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If You're Not Using the Compass, You're Probably Not Tapping Into Auspicious Qi while You Sleep


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Note: I will teach you how to get a compass reading if you don't know how to get one.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

I have multiple questions about my bedroom, is it still the same rate? Yes. The flat rate for this service is $195.

I don't have a floor plan. Is this ok? Yes, as long as you provide pictures and other information that I asked for.

Do you take into consideration all the members in the bedroom? Definitely. I will ask for more details during our consultation. 

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Is this for you?

This service is for you if:

  • You're doing Feng Shui without a compass
  • You're not sure if you've identified all the Forms or whether you're doing Feng Shui correctly
  • You'd like to get all the benefits Feng Shui bedroom has to offer

Why do you need a consultation when you can get all the free Feng Shui bedroom tips and rules on the web, including on this website? 

First, it’s because not all information you read are fully accurate. 

Aside from false information, other tips and rules are partially true because they are a direct translation from ancient text, which only applies to houses built in ancient China. They fail to take modern changes in lifestyle and living standards into context. For instance: 

  • A door facing the bed is considered bad Feng Shui, but NOT always. 
  • The deadly “coffin position” of the bed is NOT always bad. 
  • Restroom door facing bedroom door (or bed) is NOT always bad. 

Second and more importantly, if you're not using the Luo Pan, you have NO IDEA whether you're gathering auspicious Qi or not. 

The available information mostly deal with the Form School of Feng Shui. Rarely do you find information about “Li Qi”, or the compass school of Feng Shui. That's because Compass School requires a compass reading and deals with what CANNOT be seen by the naked eye. In the context of bedroom Feng Shui, the purpose of Forms is to help you avoid the inauspicious, whereas the purpose of Li Qi is to help you gather auspicious Qi so you prosper. 

Unlike other practices, the classical Feng Shui I practice deals with nature's Qi energy, which GREATLY dwarfs the energies brought by plants or other Feng Shui items. It deals with how you are gathering the Qi from your bedroom door (internal Qi) and windows (external Qi). 

Here's an example: 

Victor's practice is very different and a lot more effective than the other consultants I've hired before because I see results in a few months! He's also told me not to buy any of those items or fast cures (which I always buy) because they don't work. 

Catherine Lin

Pasadena, CA

What You'll Get

For USD $195, you'll get:

  • Best placement for your bed
  • Which window(s) and door(s) to close, open, or open partially
  • Suggested Feng Shui cures (I will NOT recommend items such as crystals, coins, etc.)
  • Color, brightness, and other suggestions depending on situation

The consultation will tell you how your windows and doors should be opened so you’ll gather (1) auspicious internal Qi for improved relationships and health, and (2) auspicious external Qi to boost your wealth, career, and health. 

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