Dear Uncle Dixer: I want to open my life and my way to all good luck. No negativity and an abundance of wealth and money which I know I deserve. Please advise what I need to do.           

Answer: There is abundance of wealth and happiness for you to make. What you need is a daily ritual that reinforce the idea that (1) you are lucky enough to be alive in sound body and mind, and that (2) you have the potential and the ability to create and make the way of life that you want to have to come true.

It is a very simple ritual. Each morning after you get out of the bed, open a window in the house that faces the sun, open your arms towards the brightness and say this silently to yourself, “Thank you, thank you my sun, that you have given me another day. I will not waste the precious time that is given to me so generously. I shall focus all my attention and energy to work on the things that matter to me the most, until I have reached my goal. Yes! Yes! I should live my life to its fullest. Yes! Yes! I will live in the here and now. Thank you! Thank you! I am so lucky to see your brightness again!”