Dear Feng Shui Expert: When is a good month to build a new house?  

Answer by Kartar: You asked when is it a good month to begin a construction for a house. This is the kind of question which a classically trained Feng Shui practitioner will answer based on a number of factors.  There is not a universally “good” month or “bad” month since the energies shift from year to year and even monthly energies are not the same each year.

  • Yearly Feng Shui cycles shift every nine years.
  • Monthly Feng Shui cycles shift every nine months.
  • Yearly Chinese Astrology cycles shift every 12 years.
  • Monthly Chinese Astrology cycles shift every 12 months.

Each year and each month there are directions which can be irritated during a demolition. This could cause harm to the occupant or workers, with the following example:  In 2021, it is the Year of the Ox.  This is called the Tai Sui, or “Grand Duke” energy for the year.

The Ox is also related to the direction of NNE. This is NOT a good location to remodel a house and it could also be a problem this year to build a house that “sits” (back) to the NNE Ox direction.  Consequently, an OX Month like January could be a precarious month to start building a house in 2021.

The direction which is opposite the Tai Sui is the Sui Po and for an Ox Year, the Sui Po is the Sheep Direction. This could mean that building/remodeling in the Sheep direction of SSW could be precarious as well.  And the Sheep Month of July could be challenged in an Ox Year.

Another level in looking at the ideal time to build is reliant on the personal best times and directions of the future occupants. Building in a bad direction or timing can set in motion some negative influences. For example, the Rat opposes the Horse.  A Rat person may want to avoid starting a building project in a Horse month (June). We want to create as many advantages as possible and as few obstacles as possible.  Even in the best of circumstances, building and remodeling can be stressful for all involved.

There is no “one size fits all” answer to your question as each year is different with an overlap of 9 year/month cycles (from Feng Shui) with 12 year/month repeating cycles (from Chinese Astrology). This is why it is best to consult with a professional for these important decisions related to timing.