person would be diminished or not active at all.

Every person deserves personalized advice from a well-trained Feng Shui consultant who actually knows about these circumstances and can assess if there is really a concern or not.  Let’s stay away from generalities because that dilutes the credibility of Feng Shui as a natural science.