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Classical Feng Shui Course for Beginners

by Kartar Diamond

Created for those who want to apply Feng Shui the right way, but are confused and frustrated about all the conflicting Feng Shui information out there.



Last updated 4/2022


6 course materials, 510+ pages, 2 hours private mentoring

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Kartar Diamond grew up in Southern California in the 1970’s and always had an interest in metaphysics and holistic lifestyle choices. She met Master Larry Sang in 1992 and became one of his senior graduate instructors from the American Feng Shui Institute. After founding her own company, Feng Shui Solutions™, she has advised thousands of clients and students about the healthful benefits of this still greatly misunderstood practice. 

Kartar has studied with other experts including Masters Joseph Yu, Raymond Lo, Yap Cheng Hai, Peter Leung and Heluo Hill.

Today, her courses and published materials have distinguished her as a classically trained practitioner who has the courage to speak out against both old and new “false” schools. 

Career Highlights


Feng Shui consultations conducted 


Years of practicing and teaching Feng Shui


Students worldwide


Books published - 3 paperbacks, 6 ebooks


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Feng Shui for Beginners: 

Course Materials & Details

Kartar with Master Larry Sang

Once you enroll, you will get all 6 course materials (510+ pages) listed below emailed to you.

Prerequisite - None

Feng Shui for Skeptics

Ebook Version (digital file)

9 Chapters, 140 pages

See Contents

The Feng Shui Matrix

Ebook Version (digital file)

8 Chapters, 176 pages

See Contents

Feng Shui Matrix: Supplement Course

Supplemental Material (digital file)

Includes more content and relevant beginner's theory concepts to this curriculum.

52+ pages

Feng Shui for Skeptics: Supplement Course

Supplemental Material (digital file)

Additional illustrations and photographs to further clarify concepts in the Feng Shui for Skeptics book.

76+ pages

Critiques on Feng Shui Articles (1996-1998)

Articles Archive (digital file)

This is a collection of articles written by others besides Master Kartar, which examines what was being regarded as “popular” Western-style Feng Shui in the 1990’s, much to the dismay of classically trained practitioners. It is important for serious students to read these candid critiques so that one has a broader and historical understanding of how and why Feng Shui is still greatly misunderstood by the general public even to this day. 

56 pages

Addendum to Books

Supplemental Material (digital file)

The Addendum addresses two major issues which are relevant to the information in my books and course material. The two issues are: (1) Pie shape versus Nine Palace Grid method and (2) the controversy over the “female gua.”  

10 pages

Classical Feng Shui Course for Beginners

Included: One-on-One with Kartar

Private Mentoring & Guidance

Get private mentoring and guidance from Master Kartar's 30+ years of knowledge and experience to help you better understand Feng Shui. Students typically need 2 hours of mentoring. The amount of time may be increased to suit the personal needs of a student.

Private mentoring can be conducted via phone, email, Zoom, Google, WhatsApp, and other video apps, or in-person if you're local.

2 Hours


Kartar is very knowledgeable and well-respected among her peers. Plus, she’s is extremely patient and takes the time to explain complex concepts, like what you see in the "Answers" section on Her one-on-one mentoring included in this course will be extremely valuable to those wanting to understand Feng Shui.

Victor Cheung

Owner of Feng Shui Nexus

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a time limit from when I enroll to when I can be tested for each module?

Testing is optional, and there is no time limit, although it is recommended that you finish the beginner course within 3 months.

If I have studied with other Feng Shui teachers, do I need to take your Beginner’s course?

In most situations, I will require you to take my Beginner’s course, which also has information in it which is more advanced material than other Beginner courses. It is important for me to know that you have certain foundational knowledge as you progress through each of my school’s modules. If you find the Beginner’s class so easy that you do not use up your 2-hour mentoring time, you can have the unused mentoring time forwarded to the Intermediate or Advanced modules.

Will I be able to consult professionally after I graduate from your School?

Yes!  After taking the beginner, intermediate and advanced modules, you will have a very comprehensive training experience, and with the benefit of on-going support if needed.

Does your School cover more than one style or tradition of Feng Shui?

Currently, many feng shui teachers and consultants practice more than one style of Feng Shui, even within the classical traditions. In my program, we focus on the Flying Star School, Form School, and the practical aspects of the Eight Mansion School, as well as an introduction to the complementary Nine Star Ki. We also discuss styles of Feng Shui I do not practice and why.

Is there a discount if I pay for the Beginner’s, Intermediate, and Advanced modules up front?

Yes, a significant discount is offered to any student who commits to the Beginner’s, Intermediate, and Advanced modules all at once in advance. Fees for testing are waived and that is a savings of $450.00. Students will also receive an additional two hours of mentoring which they can apply to any of the modules.

If I want to study with you just for personal knowledge and not for professional consulting, can I take all the courses without the tests?

Yes, you can go through my program without testing if you do not seek certification. If you change your mind, the testing portion is always available.

The fundamental principles of Feng Shui and how it really affect us.

Distinguishing real vs. fake Feng Shui and how each school of Feng Shui differs.

Introduction on how to Feng Shui your house using Flying Stars and Eight Mansions

The different types of energy and how they affect you.

How to create healthy environments that attract prosperity. 

And much, much more... details below.

What You'll Learn: 


You'll get 2 hours of one-on-one guidance and mentoring with Master Kartar Diamond!

Enroll now and start getting guidance from Master Kartar today.

What is the refund policy?

The written materials represent 50% of the tuition costs and the private mentoring represents the other 50% of the tuition costs. Once you have received the course materials, only a partial refund will be issued if you decide not to get mentorship from Master Kartar or for other unforeseen reasons. 


Kartar’s School takes you from a beginner’s level to a very advanced level in an organized way, which really helped me grasp and retain the fundamental concepts. I feel confident assessing my own living space as well as those I am working with now professionally.

Sharon Feinstein

Verified Student

I have studied with other Feng Shui masters who did not deliver the comprehensive amount of material included in Kartar Diamond’s curriculum.  Prior to taking her on-line mentoring program, I thought I was ready to consult, after having received certification with another teacher.  What I learned from Kartar expanded my awareness and gave me new skills and techniques, to handle the most challenging Feng Shui audits and situations I didn’t even know I would encounter before studying with Kartar. 

Tom Nguyen

Verified Student

Kartar’s School takes you from a beginner’s level to a very advanced level in an organized way, which really helped me grasp and retain the fundamental concepts. I feel confident assessing my own living space as well as those I am working with now professionally.

Brenda Gallagher

Verified Student

I like the fact that I get personal attention from Kartar, as my private teacher, even though I am studying with her remotely.  I feel like it’s actually better, and I learn more quickly, than taking an in-person group class as I have done with other instructors, where I could hardly get my questions answered or I don’t feel comfortable discussing certain topics in front of others.

E. Levine

Verified Student

After teaching for decades, it is obvious that Kartar can anticipate what questions her students will have, like she’s reading my mind!  I appreciate learning from someone who has so many experiences to share, as opposed to someone who just passes along Feng Shui theories, without understanding how they usually manifest in real life for people.

Stephen Chou

Verified Student

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