(1) Dear Uncle Dixer: I am asking a Chinese Feng Shui master to assess a house I would like to buy. I feel comfortable with the house. Hopefully he will be available. I googled for Feng Shui practitioners around Brisbane and Ipswich. In case he is not available I have 2 questions.

The windows in this house wind-out so the space is at the base of the window. Is this okay? Also, there are ceiling fans. Fortunately, the ceiling is not too low.

I am not a fan of fans but a lot of people like them. Should I remove them in the bedrooms? Any advice about how to find Feng Shui experts would be appreciated.


Answer: Wind-out windows are fine for Queensland houses because they can keep the rain out and ventilate the house at the same time. Ceiling fans are cheaper to run and more ecological than air conditioning unless you live in a very hot region. If so, it is best to have both and use the air conditioning to cool the house and the fan to cool the body.

If you want to look for an accredited Feng Shui consultant in Australia, you can look up the Association for Feng Shui Consultants. They have members in different states and you can file a complaint to the AFSC if the consultant doesn’t give you a proper service.


(2) Dear Uncle Dixer: Are wind out windows where the opening is at the bottom okay? I live in QLD Australia.

Answer: G’day. In that land it is the only way to go. You have gale force wind or torrential rain that pops up from nowhere almost everyday in summer, and you only have summer all year around, you poor bugger. Take it from me mate, bottom wind-out windows have the best Feng Shui for the Sunshine State! Okay?