Are You Using the Wrong Feng Shui Bagua?

There are too many misleading feng shui information nowadays, both online and off. As a feng shui consultant, the most common ones I’ve seen is clients thinking that placing a celestial animal, crystal, water feature, etc. somewhere in their home is feng shui. No, that is NOT feng shui.

Are You Ready for Feng Shui Period 9?

If you are familiar with the classical school of Feng Shui known as Xuan Kong Fei Xing (Flying Star School), you may be aware that we currently live in “Period 8” which ends in February of 2024.  Immediately, Period 9 begins then and lasts until February 2044.  Just like the last big shift from Period…

Why do People Get an Astrology Reading?

“Those who don’t believe in destiny are ignorant. The same for those who are obsessed with it.” – Confucius From my encounters, 70% of those who seek an astrology reading (or sometimes fortune telling) are looking for answers because they are facing tough obstacles. 20% of them are just curious about their life in general,…

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