Dear Kartar: We are planning to build a house in 2023. The land is facing east. I wanted to know what are the areas to have bedroom, kitchen and kids bedroom and main door to meet period 9 requirements. Also the land is a trapezium, with pointed end in sw. Thanks.

Answer: You have relayed that you plan to build an east-facing house in 2023 and this is one of the most opportune times to utilize Feng Shui knowledge, in the design phase.

You already know more than most people that the direction a house faces matters and also the timing.  Houses are built within 20 year Construction cycles and we are close to the end of Period 8 (2004-2024).  Period 9 will be from 2024-2044.  And how you build your home for the future really matters.

But there are many details to take into consideration, as you have alluded to even in describing the shape of the land.  Land levels can make a difference as well as the whole immediate surrounding environment, natural or man-made.  Those details should be taken into consideration and are beyond the scope of a simple Feng Shui Nexus Question and Answer format.

Deciding whether to renovate or rebuild your home is a significant consideration when aiming to integrate Feng Shui principles effectively. Learn more about whether to renovate or rebuild to make the best choice for your situation

I help people professionally, all around the world, and you can assume correctly that many people are wondering if they should build at the end of Period 8, planning for how the house will affect them in Period 9, or even if they should postpone the construction so that they create a Period 9 structure.  In some cases, people should hurry up and build and in other cases they should wait.

Part of that decision even has to do with the mundane fact that where you live and how your plans get approved or permitted will take some measure of time.  For some people they can build quickly without government agency delays.  Others know already that the permitting process could take months or longer and the time frame for building can be nebulous—especially with supply chain issues and the cost of materials going up so quickly in the world we live in now.

When I advise people during the design phase, we factor in who all will be living in the house, their birth data and occupations, as well as the physicality of the area.  When I know how many rooms, how many levels and the size of home a person wants, I can create sample floor plans to discuss and share with the architect or builder.

I charge hourly for these services and work quickly as I am very experienced, with 30 years of professional consulting behind me.

You can always get in touch with me personally for more precise and comprehensive guidance.  Just as one example, you mentioned an east facing house, but is this a reference to views or to an existing road?  Additionally, the directional span of East is 45 degrees.  We have East-1, East-2, and East-3 in 15-degree increments and those can be very difference energy fields, depending on which sector of east is used as the facing side.