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Ok, so here we are on this page where I am supposed to talk about me. I aim at not making my ego bigger; you see, being born French and near Paris, it’s not my path and how I trained in metaphysics. After all you might soon invite me in your place or ask me to look at your destiny. It pays of to choose your Feng Shui consultant and astrologer carefully, to make sure that he or she is what you are really looking for.

If you want the short version on my training in Chinese metaphysics, here it is.

Laurent Langlais is a Feng Shui master, consultant and expert based in London and accredited by the International Feng Shui Guild (IFSG). He is consulting in Feng Shui, Chinese astrology: Bazi/Four Pillar of destiny and date selection (Qi Men Dun Jia). His Sifu in Asia is Master GK Ham, 72 Gen of the Han Wu Lineage汉五派 (Grandmaster Lau Kai Chi).

Now if you want a more detailed version on how I came to be a Feng Shui consultant and an astrologer, please keep reading.

I guess you’re not really interested into knowing that I am geek at heart, that I have superpowers over wild squirrels or that I am a good cook? What you really want to know is how a Frenchman came to master authentic Feng Shui, Chinese astrology and oracles. So let’s get to this.

I was exposed to divination through my family. My mother took advance classes in Tarot (the French “tarot de Marseilles”) and then numerology with a great and famous teacher, Jean Daniel Fermier. She saw my intuition and interest for the metaphysics developing as I was teenager and quite logically she then taught me to read tarot and practice numerology. The passion for Tarot had never left me since, and I have being using this oracle for 25 years now!

Fast track and after a life mostly spent in France, and a burgeoning career as a computer artist, I then had a calling. A very literal one, as I woke up one day and KNEW that I had to leave my work, (intense but creative) to travel the world. I was actually confident about this choice, considering that in my work I once spent 32 hours in front of a computer to meet a deadline and then went to sleep for 17 hours straight. It wasn’t the life I was dreaming of…And while I was making movie magic, I was looking for another one, more real and practical.

If you are still reading this, you now that I am the right Feng Shui consultant and astrologer for you. So why don’t you contact me now to book your consultation?

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