Feng Shui Online Certificate Course

Courses starting at $199 USD

This online Feng Shui certification course shows how these basic principles can be taken further to alter the flow of Chi around our homes and workplaces. These alterations will have a positive effect upon your health and happiness as well as assisting in wealth creation.

Feng Shui Interior Design

Courses starting at $99 USD

Turn clutter into order. Learn to use Feng Shui to create harmony, balance and happiness in homes.

Beginner Feng Shui

Courses starting at $240 USD

Feng Shui Online Training Course from IVA will train you on how to create a harmonious environment and improve family communication, restoring employee cooperation, and even improve business.

Online Beginning Feng Shui Workshop

Online Workshop starting at $158 USD

Learn Basic Feng Shui Principles and how to apply them to your home in this fun, self-paced workshop.

Introduction to Feng Shui

Online Courses starting at $38 USD

Instant download, along with 50+ pages of reading materials, the price includes a 30 minute Question & Answer session you can have with me via phone or Skype.

Basic Feng Shui Classes

Online Courses starting at $45 USD

If you are new to Feng Shui, these basic Feng Shui classes for beginners are for you. Includes The Five Elements, a Feng Shui Introduction, Feng Shui New House Buyers and our yearly forecast.