The Feng Shui Continuum

Ebook Version

Chapter One
Thank Your Lucky Stars
• Introduction to Feng Shui and Flying Stars
• Qi-Flow an dForm School vs. Flying Stars
• Why the Flying Stars are so important

Chapter Two
How to Create a Flying Star Chart
• Draw an Accurate Floor Plan
• Divide Up the Sectors of the Floor Plan
• Why You Need to Take a Compass Reading
• How to Take a Compass Reading
• Important Footnote about Compass Readings
• Identify the Directional Sectors on the Floor Plan
• Construction Period of the House
• Charting the Period Star
• Determining the Sitting and Facing of the Structure
• Charting the Flying Stars in the Center
• Charting the Mountain Star
• Charting the Water Star
• Charting the Mountain Star
• How to Treat the Number 5 Star in the Sitting or Facing Palace
• Superimposing the Flying Star Chart over the Floor Plan 

Chapter Three
Interpreting the Stars and Their Combinations  
• The Individual Flying Stars 1 through 9
• Chart Combining the Pre-Heaven and Post-Heaven Trigram Arrangement
• Additional Symbolism Associated with the Flying Stars
• 180-Year Cycle of the Stars
• The Five Elements and Their Three Cycles of Relationship
• Priority of the Mountain and Water Stars
• Productive Cycle of the Elements
• Productive Star Combinations
• Destructive Star Combinations
• Same Star and Element Combinations
• Using the Reductive Element
• Using the Destructive Element
• Mountain Stars in Yin Rooms
• Water Stars in Yang Rooms
• When to Include the Period Star or Annual Star with the
• Mountain and Water Stars 

Chapter Four
The Four Major House Types
• Wang Shan Wang Shui: Also Known as Dao Shan Dao Xiang
• Charts for the Wang Shan Wang Shui House Types
• The Double Sitting House: Also Known As Shang Shan
• Charts for the Double Sitting House Types
• The Double Facing House: Also Known As Xia Shui
• Charts for the Double Facing House Types
• The Reversed House: Also Known As Shang Shan Xia Shui
• Charts for the Reversed House Types
• The Enduring Nature of the Four Major House Types 

Chapter Five
Special Flying Star Chart
• Another Type of Wang House
• Yet Another Type of Wang House
• Locked Periods
• Cures for the Locked Periods
• String of Pearls House (Lin Chu Pan Kua)
• 3 Period House (aka Parent String) or Fu Mu San Gua
• Combination of 10 House
• Hidden and Inverse Siren
• Out-of-Trigram House
• Center Stars 

Chapter Six
Different Theories and Influences on the Stars
• Date of Occupancy
• Current Era Chart
• Changing the Period Chart
• Moving a House
• First Floor Versus Second Floor
• Changing the Compass Orientation of a House
• Southern Hemisphere Theory
• Sectors Versus Luo shu Squares
• Constricting or Confining the Stars
• Mobile Homes and Houses Not Built Completely on the Ground
• Flying Star Chart for Open Land
• A House That Shifts on Its Foundation
• Turning a Mountain Star into a Water Star
• Priorities of the Stars
• The Elements in a Room
• Furniture Volume, Height, and Shape
• Other Yin-Yang Influences
• Exterior Influences
• Use of a Room
• The Personal Trigram of the Individuals Using a Space
• The East/West School 

6 Chapters, 206 pages