Dear Uncle Dixer: I have one bathroom in the Southwest corner of my condo, another in the East and my laundry room is in the Southeast. As my life star is 1 (born in the snake year 1941), how will the positioning of these rooms affect my wealth and well-being this year? Is there anything I can do to lessen the negative effects in these areas?

Answer: Unless you sit on the toilet to do your accounting or work out your business plans while having a shower or washing your clothes, the bathroom, the toilet and the laundry do not affect your wealth. That’s because in these places, water is only correlated to wealth. They don’t bring in or take out your wealth, even when you flush your toilet or let out the water in the hand basin.

Having said that, they do affect your health if you don’t keep these places clean and hygienic.

However, if it still worries you, then let us look at the yearly Flying Stars for these 3 sectors, Southwest, East and Southeast, where your two bathrooms and your laundry are located.

In the Year of the Fire Rooster, the 2 Black Earth is located in the Northwest, the Qian Metal palace. Since Earth generates Metal, the yearly star will strengthen the Kua Qi of your bathroom, and that is a good thing. Maybe you should sit on the toilet and do your accounting there, especially when your Life Star is 1 White Water, because the yearly star will nourish the room and the room will nourish you.

In the same year, the 8 White Earth is located in the East and the 3 Jade Wood there is controlling it. Although the room is imprisoning the yearly star, them coming together made the Early Heaven Wood, and that is considered auspicious. Maybe that is also another place you could do your accounting or hold you home business meeting while sitting on the toilet!

What about the laundry in 2017? The yearly Star 9 Purple Fire is nourished by the Kua Qi star 4 Green Wood, and 4,9 made Early Heaven Metal for wealth. So again, the laundry is also a good place to do business, especially it is also an East Four direction, just like the second bathroom in the East. With you being an East Four person, this area will benefit you.

In fact all these 3 directions are considered auspicious in the coming year. Have you ever thought of making you two bathrooms and your laundry into a business premise during the Year of the Fire Rooster? Just a thought!