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Everyone wants to have a nice-looking bedroom that facilitates a good flow of qi. If you’re trying to give your bedroom a new look but don’t know where to start, here are some luxurious bedroom pictures that can serve as inspiration for your bedroom renovation project. But of course, these bedroom ideas don’t just look good; they also allow chi to flow in different ways. In addition to providing examples of eye-pleasing furniture arrangements, color pairings, decor, and bed placements in the form of pictures, I’ll also be giving a feng shui critique for each picture. Without being too repetitive, I’ll identify good and bad feng shui in each picture.

Special thanks to Home Stratosphere and Zillow for supplying these images.

#1 – A plush bedroom with a light green theme and plants

Bedroom with light green theme and plants 1 - 19 Bedroom Ideas and Feng Shui Critiques (Part 1 of 3)

Likes: The color theme used in this example is easy on the eyes and very soothing. Green and its variations give one the feeling of being in the midst of nature. Also, for its size, the bedroom doesn’t overcrowd itself with furniture.

Dislikes: Feng shui doesn’t like plants in the bedroom, so I would do away with the large plants sitting in the corner of the room. Also, the nightstands on each side should be even in size and height.

#2 – A light and airy waterfront bedroom with multiple glass doors

Bedroom with multiple glass doors waterfront 1 - 19 Bedroom Ideas and Feng Shui Critiques (Part 1 of 3)

Likes: The room itself is quite spacious, but the great view of the ocean and the way the ceiling lights are used make the room appear much larger than it is.

Dislikes: There are too many doors leading to the balcony—4 to be exact. The beams on the ceiling can be distracting, and the desk can be placed somewhere other than the bedroom.

#3 – A relaxing ocean-front bedroom with an oddly sloped ceiling and a private balcony

Bedroom with odd sloped ceiling private balcony ocean 1 - 19 Bedroom Ideas and Feng Shui Critiques (Part 1 of 3)

Likes: A bedroom with a great view of the water can be a very relaxing place of rest. The nightstands are symmetrical, and the furniture, wall, and bed linens use great color variations that provide a neat yet calming interior view.

Dislikes: The view from the bed to the slanted ceiling can be distracting. One way to get around this is to use a canopy bed. Considering the size of the room, placing a king-size bed here is a better use of space in comparison to a smaller bed.

#4 – A bedroom that uses a patterned bed head

Bedroom with patterned bed head 1 - 19 Bedroom Ideas and Feng Shui Critiques (Part 1 of 3)

Likes: The centerpiece of the room, the patterned wooden frame above the bed, lends the space a luxurious atmosphere. In addition, the reading chairs in front of the bed are symmetrical and nicely placed.

Dislikes: In relation to the height of the bed, the furniture around it can appear too tall. While the chandelier above the bed can be a statement piece, it can also subtly bring you stress. Also, the placement of another room right behind the patterned wooden bed frame has bad feng shui.

#5 – A plush bedroom with a Persian carpet, soft bedding, and a mirror

Bedroom with persian carpet soft bedding and mirror 1 - 19 Bedroom Ideas and Feng Shui Critiques (Part 1 of 3)

Likes: The headboard is tall and solid. The nightstands on each side also seem quite even and both have a height that matches that of the bed. The use of carpet and hardwood flooring also gives a nice touch to the bedroom.

Dislikes: The sofa in front of the bed is quite large, making it difficult to traverse around the bed when you need to go to the restroom or to the door. Also, I would place the mirror that’s facing the bed somewhere else.

#6 – A bedroom with a large window, plants, and a high ceiling

Bedroom with plant and high ceiling 1 - 19 Bedroom Ideas and Feng Shui Critiques (Part 1 of 3)

Likes: The bedroom makes great use of earthly green and wood as the main theme. The padded wall and the sofa placements stand out in a good way, as well as the nightstands on each side of the bed.

Dislikes: As with the other bedrooms with plants, I will place the greenery somewhere else. Even though the bed is placed against a padded wall, adding a small headboard can further improve the look and feel of this bedroom.

#7 – A bedroom with sofa at the end of the bed

Bedroom with sofa at end of bed 1 - 19 Bedroom Ideas and Feng Shui Critiques (Part 1 of 3)

Likes: The size of the bed fits nicely with this bedroom. The addition of a carpet gives a nice touch that highlights the sofa area, and the area rug offers a bit of protection to the light-colored carpet in case you spill the tea.

Dislikes: I’m a bit uncertain about the wall decor right on top of the bed. Also, the sofa is a little too big relative to the bed and the size of the bedroom, making it difficult to fully utilize the space.

#8 – A bedroom with soft wall padding and matching chandeliers

Bedroom with soft padding hanging chandliers 1 - 19 Bedroom Ideas and Feng Shui Critiques (Part 1 of 3)

Likes: The padding on the wall matches perfectly with the bed’s linen, which adds a cohesive look to the room. The hanging chandeliers on both sides of the bedroom are also a nice addition, saving floor space for the other furniture on both sides of the bed.

Dislikes: There’s not much to critique here save for the two oddly-shaped pieces of furniture in front of the bed.

#9 – A bedroom with soft white linen and a fragile bed frame

Bedroom with soft white linen fragile frame 1 - 19 Bedroom Ideas and Feng Shui Critiques (Part 1 of 3)

Likes: The white linen and sofa take the center stage, as these are highlighted by the color of the wall and the carpet. The sofas are identical, and the carpet right below the bed is also a nice addition that highlights the bed.

Dislikes: Besides the plants, the bed lacks a sturdy headboard. Also, the delicate-looking bed frame doesn’t seem sturdy enough and can appear like it’s over-burdened by the number of blankets, beddings, and pillows sitting on the bed.

#10 – An expansive bedroom with spiral stairs behind the TV and fireplace

Bedroom with spiral stairs facing tv fireplace 1 - 19 Bedroom Ideas and Feng Shui Critiques (Part 1 of 3)

Likes: The spacious room has a great view of the outside. Also, the fireplace facing the bed does a great job of blocking the desk right behind it.

Dislikes: There are plenty of things to critique in this setup. First off, the room is too big for its contents, and it’s too bright as well. The spiral staircase to the right of the room has seen better days and is starting to show its age. At the same time, the placement of the staircase inside the bedroom takes away the privacy of the space, as anyone can simply climb the stairs to gain access to the room.

#11 – A beige-and-green bedroom that has a door leading to a balcony

Bedroom with white green theme door to balcony 1 - 19 Bedroom Ideas and Feng Shui Critiques (Part 1 of 3)

Likes: The neutral palette of the room strengthens the appeal of its green accents and highlights the furniture in it. In addition to the eye-pleasing color combination, the bedroom also gets a lot of natural light and opens to a great view of the outdoors.

Dislikes: There’s not a lot to dislike in this picture. I’d do away with the carpet if I were to nitpick, but that’s just because of personal preference.

#12 – A luxury bedroom with black furniture and a white bed

Bright large luxury bedroom with black furniture white bed 1 - 19 Bedroom Ideas and Feng Shui Critiques (Part 1 of 3)

Likes: The design of the bed and the bedframe contributes to the luxurious appeal of the room. The choice of black accents also brings a bit of diversity to the color scheme of this extremely bright bedroom.

Dislikes: The room is too big. Also, what seems to be the restroom door is facing the bed, and this can have consequences on one’s health in the long run. Overall, this doesn’t seem to be a comfortable bedroom.

#13 – A bedroom with a deluxe canopy bed

Canopy Bed Luxurious Bedroom 1 - 19 Bedroom Ideas and Feng Shui Critiques (Part 1 of 3)

Likes: The use of a canopy bed suits the overall theme of the bedroom. I also like the color of the curtains and the addition of carpets on top of the hardwood floor.

Dislikes: Again, the room is too big, and it gets too much sunlight – both of which are not ideal for a bedroom. Also, because the bed is placed against a glass wall with a walkway, any movements from the walkway can disturb your relaxation and sleep.

#14 – A bedroom with hardwood floor and a floating bed fronted by a TV

Floating Bed hardwood floor mounted tv 1024x803 - 19 Bedroom Ideas and Feng Shui Critiques (Part 1 of 3)

Likes: I like the simplicity of this bedroom. The carpet is a nice addition, and the wall-mounted TV saves a great deal of space. It should be noted, though, that TVs are not suggested to be placed in the bedroom.

Dislikes: Personally, I don’t like floating beds. Whenever I toss and turn on it, I feel like I’m breaking it little by little. Also, I would move the bed more towards the camera because it seems like the right side of the bed is facing the bathroom.

#15 – A large bedroom with a high ceiling and large windows overlooking the lawn

Large bedroom high ceiling large windows overlooking lawn 1 - 19 Bedroom Ideas and Feng Shui Critiques (Part 1 of 3)

Likes: This room has a great view of an expansive green space. The brown and red accents used in the room complement the decor.

Dislikes: Again, there are too many plants in this room. Also, the ceiling seems unusually high, which may lower the quality of your sleep.

#16 – A large, modern-looking bedroom with a glass wall and chandelier

Large bedroom modern theme chandlier glassy wall 1 - 19 Bedroom Ideas and Feng Shui Critiques (Part 1 of 3)

Likes: Combining the white carpet with the dark-colored hardwood floor is a good idea. The size of the bed fits well with the size of this bedroom too.

Dislikes: The color theme is too black and white, and the prominent design element of the furniture stresses the eyes and can make a person susceptible to subtle mood swings. Using a different furniture design can vastly improve the comfort level of this bedroom.

#17 – A large, white-themed bedroom with a small living area

Large bedroom white theme with small living room 1 - 19 Bedroom Ideas and Feng Shui Critiques (Part 1 of 3)

Likes: The color used in the bedroom is soft and pleasant, and the placement of the furniture is symmetrical and balanced, complementing the size of the room.

Dislikes: I don’t like how the windows on each side of the bed have metal bars installed. Though I understand that it could be there for safety reasons, just looking at it can sometimes make you feel like you’re in a cage.

#18 – A large bedroom with a high ceiling and a bed next to the windows

Large bedroom with bed next to window and high ceiling 1 - 19 Bedroom Ideas and Feng Shui Critiques (Part 1 of 3)

Likes: The flower-patterned carpet fits the bedroom extremely well, and its design can subtly give the room a more romantic atmosphere.

Dislikes: Besides the humongous size of this bedroom and the shape of the ceiling, the head of the bed is right under a window, a placement that is known to disrupt a good night’s sleep.

#19 – A large bedroom with a white curtain divider in the middle

Large bedroom with curtain divider white theme 1 - 19 Bedroom Ideas and Feng Shui Critiques (Part 1 of 3)

Likes: The brown and earthly color theme of the room makes it very relaxing. The dark-colored pieces of furniture complement the light-colored curtains, carpet, and lamps.

Dislikes: Nothing much to criticize here outside of the obvious feng shui taboo: beams. Not only are they distracting, but the use of beams also makes the ceiling feel lower.


Your ideal bedroom might not look like any of these examples, but you can certainly take inspiration from these rooms when designing your own. Perhaps you can use the color combinations used in these rooms and adjust how light or dark you want your bedroom to be.

Here’s a quick tip that you can take away about feng shui colors: when selecting colors, you need to consider the amount of light that the bedroom receives and the lighting elements that you’re planning to install. Generally speaking, you should avoid a bright bedroom, as brighter colors reflect more light and can prevent your bedroom from being conducive to sleep. If your bedroom is too bright, you might have a hard time falling asleep and getting a good night’s rest. If you really want a brighter bedroom, though, you can use bright colors but make sure to pair them with softer and dimmer lights to balance things out. Making small adjustments like these can help you have more restful evenings.

Many of these bedroom images have plants, as having a bit of greenery in a room can make a space easier on the eyes. If you’re wondering whether to place plants in the bedroom, my suggestion is to avoid them because they’re not good for feng shui. Instead of installing plants in your bedroom, it’s a better option to go with calm and soothing colors and proper lighting fixtures.

If you need more advice on how to set up your bedroom, you can always consult with our network on feng shui experts. You can search for qualified professionals based on your location through our website. For instance, if you live in Miami, all you need to do is enter your location on our search engine and we’ll provide you with a list of feng shui practitioners in that area. We have a comprehensive list of feng shui experts.

Which bedroom image do you like best, and which one will you likely use as the inspiration for your bedroom renovation? Comment below and share it with me. I’d love to hear what you’re thinking!

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  1. San

    I like No 14 and then no. 2, i like spacious room, tv, and comfortable bed.

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hey San! Besides the floating bed, I really like #14 too!

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Thanks Glenn. Will check it out.

  2. Vicki Kunkel

    Hi, Victor.

    I know this is an old post but, as I am shopping for a new bedroom dresser, I am wondering about furniture color.

    Right now, I have a small black bed frame, two black nightstands, and a black-and-white chair in the corner. Artwork on the wall also has black frames. The walls are a soft white, with the exception of on accent wall, which is turquoise. The turquoise wall has a large window, and an “eyebrow” window on top of that, which I have covered with a room-darkening black-and-white window treatment.

    I am considering purchasing a fairly tall dresser, and I have a choice of two colors: Black or, what the store calls “wheat.” The wheat is actually more like a brown–not a yellowish- tan, which is what I think of when I think of wheat. The dresser is solid wood and very high quality, so I am happy with the style and the piece itself. But I am struggling with the color.

    My question: Would a black dresser be too much black in the bedroom? I have read that black is a good feng shui color for bedrooms because of it’s “inward focusing” nature. But then I have also read that some feng shui experts consider black furniture to be bad luck–to the point that they recommend covering it with a colored cloth.

    Any insights?


    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Vickie,

      You really like black, huh? I think colors only bring limited feng shui effects:

      As for bedroom, I think black is just fine because it absorbs light (Yang) and bedroom requires more Yin energy for a good night’s rest. If it gets too dark at night, you can balance it with brighter lights, but not the level of brightness that’ll keep you awake.

      In terms of visuals, if you have a white/bright flooring, black furniture are just fine. It’ll just make your room look smaller.

      Hope this helps!


  3. Lea

    Hi Victor,

    Loving all the photos and explanations. Thank you!
    I have a high bedroom ceiling and it slants from high to low (right to left), and the bed is right in the middle. Do you have a remedy for something as odd as this? Thank you. Lea

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Lea,
      The easiest remedy is to use a canopy bed (with the top covered if you prefer). The pillars on the side will help support the slanted ceiling.

  4. Olivia

    Hi Victor,

    A bedroom with a tray ceiling – is this considered sleeping under a beam? If so, would a canopy bed be the easiest solution? I think changing the ceiling would be expensive. Thanks!

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Olivia,
      Tray ceiling is not considered sleeping under the beam. If you’re worried, a canopy bed is the easiest solution, like you said. 🙂

  5. Mickie

    Can i put mirrors behind my nightstands?

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Mickie,
      Yes, you can.