Dear Kartar Diamond: Good Day. I am confused with what “facing kitchen” means and where the kitchen is located. If the front of my house is North, and my kitchen is in the north, does that mean my kitchen is facing North?

Answer: You asked a question about direction versus facing. There is a difference and this is something that does confuse beginners in Feng Shui learning.

The front of a house is called the facing side and the back is called the “sitting” side.  To use your example: If a house faces north, then when looking towards the house, the front right hand side of the house will be northwest and the front left hand side will be northeast.  To know for sure what the dimensions are for each directional zone, you need to work with a to-scale floor plan drawing.

You also want to make sure your directions are accurate, using a high quality compass and not just guess what the directions are.

If we refer to the same north facing house, the back right hand corner will be southwest and the back left hand corner will be to the southeast.  The back middle will be south.

The kitchen will be located within some directional zone or more than one direction, once you have an accurate floor plan to refer to and divide up the zones correctly.  In a Feng Shui analysis, we are more concerned with the LOCATION of the kitchen than with its own “facing” direction.

We can always micro-manage any room in a house, like a kitchen, if we want to.  In most circumstances, a room in a house will be considered a smaller version of the whole house, in terms of the flying star chart

As an example: If we discover that the SW sector of a house is prone to causing accidents, then the SW sector of every room in a house will be a little micro-version of that energy.

It is not usually necessary to know what DIRECTION a kitchen faces, rather just its location within the floor plan.  But, if for some reason you needed to know what is the “facing” side of a kitchen, you might just take the entrance into the kitchen from the interior of the house and call that the facing side.