Why Mirror Facing the Bed is Bad Feng Shui and Creepy

Lots of bedrooms the U.S. have a mirror facing the bed.

For apartments, the mirror is usually on the sliding door of the closet. For houses, people usually hang a mirror somewhere in the bedroom, often times facing the bed.

I also noticed lots of advertisements that promote better sleep at night, from both YouTube and TV. The ads range from drugs to products that stop you from snoring, all of them promising a better good night’s sleep.

When I dug deeper, I found that 58% of Americans want to improve their sleep quality. Perhaps this explains the reason why there are so many products and advertisements that promise to improve sleep quality.

Could mirror be the reason to this? Perhaps. Because I noticed that mirrors can sometimes create weird illusions when you don’t fully focus your vision on it.

Mirrors can sometimes create weird illusions.
Mirrors can sometimes create weird illusions.

But then, it could also be countless other reasons. It could be the food we eat right before bed, our irregular sleep schedule, and other bedroom feng shui that affects sleep.

In this post, you will see my opinion as to why feng shui doesn’t like mirror facing the bed. My opinion is based on what we know from today’s scientific research and findings.

To begin, let me give you what feng shui experts have to say about this.

Feng Shui Consequences of Mirror Facing Your Bed

Here are three of the most popular concepts (or myths) about what might happen to us if we have a mirror facing the bed that we sleep in.

Brings a Third Party to Your Relationship

Many experts say that a mirror facing the bed promotes intrusion of a third party into the couple’s relationship and possibly encourage infidelity. This is because the reflection of the mirror doubles the energy and luck of those sleeping on the bed, and one of those luck is romance.

Creates Insomnia

Most experts also say that a mirror facing the bed depletes your personal energy and creates sleeplessness. Because the mirror doubles and bounces all sorts of energy, it disrupts the tranquility needed in a bedroom for better sleep.

Nightmares and Soul Stealing

Some experts say that a mirror reflecting the bed brings nightmares. An explanation for this is that when we sleep at night, our soul leaves the body. When the soul sees its own reflection, it gets startled, hence the bad dreams and nightmares. Using the same concept, others say when the soul returns to the body, it may mistake the image in the mirror from the real body, hence the saying of soul-stealing.

Let me remind you that the terms used to interpret feng shui was quite different in ancient times. The meaning could’ve been lost in translation over the years.

But instead of going back in history to decode what was really meant by these sayings, let us see what modern science has to say about this topic.

Why Mirror Facing the Bed is Not a Good Idea

One thing we clearly know is that ancient Chinese and today’s Feng Shui Experts advise against a mirror facing the bed.

I was curious as to why they say this, so I asked about other people’s experiences and dug into some scientific literatures for explanation. What I found was that you may have trouble falling asleep, and here are the reasons why.

You will be alarmed by movements

Your eyes are embedded with motion detectors. According to researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, our eyes detect movement through a neural circuit in the retina at the back of our eyes.

This explains why your attention is naturally attracted to whatever that moves, whether they are in front of your eyes or in the corner of your eyes. This was how our ancient predecessors hunted for food and survived from predators. It is our biological trait that allows us to survive on Earth.

Our eyes depend on movement to helps us hunt and avoid predators. It is a biological trait that helped us survive on Earth.]
Our eyes depend on movement to helps us hunt and avoid predators. It is a biological trait that helped us survive on Earth.

So if you have a mirror right next to you when you sleep, you will notice any movement from the mirror’s reflection. These reflections will naturally alarm or even startle you.

Why? Because you expect nothing to be moving at where the mirror is. But because of the movement reflected by the mirror, you brain will get a false sense of movement in that area, and it may creep you out. These movements will distract your sleep, sometimes raising your alertness and waking your survival instincts.

You might scare yourself from Sleep Drunkenness

Some people have what is so-called “sleep drunkenness”, where visual sensors are not at 100% awake when the person wakes up from sleep. These are the type of people that’ll scare themselves when they see their own reflection right when they wake up, because they sometimes don’t recognize their own reflection until a few seconds later.

But sometimes this doesn’t just happen to people with sleep drunkenness. Whenever there’s something different about the way we look – a different hair style, the facial expression, or what we wear, we may get alarmed and think that we’re seeing someone else.

Here’s a funny 3-second video that illustrates this point.

If you were scared by yourself like the person from the video, it may be hard for you to go back to sleep. And for those that are able to go back to sleep after being scared by their own reflection, you are likely to experience bad dreams or even nightmares.

Perhaps this is why some feng shui experts say that mirror facing the bed might cause bad dreams?

You might see something green from Imperfect Mirrors

Further, because most mirrors are not “perfect mirrors”, you may sometimes see a bit of green in the reflection. When you see that, don’t be startled by it, and please don’t start imagining things.

An “imperfect mirror” will have greenish color at the end of the mirror tunnel.
An “imperfect mirror” will have greenish color at the end of the mirror tunnel.

For those that get scared by it, please know that it is not some supernatural phenomenon. It is also not your eyes playing tricks on you. The reason you see something green in the mirror is because the mirrors that common households have are not “perfect mirrors” that reflect all spectrum of color and light.

The first half of the video below will help you understand this phenomenon.

Stare at your own reflection and you will Hallucinate

Here’s something weird (or scary) that you can try for yourself, even if you don’t have a mirror facing your bed.

Sit in a dark room about three feet (1 meter) away from a mirror. Keep the lighting as dark as possible but still able to see your face. Gaze at the reflection of your face for about 10 minutes.

Giovannie Caputo, a psychologist at the University of Urbino in Italy, was haunted by another man’s face when he did this. He saw the face of an old man when he was looking at the reflection of his own face. He later successfully replicated this strange face-in-the-mirror illusion experiment on others.

The face in the mirror illusion. Image credit: New Scientist.
The face in the mirror illusion. Image credit: New Scientist.

Here’s what other people experienced. They began to see distortions of their face at first, such as a missing eyebrow or slanted lips. Gradually, the face looked more like waxwork, as if they were looking at someone else’s face. Others see a series of unfamiliar faces, fantastical monsters, and even animal faces. If you’d like to learn more about this study, here’s the link to the publication of this study.

When you turn your bedroom lights off, you are creating the perfect setting to see this strange phenomenon, assuming if you have a mirror facing the bed and you can see the reflection of your face. Imagine if you saw something or someone else in that reflection, how would that affect you? For me, I would be totally creeped out.

You will be “hearing” things

If you have large pieces of mirror on the closet door that faces the bed, have you ever asked yourself, “Did that sound from the closet?”

Mirrors aren’t just for reflecting lights and images. It is great for reflecting sound as well.

Back in World War 2, the United Kingdom (England) used mirrors to detect sound waves coming from enemy aircraft so they could prepare their air defenses. The use of mirrors proved useful only for a short while because as planes flew faster, the mirrors failed to provide the early warning as desired.

“Listening ears” at Denge near Dungeness in Kent, UK. Image credit: Andrew Grantham.
“Listening ears” at Denge near Dungeness in Kent, UK. Image credit: Andrew Grantham.

As I’ve explained before, sound is considered a type of Qi in feng shui, and mirrors bounce the sound back into the room as opposed to just absorbing it.

So if you sleep by a partner that snores, you may notice that the irritating sound is louder than when you sleep somewhere else, perhaps a hotel room without a mirror facing the bed. This can be especially detrimental to your sleep quality, because it is known that sound as faint as whispers have the ability to affect our sleep quality.

But what’s “trippy” is that when the sound is reflected from the mirror, you mind may get confused because it’ll feel as if the sound was coming from the mirror. It just weirds you out, which I think is what really affects your sense of comfort and security when you’re getting ready to sleep.

You may feel something weird or unexpected

Our vision has a strong connection with our senses. In a research experiment published by the Royal Society Publishing, researchers created a ‘virtual reality box’ where a mirror is placed vertically on a table and reflected the subject’s limb—say a hand.

Part of the experiment was conducted on subjects with just one hand. When the reflection of the hand moved, the subjects felt movement on their missing hand. When it was touched, they also felt the sensation in the “phantom limb”.

Here’s a video that helps you visualize this experiment.

So when you’re sleeping on your bed and seeing your own reflection, you may feel something when anything seems to be touching you. They could range from moving curtains to the shadow movements casted from outside your bedroom window. It’s just how the brain works. Seeing our reflection being touched tricks our brain into believing as if we are actually being touched.

Here’s another video that shows the connection between our vision and our sense of touch in the brain, as illustrated by a National Geographic show called Brain Games:

Feng Shui Tips for Mirror Facing Bed

The easiest way to remedy this situation is to cover the mirror with cloth (for mirrors on closet doors) or reposition the mirror so that it doesn’t reflect your bed (for standing mirrors). You are good as long as you can’t see any mirror reflections when you’re in bed.

It’s ok to have mirrors in your bedroom as long as you won’t see any reflections when you’re in bed.
It’s ok to have mirrors in your bedroom as long as you won’t see any reflections when you’re in bed.

Keep in mind that there are other objects in your bedroom that embodies the mirror effect. These objects range from TV to the glass covers for your picture frames. Although these reflections are much less superior to the mirror, they have the tendency create the unwanted distractions mentioned earlier.

Word of Advice

From my observations, not everyone is bothered by a mirror facing the bed.

Everyone is unique in their own ways, and it is important to observe and pay attention to yourself on how the mirror is affecting you. If you think it has no effect, great. If you suspect that it is affecting how you rest, cover the mirror or move it somewhere else. Test and see whether you experience any improvements or not.

Also, a mirror facing the bed is just one factor of bedroom feng shui. Don’t let it be the determining factor or deal-breaker when deciding whether a bedroom has good or bad feng shui. Simply put, don’t over-react. It is not the end of the world if there’s a large piece of mirror facing your bed.


Feng shui experts agree that mirror facing the bed can bring undesired consequences, such as depleted energy, insomnia, and even infidelity.

Though I’ve never had any personal experience with the consequences mentioned by the feng shui experts, I do know that mirror facing the bed is just bad experience. You have the tendency to scare yourself when you see hallucinations, hear something unexpected, and feel something weird.

Personally, I’ve seen weird stuff in mirrors. I feel that mirrors can be quite spooky, especially if the environment is darkened. Most of the time, I know that I’m just scaring myself. Please, don’t be like me.

Do you have a mirror facing your bed? If so, what was your experience? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

Author, blogger, and digital marketer at Feng Shui Nexus. During the day, I do marketing in the tech industry. At night, I explore all sorts of knowledge, including feng shui, ancient wisdom, big data, analytics, and science. Click here to read more about me or say hi to me on Facebook or Twitter!

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Totally agreed with this article. Thank you for sharing.

My experienced with mirror facing the bed, is that i dont have good relationship with my roomates, the mirror was facing me and everything seems not normal to me. I fell like i am not belong. The day that there was no mirror facing my bed i was like im the boss in the room. Now when there was a mirror it seems like everything comes to me was bad. And feel like i am powerless. I am trying to figure out how to dispose the mirror since it was place at the back of the door. One day I will break it and pretend that i dont know why it was broken since it gives me a bad luck.

Hey Dennis,
Thanks for sharing your experience! How about just removing the mirror instead of breaking it? =)

on 10/10/18 i have my mirror at the head of my bed I see something more than one time in my room i was thinking it my phone I wake up feeling very sick.

Can mirrors collect souls.
Ive definitely had some experience. I recently moved apartments.
I never have a large mirror in my bedroom, but romovalist accidentially placed there, being busy, i never noticed until three weeks . Im starting to feel a over emotional need to not leave this bedroom. I love my bed and bedroom, but was beginning to feel a hate i didnt like. So at 3am I came across this article, although not providing me with the answers im seeking, it did give me food for thought. Ive now taken my stand alone mirror back down stairs.
Reflecting, i didnt really feel depleted of energy, it was rather being filled with a vibe, that fills you with bad wired energy.
Looking forward to reading more of your articles.

What if your bed has a mirror in the headboard?

Hi Jessica. You should be fine as long as the mirror doesn’t directly reflect your body when you’re in bed.

hi victor. i have mirror inbuilt in my bed at headbox. i dont know why, but many negative thoughts keep coming to my mind regularly. low in confidence, feeling insecure about future, disliking my job are some symptoms i am facing. though i never faced a sleeping problem. when i sit on bed facing mirror, my body except head reflects in mirror. is it a bad sign? while lying on bed, full body reflection is there in mirror though i cant see it because of keeping head towards mirror and leg away from mirror. please suggest some remeady if something is wrong there.

i m sorry to post it in reply section but i posted it because my mirror positioning is same as that of jessica. thanks

Hi Randhir,
If you think the mirror is the cause of your problems, try covering it with a piece of cloth. That’s the easiest solution. If it works, perhaps consider changing your headbox.

Interesting read… I’ve always been fascinated by mirrors… Thanks for posting!

I’m glad you liked it!

Umm we like to look at ourselves in bed….

So iv just moved back into my mums house it’s quite and old place, but she bought it about 4 years ago. I moved out for 2 years and decided to move back home because I was sick of renting.
So the room I moved Into is my old room. It’s got a glass mirrored wardrobe where the view stretches, and you can see the entire room, it’s not far off my bed like 1.5-2m off.
Just to give you an insite of the lay out.

Ok so iv never had an issue, I work 10 hour day so I don’t see why my body clock would wake me up @3. So it started off with a mans scream loud enough to wake me, once I was awake he screamed again. It was bloody terrifying so I just cried and once more he screams again, all I could do was lay there shaking I cried once more, for him to let out a laugh. It was horrible, I’m never going to sleep in front of a mirror again !

same thing is happening with me ..even if the mirror is placed diagonally i m disturbed by it ,,cant sleep properly

Hey Shreya, see if placing the mirror somewhere else would help. Thanks for sharing your experience!

Wow! Well put 🙂

Thanks AJ!

Victor, we have a large dresser with a mirror attached to the unit facing our bed and have struggled with the issues you describe. what if we move the unit all the way to the side of the wall so we cannot see ourselves? (But we still see the mirror itself) room does not allow other options. Or would you recommend covering the mirror? Thanks, amber

Hi Amber, your solution is great. You’re good as long as you don’t see your own reflection when your in bed. Only cover the mirror if problems persist.

hi um one question what if my mom dosnt wanna remove it plz answer fast because she had one and me to for hard sleeping and its scary

One easy way is to cover the mirror with a blanket or piece of cloth. In fact, many experts suggest this when you go to bed.

Senolita Vakameilalo

Two mirrors in living room one cover the fire place and one hanging on the walls back of the sofa.its that bad luck

Hi Senolita,
This should be ok. Check out this post for more info: https://fengshuinexus.com/feng-shui-tips/feng-shui-mirror-placement-home/

Well said Victor thank you! Now I know why I’ve been dreaming dead loved ones most of the times and its drivin me crazy. Later on… I’m hearing bad news from the family. Despite of those scary dreams I keep praying to heal my mind. Now I removed our mirror in our bedroom and hoping this will brings us peace of mind

Wishing the best for you Rochie!

What a sad sad article. Increased infidelity? Like have mirrors facing bed decreases that risk as it is very erotic in many positions (esp women on top).

Hi Anna,
Thanks for your input!

Hello. My bed is against one wall and on the opposite side is a dresser with the mirror. However, I have a low bed and the mirror is set high on the dresser….so I can’t see my reflection when laying down. I can only see my shoulders and up when I sit up in bed. Is this OK. BTW…I’m single…lol

Hi Ana,
Yes, you’re fine. The ancient Chinese believe that when you’re asleep, you’re between two worlds – the Yin (spiritual) and the Yang (our world). The mirror can frighten our soul: https://fengshuinexus.com/blog/answers/mirrors-bedroom-feng-shui/

I’ve had mirrors facing beds as long as I can remember and I am an insomniac.Before my partner moved in with me years ago he was a good sleeper but now he sleeps badly. I read last week that you shouldn’t have the tallest member of a family facing a mirror with sight of head chopped off. My 6ft 2in son slept like this and was killed in car accident 2 year ago, his neck was broke. I’m removing them wardrobe mirrors. My neighbours hall mirror faces my front room mirror despite the wall. If her cooker/plumbing/washer/boiler goes wrong, so does mine and vice versa. So much more has happened.

Hi Gillian,
I’m truly sorry about your loss. At least now you know better. Thanks for sharing your story and letting everyone know!

It’s 3:35 am in the morning and I just discovered this article after waking up from a disturbing nightmare…Soon after waking in a sweat I got out bed and grabbed a glass of milk and went back to bed, ready to continue sleep…but then I suddenly remembered the contents of my nightmare: I was in a bedroom surrounded by mirrors of different sizes, each mirror sat in a large wooden frame…Then there were these malicious spirits floating around the room trying to enter into my body, each time I tried to fight them off one of the mirrors in the room would levitate of the floor and float towards me…then I awoke from the nightmare. Upon remembering what I had dreamt about, my attention went straight to the large wooden encased mirror in my bedroom facing my bed. I immediately saw the connection and began to search online whether covering this mirror would be sufficient…and then I discovered your article. I can now peacefully head back to sleep.

Thanks for sharing your story, Troy!

These experiences are not fantasy. These are possibly real aetheric attacks. Mirrors are portals for higher entities.

Hey Victor ! Thanks for your article! I have a big dresser covered by mirror in my bad room m. It is not facing the bad , but when I turn on my left side of the body I can see my all body in the mirror apart from face. From the shoulders to the feet. Is that OK ?

Hi Ivana,
If you haven’t experienced any of the effects mentioned in this article and you’re not bothered by them, you’ll be fine!
Here’s some more info for your reference: https://fengshuinexus.com/blog/answers/mirrors-bedroom-feng-shui/

Thanks Victor!

my bed is facing a big mirrored wardrobe but no problems but reading your article is it best to change my bed around but i cant no where to change if i change my bed to window my head will be above the window if i change to the side my bed be facing the door no rooM to change

Hi Sophy,
If there are no problems, then its best to keep your bed as is! It’s definitely better than head under window and facing door.

Me and my boyfriend were reading your article a day before he passed away by drowning in swimming pool, such a tragic and unexpected incident!!

He changed his room’s setting to surprise me by shifting the bed ro the center for the room and it was facing the mirror, the moment I realized this I told him about the my beliefs in Feng shui. Then we started reading about its affect on Internet but he didn’t take it seriously. I was feeling something is not right still I ignored. Next day we went for swimming, something happened and I have lost him forever. Never imagined such extreme could be the affects or was it in our fate. Whatever is it, my loss is irreplaceable.

Hi Sheetaal,
I’m truly sorry for your loss… Sending you my best wishes.

Thank you for your input. I told my bf about your story. Now, he decided to take the mirrors down. I believe in stuff like this.

So if I just covered my mirror with a blanket it would help?

Hi Kara,
Yes, that is the easiest and most economical way. 🙂

Hi Victor. Just moved into a home and my sons room has mirror wardrobe doors, not happy as he keeps having nightmares and never usually does. Was wondering if we paint the mirrors would this also be ok as I am worried and they are very heavy to move them and impossible to cover with sheets?

Hi Tina we had same in our daughter room. Ended up removing the doors and will replace with different style.

Hi Tina,
Anything that covers the mirror would be fine, as long as your kids are comfortable with it. Amber’s method is a solution too.

I have a mirror facing my bed but I don’t see my reflection it just reflects the end of my bed is this okay?

Hi Marie,
That situation would be much better. You’re good as long as it doesn’t bother you!

What if the mirror is built into the built in wardrobe? How would I remedy that? a room divider?

Hi Katherine,
I’m assuming that your mirror is facing your bed. Uncle Dixer has a simple solution to your question: https://fengshuinexus.com/blog/answers/mirrored-closet-doors-reflecting-bed/

Awesome thanks for the reply!

Omg…… My bf wanted to leave his mirror at the head of the bed…. Good thing to went with my instincts and told him not to

Hi Stephanie,
As long as the mirror doesn’t face the bed while you sleep, you’re in good shape!

So many deep insights that has obliterated by civilization and modernism.
My friend turned the mirror in our to face the wall and I was curious as to why he did so that’s how I ended up here. I’m Ben my Nigeria

Thanks for your input Godwyn!

I moved to this new place recently which has mirror on the sliding door of the closet, placed perpendicular to the bed. And I couldn’t sleep for days. I am a deep sleeper normally but in this new place i would wake up very often at night mostly panicking. Then when i googled about it found this article and covered the mirrors. It worked! Thank you

Hi Priti,
I’m glad it worked! Thanks for sharing your story!

I just moved my bed facing the mirror and the sleep is just the same. Good some days and not so good. And yes the only thing is I do get startled by the reflections. So this indeed is a rational explanation.

Hi Akhila,
Thanks for your sharing your experience with us!

Good article. I need to state that mirrors are like Quija boards. They are portals. If you have a Quija board in your house, and if you feel like you can’t sleep at night, destroy the Quija board, get rid of it completely. Then open your windows and doors and clean your home and sweep everything out, mentally. You’ll feel a totally new outlook on life. Trust me, I know. I didn’t believe in Quija boards, until it felt like 1000 people were watching me sleep at night, even though I couldn’t see or hear anything.

Also, mirrors, are an interdimensional portal. Jinn and other entities can actually use mirrors somehow, to enter into our relaity. Some mirrors are “activated” and are active portals. You can close all the mirrors in your house, after you do a really thorough cleaning, using fresh smelling scents, and loving music, etc. Any negative entities will generally not want to stick around if you are cleaning and playing happy music, and you could also do a professional “Sage clearing” with actual Sage herbs.

You can walk up to your mirrors and swipe on them 3 times with your hand, motioning across the surface of the mirror, while stating the mirror is now “closed.” However, the best bet is to simply cover the mirror when you are not using it. Or keep it in a closed room, behind closed doors. Doorways, windows, mirrors, shiny mirror like surfaces (like pools of water) and certain symbols, are actually demonic gateways. I’m not a religious person, but this is information that can be gleaned from psychics and mystics.

Take heed in these warnings. If you have heard noises or have felt uncomfortable in your house, try throwing away the mirrors you don’t need, covering the others, and keep your house free of Pentagrams, Quija Boards, Crystal balls, Satanic logos, Religious Symbols of any kind, Dream Catchers, or any other symbol that is associated with any kind of spiritual craft, or religion.

All symbols create a specific hyperspace vortex, which can be seen and identified in the higher dimensions. Symbols create reality, and make physical reality manifest. Be careful which symbols you use, and if you aren’t clear of the meaning of a symbol, get rid of it immediately because it can do more harm than good.

Hi Bob,
Thanks for your great input!! To your point, I would add that people should stay away from the Ouija boards that’s been used, or other symbols that’s been used for some ritual. As for objects that’s never been used, I think it’s still safe. But again, you never know, so it’s better to stay away from them and err on the safe side.

Victor, truly appreciate all of your Brilliance and your dedication to helping those of us new to feng shui.

I have always wanted a full length mirror. I didn’t really have the room for the free standing oval type mirror so I recently found one that hangs on a door.

My question is with regards to placement of this mirror which suspends from a door.

I have two options. The first option is on the door leading into the toilet and the shower, however it would be on the OUTSIDE of the door & would mirror reflect into the main bathroom with a jacuzzi tuba. There is a window but it does have blinds on it. That window actually views out over into the trees with the green leaves in the summer and the driveway and Street. There are no Street lamps directly in front of that window.

My second option would be to place this door hanging style mirror on the door leading out from the bedroom. The door leads into The Loft area, down eight steps, and into the very large open floor plan living room with cathedral ceilings. On the complete opposite wall of this door and of the wall in the loft is a sliding glass door, however, this mirror would not reflect anything from that sliding glass door since it’s in a 2nd floor. That sliding glass door shows out onto a deck and a very large green open area.

Again, thank you so very much for your help in your assistance!


Hi Tricia,
Seems like both options are great options. If the outside of the restroom (option 1) is a bit dark, you can use the mirror to illuminate the area.

Hi Victor, I have experienced cheating by my spouse … My house had mirror on the entire wall covering the closet .. since I m from india i always thought according to Vasstu its not good but now I can see the consequesnces too… thankfully now just 6 months ago I moved out of that house with no mirrors…so Things should improve…. please guide what can i do to make life more happy in marriage.

Hi Vandy,
I’m no relationship expert, but all I can tell you is to stay positive and be more accepting! As for Feng Shui, I can hardly give you any advice without a full review of your place.

I’ve dressing table with a mirror that faces my bed, but I’ve never had any bad experience. Although I do get alarmed to see my own reflection in a darkened room. By the way nice article!

Thanks Nikhat! Thanks for sharing your experience with us!


My Bureau mirror reflects my cot backside. Also my cot has mirror in it. I’m experiencing jobless and so many hopeless or negative thoughts. I can’t change my cot, can I cover mirror with a cloth. Please suggest..

Hi Saranya,
Your problem may be coming from not just the mirror only. But yes, covering the mirror with a cloth would work.

Strange things happened. An image of a Victorian doll appeared between my pillows facing the mirror. Smoke was rising from my celll phone in the mirror reflection becoz i took pics with my cellphone and those images appeared. Also i dont sleep well and am extremely unhappy all the time

Hi Angie,
Your experience is giving me the chills… still, thanks for sharing!

I stumbled upon your article and i hv a question. My son’s room has no window and it only has 2 glass sliding doors that is as high as the wall (ceiling to floor). So we actually placed a mirror on the opposite wall facing the sliding door to create a feeling of space. But after reading your article i just wan to know if we shouldnt hang the mirror. Its facing my son’s bed and facing the sliding glass doors too Or can we hang it higher?

Hi Audry,
A mirror facing the sliding door isn’t bad. It’s only bad if it’s directly facing the bed. If your son doesn’t have any sleep issues, then he’s ok. From my experience, most young people doesn’t have any issues with mirrors facing the bed. But of course, I can’t speak for your son.

Judy Johns Heathcoe

Victor, I just saw your post from two years ago. I found you because I was researching the consequences of mirrors facing the bed. I’m very concerned about a couple very close to me who not only have mirrors facing the bed, but two mirrors facing the bed and each other. Large full length mirrors positioned on opposite walls near the head of the bed.

The couple were not married but living together and hadn’t been together very long when the woman noticed some strange activity going on. They were having paranormal phenomena in the house including objects flying off walls and shelves and breaking, hearing voices, seeing things, orbs, shadows. There were three children involved (one his and two hers) and the children experienced the orbs, shadows and noises also. The woman felt threatened because she was being touched: shoved, hair pulling. The man had been having this activity in the house even prior to the arrival of the new girlfriend. The man was convinced it was a ghost of a woman who might be attracted to him and he had a cleansing and exorcism done on the house. However, the paranormal activity continued.

Then one day it dawned on the woman that the bedroom was a particularly strong source of that unusual activity. Not to mention that the man seemed oversexed and sometimes they had all-nighters resulting in lack of sleep, oversleeping in the morning and going to work late. They were remodelers. They were in control of their own work schedule and so being late didn’t really matter, but the work was not being completed on time due to fewer hours being spent and many projects were lost. Arguments went on in the bedroom a lot of the time and the children were affected by it also.

She had read about mirrors facing each other opening portals to other dimensions and was now convinced that they had let in entities that were not dead but alive and more dangerous than ghosts. But she didn’t know what to do about it. She wondered if the man had done it on purpose knowing that whatever you reflect in a mirror draws that energy into the household (feng shui) and wanted to draw in more sexual energy. She’s afraid to ask him to remove the mirrors and that’s the point we are at now.

What are your feelings about this?

Hi Judy,
I’m not sure about mirrors opening portals, but the story does sound creepy and paranormal. It’s similar to the many stories that’s prevalent in societies where paranormal activity is widely accepted.
One thing that I’ve learned in my studies so far – can you see shadows? Are they black or white shadows? Black shadows are monsters/demonic (not in terms of religion) and white shadows are ghosts.
From what you’re describing, placing statues of deity might not help because they seem too strong. You need to find a professional exorcist rather than a Feng Shui expert for this.
Sorry if I can’t be of help here.

Judy Johns Heathcoe

Thank you Victor. The shadows are black. The orbs are rainbow colored. An Episcopalian sanctioned blessing and exorcism was performed on the house. Apparently, it didn’t work. I don’t know what to make of it, but she is going to try to get him to agree to just remove the mirrors. Then we are going to try some naturalistic rituals like sage smudging and some pagan incantations to close the portal, if that’s what it is.Thanks for your time and suggestions.

I was just reading an article about Mirror effect when mirrors that are facing each other and a picture or name or event written on the paper placed in between were used to remove spells.

I went to sleep with my mirror facing my bed and me. I woke up at 2 in the morning and it’s 5 now. I woke up startled because I had a nightmare that something was coming and I was covering my self with a see through sheer blanket. I was sleeping on the side on my left shoulder, and I felt a cobweb or actually fingers touching my right shoulder with a slight movement saying “your next” wish a deep raspy voice. The sound was stolen from my boyfriend who left earlier today he would scare me by doing that voice. I just hope my soul wasn’t stolen from this mirror, and that it don’t happen again. I moved my dream catcher under me I noticed it was not under my head.

Hi Viviana,
Scary experience you got there. Thanks for sharing it with us!
Try covering the mirror when you sleep, see if that helps.

I have never been affected by mirrors. To tell you the truth, new age spiritualism is on the rise due to these false dogmas. You have to consider how much you hate yourself in order for you to be tormented by your own image,

Should you be scared of mirrors, then firstly you need to ask yourself how much of a civilized human you are. There is science experiments on the mirror tests. It is used to asses childhood mental development on the ideas of self-consciousness. Then the idea of animal testing to see which animal can assess themselves in a mirror. If you can’t even withstand that, the problem you should be solving is not feng shui or raw natural instinct like one would do with a child or an animal but a problem deep within that question how good of a human being you have been and whether you are truly comfortable with yourself.

Secondly, consider artists, politicians, social workers, actors, performers…they stare at the mirror for hours AND GET AN INCOME FROM IT! I have done my fair share of staring in the mirror and im damned proud of what i can do with my body thanks to mirrors. With their help, Im able to secure 1st place in all competitions i partake with thorough practice in large studio wall mirrors.

Thirdly, is how much you know biology of yourself. If you have seen people gutted inside out, broken face, bleeding, with skin tears and bone reveals as well as rotting bone (yes the field of medicine and surgery)…. you will know what is inside you and thats about it. There’s no double this that bullshit. Let me take you to an anatomy lab and stare at dead bodies with the stink of formalin acid. See if that is more of a challenge than staring at harmless mirror. I guarentee you if you can withstand that, mirrors superstition are a cakewalk and your mind will be blown with how much bullshyt is thrown into the world

Why am I ranting here? Because this superstition has affected my renovation and Im pissed by how many percentage of humans around me (including my renovator, contractor, seller, agent) buy into this shyt that I have to deal with. And why I have to explain childish superstition like why santa doesnt exist, to a fucking 40 year old. Just stop man please, stop.

There is no fate, karma, just the the metaphysical of human society that is seriously fucked up and sometimes out of our control, that is all. If you think Im over analyzing it, then consider how much you have done so over hypotheticals than actual physical evidence and statistics that actually play a part based on real science.

Seriously..why are you so scared of yourself? You have to dig deep to find that answer, many cant even stand a few minutes of silence with their own self, let alone mirrors. This will tell you how much you truly understand yourself and how much you hate it. You should be ashamed and must take priority in fixing that above all else first before trying to fix others or other things.

Hi Dr. Pi,
Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

7% of our activities are done on conscious level, 97% is on subconscious. Just because of your achievements in bodybuilding are significant, it doesn’t mean that you should shut your brain from other knowledge whether it’s real or superficial. If so many people are seeing a connection with mirrors then perhaps there is some truth to that. There are so many people practice astral traveling it’s not even funny, who knows who is watching you when you sleep, I do t think Santa is the only one.

My daughter age 29 is facing bad days due to mirror facing bed, she is going through insomnia and growing weak day by day, l have already shifted the position of the mirror now, kindly send me solutions if any please.

Thank you

Hi Dolly,
The mirror could be just one of many culprit. I cannot send you any solutions without doing a Feng Shui audit of your place. Let me know if you need my service: https://fengshuinexus.com/feng-shui-bedroom-consultation/

Hello I need to tell you all the story i’ve held inside for so long….
I. AM. A. MIRROR. SURVIVOR. I lived in the mirror realm for much too long. One day, my worldly self put a mirror in her bedroom. I KNEW this was my chance. To escape. Switch places.

Hi Elsa,
You caught my interest. Write a book! 🙂

Today I was cleanin out my room n I had a lil stand up mirror Nd I didn’t wnna hang it up on my door yet cuz it was late at night yfm so I had set it against the wall at the end of my bed I didn’t kno or think anythin of it I went to sleep around 3 am I couldn’t sleep all night but once I fell asleep I had the worst nightmare of in my life ..I’m only 13 btw I had a dream tht the devil was possessing me in my dream n hurting my ribs and sides from the inside and drugged everybody I tried to tell so there was no way I could get help n every night he possessed me n hurt me n I couldn’t escape and the pain felt so real in my dream it’s like I actually felt him hurting me on the inside while he was trying to take my soul and make me give up wen he was possessing me… but out of no where I had took a deep breath and woke up out of it finally….but the dream felt so real like I could feel everything it was the worst feeling ever it’s like there was no getting help in my dream the more help I tried to get he hurt me even worse it was just so crazy but wen I woke up it was 11:00am exactly and I went to my mom crying bc it felt real n was scary n I told her to come sit in the living room with me n I explained everythin to her n I said I barley have dreams and for me to have a dream like this out of no where don’t seam right n idk I just thought to look up is it bad to sleep with a mirror at the end of your bed and it said it will attack un wanted spirits and something about messing up your dreams idk just look it up but it was just so crazyy and scary …I’m never In my life doing tht agin …and don’t sleep with your bed facing the door like your feet facing your door bc bck then a myth was that that’s how they carried dead ppl and if yu do tht the dead will tug on your feel and try to take you or something idk if it’s true I never did tht Nd don’t plan on it lol but I’m jus saying wht I heard n the mirror thing is real it gave me the worst nightmare of my life I felt very pain of being possessed it felt like the worst pain of my life and there was no getting help n the dream felt like it lasted for hours ..it was soooo crazzy

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