Dear Kartar: I am single and I have two beds in my room with two comedino and two table lamps. What should I put between two beds? Should I put anything between two beds or its ok to leave the space empty between them? What about putting bamboo between two beds?

Answer: You asked what type of furnishing to place between two beds in a bedroom that already have night stands and lamps on each side. This may or may not be a Feng Shui question and perhaps just a design question, although the two can be related.

From a Feng Shui stand point, we just want to make sure that furnishings of any kind are:

  • Placed in a way so as not to obstruct good qi flow
  • The furnishing is made of a material, like wood or metal, that is complementary to the flying stars in the room
  • Pleasing to the occupant visually or functionally

It is fine to leave the space open between the beds, but if you think from a functional stand point that you can have a low cabinet for books or anything else a person might want at their bed side, that is fine. Feng Shui and good design are complementary.

Again, it is perfectly fine to leave space between two beds.

However, once you start adding things, like bamboo (Wood Phase), then we first have to know if the wood element is appropriate for that area or not.  By the way, wood furniture is very dormant and can go anywhere, but once you use live plants, then you are introducing one of the Five Elements into the room.

You might consider getting a Flying Star consultation, so that you will know what your unique space and bedroom need, as well as what elements should NOT be in the room. The findings will be partly based on the year of construction and the compass alignment  of the whole house. Some bedrooms are good with plants in them and some are not.