By Donna Stellhorn

Feng Shui Tips for Master Bedroom to Bring Love, Health, and Happiness

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Hi, I'm Donna. This 39-page ebook is a collection of tips for the master bedroom. It’s an excerpt from my book, Feng Shui Form to which I added pictures, diagrams and annotations to make it easier than ever to use . Each of these tips I’ve used with many clients over the years and in short, they work. 

In this eBook, you will get:

10 rules of bed placement, explained with issues and cures.

Illustrations on how to attract love with bedroom Feng Shui.

Other feng shui tips for better sleep and fertility. 

If you follow the instructions you’ll find changes in the energy that allow new opportunities to flow to you. Subscribe to my newsletter and get the ebook for free!

About the Author

Donna Stellhorn is an entrepreneur, dynamic speaker, author of 11 books, and a Feng Shui consultant with more than 20 years of experience. She believes in encouraging others to achieve success in their careers and in their personal lives. She regularly travels around the country teaching Feng Shui and Astrology and is availabel for personal and business consultations. 

"Donna really knows her stuff, and her understanding of Feng Shui's Five Elements especially impresses me. Read this Ebook and you'll definitely learn more about Feng Shui bedroom." 

- Victor Cheung, Blogger at Feng Shui Nexus

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