Discover the Luck of One Aspect of Your Life 

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This service is for those who only wants to know one aspect about their life. It's for those who'd like to invest minimally to get valuable information about their career, wealth, love, or health. If you're feeling lost, uncertain, or anxious about any one of those, then this service is for you. 

Get Guidance in a Key Area of Your Life 

You get a short report about ONE aspect of your life in your current 10-year luck phase. You will get genuine suggestions and advice to assist you with your endeavors. Most common questions include:

Am I on the right career path? 

Am I ever going to get married? 

How easy is it for me to acquire wealth? 

Are there any health issues that I should watch out for? 

Of course, your questions can be much more specific than those mentioned above. This service is intended to give you guidance and discovery, especially if you're at a cross-road.   

Bazi Reading brought to you by:

Victor Cheung

Owner of Feng Shui Nexus

Sean Chan

Chinese Metaphysics Consultant

Find out of luck is on your side in terms of career, wealth, health, or romance in your current 10-year Luck Phase for only $165 USD.

Discover the Luck of One Aspect of Your Life


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Fill out the form below. You will be redirected to PayPal for payment processing for your $165 investment in yourself. (credit card or PayPal) 

We convert the birth information you provided into solar time for more accurate reading. We then start analyzing your Bazi profile based on the aspect of life you wanted us to focus on. This typically takes 1-2 hours. 

We then provide you with the insights and suggestions based on our analysis in a short written report. The report will be emailed to the email address you provide below. 

Get answers to one key area of your life for only $165 USD!

Only PayPal and Credit Cards are accepted.

Note: Unless otherwise noted, your report will be emailed to you within 3-5 days after payment is received. 

If you have any further questions, feel free to reach me at [email protected].

Feng Shui Nexus

Victor Cheung

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer any refunds or gaurantee? There will be no refunds when services are rendered. Rarely, we do issue refunds based on what we find in your Bazi reading. There is also no gaurantee because nothing in life is 100% certain.

Do I need a Bazi reading? If you'd like to get clarity, guidance, and peace of mind, then you should get one. If you're feeling lost, uncertain, or anxious about your future with regards to your career, relationships, or health, then you should get one. If you're just curious about this, then you probably don't need one.  

Can a Bazi reading provide winning lottery numbers? Believe it or not, I do get this question from time to time. The answer is NO! Bazi is NOT black magic! If it can provide winning lottery numbers, then all Bazi experts are millionaires, and everyone would be learning it!

I see Bazi as the same reason why we have weather forecasts. If you know it might rain, why not bring an umbrella out? Rain or shine, an umbrella is ever useful. Then again, I was reminded that Bazi can be transcended. No umbrella? Nevermind. You can always look for a friend who can share theirs with you.

-- Sheen Chen, Phillips Ranch, CA




I was at a crossroad when I requested a Bazi reading from Victor. His report gives practical guidance without sugar coating things. Sometimes his advice can come as critical (and not for the faint-hearted)! The best part is they don't make you spend thousands of dollars to buy nonsense to improve your life, or tell you to wear colors for better luck. The funniest thing he said to me was "should I tell you to swallow fire if your Bazi lacks the fire element?"

-- Vickie Huang, Irvine, CA

Note: Because this is a light Bazi reading, we do NOT offer follow-up questions and consultation. Free follow-up consultations are only offered to customers requesting a complete Bazi reading.

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