Dear Uncle Dixer: I just wanted to check with you what is the remedy for sliding door at the balcony (west area of the house) and cure for wash yard at East area and partly Southeast Area of our home, which is the Wealth and Prosperity area. Some say it will wash away all the money from the house. Thanks in advance for your advice!      

Answer: If water can wash away your wealth and prosperity literally, then don’t ever wash your face. Water is a metaphor for wealth, so please, please don’t take it literally. It will scare you to death!

The same can be said about West as a direction that is correlated to the element Metal, and Metal to money. Don’t take it literally that a sliding door will slide your money away because that is being superstitious.

These rules are there to stimulate us to observe, contemplate, and be cautious to think whether it is a good idea. What if it is a wooden hinged door? If the wash yard is to the West (West as a direction is correlated to Metal), will washing my car really wash all my money away or is it just a metaphor for me to think twice? Look to see if the Form is good for a wash yard. If it is, then there is no problem.