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Those who don’t believe in destiny are ignorant. The same for those who are obsessed with it.” – Confucius

From my encounters, 70% of those who seek an astrology reading (or sometimes fortune telling) are looking for answers because they are facing tough obstacles. 20% of them are just curious about their life in general, while 10% are those who are extremely successful and are wondering how long their success will last.

As Confucius said “Those who don’t know how their destiny works cannot be noble.” He said that after reflecting that, had he known who he was destined to be, he wouldn’t have made the mistakes he made.

The Law of Rise and Decline

One Chinese scholar, Shigong Huang, once said, “Someone who is smart and wise is someone who knows the law of rise and decline. Someone who knows the timing of success and failure possesses the ability to analyze the situation as favorable or unfavorable, and know the timing whether to leave or stay. They are deep and profound, knowing to wait for the most advantageous timing before they act.” Knowing the timing of when to act may be the key difference between an unprecedented success versus an epic failure.

Chinese astrology reading has been around for a long time, and most of it can be traced back to Confucius and King Wen of Zhou. They both built the foundation for I-Ching, and King Wen of Zhou also created the Bagua, which is widely used for modern day Qi Kung, Daoism, Feng Shui, Chinese acupuncture, astrology reading and fortune telling.

The Real Value of an Astrology Reading

The real value of an astrology reading lies in the knowing, not in the predicting. Knowing means to better understand yourself, to better understand your personality and to know your talents and deficiencies. Once you recognize the scope of your life, you can aspire, adjust, adapt, and accommodate. Your life now has a clearer direction to work for instead of just wandering aimlessly.

Knowing is to understand your strengths and weaknesses. Knowing your weakness is important because that’s how you know what to improve on.

Knowing is to know what is good and what is bad. Knowing is to use your strengths to overcome weaknesses. You need to know first, to know what needs to be improved. Once you know what needs to improved, you can then start to change and improve. Knowing is the first step and is the core of an astrology reading.

“Knowing one’s destiny” can help you encounter fortune and avoid misfortune. In one’s life, no matter rich or poor, noble or peasant, you will always encounter misfortune. There is no way to avoid it. The richer you are, the larger the scale of misfortune. That is why people go to astrologers and fortune tellers. Everyone is looking for ways to avoid misfortune or to reduce the severity of it.

Types of Chinese Astrology

There are many different types of Chinese astrology, and the most notable ones are Bazi and Zi Wei astrology reading. LiuSha, Meihua, and Qimen are also popular ones. All of them have their own strengths and weaknesses. Some are better fit for telling one’s life in a larger scope, some are used for annual readings, and some are used for specific events.

Sample Bazi Chart 1 - Why do People Get an Astrology Reading?
Bazi Astrology reading is also known as the “Four Pillars of Destiny”. The pillars are derived from your (1) birth year, (2) birth month, (3) day of birth, and (4) time of birth using solar time.

Though their usage may be different, their core remains the same by using Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches, Five Elements, and Bagua. They are similar in how they are all based on data, calculations, and NOT psychic powers. They are different in how they calculate those data. It shouldn’t matter which one you use. The key is WHY you seek an astrology reading.

The Goal is to Improve Your Life

The reason why you seek an astrology reading should be to find out your life’s path, to know your strength and weakness, and find out what elements are advantageous and what are disadvantageous. From the information gathered, you can design and carry out a life plan of your choosing. In other words, fortune telling is a way to help you improve your life.

Everyone should try to find out their own destiny, but at the same time NOT dwell too much into it. An astrology reading is for you to understand yourself better and recognize what works for you. By maximizing what is favorable and minimizing what’s unfavorable, you can reduce the effects of misfortunes that are bound to happen.

For example, if fortune telling reveals that you will have difficulties in marriage, what that may mean is that you may have a bad temper or you are very flirty and causes jealousy. By knowing that you may have those issues, you can start improving yourself so that these things won’t happen, thus leading to a successful marriage. That is the real reason why everyone should get an astrology reading.


By knowing your capacity and recognizing you strengths, you can truly maximize the life events that you encounter. By utilizing the information from an astrology reading, you can plan and prepare for your life’s path and make the necessary changes and adjustments to improve the quality of life. This critical information can be revealed in an astrology reading such as Bazi (Four Pillars of Destiny) or Zi Wei.


I offer Bazi (Four Pillars of Destiny) astrology reading for those seeking to improve their lives. Read more about me or request a Bazi astrology reading on my profile page here.

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