Dear Uncle Dixer: How do I use Feng Shui to become healthy at the age of 66? I am suffering with insomnia, arthritis, and brain ailment.

Answer: Here’s what you can do to use Feng Shui to improve your health at the age of 66. Keep your house neat and bright, throw out all the junks you don’t need, have the house well ventilated, and have sunlight come into your living area as much as possible. Also, sleep in a bedroom without a TV or any electronic gadgets like a laptop or computer. Where you sleep should have a view to the garden or at least to an open space.

Health-wise, join a Tai Chi Quan or Qi Gong class and keep up a regular exercise routine of at least half an hour each day. Eat healthy with smaller amounts than when you were younger. Don’t drink too much alcohol and don’t smoke at all. Fasting for one day each week is also very helpful to give your body a rest.

I am older than you are, and these simple guidelines have kept me young and active. If I can do it then you can do it as well. Strong will-power and perseverance are all you need.