Dear Kartar: Which sector or direction of the house is best place for the master bedroom? What about kicthen/dining room and living room? Should I be using a regular compass, or a compass you buy that shows north?

Answer: Thank you for your interest in feng shui room placements and acknowledging that a compass should be used when referencing directions.

Bedrooms, living room, kitchen, bathrooms do not have set best locations based on the compass reading. For example, we can’t say that a kitchen should be in X direction and a master bedroom in Y direction.

Nor can we say that a master bedroom should be in the back of the house right hand corner or left hand corner.

In order to determine the ideal floor plan for any house, we first rely on the Flying Star Chart, which describes the unseen energy created in the house (or which will be created in the house once built).  The best areas for any type of room is partly determined based on the Year built (Construction Cycle) and the magnetic compass reading combined.  It’s possible for example, for the master bedroom to be placed best in the front, the back, the side, all because of the Year Built and Compass reading, unique to each house.

Feng Shui is not just about the Flying Star chart, as we can also factor in Form School.  As an example, someone might say that a bedroom should not be at the front of the house because noise from the street will undermine sound sleep.  And yet, if it is a quiet street at night, then this can be disregarded.  There are countless examples of how each house is unique.