If you feel that you're getting stuck in life, then this eBook will be one of the most important that you'll ever read.

Because you may find out that it's not you or your lack of effort, but it's how compatible you are with your home's feng shui.

Have you ever felt that sometimes with all your hard work, commitment, and dedication, things just didn’t happen the way you wanted or expected?
Perhaps you were eating the right diet and doing everything right, but somehow you chronically suffer from pain or sickness?
Or when you were certain that the job promotion was coming to you, it ended up going to someone else or was postponed endlessly? 

Are You and Your Home a Match?

Feng Shui eBook:

Hi. My name is Victor Cheung. I am a feng shui blogger and digital marketer who loves science and data.
I am extremely passionate about feng shui. I believe there is truth in feng shui, and I believe it can be further understood with data and case-studies. 

Why You Should Listen to Me

From 2009 to 2011, both my parents contracted different types of cancer, and science could not explain why. I was devastated.
My dad, being a medical doctor, had led an extremely healthy lifestyle with my mom – with great discipline too. When the news spread to my family friends in 2011, they found that the culprit was bad feng shui of my parent’s house.

It all started back in 2009, when something tragic happened...

The feng shui practice you'll learn is known as the Eight Mansions.
It is a common practice that involves finding your Kua number to determine if you are compatible with your home or not.

The feng shui practice you'll learn is easy, simple, and backed by real case-studies.

This is why this eBook is different from other feng shui books you've read.  
Unlike most feng shui books that are overloaded with arbitrary rules and concepts, this eBook uses scientific interpretations, personal experiences, and real stories to help you answer one question: is your home helping or hurting you?
But most of all, what makes this eBook unique is that you will see two real stories of how feng shui has affected people's lives.
So if you'd like learn how your home's feng shui has affected you, and would like to start using feng shui to improve your life, get the eBook, read it, and start making the adjustments.
The earlier you act, the faster your desired changes will come.

You'll also get a unique feng shui perspective and learn about my feng shui experiences.

“I like how this book is uses examples and images that makes it super easy to follow. It gives logical explanations and is a terrific book for beginners and for those tired of the superstitious side to the practice!”
-- Tanya M., Seattle, WA

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Are You and Your Home a Match?

This 100-page eBook tells you how your home's feng shui is affecting your life using plain and simple language.
After reading this eBook, you will:


  • Find out what aspects of your life, such as health, career, and love, are influenced by your home.
  • Know how to improve your well-being by adjusting your home's feng shui.
  • Discover whether your home is a match with you, using two real-life case studies as references.



“If you're looking for answers to the things that are happening around you, then you will find them in this eBook. It offers explanations using the ancient practice of feng shui.” 
-- Sara Landa, Los Angeles, CA
“Victor's practical book is not about some antiquated theory about mythical beasts. It uses real-world knowledge from his career to teach you about feng shui.” 
-- Gregory Batejan, New Jersey, NJ
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Are You and Your Home a Match?
Discover the feng shui of you and your home in 100 pages.
The eBook:
Make today the day you find out how your home's affecting your life, as well as what you can do to improve it.
Bonus Content:
Feng Shui Wealth & Education
Discover if you match the wealth & education areas of your home in 6 pages.
Complimentary information to help you decide whether you and your home is a match.
Both are avaiable via Adobe PDF format for immediate download upon purchase!
“What I like about this eBook is that it is based on Victor's personal encounters and experiences. He uses science and true stories that helped me better understand feng shui and how I can use it to better my life.”
-- Sheen Chen, Phillips Ranch, CA
Or when you were pursuing love, you were just somehow one-step behind?
If you ever felt that things around you are not going smoothly, whether in career, health, love, or others, it could be an issue with your home’s feng shui.
If you want to find out how your home's feng shui is helping or hurting you, and what you can do to help yourself, then read on.
But first, allow me to introduce myself.


If you're constantly faced with difficulties, it's probably a result of your home's feng shui.

In 2014, I had the chance to visit one of my friend’s house for the first time.
I noticed that her house was located at the end of a T-junction, and I immediately told her how that is considered bad feng shui. She then invited me to take a look at her house and to give her feng shui advices.
That was when I started looking into feng shui. Part of its vast knowledge taught me how to determine the compatibility between a person and a house and how it affects the various aspects of a person’s life, in both good and bad ways.
But I was very skeptical. My education in science rejected almost every part of what I learned. But before I brushed it off, I decided to test this ancient knowledge. I applied what I learned to my parents and their home.
What I found completely surprised me.
My findings explained why my parents suffered health consequences. I also found some explanations on how other aspects of their life unfolded. 
Over the years, I have been applying what I learned to my friends and family. Most of what I saw had an average match between them and their home. At the same time, I was documenting my findings, purely out of curiousity and fun. 
However, I encountered one specific case that motivated me to write this eBook.
When I applied the lessons that you're about to learn from this eBook, both my friend and I were amazed and shocked by how accurate the findings were.
Not only were the findings accurate about how her home’s feng shui affected her health, career, and personal relationships, the findings also acurately revealed certain life events in the past, pinpointed to an exact year
Now, I am sharing with you the same methods that I used.
You will learn only the essentials of this practice, and I've laid it out for you in an easy-to-understand, step-by-step process. 
If you're familiar with the eight mansions, that's great! But if you have questions on applying this practice on your unique situation, you will get your answers in this eBook.
Also, you will get two real life case studies illustrated by pictures and my analysis.
The case studies will help you further understand how this feng shui practice is applied, and you can compare yourself with them to decide how compatible you are with your home, and whether it is helping or hurting you.
As you might’ve guessed, these two case studies are that of my parents and of my friend mentioned earlier.  
Just so you know, I am not a feng shui fanatic, and I don't believe everything I read. There are many feng shui concepts that I find strange and unwarranting. 
I am, however, a science fanatic. I believe in experimentation and results, and I have integrated many of my knowledge on science and consumer behavior into this feng shui eBook. 

Both my parents had surgeries and were hospitalized.

A seemingly deserted house at the end of a T-junction.

An image of a Bagua.

My feng shui perspective uses science and personal observations.

For more than 5 years, I have helped more than 50 individuals and families with feng shui consultations.
Most of these consultations were for fun, pleasure, and curiousity. But most of all, I was documenting my findings and gathering data so I can better understand how people's lives are affected by feng shui.  
So if you'd like to learn how feng shui can impact your life, backed by data and case studies, then read on.
To begin, let me tell you my story.
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