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Hi, I’m Eric. I am a professional astrologist specializing in Bazi. With over 5 years of experience, I have conducted over 300 Bazi reading with people from different background, age group, and ethnicity. I love helping people, so when I give advice based on your Bazi chart, I won’t sugar-coat it. I will also use my personal experiences to give specific and relevant advice.

Professional Values

I value honesty and integrity above all. I am in the business of providing you with the best suggestion I possibly can based on my profession and experience with the goal to change people’s lives for the better. I do NOT use this as an opportunity to squeeze every last penny I can from a person. That means I won’t be selling you charms or items that will “improve your luck.” Instead, I will tell you what to do and what areas you should learn or improve on.

Why I started Learning Bazi

My journey to Bazi was triggered by an unfortunate event from my superior at work and her husband. Back in 2015, both of them, in just 1.5 years, had their health deteriorate to near-death. Because I was one of the few Asians in the workplace (my superiors were both third generation Chinese), they asked me whether I knew any astrologers or psychics. They were desperate.

I told them I knew nothing of the sort. Shortly after, they found someone, and they told me their experience when I asked. In short, it was their encounter with an astrologist that triggered my interest and desire to learn Bazi astrology.

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To learn more about my Bazi reading practice and its fees, or if you’re interested to learn about the story of my superiors at work, just message me using the form below.

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