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Hi, my name’s Victor, and I’m the owner of this site.

I started learning Feng Shui in 2010. That’s the year when both my mom, and later my dad, were diagnosed with cancer. Feng Shui was said to be the culprit. That’s what sparked my interest in this topic.

As a person who can describe the world in terms of science and mathematics, I found Feng Shui to be a complete fresh perspective on how the world works. When I started, the more I learned, the more I wanted to know, and the more confused I got.

Thankfully, I was raised bilignual, so I was able to learn Feng Shui in its original language – Chinese Mandarin. I was able to learn the origins of certain Feng Shui rules, as well as its historical and cultural context. Now, I’m at a point where I can tell you which Feng Shui rules you should follow and which you should just disregard, simply because some of those rules are antiquated. For instance, many practitioners still use outdated Feng Shui rules, especially in the kitchen and restroom. Also, not all T-junctions are bad by default. Some can actually bring great wealth!

If you’re confused by any of my writing, please let me know using the form below so I can better clarify.

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