Xuan Kong Flying Stars Feng Shui Beginners Workshop

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Learn how Xuan Kong Flying Star Feng Shui extends the reach of Feng Shui beyond pure wealth issues, into areas of relationships, marriage and more.

Flying Stars Fundamentals & Advanced

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Yang Zhai Zhi Nan, (Guide to Houses for the Living), this ancient text explains the procedures to perform an advance classical Feng Shui audit on any home or business. You will learn both theory and practical sides of this amazingly accurate discipline. You will learn what makes a combination and how to read them. Know the Special Charts and how to treat them. Castle Gate Theory and Replacement Stars will be demystified.

San Yuan Xuan Kong Flying Star Certification

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In this 4-day San Yuan Feng Shui Flying Star course you will get breakthrough after breakthroughs, and questions that you’ve had for so long will finally get answered. The constant frustration and the desperate seeking of an answer will end here! You’ll feel proud of yourself for investing in a better future for you and your family, FINALLY tapping into the abundant universal energy that is prosperous and loving.

Flying Star Comprehensive Online Course

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Are You Ready To Unlock the Secrets of Your Home and Office? Discover The Best Way To Get Fast And Positive Results Using Flying Star Feng Shui!

Flying Star Certificate Course

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Xuan Kong Feng Shui is an Advanced Compass School which is used in conjunction with the Eight House Theory (Compass School) to provide a comprehensive & professional House anlaysis for analysing a house.