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If you’re an expert practitioner in Feng Shui, Astrology or Divination, then this directory is for you. This website is one of the most popular and authoritative website for those topics and has:

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The visitors of this site are SPECIFICALLY looking for information about Feng Shui, Astrology and Divination so they can attract prosperity and improve their lives. If you’re an expert practitioner in one or more of these fields, then this directory is for you. This site is FILLED with your niche audience.

Amplify Your Online Visibility

Google holds this website in high regard. That is why there are over 50,000+ monthly visitors to this site. Listing your business here will amplify your online visibility to those who’s searching for the services you offer.

Build Your Recognition 

If you can’t find any information about a business, do you trust it? Getting listed on a popular directory, by association, is proof that you are a legitimate business, which builds trust with your potential customers.

I am a small-time practitioner. I don’t have a website, and my customers are mainly referral. When new customers approach me, the first thing they say typically goes like: “so and so told me about you, and hey, I checked out your profile on Feng Shui Nexus…” Getting listed on this directory helped me gain more credibility because I noticed new customers who are unsure typically try to Google me before they make the final decision.

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Eric Yang

Bazi Astrology Practitioner

SEO Value for Your Website

Getting listed from an authoritative website like Feng Shui Nexus will give Google a vote of confidence to rank your website higher. To get even more SEO value, you’ll need to publish articles on this site.

Publish and Build Your Authority

The best part of getting listed here is that you can publish your writings here. This is how you stand out from the pack and gain authority. Everyone can say they are an expert. If you publish here, readers will know that you’re a REAL expert through your writing. Publishing here FURTHER amplifies your visibility because your articles are likely to rank high on Google.

I got 2 new clients and a few more inquiries when my article was published on your site. Most my customers will mention my writing. It is what makes me stand out from the rest and is why I even bother to write articles. If I just list services, I’ll just be like any other practitioner out there – no connection with the prospect.

Sean Chan Singapore Feng Shui Consultant min 150x150 - Increase Your Brand Awareness & RecognitionSean Chan

Asia’s Leading Chinese Metaphysics Practitioner in Singapore

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page how it works 1 - Increase Your Brand Awareness & RecognitionRegister to create an account. Your account is where you submit, claim and manage your listing. Once your listing is live, you can see how many visitors viewed your profile.

Your biography and social media links tied to your account will be used as your author profile should you choose to publish and showcase your experience on Feng Shui Nexus.

2. Create Your Listing (or Claim Your Listing)

page how it works 2 - Increase Your Brand Awareness & RecognitionAfter logging into your account, click on “Add Your Listing” to begin creating your listing profile, which can be saved as draft. This is where you enter all relevant business information and upload pictures to showcase your business.

If you’re claiming a listing, simply submit your claim request. Once approved, the claim listing will show up in your account for you to manage and edit.

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Commonly Asked Questions

1. Are there any setup costs?

No. This directory is self-service, and there are no setup costs.

2. What is the refund policy?

Your purchase is refundable in the first 14 days after purchase for ANY reason. After the first 14 days of purchase, refunds will NOT be considered. Please refer to the Refund Policy under Terms and Conditions.

3. Are there free listings?

Yes. Free listings, however, has ads on your profile page, do not have a verified checkmark, and has no SEO value (no links and no publishing rights). Your profile will be ranked last on listing pages.

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