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Front door is the first thing people notice while entering your home, it is like the first impression of the home people are about to enter. Do you feel it is important to look into the feng shui of the front door?

I noticed that when people talk about the feng shui of the front door, they mostly talk about the door’s color, the direction it is facing, and whether that area is filled with clutter.

However, those are just a few of many considerations, and you will soon discover that determining whether the front door brings good feng shui is not a simple feat.

In this post, you will see 19 factors that’ll help you determine how good your front door’s feng shui is, along with tips and cures from experts and personal experience.

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Front Door Significance in Feng Shui

If you haven’t noticed, feng shui places heavy emphasis on the front door.

But why is that? Here is an explanation by Sophie Keller that I really liked:

Think of the front door as the mouth of the house. It is where the house gets its intake of energy, whether they be good or bad. Having good energy coming through the front door is similar to a person eating healthy. The occupants of the house will be happily enjoying a comfortable home that’s full of positive energy.

In a more practical sense, the front door frames your first sight as you leave and enter the house. It works a little like a first impression, and it impacts the mentality, mood, and attitude on how you start the day and how you feel when you get home.

With that said, let us see the 19 factors that have the ability to affect our mentality and energy intake of the house.

The Front Door Itself: Size, Color, Material & Maintenance

1. Size

The size of the front door should be proportionate to the house. You wouldn’t want a small door to a mansion or a large door to a tiny hut. It wouldn’t feel right, would it? Feng shui warns that disproportionate door sizes may cause problems with wealth and career.

The front door must also be larger than other doors inside the house. Though most houses today do not have this problem, I have seen master bedroom doors that are larger than front doors. When this happens, feng shui warns of problems with relationships, marriage, and emotional control.

The cure is to get a more proportionate-sized door. Though it sounds simple, it’ll require some investment on your part.

2. Color

There’s much about the color of the front door. However, the type of color you need varies according to many factors like the direction it’s facing, size of the house, color tone of the house, the person’s Kua determined by the birth year, and its location in the house.

Generally, most experts agree that the color should be more inviting and should easily catch the attention of the eye. Most importantly, it should also be a color that you like and are comfortable looking at every single day.

Here’s a list of what different color front doors mean according to feng shui tradition:

Red: Red front door is considered the most auspicious color for a front door. It symbolizes good luck, prosperity, and positive energy. A red front door is believed to invite wealth and happiness into your home.

Green: Green front door represents growth, vitality, and renewal. It’s associated with the Wood element and is thought to bring harmony, health, and abundance to your household.

Blue: Blue front door is connected to the Water element and signifies tranquility, calmness, and relaxation. It can create a sense of peace and serenity in your home.

Black: Black front door front doors are often linked to strength and protection. They can symbolize stability and a sense of control over your life.

White: White front door represents purity, clarity, and a fresh start. It’s associated with the Metal element and can promote clarity of thought and precision.

Yellow: Yellow front door is a cheerful and warm color that’s associated with the Earth element. It’s believed to bring joy, positivity, and a sense of security to your home.

Purple: Purple front door is linked to spirituality and inspiration. It can promote a sense of abundance and creativity.

Gray: Gray front door signifies balance and neutrality. It can create a feeling of stability and support.

Brown: Brown front door is associated with the Earth element and can bring a sense of grounding, stability, and reliability to your home.

3. Material

The materials of most doors are usually metal, wood, or fiberglass. Even though you can choose either metal or wooden doors to balance the five elements of that area, I wouldn’t do it if the material is not to your taste. In other words, I wouldn’t sacrifice personal preferences over the choice of materials.

In addition to personal taste, the door should make you feel safe and protected. For instance, I’ve seen many apartments that add metal layers for added security.

Whichever material you choose, make sure that the door is aesthetically appealing and makes you feel safe.

4. Maintenance

Your door should be properly maintained because it is the first experience you have with the house. Here are some questions to tell if your front door is properly maintained: Does it open and close easily? Does it make any squeaky sound when you use it? Is it rusty? Are the paints falling off?

A poorly maintained door can take away all the positive energy in you as you enter the house. It is likely that as you enter that door, you’re thinking of all the problems that require attention within the house. In short, it will dampen your mood.

Other times, going home may become a drag. You may feel like you’d rather stay out rather than going home. If you invite guests over, how do you think they would feel when they’re waiting right in front of your doorsteps, staring at a run-down door?

Location & Direction

5. Direction It’s Facing

Whether the front door is facing your lucky direction is determined by your Kua number using this formula. To give you a brief summary, there are four lucky and unlucky directions for each individual, and your front door should face one of your lucky directions. You can find your Kua number using the calculator provided by Kathryn Weber.

If the direction it’s facing is not a lucky direction, you can look into the five elements of the front door which is also determined by the direction it’s facing. If the fifth element is a match with you, you need not worry too much even if the front door is facing an unlucky direction. On a side note, the direction it’s facing can also help determine where the wealth location of your house is.

Front door facing north: A front door facing north is connected to the Water element. It represents career and life path opportunities. It can enhance your career prospects and personal growth.

Front door facing south: A front door facing south is associated with the Fire element. It symbolizes fame, recognition, and social connections. It can boost your reputation and social life.

Front door facing east: An east-facing front door relates to the Wood element. It is linked to family and health. It can promote family harmony and overall well-being.

Front door facing west: A west-facing front door is associated with the Metal element. It signifies creativity, children, and helpful people. It can enhance creativity and support from others in your life.

If you’d like to learn more about this, I have provided much detail of this method in my Feng Shui eBook as well as a case study on how it affected an individual’s life.

6. Where It’s Located in the House

Again, you will need your Kua number to determine whether the front door is located in a lucky area of the house. If it is not, you will need to use the five elements to determine how compatible your element is to the front door’s five elements. This method is similar to the one mentioned above, which I’ve outlined in detail in this eBook: Are You and Your Home a Match?.

Another consideration about the location is whether the front door is easy to find.

The front door should be easily located by guests that are visiting the house and should never be at the back of the house (I’ve seen those) or on the side.

7. Opens Inward/Outward

Does your front door open inward or outward?

If you haven’t noticed, most front doors open inwards where you or your guests can easily enter the house once the door opens. Conversely, for front doors that open outward, you and your guests may have to take a few steps back before entering the house.

Although this is a small detail, it gives a subtle feeling of how the house welcomes you.

Outside the Front Door

8. Avoid Poison Arrow

The most common type of “poison arrow” is a T-intersection that’s facing the house. Other types of poison arrow include a long alley that directly leads to the front door.

How much problems the poison arrow brings depend on many factors, such as whether the house is elevated compared to the road, the length of the front yard, and whether there are trees or other types of obstructions. Also, as I’ve mentioned before, not all T-junctions are bad feng shui.

Many Feng Shui experts suggest hanging a bagua mirror in the front door will help direct the negative Qi away. Another more practical but more expensive method is to plant bushes or trees to protect your property from the incoming traffic.

9. Avoid Sharp and Pointy Objects

This is part of the Form School of Feng Shui, where sharp objects are despised because it brings negative Qi that makes us uncomfortable. These objects are usually shaped in triangles or long pointy objects, which include electric poles, triangular roofs, and stop signs.

To understand why it brings negative Qi, I often like to ask people this question: Imagine if you had a knife pointed straight at you without anyone holding it, how would you feel?

How much these objects impact the feng shui of the front door depends on the size of the object and its distance from you. Some experts suggest that hanging a mirror in the front door is able to remedy this effect. Perhaps the reflection cancels out each other?

10. Avoid Corners of Buildings

This is also part of the Form School of Feng Shui and similar to the sharp and pointy objects as mentioned above.

Corners can make us feel uneasy because they have the ability to hurt us physically. The type of feeling is similar to when you’re sitting at the corner of a square or rectangular table for a long period of time. You could’ve been more comfortable sitting somewhere else, correct?

Some experts suggest hanging a bagua mirror on top of the front door as a remedy. Others have suggested placing a pair of stone lions in front of the door if the building is too big and its distance too close. I personally have no experience on how well these remedies work.

11. Soften the Path to the Front Door

The path to the front door should create a soothing and inviting feeling.

Some experts, especially the Western feng shui practitioners, suggest that the path leading to the front door should be curved instead of straight. This is because curved roads resemble roads made of nature, and it’ll help brighten our mood because of our innately strong connection to nature.

The type of plants on the side of the walkway also plays a big role. To improve the experience of you and your guests when entering your home, plant flowers alongside the walkway because it will provide a peaceful and comforting feeling.

Avoid using cacti because, like any other sharp objects, they raise our survival instincts and can physically harm us.

12. Reduce Clutter and Obstructions

How would you feel if your front door is filled with clutter? Seeing and moving through clutter every day when you enter and exit the house can cause frustration and fatigue. Some of you may even feel stressed because it adds one more thing to your to-do list, and one day you might just feel overwhelmed and get overly emotional.

Other more common obstructions include a tree straight from the front door, as well as electric and telephone poles like those mentioned earlier. As long as it is not too close to your home, or if you have a boundary wall or bushes in between, you are in good shape.

Inside the Front Door

13. Keep an Open Space

The area inside the house should have an open space and clutter free. This area is what’s called the “bright hall”, which applies to both the inside and outside area of the front door.

The “bright hall” is where the Qi is said to gather, so it is best to keep the place clean and organized. The size of this area should also be proportionate to the size of the house. Placing a screen room divider or using a different set of tile colors can help define the size of this area.

14. Directly Facing Stairs

Some feng shui experts warn that if a stairway faces the front door, you will experience many ups and downs in your life. Others claim that money will roll down the stairway and straight out of the door.

A better explanation is that your attention will naturally be drawn to the stairway. Because the second floor is usually private bedrooms, you or your guests will feel awkward because you may feel as if you are invading other people’s privacy. In other words, if you’re a guest, how comfortable would you be to visit the bedroom of the host on a first visit?

There’s no best remedy for this situation. However, one thing you can do is to direct the attention away from the stairs. Using carpets that mimic a road that leads to the living room area is one way to do it.

15. Faces Kitchen Stove

Some experts believe that if you can see the kitchen stove right when you enter the house, the occupants of the house will have problems with expenses and troubles with saving money.

Others claim that if the kitchen is facing the front door, any positive Qi entering the house will be demolished by the fire and cooking activities in the kitchen.

There’s no ideal cure for this unless you undergo major renovation such as building a wall or relocating the door or kitchen. However, you can try to place a screen room divider if you have the proper setting so the incoming Qi from the front door is redirected to other areas.

16. Leads to Toilet

This is just awkward. Instead of being greeted by a warm and welcoming living room, the first thing you see is the toilet.

Similar to the kitchen, experts claim that the Qi entering from the front door will escape through the bathroom or be polluted by the negative Qi of the restroom.

Again, you can put a screen room divider if space allows, which will help redirect human traffic and incoming Qi. Other methods include improving the feng shui of the bathroom or by keeping the bathroom door closed.

17. Leads to Doors of Other Rooms

The problem with seeing the doors to other rooms is similar to seeing the stairway – your attention will be drawn to that room. Not only will the occupants of that room feel that their privacy is constantly under threat, guests will feel awkward and uncomfortable because they might feel intrusive.

The solution is to add heavy furniture, such as tall book shelves, in between the two doors to serve as a wall if space allows. Though a screen door divider can improve the experience of guests, it may not be enough to improve the comfort of living in that room.

18. Aligns with Backdoor

Many feng shui experts warn that if the front door aligns with the backdoor, all the energy that flows from the front door will go straight out of the backdoor. Some interpret this to mean that money will fly right out the back.

Other explanations include that you will be naturally drawn to the back of the home and you won’t be appreciating the other areas of the home.

19. Running into a Mirror

Placing a mirror on the opposite wall of the front door is said to cause the energy to bounce around relentlessly, which may bring unsettling disturbances in the family. Others have said that the mirror can push all the fortune out of your home.

Our eyes are embedded with motion detectors, and any unexpected movements in a mirror will alarm us. If a mirror is right in front of you when you enter the home, you may feel as if someone is walking towards you and startle yourself. It is just bad experience.

We have a whole article on how to place mirrors in the house that you can refer to.

Garage Door vs. Front Door

Today, many of us use the garage door more frequently than the front door (like me). If that’s the case, the front door feng shui should have little effect on you. And even if you have superb front door feng shui, all the good energy that you’re supposed to reap the benefits from will practically be non-existent.

This is because, as some experts suggest, that the person entering the house brings the outside Qi inside. Likewise, the person living in the house will bring the energy from within the house to the outside.

This is why simply opening the door and letting the air inside wouldn’t work, because the energy has to interact with humans. This is also why it’s called the “front door” in the first place. It is the main door that people use to enter and leave the house.

In feng shui, the garage is believed to be an extension of the home, and its security is a crucial aspect of creating a harmonious and balanced living environment. Door locks play a significant role in ensuring the garage’s security, protecting the possessions stored inside and maintaining positivity through a sense of security. A broken or insecure garage door lock can create anxiety and even compromise the safety and security of the occupants. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that the garage door locks are in good condition and functioning correctly to promote a peaceful and secure home environment.

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Determining the feng shui of the front door is not a simple task, and none of the 19 considerations mentioned above are definite or absolute because one factor can greatly outweigh the other if the conditions are right.

In other words, not a single one of the considerations mentioned above can make or break the feng shui of your front door. For instance, sometimes obstructions in the front door can help remedy the effects brought by a T-intersection.

If you are serious about improving the feng shui of your front door and of your house, I suggest that you hire a professional rather than do it yourself. Here’s what you should do to get the most out of a feng shui consultation, if you decide to get one.

Do you have any other front door feng shui considerations that you would add to this list? Comment below and share it with us!

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      1. Raquel

        Hi Victor! I saw your article and would like to consult with you about our house main entrance door (currently facing South East which is my (and my daughter’s) unlucky direction while my husband’s lucky direction). Since I am the breadwinner of the family, I was thinking to reorient our house entrance door so that it will face northeast which is one of my (and my daughter’s) lucky direction. However, doing so will result our main door pathway to be our garage. Is there any issue for the main entrance door directly facing our garage? Thanks for your reply.

        1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

          Hi Raquel,
          Before you do anything, get professional help where one takes a look at your entire house. Reorienting house entrance door is a huge endeavor, and most of the time you don’t need to do that to bring good Feng Shui. Plus, entrance is one of many many things considered in Feng Shui.

      2. Joan Oswald

        We enter our house by going up stairs that are southfacing. This puts us on a deck. The roof of the house covers this deck. Then we enter a west facing door. At that point we are in a lovely enclosed porch which acts as an airlock in the winter. After that, we enter a southfacing door into the main house where we remove coats. Which entrance is to be considered our main entrance? Thanks!

        1. Jane

          My main door aligns to the restroom door. Like when you enter the house, its sala, dining then CR door. Its a townhouse. What can I put there to ward off negative energy from CR door?

    1. Pat young

      What if front door opens to steps going down to lower recreation area

      1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

        Hi Pat,
        Front door facing stairs (whether up or down) is not the best. Adding a divider in between will help!

        1. Shilpa

          Hi Victor, thanks for this article. What’s the remedy for a front door facing a downward stair case? There’s not much space for a partition. Thanks.

          1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

            Hi Shilpa,
            I am also out of ideas in this situation, and I don’t think placing any crystals or objects will help as what comes into the front door would just go down the stairs. It just means that you won’t be getting much Feng Shui benefit from your front door.

        2. Ken perez

          If I have a business I heard I could bury double axes to protect from bad luck where would these be buried?

          1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

            Hi Ken,
            I have not heard of this, and I think this is more superstition than Feng Shui. I think you can consult spiritual masters for guidance.

        3. Ana

          Hi Victor,

          We are to purchase a home but the front door is located directly to a road a corner cul de sac location. Is it very bad Feng Shui

      2. D. Louis Geary

        Thanks so much for all this great info Victor . I have been reading and observing feng shui and would appreciate your knowledge on this matter . Is an arch above the main entrance doorway (mouth of home ) undesired feng shui ? This is an arched archway and an arch shaped window above the door. There are other arches throughout the house. All are plain non decorative arches

        1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

          Hi Louis,
          There is this saying that arched entrance doorway signifies a tombstone and brings bad luck. It’s more symbolism, so it bothers people mentally. If it doesn’t bother you, I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

      3. Kris

        My apartment flat is on 1st floor where the front door is facing the stair traffic. Should I worry about bad Feng shui?

        1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

          Hi Kris,
          I assume there is a good distance between the door and the stairs, so I wouldn’t worry too much if I were you.

    2. Irene easter

      What are the considerations for replacing a front door

  1. Val

    Hello Victor,

    Been doing a lot of research but couldn’t find anyone with the same situation

    1. I have a 2 bedroom condo on the 19th floor of my building. The unit is shaped like a shoe box. Upon entry, the dining is on the right, the kitchen on the left. After the dining is the living room which is directly opposite the bathroom. There is a wall afterwards that separates the bedrooms, the doors to the bedrooms are located here with the door on the left leading to the masters and the door to the right leading to the kids room.
    2. My front door facing east upon entry is directly aligned with the masters bedroom door. If this is bad, is there a remedy for this?
    3. Though my front door is facing east, the front of the unit is actually opposite. The bedroom windows facing west are directly parallel to a busy highway with a magnificent view of the city skyline.
    4. I have a balcony on the masters bedroom. The door is made of glass. Directly opposite of this is a dresser with a mirror. The dresser has been incorporated with the construction of the finishing and there is no other space for it.
    5. My kua number is 3. My unlucky direction is west which is the total loss direction. Does this mean I am actually deflecting bad luck? Am I also deflecting luck even if west is not a good dirction for me?
    6. My wealth direction is in the south where the bathroom is located. Is this a problem?
    7. I placed my pet turtle with the aquarium and running water on the north of the apartment where the living room is located for luck.

    I’ve been reading a lot of contradicting views on Fengshui so I thought Id try to ask directly. Many thanks in advance for your response.

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hey Val,

      Here are some answers that I can give you, based on your info:
      2. Front door aligned with your bedroom door erodes your sense of privacy. The easiest remedy is to add put a big furniture or a divider somewhere in between.
      3. Looks like your front door is good for Kua 3. The building’s front door is secondary and is not unique to you.
      4. The mirror in your bedroom may make your bedroom unusually bright (maybe that’s what you want). Bedroom belongs to Yin and should be darker. You can use colors to balance this if you find it too bright.
      5. You need to check what’s in the western section of your house. Ideally, it should be your kitchen or restroom.
      6. There “could” be a problem with your wealth direction. Other analysis is needed to confirm, such as using the compass school’s technique.
      7. Although your Kua’s north belongs to Earth (which destroys water), North in bagua belongs to water and should be good for aquarium.

      Everyone’s situation is a little unique. Even if they live in the same unit, the person’s Kua could make the difference. A floor plan and a Lua Pan reading can clarify your confusion. That’s why I suggest you get a consultation. Let me know if you need me to refer someone to you.

      Hope this helps.


  2. mix2

    Hi Victor, Thank you for the article. We just recently bought a home, and the front door opens into a hallway wall. It isn’t something structurally we can change. Is this bad for Feng Shui? Anything we can do to soft the flow?

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi mix2, you are in good shape because it’s not bad feng shui. You can enhance that area with some plants if it suits you. I’ll be publishing a post soon about plants soon. Stay tuned!


      1. mix2

        Thank you Victor!!!! Look forward to your new posts!

  3. tina

    My house faces south & the kitchen is west. I am remodeling so where should. My kitchen is a u shape. My walls are south west & north. Pls advice.


    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hey Tina,
      I don’t think you finished your comment about remodeling. If you’re talking about the kitchen door, I suggest that it doesn’t face any of your rooms or the front door. If your house faces south, hopefully your stove doesn’t face the opposite direction (meaning you’re facing south while cooking).
      Hope this helps!

  4. Miroslav

    Hello Victor,

    my entry door (1st floor of the house) is on SW which is my chueh ming , also that main door directly faces my bedroom door, as you can see not so good.. I was reading that tall leafy plant can be placed between doors, but I dont know should be with rounded leafs or arrows as SW is my dab direction, and rounded leafs are to disperse energy through all the house…

    any advice?


      1. Miroslav

        Thank you so much for your answer

  5. Marilyn

    Hey Victor,
    Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge!
    We rented a new apartment in Bordeaux and I just realised that the door of the flat (which is on the last floor) opens to my Chueh Ming direction which SW cos my kua number is 1. However all the windows we have is on the opposite side (NE) we dont have an opening to the SW other than the door of the flat. And as its also the love and marriage direction I wonder if this can increase the ‘already existing’ problems in my marriage. I have put a console with red light and rose quartz crystals and a photo of us on it, using a cloth with red, orange and purple colors to intensify the fire and love energy. Do you recommend anything else, like a plant etc?
    Thank you so much for your help.

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Marilyn,

      Honestly, many other areas need to be looked at for a proper answer (such as using flying star in addition to the Eight Mansions and Bagua you’re currently using). As for your Kua 1, South is your personal love/marriage direction, so hopefully that area is free from bad feng shui. Also, check the Kua of your partner and find the love/marriage direction and do the same.

      From how you’re describing it, does your front door align with any window? I’m asking because there are many other factors that bring bad feng shui. Here’s a rule of thumb: before enhancing feng shui (like with crystals, plants), you need to identify and cure the bad feng shui first. If you need a referral for a consultant, let me know.

      Hope this helps!


      1. Marilyn

        Thank you Victor,
        No there are no other windows aligned with the door. All the windows are on the opposite. My husband’s Kua no. is 9. I think the place I put all our marriage photos and decorated with pink crystals and red candles is in the south corner of our flat. Well after all i think its not the end of the world if my door is opening to my chueh ming direction, isnt it?

        1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

          Hi Marilyn,

          If using the Eight Mansions, you should (1) check which area of the home the front door is and then (2) check the direction of the front door. If both are bad, then use the direction to find the five elements of the front door to see if it matches with you.

          So yes, you’re right Marilyn! It’s not the end of the world if your door is opening to your chueh ming direction.


        2. Pel

          Hi Victor,
          My front door is painted white and is east-facing. I am unable to incorporate earth colors at the moment. Is there a way I can cure the Chi? I was thinking of hanging a (small) wooden accent. Do you think it will help?
          Also, I am trying to overlay the classical bagua map in finding that my house is east-facing a garden, and two storied. Should the main door be West and the garden door East (and not North for main door, per Western school) ? I hope I am understanding the basics right. Please suggest. Thanks so much!

          1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

            Hi Pel,
            For your front door, a small wooden accent definitely helps. As for your second question, I am a bit confused. I would suggest that you practice different schools of Feng Shui separately, then compare your findings from the different schools.

  6. Belinda

    Hi! Just wanted to let you know that after going through several articles on “colors for front doors” – yours was the best!

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Thank you Belinda!!

  7. Lynn

    Hi, We are in the process of buying a house. What’s your thought on the front door is on the side facing the garage?


    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Lynn,

      The front door facing the garage? Hard to imagine what its like, but it would seem harder to gather energy from what’s outside into the house, because the garage has blocked it’s path.

      Buying a house is a big decision. Don’t let one factor influence your purchase decision!


  8. Lynn

    Hi Victor, Also, if the front house’s auspicious direction is conflict between the couple, who’s best direction should be selected? Thanks!

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Lynn,
      Ideally, the front door should benefit the breadwinner, or the person who’s outside working and making a living for the household. The bedroom, on the other hand, should be selected for the spouse.

  9. Lynn

    Thank you so much for the reply. I was going to attach a front picture of the house here but could not do it. I read on other web site, the remedy for front door not facing the street is to put lights, plants or some cute flags all the way from the street to the front door to direct the energy to the “hidden front door”. Is this a good enough remedy? Thanks,

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Lynn,
      Using what I know from Classical Feng Shui, I have doubts on whether those would work. It’ll certainly help people find your front door, which is a good thing!
      But then, “remedies” are used to cure bad feng shui. In your situation, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s just that you gain little Feng Shui benefits from the front door (I’m assuming if you open the door, your view is blocked by the garage). Also, you won’t have to worry about your front door facing any bad forms, because the garage blocked it for you!

  10. Charlene Warner

    My troubles are lengthy and I have been working hard to feng shui our home in hopes it may sell. I never liked this home however my husband insisted we me the purchase 4 years ago now. We spent 3 solid years doing extensive renovations and are now selling at a major loss. Our marriage our 5 years is almost in the trash but we have a 3 year old to think about. Everything is wrong with this home, spiral staircase with no light, many tall windows upstairs, a weird entry to the home off a long narrow balcony on the side of the home, a sliding door at the top of the balcony that could be used as a front door which looks at the master bedroom, bathroom and kitchen with a sitting room between. The southern section of the home has an indoor sunroom the whole width of the home with an overhang cutting off both corners. Any suggestions? I just want this home to sell!

  11. Joed Kevin Ubalde

    Is it really that bad for a main door of a residential condominium to face directly the kitchen door? Thanks!

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hello Joed,
      In short, it’s not really that bad. You just won’t have the help of Feng Shui.
      Here’s the idea: the incoming energy from the front door gets cancelled out when it enters the kitchen (kitchen is considered a place of negative Feng Shui because of all the cooking, fire, grease, trash, etc.). If you use some other door (like garage door), or if you have other outward facing balcony (like apartments), more energy are coming from there than the front door, and you’ll also be fine.

  12. Dom Ruskin

    Hi Victor. What a wonderful post. In my lounge, my L shaped sofa cannot go back against the wall unless it blocks the understairs storage door. Is it OK to knave the sofa pulled out away from the door? Can I put anything behind the sofa? Thank you

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Dom,
      Yes, you got the right idea! You should put something behind the sofa if it’s not against a wall. The furniture should be heavy that mimics a wall for support.

  13. Maia

    Hi Victor, we have a straight staircase facing the front door and ending in a door to the toilet at the top of the stairs. We have had financial problems ever since moving here, do you think they are related to the position of the staircase and what would you recommend in that case? Thank you

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Maia,
      Staircase facing front door and ending to a toilet door are both Feng Shui no-no’s, and their effect differs by individual.
      I’m afraid I don’t have any easy cures for both. You might need to find someone who has experience in dealing with both. FYI – installing a crystal here and there won’t do the job.
      Sorry if I couldn’t be of more help.

  14. Lynn

    Hi victor,

    What’s your thought on house number with too many 4s (e.g. 3404). Because the way it sounds in Chinese, it’s consider bad. Is this also a bad Feng Shui thing? Thanks, Lynn

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Lynn,
      The numbers you talk about are more related to numerology than Feng Shui, so it is NOT a bad Feng Shui thing. People just don’t like to say or repeat certain words all the time, which is why people refrain from moving into units with those numbers.

  15. jien

    I think is has been a few months.
    I need some clarification because I getting conflicting recommendation on the direction.
    Being a west group Kua number 7. Which are the auspicious direction the house need to face?

    Thank you.


    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Jien,
      The general rule is that the western directions are auspicious, such as West, Southwest, Northwest, and Northeast. The Kua of the head of household is generally used.
      If direction is unfavorable, then you check the five elements using the direction of the house to see whether it matches you or not.

      1. jien

        Thank you. I am in the metal west group with Kua 7.
        We found a house with the facing of NW direction. Is it good to have the master bedroom at the south or southeast corner of the house? I read that is not good, if it is not is there anyway to improve the room?

        Thank you.


        1. Sabrina dilay

          My front door faces the side of the staircase going upstairs not directly facing stairs is this bad? Also you can see the door to the bathroom but not directly in line with it is this bad?

          1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

            Hi Sabrina,
            It is a problem only if the stairs directly faces the front door. Bathroom door issue should also be ok, assuming the both are far apart.

  16. jien

    One clarification I am Kua 7 male, is the direction still as you wrote earlier?
    West, Southwest, Northwest, and Northeast.

    In addition, does it mean house faces Northwest is good or does it mean sitting northwest faces southwest?

    Thank you again.


    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Jien,
      Yes, the direction is still the same. Both sitting and facing you mentioned is good. As for your previous comment, the bedroom’s location should be more in tune with your spouse’s Kua than yours.
      Just so you know, a tip here and there will do little to help you with Feng Shui. I suggest you talk to an expert to have all your questions answered. Do you need a referral?

  17. jien

    Is there an expert you can recommend?

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Jien,
      I’m not sure where you live and whether you need a local consultation or not. I know Donna or Laurent can help, because both can do video conferencing. I’ll email you their contact info.

  18. Eva

    Hi there,
    I am renting a room only where i keep everything in there except kitchen items. For 2 years now, I have been suffering financial difficulties and debt burdens. What sort of feng shui captions can I paste on my bedroom door to attract money and wealth. I am so desperate of setting myself free from this negativity in my life. I hope you can help me. Thank you

  19. penny

    would a very cluttered storage cupboard under thestaircase impact on the feng shui of the house? thank you

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Penny,
      You’ll be fine. That’s what the storage cupboard is for and a great placement too!

  20. Mary Jane

    Did you get any help on this?? My stairs also face the front door and ending to the door to toilet at top of stairs. I need help with this too.

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Mary Jane,
      If space permits, a screen divider between the front door and the stairs would help. If not, some experts have used colored carpets to direct the path away from the stairs.

  21. Johnson

    Hi! Your comments seem very helpful so here goes. My pearl string house (sits 125 SE and faces 305 degrees) is newly renovated and we are planning the landscaping. The house is partially bermed into the top of a hill. There will be a parking pad dug into the hill to the left side as you face the front door, then a series of stairs going from the pad up to the door. The architect has designed a wall to the left side of the parking pad at such an angle that the wall points directly at the front door and thus might be a poison arrow. Maybe we could solve this by curving the wall. My question is: should we curve the wall away from the front door towards the side of the yard or would it be okay to curve it gently towards the center of the yard? Thank you!!

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Johnson,
      I’m not sure if I’m picturing your property correctly. But it does seem that both of your solutions work, because the poison arrow is avoided. As for me, I would choose to curve it to the side of the yard because you’ll have less hard corners/sharp turns for the wall.

  22. Johnson

    Thank you! Your reasoning on which way to curve my front yard wall sounds right. My husband thinks the poison arrow of a straight wall won’t matter because the wall will be at a lower elevation that the front door (about 4 feet lower). I think that if you can see it, it’s pointing at you! What’s your opinion?

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      You’re right. Normally, it’s negative when you can see it. In authentic Chinese feng shui, there is a saying that “if you do not see it, then it is not a sha (Xa, or bad) chi”.

  23. Rowena

    Our gate is on the west, i have a porch with an opening on the north but my main door is directly opposite the gate. Upon entering the house i have a display cabinet to cover the dining table. Which leads to the kitchen which door is again directly oppoaite the main door. My stove is beside our sink. And our faucet flows on the direction of the main door and main gate of our house as well. What suggestion could you give me sir victor! Thanks

  24. Rowena planning to.enclose our porch to change the position of our main entrance, to avoid negativity because of the perfect alignment of our sink(faucet,) stove, dining table, maindoor and gate But i would still put window which opposite our gate. Will it be ok? Thanks. I hope you could help me with these ! And i hope you understand my explanation sir!

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Rowena,
      I read both of your explanations, and I think I understand the big picture.
      Ideally, do not place a window (or door) opposite of your gate, or aligned to it straight. But what you’re doing is right – placing a display cabinet in between. So I wouldn’t worry too much if I were you!

  25. Pau

    We just moved in to a 2 br apartment last month and was not aware of do’s and dont’s when choosing a home. It’s roughly 50sqm. and i need your advice on the ff:

    1) main door is facing another neighbor’s main door, and also it faces our 2nd bedroom door. We are not using that 2nd br as sleeping area. It became our dresser and were also planning to put a desktop where i can do work at home. We managed to put wooden wind chimes with 8 metals on both rooms. I also put a screen curtain on the 2nd br door so we can still open it during the day ( since most of the time the cold wind is coming frm the windows in that area. Are these cures enough?

    2) living room, dining and kitchen are all in one place. We’re planning to put the sofa on the wall where the front door and the 2nd br door lies, since it’s the only solid wall we have, but the tv cable wire is also on that wall so we might buy a wood or a thin log just so the back of the sofa can’t smash the wire. Another thing, theres 5-6inch wide beam above it. How can i soften that?

    3) due to limited space, our dining table is in line with the bathroom and laundry door. What to do?

    Your help will be much appreciated. Thanks Victor!

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Pau,
      1) Did you mean a screen curtain or a door curtain/drapery? A doorway curtain for your bedroom door would be great in your scenario.
      2) Some ways to soften beam is to place large plants on the side. It’s said that the upward growth can soften the beam’s oppressive downward energy:
      3) Similar to (1), door curtains for the bathroom would be great! Here’s an example of door curtains:

        1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

          Hi Pau,
          Thanks for the info Pau!
          The wind chimes are ok, it’s mostly used to raise the Qi of an area (which I don’t think you have a problem with). There’s no need for a Bagua too, it’s mostly for Xa from the outside. Looks like you’re faced more with front door problem, where you’ll find trouble focusing if you work in br2. Placing a divider at the entrance of your front door would do the job (if space permits). I think a door curtain will also do, but not as good as a divider.

          1. Arti

            Hi Victor, our front gate faces North and our front door faces North East, Once you enter the home we have a very long hallway, approximately 1.2m wide and 20m long facing the rear door to the yard, no room for any major furniture in the hallway except a couple of hanging single crystals, any think you can recommend?

      1. Pau

        We’re planning to put the sofa with it’s back to the wall in between the two doors (main and 2nd br), is that already considered as a divider or should I still need a divider or a plant besides the sofa? Thank you for entertaining all my question Victor! Hihi!

        1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

          Hi Pau,
          Somehow this comment just further confused me. But if I’m picturing it correctly, a plant would do nicely, especially if it helps soften up the beam.

          1. Pau

            Lol! Yup im confused too. Where should i put the divider? Is that on the entrance on my 2nd br where im going to have my home office?

          2. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

            Hi Pau, where to place the divider will be up to you! When in doubt, always seek an expert to take a look at your place.

          3. Pau

            i see. Thanks again Victor! Appreciate it! 🙂

  26. Pau

    What i mean on #1 is that i managed to put wind chimes on both doors not on rooms.

  27. Johnson

    Thank you, Victor! no poison arrow pointing at my house! and no bad chi disturbing my marriage! I appreciate your confirmation. We will curve that wall!

  28. Rowena

    Thank you so much sir victor for your response. My concern this time is our stove which is just beside our sink and opposite our comfort room’s door. And how about my plan of enclosing our porch, be more okay if i will continue with it or there is no need!

  29. KC

    Hi Victor, can you advise how to measure the size of the main door? Should it be measured from outer side of one frame to that of the opposite side, or should the size be that of the actual walk in space (ie from one side of inner frame to the opposite side)?

    Thank you

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi KC,
      Somehow your comment went to spam.
      Anyways, it’s the actual walk-in space. Think of it as the opening where Qi can enter. Or, you can use the dimensions of the actual piece of material (wood or metal door).

  30. Rowena

    Thank you sir victor! Your site help us a lot! We are glad to hear your suggestions.. is it bad feng shui for a stove near the sink and a stove opposite the comfort room”s door. Is it a good idea if i still enclose my porch?

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Rowena,
      The easy solution is to close the door. But if you’re still somehow bothered, try placing a door curtain over your restroom door, similar to what restaurants do.

  31. Jane Schippers

    Hi,Victor. I am just starting to learn about Feng Shui so I am still at my front door. It faces North…well, more northwest. the entry is large…..not messy or confining. But there are two steps to take up to get to the main level that has living room, kitchen, bedrooms, etc. There are aksi stairs to the right of the entry that lead to the lower level. I know all of these stairs aren’t good but there isn’t much I can do about it.
    Once up the two steps to the main level, the south facing wall of the living room is mostly windows overlooking a lake.

    What should I have in the entryway to brighten it up. There is a coat closet on the east side and, though the area feels open, I don’t feel it’s large enough to put larger objects in it like a big plant or something…..seems like it might make it feel cluttered. The flooring is tile. Maybe just an entry rug with bright colors?
    Also the door is made of wood and has a natural stain. Do I need to create a cure for that? there is a fountain directly outside the front door.

    My Kua # is 6
    Thanks so much for taking the time to answer all of our questions.

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Jane,
      An entry rug with bright colors can do. However, you’ll need light so the colors are more visible. Have you considered adding a window near the door? What about those translucent glass on the side of the door?
      Also, you don’t need a cure for natural stains for wood. A fountain directly outside the front door is great! Just remember to keep the water clean.

  32. Elite Tech Services LLC

    Wow Excellent Blog Article…Nice Informative about fengshui for garage door.

  33. Cristy Ronquillo

    Hi Sir Victor,

    We’re building a new house. It’s only 82 square meter. The thing is we never learned about feng shui. May I know your thoughts on this. Main door facing our kitchen and our garage door is facing another door. Construction is almost half done and it seems that there were bad feng shui in it. Do we have remedy for it? I mean, should we put plants or any house decor to avoid bad vibes? Thanks for your insights.

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Cristy,
      Easy remedy for main door facing kitchen is to place a divider between the main door and the kitchen, if space allows. As for garage door facing another door, it’s best to avoid having them face each other. There’s no easy remedy there.

  34. Ahkiel

    Hi Victor, what is the feng shui on a house with no front door, only garage door or back door used for entry?

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Ahkiel,
      What you’re describing is extremely weird. Front doors can be thought of as the “mouth” of the house and is extremely important in terms of Feng Shui. It is where Qi enters the house and benefits the occupants. That said, a house without a front door would have “less” Feng Shui for the occupants to benefit from.

  35. yn

    hi, how if my door facing my ‘poor’ neighbour? tq

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Yn,
      Nothing to worry about!

  36. Rowena

    Hi victor!

    1. I was just confused about the front door, is it the opening of our terrace or the front door itself? My husbands kua which is my breadwinner is #7. His lucky direction is west and north is his bad direction. The opening of our porch is on the north but our front door is on the west.. is it a bad fengshui for our us.
    2. I am thinking of enclosing our terrace to change my front door to west but i am.just worried about he covered drainage which is maybe 2 meters away infront of my plan front door(west)it runs following the west direction meaning it goes outside our property. Just Beside my plan front door is a covered well.(water deposit) and near to it is our front gate. (Our entry way).
    3. I am considereng all the bad fengshui in our house because my husband and my son is dealing with a major problem with their kidneys and seems that i find it difficult now to save from what my husband gives me.
    I hope you understand my explanation sir victor and i hope you could give me the best remedy.

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Rowena,
      1. It’s the opening of the front door itself – the opening where energy enters the house. Having the door on the west is good for you.
      2. Not sure how this looks. I would suggest you find an expert to identify whether it’s good or bad to do so, and to identify other potential negative energy that’s lurking outside your front door.
      3. Feng Shui can definitely affect the health in specific ways.

      Rowena, before you do anything, I strongly suggest you talk to an expert. Finding one is tricky, as I laid out here:
      A really good one can tell what’s going on in your life just by looking at your house. They can even pinpoint specific types of health problems you may be experiencing without you telling them anything.

  37. Rowena

    My kua number is also 6 which is west is my lucky direction as my husband.

  38. Rowena

    My kua number ia 6 which is west is my lucky direction as my husband. Thank you!

  39. Rowena

    I just want to correct, my husband’s wealth and success direction is northwest.

  40. Flabiana gimena

    Hi, I’m asking about the house I bought is the maindoor is facing at the T entersection of the road. There is problem of that?

  41. Deepti

    Hi Victor

    My front door faces huge built in robe which I use to store shoes In addition it also has 2 mirrored door. I have removed 1 door and covered the other mirror with it So now there ‘s 1 mirror facing the other and the wood facing the door However all the ugly shoes are in sight as soon as the front door openS Should I stop using this for shoe storage Wht is best to be stored here? Books perhaps?

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Deepti,
      According to Uncle Dixer, our in-house Feng Shui consultant, it is completely fine as long as you keep your shoes neat and tidy.

  42. Mel Man

    Hi Victor!

    My husband the breadwinner kua number is 1.Our house faces east, our master’s bedroom is in southwest and kitchen is directly under it . The toilet and bath is on the southeast next to the master’s bedroom. The staircase is next to the front door but is on the side . The landing though upstairs is directly on top of the front door. My concern is the front door is small and faces the porch door which is considered the front door. Is this okay?


    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Mel,
      It is a concern if both the porch door and the front door forms a straight line. The easy fix is to place something in between, which a screen divider can do.

  43. Mel Man

    Hi Victor

    The space between two doors is very tight to place another screen door so we were planning to make the porch big and make a big front door.So energy can come in. But that is not until a good few months when it’s spring or summer.Is there a smaller alternative. Can a chime do?


    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Mel,
      When you make changes, remember that the front door should be the biggest door in your home.
      As for both doors facing each other, a chime would not make much of a difference. The alternative is just to keep one door closed at a time (not having both opened at the same time). Remember to find a trusted consultant if you have more questions!

  44. Hopeful

    Hello, Victor,

    Thank you so much for this article. I just did the calculator to find out my Kua number and my husband’s Kua number. We have the same number 2. We sold our home earlier this year, which had a North facing front door (including the garage door), which apparently for both of us was the worst direction to have. The things in the description of what could happen to us with a North facing front door became true! We have suffered from infertility, we also lost a baby at 19 weeks earlier this year. We also struggled financially while we were in that house. We sold the house in June and for a couple months things looked rather bleak, my husband lost his job and we were living with a friend. But then my husband found a job making twice as much money in another state.

    We are now renting a house with a South facing door, which is one of the “bad” directions for us also, but not as bad as North. The house sits at the end of a T-intersection, but the street is not straight, it’s a curvy street. And the “T” is a little off-set from the front of our house. We park our cars directly in front of the house and the house has a gate to go through before the front yard and front door. The property also has many palm trees and tropical plants before arriving at the front door. The color of the door is a bluish-green, kind of a teal color with a half circle of glass on the top part of the door. Since we are renting, we cannot change much. A couple questions:

    1) We have nowhere else to park except directly in front of our house. However, we have enough room to park either sideways to the house or pointing to or away from the house. Would this be a factor and if so, which would be the best direction to park?

    2) What can I do to enhance our front door to keep the new-found wealth coming in and also enhance our health? It seems that even though we are making more money now, we have been struck with unexpected expenses and some health scares that luckily have not been big deals.

    Thank you so much for any advice you can provide. This article was very helpful and I appreciate you taking the time to write it.


    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Hopeful,
      I’m glad to hear that things are getting better! As for your questions:
      1) Park your auto whichever way you feel most convenient! How you park would not affect your Feng Shui.
      2) Keeping wealth depends on many things, with Feng Shui as one of it. And within Feng Shui, it’s much more than just the front door. You should check the wealth areas of the house to see whether they’re a good match with your husband’s and you. Time (flying-stars) is also a factor that can be quite powerful.
      I’ll be publishing something about wealth in the coming months. Subscribe and stay tuned!
      Another note: if you truly want Feng Shui to help, I suggest finding an expert. He/she can usually make accurate predictions on what will (or had) happened to the occupants after looking at the house. That’s how you should qualify them as expert or fake.
      Hope this helps.

  45. Amy

    Hi Victor
    I’ve been reading everyone’s response I have an odd one.
    I’ve been working on feng shui our home.
    My main front door faces the street I have a bagua mirror over my door an unusual enclosed porch
    Our door is hardly used because our attached garage is on the side of our home an was turned into a bedroom with a hallway an we now use this as our door we never go around to the front door ever.
    My whole foyer is set up for my career room an I have a budda when u enter but no one comes in an out of that door for 10 years now.
    we always an company always go to that side door it has a white storm door on it.
    Is this really bad?
    We always struggle no matter what we do I feel our chi is off. Am I using the wrong door for my main entrance?
    The main threshold is to far around to walk therefore we use what I call the service door 99.9 percent of time

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Amy,
      Your situation does seem a bit odd. The front door could be the problem if you’ve noticed changes in your life after you changed the front door.
      The door itself shouldn’t matter much, but which sector of the house it’s opened and which direction it leads to matters greatly.
      I suggest you find a consultant to take a deeper look at what’s going on.

  46. Neth

    How would I know if in what direction is our front door facing we build a mini sari sari store in the front side area of our house and the front door of our store is directly facing our house main door but our main door has a screen door would it be ok to stay that way or we have to do some renovation for our main door and store main door.

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Neth,
      If you’re saying that the home’s front door and the business front door aligns in a way that forms a straight line, it’s not preferable. A simple solution is to place a divider in between. The divider is preferably placed that divides the business area from the residential area.

  47. Tony

    Hi ! Is it any problem if my front door facing straight to my neighbor front door ?

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Tony,
      I am assuming that you’re referring to your neighbor right across the street. Some experts say it can be a problem as you and him will be competing for acquiring Qi from the front door. However, I don’t see that as a problem.

      1. Tony

        Hi victor ! How can I solve this problem ?

        1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

          Hi Tony,
          I wouldn’t call it a problem. Nevertheless, if you’re competing for Qi, one way is to have more human/pets in the house. It’s usually the ins and outs using the front door that brings the outside Qi to the house.

  48. Thedda Uy

    Im renting and my entrance door has a closet with door mirror facing the door is there anything I can put to contradict the donts?
    I can’t remove the the mirror, I read to put a big plant beside the mirror, is it true?
    I cant do anything with regards to mirror I’m hoping I can put something in my entry way to divert the negative. Thanks

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Thedda,
      The easiest way is to cover the mirror. And like you said, a big tall plant can also do the job.

  49. Elena

    Hi! What if the front door is not level to the road. It is lower than the road and to get to the door, the porch steps is going down instead of up.

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Elena,
      Ideally, the front door should be higher than the road with the porch steps going up. I don’t think there’s an cheap or easy remedy for this situation though. Ask your trusted consultant to see if he/she has any ideas.

  50. Bhevs

    Hi sir victor… what is the remedy ..if my front service gate is aligned to the front door and backdoor…

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Bhevs,
      I’m not sure what a service gate is, but I’m assuming that it’s a gate. Alignment with the front door is ok. Something in between, like a fountain in the middle, would be make it even better.
      The problem is when the front door is aligned with the back door with nothing in between. If so, the easy cure is to place a divider or a some furniture in between.

  51. James

    Hi Victor,

    thanks for the wonderful post on Feng Shui . I just bought a house with the main door facing a wall and on the right of the main door is the living room. Is there anything i should take note of ? Many thanks

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi James,
      Opening the door and seeing a wall is fine. No worries. 🙂

  52. Myra

    Hi Victor,

    I have a mirror above the fireplace in the living room, which is on an outside wall. I have been told that this is bad feng shui to place a mirror on an outside wall. Is there a cure for this as the mirror would not look right anywhere else and does look good there.

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Myra,
      Not sure how mirror above your fireplace is on the outside wall?
      If so, if getting rid of the mirror is not possible, simply covering it will be good. Doesn’t have to be covered with cloth, some decor that blocks it will also do the job.

  53. Jennifer

    Great advice! I have been working very hard in my new home and just came to the realization I may be using the map incorrectly. I’m on the 2nd floor of a duplex, we share a mutual front door, straight up the steps is the door to my home. Once you walk in, there’s a hall to the left that leads to a room behind the front door of my unit. I’ve been just using the map without consideration of the door to my home supposed to open into one of the three guas knowledge, career, or spiritual. My front door opens to the children/creative gua and I use the room behind it as the spiritual room. My question is, how do I map this out when there’s a room behind my the front door to my living space?

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Jennifer,
      I’m not too sure how things look here. But if you’re trying to map the Bagua of your home, the room behind your front door should also be included, assuming that room is part of your living space.

  54. [email protected]

    I enjoy reading all your comments. I have a few queries:
    – is it alright if the house faces a few parking lots just across the small street? The parking lots across the street are perpendicular to the house.
    – is it advisable to buy a house just next to the back lane and the back lane faces directly the T junction. The back lane does not join the T junction. It is blocked from joining the T junction by a paved curb. The house is facing the road.

    I hope my explanation is clear….

      1. Kate Tan

        Hi, the road comes to a T junction just facing the side of the house . So is the house affected ?

  55. Lea

    Hi Victor, if the door faces a good direction for me but it’s located on the side; it’s a condo. Is this inauspicious? Thank you!

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Lea,
      I live in a condo too. No worries if the door is located on the side.

  56. JanDell

    Hi, I’m so glad I found your site. I really like what I’ve read on your site tonight. I’m trying to start a new type of research and investing for me, so that as well as dealing with the everyday long term health and family issues. I’ve been reading for days and days and the more I read, the more I find that contradicts, ideas on which cures are best to use. Below I’ve included the things I’m most concerned about. So after days and days of in depth reading, I’m pretty confused on what I should and should not be doing. I’m hoping you can give me some suggestions.

    1st should I be figuring the layout based on the west facing living room glass patio door and balcony (I’m on the ground floor) or should I be using the north facing front door? Also the entrance to this 4 plex condo building is west facing.

    2nd problem, my front door is dark green and there is a metal white screen door in front of the green wood door. I was considering putting a spring wreath there, but not sure what color flowers to use…any suggestions?

    3rd, looking out my front door, to the left, are stairs going up. I’m not under the stairs, but I’m to the left of the stairs, would you use a water feature ( like a small water fountain or hanging plants to the left of the door as a cure for the stairs? I already have Jade plants and Spider plants, outside, as you approach the front door.

    4th, regarding the property area (which is really important to me as I’m undertaking learning a new area and starting a new career from home) which, if based direction wise from the front door, would be in the south east area. To increase prosperity should I add green plants(I have a live small bamboo plant & artificial round leaf silk plants and lots of colors of silk flowers)

    5) or a picture of green bamboo and or

    6) something, like a purple vase and or something purple.I’m pretty confused on this area.

    7) The career area, I think I can safely add a picture of a waterfall here, is that correct?

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi JanDell,
      1) You should be using the front door because it is where people come in and out.
      2) I’m not sure what you’re trying to do there. Might not be necessary. North is water, and there’s really no need to boost that place’s energy if it’s not needed.
      3) Stairs on the left outside the front door won’t be too big of a deal. It’s not directly facing your front door.
      4) Southeast is water in the Bagua. North should be the area of focus. Are you using BTB Feng Shui?
      5-7) Career area depends on your Kua, Bagua, and flying stars. There are many ways to do this.
      I think it’s best if you get a consultation. Let me know if you need one.

  57. anne freeman

    i am moving into a new home after a very difficult divorce. The temporary home i am living in now has the front door facing torment. Which has been accurate the last year. My new home is facing Latent.
    the front door enters into a long hallway, and there are three arches on the left that lead to bedrooms and an office. you can sre the fireplace directly on the opposite end of the house from the front door.

    Is latent good for new begginnings and a successful future?


    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Anne,
      If you’re using your Kua, you should also check which sector of the house the front door is located. You’ll have to divide your house according to the eight directions to find out.
      I’m not sure what Latent is, but as long as its a good direction for you, and if its located in your lucky sectors, then you’re good.

  58. anne freeman

    also im a Kua 8 if that helps.

  59. Umut K Catron

    Any consultant in Loudoun County, Virginia, please!?

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Umut,
      I don’t know any consultants there. But let me know if you need someone who can do an off-site consultation.

      1. Umut K Catron

        Yes please. We need a highly experienced and qualified person as we will be remodeling the house (changing stairs, adding rooms), we have a child with chronic illness who needs a good energy set up around the house as well. If you know anyone in states out of the state we can get a distant consulting we would be very grateful.
        Thank you!

        1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

          Hi Umut,
          Understood. I will be emailing you shortly.

  60. Priyanka W

    HI Victor,My bedroom door lies is southwest corner,is it ok or any modification required? Thanks !

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Priyanka,
      I do not know because I have no information about you and your home. If you’re sleeping well and life is going smoothly, there’s not much you should worry about for now.

  61. anne freeman

    its in the center of the house. Sorry the front door is facing “defence” one plus, according to this fung shui compas on my phone. Im in Colorado, any one you can recommend?

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Anne,
      I don’t know anyone in Colorado, but I do know someone who does remote consultation.
      Let me know if you’re interested.

  62. Stuart poole

    I just want to ask you, if I use my kitchen door as my main entrance now, do I conceded that as my front door when I look at fung shut my home? Please help me!

  63. Iris

    Hi Victor,
    Thanks for your blog. Need your advice. The floor (inside the house) is lower at the main entrance, before the living room flooring which is higher. Is this any bad? Should I level it same height as living room flooring? Appreciate for quick advice.

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Iris,
      Don’t worry about this. In fact, I think this is quite common in Japanese architectural design.

  64. Mirza

    Hello Victor

    Thanks for all this great information on doors. Our house’ front door is alligned North and we are considering painting it a deep blue. The thing is that the garage door you metion is alligned on the same wall about twenty feet apart from the main door and we have no idea if we should paint it the same color as the front door because both are facing North, or should we use a different color that goes with the rest of the house? Thank you

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Mirza,
      No color is best or worst in Feng Shui. You can use blue for both doors if you desire. I would suggest that you use a color that you like!

  65. Nimesh Patel

    Hello Victor,

    Above answer is helpful but just wondering what is solution for it, if there is no 2nd door. Also, there is dinning area between Front Door and Kitchen. Another thing is, stove is located 90-degree, so cook would not face front door directly. Would that help not cancelling incoming energy?

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Nimesh,
      Not sure what you mean here.

  66. Mamta

    In front of main door there is wall with beam of another house tell me the solution for it

  67. alekhyaalekhyakhya

    hi victor thanks for the information. i had a problem. we rented a house in an apartment which is south faced.the main door in front of our house is facing towards the main door of north faced other apartment. since we arrived i got failed in easy exam that too last semester of my exam-later solved .this happened in 2015 september. since now am unemployed. i have attended many interviews i got selected for some company’s but due to some circumstances i didnt join. there is lot of breakage in my career growth.
    moreover my neighbor & we had clashes in between. she always throws the dust of her entire house into the north east corner of our house-may be some kind of sentiment. a mirror is placed right infront exactly to my rented apartment main door by the neighbor who exactly stays in front of our suffering with health problems am at worst. please advice me what changes i should do……it will be very kind of you…….& thanks in advance.

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      I would start by finding out your Kua number. A simple online search for a Kua calculator can reveal what number you have. Then, follow the steps here:
      This could also be the influence of time. If so, check out articles about Flying Stars 2017 and how it can impact you. Here’s an article where you can start:

  68. Mamta

    Our main door facing toward east and gate towards north and lift is not exactly in front of the gate ,it resides by left side but when we open the main door able to see the lift please give any solution for it.or its k to cover the gate by any sheet so that not able to see the lift .ours is 2 bhk flat and gate is also Small one.

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Mamta,
      I see that you asked Uncle Dixer the same question. Check your email for your answer!

  69. Anjali

    Hi Victor

    As per my apartment plan the first thing come to the sight when opening the main door is the dining table. Is that okay?or should we plan an indoor plant to cover it slightly?Will that look good?

    Thanks In advance

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Anjali,
      Yes, I would suggest you place something in between (like a divider). An indoor plant would do the job too!
      Where you place it for the looks will depend on your own preference.

  70. Danny

    Hi Victor,
    Thanks for the post.

    What if there is mirrored backsplash wet bar at the end of the house facing the entrance door, which is 30 meters away ? Is this a problem? (Aslo, we do use garage door more most often to enter the house, so we do not know much important this is.)


  71. Marvic

    Good day victor! Our lot faces SW(S17’03’W)where should i put the main door? Is it ok if its a side entrance? My husbands kua is 4 and Im 3

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Marvic,
      Both you and your husband are in the East group, meaning East, Southeast, South, and North are favorable locations in the house to place the main door, ideally also facing those directions I just mentioned. If direction cannot be adjusted, you’ll need to find the five elements of the front door (based on its direction) and see how much of a match it is to yours.

  72. Josephine

    Hi Victor!

    Thanks so much for the really informative article. In my bathroom, there are two skinks and on each side of the sink are cabinets with mirrored doors. Essentially, these mirrors are facing each other directly which from my research, is bad as if creates disharmonious energy, correct? Is there a cure for this? I was considering replacing the cabinet doors. Or perhaps if I place something in the middle between the two sinks? Thank you!


    1. Josephine

      Sorry, these are the medicine cabinet doors with mirrors on them that face each other, hopefully that made sense!

    2. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Josephine,
      I see that you asked Uncle Dixer the same question. I’ve emailed his response to you.

  73. Sharise Eula Giron

    Hi sir
    Would like to ask regarding our main door facing straight towards our maingate.
    Is it bad Feng shui?
    Thanks a lot!


    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Sharise,
      This is fine, and a lot of setup is like that. Although having a curved road from the gate to the main door would be more appealing.

  74. Michael Nguyen

    Hi Victor,

    I’m in the process of buying a 2-story townhouse and are just waiting for the lender’s approval. It is my first home ever and I am married with a 1 year old daughter. Yesterday, I brought my family with me to a home inspection and that is when I was told about some negative things about my townhouse.

    1. There’s a very big and old tree that is located right in front of my front door. The land that this tree sits on is a higher than my walkway and the tree is about 10 or more feet away from my front door but there is a walkway between my front door and this tree so it does not obstruct the entrance other than being there to provide shade. The branches do spread towards my master bedroom window and roof. I look around the front common area and notice there are other trees being planted in front of other’s neighbors front door too just not as big as mine. I doubt HOA will remove this tree anytime soon so I’m not sure what can be done about this? We also can access the house through the back garage so if the front tree cannot be removed, would entering from the back garage door solve this issue?

    2. Once you open the front door, there’s a stairway leading up to the two bedrooms upstairs. We are thinking of remodeling the bottom section of the stair to turn to the left so that it’ll face towards the living room. What do you think about this?

    3. My front door is facing the North direction which is pretty bad since my KUA number is 8. I have read somewhere that “If your front door faces this direction, your family may leave you.” This is really freaking me out.

    We are already in the Escrow process and it took us a long time to find a townhouse like this that is in our price range and good location. That is the reason why I had put a deposit on the house but after finding out all these negative things about the front door, I’m just freaking out and not sure what to do now.

    Should I pull out from buying this house or continue and try to find ways to solve the front door issue if there are any solutions for it at all.

    Any help from you is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Michael,
      First, without looking at the house, it’s not possible to make good judgments on its Feng Shui. But from what you said:
      1.) The tree attracts Yin energy. Just make sure the branches don’t get too close to your house and you should be ok.
      2.) You have a great idea with this!
      3.) Front door using your Kua number is one thing. Try using the front door’s Five elements (determined by direction) and match it with you and your family’s Five Elements (determined also by birth year).

      1. Michael Nguyen

        Thank you Victor for your advice, really appreciate the prompt response from you! We have decided to look for a different home as this old tree facing the front door is too great and we will not be able to modify it in any ways. Your blog has helped me a lot in term of understanding more about front door and house feng shui. Many thanks!

  75. Maria N Ledesma

    Hello Mr. Cheung I really appreciate that you are taking the time to, not only share your knowledge with all us but also to answer all the questions. I started learning and using Feng Shui almost 10 years ago. I use the Western Feng Shui, the compass it is kind a complicated for me to follow. So this is my question:
    The front door of my apartment faces a wall, this is when I open my front door, that opens inwards, there is a wall 6 feet away, which creates a small hallway. I hung on the wall, right in front of the door, a painting in pastels colors, of a sunny desk and a big window open to a beach, giving the feeling of “continuing”.
    To really make an entry to my apartment I have to make a left and go into an opening. Now I am in my living room.
    My question is, due to I am using the Westerns Feng Shui, to position the Bagua, should I use the real front door ( the one that face the wall) or should I use the opening on the left of the front door, the one that allows me to really entry to my living space?

    Many thanks.
    Maria Natalia.

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Maria,
      There’s only really 1 front door, which is the door that interacts with the outside, the one that you use frequently. It is where Qi from the outside enters:
      However, I’m not sure about the Western Feng Shui. Nevertheless, I still think that even for Western Feng Shui, your front door is the one that opens to the wall and not the hallway.
      Thanks for your compliments!

      1. Maria N Ledesma


        Thank so much for your response. Now I know that I have to set the Bagua with the Career right where the front door is. Sadly, that means that the Romance and relationship area will be where my bathroom is. What cure can I use? And I am asking this, because indeed is needed.

        Many thanks,
        Maria Natalia

        1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

          Hi Maria,
          The best option is to keep it clean and well-ventilated! Having the bathroom there would not be an issue if you keep it clean.

  76. Ritchie Anne Espino

    Hi Victor,
    I am somewhat at lost of what to do. We purchased a house and the foundation has just been laid out. I just now realized that the front door is directly facing the sliding door to the back. To the left of the sliding door are 3 good size windows. I was thinking of switching up with windows and the sliding door. Is having a window directly in front of the front door also bad feng shui?

    Thank you

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Ritchie,
      Yes, but not as bad. You don’t really have to switch up the windows and sliding door. All you need is to place something in between the door and the sliding door/windows. A simpler divider would do, or any other taller furniture that you like would do too.

  77. bhing

    Hi Victor,

    My front door or main door has two door one is screen door (made by metallic) from inside once open it push outside the other one is made by wood (from outside push inside) but my door is directly facing the wall and stairs steps to downward. and in the ceiling have beam. what remedy will do, please give me some advices.


    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Bhling,
      It’s hard to comment without really seeing it. I’m assuming half your front door faces a wall and half faces the stairs. In this case, you can use colored carpets that lead the guests/yourself towards the living room. It’s not a perfect remedy, but I cannot comment further without really seeing it.
      As for the beam, there’s nothing to worry because I don’t think any of you would be sitting and resting right underneath it.

  78. Tam

    Hi Victor,
    Hope all go well with you and family. I have a question and would like to ask you. My front door is actually on the side and facing toward another door to the garage. Would it be ok? If it’s bad, what can I use to cure it? Thank you !

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Tam,
      Just within the context you provided, you are fine. One minor thing is you might be receiving less Qi from your front door. No biggie!

  79. Kavita

    My front door (NE looking outwards) faces a high wall that is directly across the house entrance as the house is built atop a hill, the stairs leading to the house entrance are downwards and adjacent to this high wall which on the top serves as a parking lot , how can i fix or symbolically make this wall go away, do i place a octave flat mirror on the outside of the front door facing this wall . The wall is already covered with an evergreen creeper that has kind of made this wall disappear. Kindly help

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Kavita,
      You can’t really make the wall go away. Also, it doesn’t look as if you need to make the wall go away, because it doesn’t seem to be giving you bad Feng Shui.

  80. Ellen

    Hi Victor,

    Thanks for your article.

    Just wanted to know what can be done if the main door faces the main service gate.


    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hey Ellen,
      If your main door faces the main gate, placing something in between can help, assuming that the road from the gate to the main door isn’t long and straight. You’ve probably seen people placing a small garden or a water feature so that the road goes around it. That’s the idea.

  81. Nika

    Hi Victor! I really loved this aricle of yours!
    I’m from the southeastern (maybe central) Europe. A smal country named Slovenia.
    I had search and read some books but I cant find nothing about the vranda. I rent a small condo (garsoniera) with the “entrence” before the real strong main door. So.. I have a 3×3 m2 squere construction made with glass and glass-door before/ahead my entry door. And te glass door is in diagonale with the main entry door.
    So.. first.. I hope you understand my not perfect english
    Second.. pleeaseee answer to my questions..
    1. How or maybe where can i start with mi bagua. Glass veranda door or main door?? In this veranda i have just shoes and coats.
    2. After the main door directly on the left i have a bed. It is separate with a nice courtains for separate… than.. the condo continue like a tunnel.. second on the left a bathroom… third on the left or maybe in front a small kitchen with dinning table and a living room. Then directly a beautiful smal balcony. This area is ful of sun. The entrens with a bedroom in not.
    I would like to encrease the energy in mi veranda and after my front door.. ani suggestion.. I would really love to send you a pricute of this beautiful bit soo strange apartment:D but I can’t here… so I really hope you can geve mi some ansvers and suggestion how to encrease the energy in the entrence of tis apartments…
    O i forget… the mai door look at northwest
    The veranda dor look at west
    The part of the balconi kitcen and living room looks at the southeast… if it halps…

    Hope you can halp:)

  82. Tam Luu

    Hi Victor,
    In order to know what direction is good to sit in the office, what should I use – the main door of the building (facing East) or main door of the office (facing North) since they faced at different direction?.
    Thank you in advance

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Tam,
      For the Feng Shui of the office, you’d need to use the main door of the office and not the building. As for which direction to face while you’re sitting in the office, you can use the favorable directions of your own personal Kua.

  83. Alan Quek

    Hi Mr Victor,

    May i ask you if my main door do not have much sun light, is there a way that i can do by installing a bulb on top of the main door and on 24/7 or there a way that i can buy to hook on top of it and run by battery. Thank you.

    Warmest Regards,

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Alan,
      Definitely a good idea. Although the bulb won’t have the strong Yang energy like sunlight, it still brings light and Yang energy.
      Good thinking!

  84. Claire

    Hi Victor,

    After My dining area is a 6 inches drop to the kitchen area. Not too sure is it a bad fengshui..

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Claire,
      Nothing to worry about here!

  85. Charoline

    Hi Victor,

    My front door is a double glass doors with motives and facing straight to my back porch. My back porch door is also double glass doors (clear glass doors) so people entering to my house can see the swimming pool at my back yard. My front doors is open inward but not my back porch double doors (open outward) My fireplace is inside the house located near by the back porch doors (left side against the wall) with a tv on top of the fireplace. So to avoid the unwanted situation my husband and I decided to put some furnitures there like couch and sofas faced to the fireplace so we can watching the tv there. Behind the couch I put a narrow table with some decorations. So once you entering my double front doors will see the narrow table, couch, and sofas, and double glass back doors overlooking the swimming pool. I was thinking to put like a big round table or a piano in the middle of the room. Do you think this decoration will looks okay to you or do you have any better idea? Please help. Thank you so much!

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Charoline,
      Yes, the decoration will do. What’s important is to place some kind of furniture between your front door and the door to your backyard.

      1. D. Louis

        Dear Victor ,
        Thank you so very much Sir Victor for all your beneficial joy here. You and your dedication for creating the necessary changes to harmonize the world and it’s homes is a great comfort to us all : ) Sir Victor through your site here we can all create awareness and it is up to us if we solve as individuals. I am sorry to say what may be sensitive information here. That I did read of feng shui blatantly stating and warning home owners will perish of arched or archway door home entrances having the tombstone effect. As this was unpleasant to read, I now wish I bookmarked it or stored this info, out of shock not wanting to believe this, I did not.

        Much More importantly, two dear people around me have passed away way too soon . After a while, I did observe they owned arched entrances to their home .

        Therefore , I feel I must write you in order to warn? others and for my partner who owns an archway plus a large arched window above the main east doorway. I have encouraged partner and shall continue to having all enter through the back south door. This house was just purchased a month ago. I wondered and Googled about arches in front of Buckingham Palace and tho I am
        not fully knowing why it appears they have have moved their one of large arched architecture, elsewhere … we caution.

        For now for guests to come to our own homes , Sir Victor if you know another way to how we solution this archway unpleasantry, kindly please could you let us know ? Your work is very important to us . Thank you so much

        Yours sincerely,

        D. Louis

        1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

          Hi D. Louis,
          If it really bothers you, the solution is to remove the arch. By removing, you can build something to cover it – perhaps a wooden board and then painting it. You can get creative here.
          If I were you, I wouldn’t worry much about this. There are many houses with that kind of arch, and what causes death are many factors (within Feng Shui’s influence and outside Feng Shui’s influence).

  86. Cherie

    Hi Victor,
    Just saw your site and read some of the comments-very interesting. I have 1 question. We have a front door, but never use it, for a few reasons, one being the door frame itself is broken and the landlord doesn’t want to fix it now (he’s tried new screws, etc., but it’s past that). We use the back door always (2 yrs +), which enters into a mudroom first. When I hear that the financial area is the back left in the house from the front door, do we use the backdoor location as our “front door” then? Thanks☺

  87. Elias

    apartment’s door in japan and some of asian countries was purposely made to open outward for safety issues, and yes , making people more difficult to barge in. Uninvited guest will need more effort to pull open the door and people inside can defend more easily. According to my friend who is an AIFSA member, there is no prohibition in ‘standard’ fengshui for main entrance to be made to open outward. What’s important is location and facing direction. Thank you.

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Elias,
      Great insights. Thank you for sharing them!! You’re definitely right – the location and facing direction is MUCH more important!

  88. Daiana

    No Victor:
    I have two pines, cypresses, in my frontyard and I was told that having these trees in the front of my door brings bad luck, specially he said that they are blocking the entrance of our home from new good things, And having these trees Will avoid my daugthers to get married. It sounds bananas but anyway I would like to ask for your professional opinion. Thanks in advance

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Daiana,
      It’s a little hard for me to picture this, so I can’t give you an accurate opinion. But if the Form of the trees are bad (which I wouldn’t think so), there is a possibility that it can act like light posts with its Xa (but I doubt it). I also wouldn’t go as far that it’ll prevent your daughters from getting married. Trees are sometimes good in front of the door because it can help block the bad out (sometimes the good too).

  89. Priya Khanna

    Hi Victor,

    I reside in an apartment and my front door is painted yellow with Square shaped mirrors attached in a pattern. That is, when a visitor comes, it would reflect their own image.

    Please tell me if this affects my home energy in any manner.

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Priya,
      This should be ok considering your front door is an apartment door.

  90. may lin

    hi what if my main door of my apartment faces partially the bedroom door ? is it an issue and the remedy other than moving the door ?

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi May,
      It is ok because the doors are not directly facing each other. Adding a door curtain can help protect your privacy.

  91. Maile Page

    Hi Victor

    Help! My front door has mirror and glass panels on the outside pushing the chi from the house and any chi that gets in when the door opens flows out the back glass sliding doors which are aligned with the front door.

    Also there is no way to place furniture between the front door and rear sliding glass doors as that would block guests abilities to walk from the front door to the rear of the house.

    Any suggestions would be much appreciated!! Thank you!

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Maile,
      If you can keep the rear sliding glass doors closed, you’ll still be able to gather Qi into the house.

  92. Nozomi

    Hi Victor! Thanks for your advice. There are two main entrances to our church, both of them actually perpendicular to the main wall, which generally faces south. One door is in the southeast corner, with the door facing west, opening into the narthex (vestibule). The other one is in the southwest corner, with the door facing east, again opening into the narthex. The doors are both made of wood. Do we consider them both to be south-facing, since the wall generally faces south? Or do we consider the one in the southeast corner to face west, since the door actually faces west, and the one in the southwest corner to face east, since the door does actually face east? In other words, is it the direction of the door itself, or the wall, that we take into consideration?

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Nozomi,
      The key here is determining your church’s sitting and facing, which is facing South. As for the door’s direction, I don’t think you should bother too much with it since it is not a residence. Where the door’s location/section is relative to the church is more important than it’s direction.

  93. Koffmann

    Thank so much. Due to your post, I can design my house perfectly.

  94. Russ

    My Kua number is 1. Is it true 16 steps is bad Feng Shui? Is there anything I can do to counter?

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Russ,
      Not sure what you mean by 16 steps, but I think you’re referring more to numerology than Feng Shui.

  95. Sally

    What about the interior side of the front door. It is a south facing door, so I think I will paint the exterior red. But what about the interior side? Can I paint it any color or should it be a specific color too? Like the same as the outside, in my case red.

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Sally,
      For the interior, you can paint any color that you like. There’s no need for it to be red. Also, only paint your door red if you like that color.

  96. Joyce

    Hi Victor,

    I am looking to buy a house but it is the second house on a block of land. The front door of the house (it is a double storey house) faces the back of the double storey house in front. Is this bad feng shui and is there any way of curing this?

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Joyce,
      There are many considerations here. For one, if the distance between the houses are far apart, then there’s nothing to worry. I suggest that you consult a practitioner if you’d like to solve your Feng Shui issues.

  97. Jomar Panado

    Hi been planning to put up an aquarium behind the Front door. Front door and the house is facing EAST. Would this be ok? and there is a wall where i be setting up the aquarium. So the moment you enter the house the aquarium’s right side can be seen. Would this be ok. ?

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Jomar,
      This is ok. Just make sure that the aquarium doesn’t affect the way your front door opens.

  98. Jomar

    Also another one, when facing through the main door or as you enter, can see the kitchen, the sink and the faucet. But not the Stove. will this be bad? If it is what can i do to counter it?

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Jomar,
      These are ok. Don’t stress too much about this. What you should focus on is how your home is gathering Qi.

  99. altrsfrm2012

    Hi Victor,
    I need some advice. We moved into a 100 yr old house. It has many Feng Shui challenges. The term “Feng Shui Nightmare” comes to mind. The front entrance is a big problem. The front door is smaller, than the door leading into the kitchen. When you come in, there is a door to the immediate right, and a closet door, a few steps in front of you. A huge open space leads to the left, into the living area, which has lots of windows. My question is three fold. 1. Is it a “no no” when the front door directly faces a closet door, (after 3 steps in )and if so what cure can I use to remedy the situation. (The door also has a diamond shaped window in it. Does this need to be covered up?

    Thank you so much for your advice!


    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Carolin,
      Just from the information you’re giving me, the Feng Shui of your place isn’t really a “nightmare”. Front door facing closet door is fine. The diamond shaped window is also fine too.
      A real nightmare is when you have bad Forms facing the house as such:
      Of course, you’ll also need to consider how the house gathers Qi, which you will need a compass reading. So don’t sweat over those small details. 🙂

  100. Devyani Kumar

    Hi Viltor, i would like to know about the space i have right behind the front door. My front doors opens i ward and i have about 4x2x7 feet space cut in the wall right behind the door. My question is- Is it ok to keep a covered shoe rack there? Also have kept a small mirror on top of it is it ok too?

  101. Maria Cutrona

    Hi Victor, I have two questions I bought a condo where my front door faces East. Unfortunately, just getting to know feng shui it should of been in the West. But my garage faces West and that is where I do come in and go out.
    2nd question: My bedroom is an excellent position but my ceiling where I sleep slopes What can I put in that area ? My bedroom is an A frame.

    1. Victor Cheung

      Hi Maria,
      Your front door direction should be ok, assuming you’re practicing 8 Mansions Feng Shui.
      As for your bed, you should be using a canopy bed.

  102. arushi

    Hi Victor,

    Love all the info in your blog, thank you so much! I have a question I am hoping you can sort out.
    My house has a main gate in front with a veranda which you walk to get to the front door. Front door is at a slight angle and upon entry one bedroom door is visible. There is dining room in between so there is dining furniture but the door is still visible. What do you recommend to obstruct the view?
    A curtain in front of the door or some hanging accessory?
    There is another bedroom right in front of this bedroom with facing doors, I read on another of your page that this is not a favorable situation. Without renovations how may I rectify the facing doors situation?

    Thanks again!

    1. Victor Cheung

      Hi Arushi,
      A curtain on the outside of the bedroom doors would be good enough, for both situations.

  103. Carri

    Hi! Quick question please! Love these cures btw… My office suite is inside a collective lobby. My suite door opens & faces South, however across the hall directly houses another therapist who has a terrible outlook on life so each time she exits her suite she faces mine. She attracts similar minded clients. Should I decorate the outside and/or interior of my door with? Currently I have a magenta & dark green silk flower wreath and mirror on the door facing her, as well a black framed muscle diagram and black chair to the side with another magenta planter. I appreciate any suggestions! Thank you!

    1. Victor Cheung

      Hi Carri,
      Whatever you choose to decorate with, make sure that you and your clients will like it! If I were you, I would get some feedback from your clients and decide.

  104. Trang Nguyen

    Hi, Victor

    It’s great to read your article. I want to buy a house which is in Northwest direction. I, female, born in 1985 find this direction very bad for me. Is there any way to improve the situation? or should I quit buying this house? I really love this house because it is close to my workplace, my kid’s school and it looks nice too. Please help!


    1. Victor Cheung

      Hi Trang,
      Buying a house is a big decision, and I’m in no position to give you any constructive advice without taking a full look at it. I suggest you find a consultant near you to take a look!

    2. Divya Kakade

      Hi Victor, we have moved to a new house, the main door of the house opens inwards but anti clockwise. Can you suggest some remedy for the same. Thank you

      1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

        Hi Divya,
        Door opening inward and anti clockwise is fine.

  105. Mozammel Hoque

    I have a wooden almirah/shelf whose lower half (around 3 feet height) is for storing/hiding shoes and the upper half (5 feet height), sparsely grilled, for placing/displaying decorative items placed just 5 feet after (inside) the front door. Around 3 feet of the almirah’s width obstructs the reasonably long way from the front door across the meeting place in the living room up to the backdoor. Is there any problem with chi flowing through the front door to the living room? What can be done to make an improvement- shifting the almirah, or any other cure(s) that you would kindly suggest?

    Best regards.

    — Mozammel

  106. Victor Cheung

    Hi Mozammel,
    It’s hard to tell you without actually looking and measuring. But from the description, you shouldn’t have any problem with chi flowing through the front door to the living room.

  107. Florry Leve

    Hello Victor,
    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to write to you.
    Could you help please?
    I would like to block and protect myself, my husband and my 2nd floor apartment from bad negative energies from my neighbors living on the same floor on the right of my home. We have a landing with an elevator and two apartments’ front doors. One is mine and other on the right is my neighbors who moved 6 months ago. We are both owners of our apartment. They are very noisy and irrespectful in their manners towards us and it is causing me a lot of heartaches. I feel so unease. We’ve talked to them about the noise but it is leading no where. The children from my neighbors are also quite rude with us.
    We are in our 60’s and we are very quiet and there are no noise coming from us and we mind our own business.

    Can I put a Sun Bagua on the top of my front door even though I have no outside light. Also if yes, can I print a Sun bagua picture? Will it work the same?
    What else would you suggest to keep my neighbors calm, respectful and quiet.
    Thank you very much for your help.
    My best regards,

    1. Victor Cheung

      Hi Florry,
      Unfortunately, Feng Shui doesn’t really deal with neighbors. Instead of putting charms, the best way is to work things out with them. If that doesn’t work, then put up the Bagua mirror to protect yourself. Although this is not a cure, it will at least make you feel better.

  108. Sai

    Hi what to do if there is a post light aiming at our main door and we dont have a wall or gate to block it? thank you

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hello Sai,
      You also need to assess how far it is as well for it to become a threat. If you feel threatened, you can plant trees to block it.

      1. Sai

        Thank you, the post light is about 10-15 meters away from our main door, is there anything we can do to block it besides planting trees? because our facade is cemented thats where we park our car. Thank you

  109. Q

    Hi Victor,

    Your page is great! I’ve been looking at a lot of town homes and they all seem to follow a similar floorplan. 3 level, where 1st floor has the garage and a bedroom and bath. 2nd has living, dining, kitchen and powder room. 3rd has bedrooms. I have a few questions, I’d love to get clarity on:

    1) Is it bad when the front door is directly across from the door where you enter the house from the garage? It’s technically not a back door, but makes me wonder since it does lead to the garage, which does open up to the back of the home.

    2) Is it okay when the front door opens up partially to a staircase, not directly. So if the front door is center of the foyer at 4 ft wide, and the stairs is to the side 5 ft wide, but it does overlap the path of the door’s width by a 1.5-2 ft feet.

    3) Is it still bad if the front door opens up to a staircase that leads to a living space (living room, dining room, not bedrooms, not bath room)?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Q,
      I’m seeing a lot of that floor plan as well.
      1) The two doors are usually not open at the same time, so this is ok.
      2) This is ok too because it is not “directly facing”.
      3) This just means you won’t benefit much from the incoming Qi from the front door (because it gets weaker). Here’s something similar:

  110. Namita

    Hi Victor, should front door open in clockwise or anticlockwise direction. Please reply, also at my gmail address-

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Namita,
      This totally depends on the situation. Traffic, wall, space, etc. Removing your email from public view.

  111. Marinelle Macalinao

    hi victor,

    my concern is that the gate entrance has stairs facing the front door and the front door is facing the side of the stairs going to the second floor, there’s no space for partition. is it a bad thing? is there any way I can send the picture of the front door? so you can see. my auntie died last November and now her husband has cancer. i feel there’s something wrong with the feng shui of the main door.

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Marinelle,
      It could be the main door, it could be Feng Shui of other parts of the home, or it could be unrelated to Feng Shui. If you feel Feng Shui is the culprit, I suggest you find a professional to take a look because a full audit is required to be sure.

  112. Carina

    Hi Victor,
    Thank you for the informative article! So I have a question. We are currently in the process of buying a new home and the front door will be facing southwest. My Kua number is 4 and my husband’s Kua number is 9. Is this a bad direction to face for our front door?

  113. JC

    Hi Victor, this is a great article on door direction. This is our situation. My husband is Kua 7 (male) and I am Kua 2 (female). We bought our dream home and the main front wall faces Southeast, but our front door faces exactly Southwest (225 degrees). THE Southeast-facing front of house looks like this:

    | Front
    | Door
    |Atrium Door_ |_____________________________

    I have 2 questions:
    1) should I consider my front door facing Southwest or Southeast? My confusion is the main wall is southeast and just the door Is southwest . Southwest I think is auspicious for both my husband and I.
    2) when you enter the front door, you are in a VERY TINY atrium. I guess this was designed to keep out the wind and cold because we live in the mountains at 8,200 ft. The atrium is only 50” wide by 53” long (although ceiling is 9 ft tall). It barely fits even 2 people. How do we deal with this tight space in terms of feng shui?

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi JC,
      I can’t really answer your questions properly without taking a good look at the place. As for the tight atrium, there are creative ways such as higher ceiling, using glass as divider (or any see through). Again, this is based on limited information because I have not seen the space.

  114. Kim Le

    Hello, we are renting a home and I heard that it is not good to have the fireplace directly across from the front door. When you walk into the home, there’s a long walkway directly to the back of the house where the living room is and the fireplace is what you see if you’re looking straight across the house from the front door to the back wall. Is this bad? If so, what are some remedies you recommend?

    This is what I read somewhere on google search when I searched is it bad to have a fireplace directly opposite my front door. “The placement of a fireplace on the wall opposite the front door of your house can be an auspicious position, according to feng shui principles, but you shouldn’t be able to see the fireplace from the door. The intensified chi created by a visible fireplace could contribute to an accident or some type of catastrophe. If you can’t block the view of the fireplace, you can remedy the energy by introducing the water element.”

    Please help!

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Kim,
      You’re fine if the fireplace isn’t used because it’ll only be home decor. If you’re worried and you plan to use it, just try to block the view. I wouldn’t worry too much about this if I were you.

  115. Rachel

    Hi Victor,
    Thank you for the informative article! We have currently purchased a new home. It’s tucked away behind another house (therefore it has a long drive way) Both our house and the house in front of us are on over 1000 square meter block of land and the two house are very far apart, which I’m not worried about. However, there is a small granny flat (belongs to the other house) right on the border where our lands meet and IT IS RIGHT IN FRONT OF OUR MAIN ENTRANCE (about 4 meters away) Is this considered bad Feng Shui? Is there anything I can do about it? I was going to plant some trees to block the granny flat, but just learned that tree attracts YIN energy. How can I invite QI into my main entrance then 🙁
    Please help and thank you in advance.

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Rachel,
      If your front door has another building that’s very close, it’s hard for Qi to enter from the front door. It’s not bad Feng Shui per se, but it does mean that you won’t get any good (or bad) Qi from the front door. You can try planting flowers instead of trees, but even that will do little to invite Qi. Don’t worry too much because your windows also gather Qi from the outside.

  116. Mark

    Hello Victor,
    I just read this somewhere else ”When the positive feng shui energy enters through the main entrance, it needs space to flow properly in your home maintaining a good balance of energy. If there is wall very close to the main door, the flow gets obstructed and results in a pushing force backward.”
    This is exactly my currently situation. Is there a cure?

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Mark,
      I wouldn’t exactly call “pushing force backward”, but just the amount of energy is a lot weaker compared to an open space in your front door. Whatever good (or bad) will be greatly diminished. The best cure is to remove the obstruction. If not, use your windows to get Qi from the outside.

  117. Errol

    Hi Victor,
    Is Battle Axe block considered bad Feng Shui?

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Errol,
      This depends where you are located relative to it.

  118. Rp

    If front door is directly across fireplace, is it bad?

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Rp,
      It is not bad by default. Distance should be considered, and whether the fireplace is even used in the first place should be considered too.

      1. Julie Pike

        Good morning!

        I have the worst setup for my kitchen I think, any suggestions to remedy it? My front door faces west, when you enter you come directly into the kitchen, then the stove faces the front door & is next to the sink. There is a small dividing wall behind the stove & then the back door behind that. My front door is wood, white & half glass. I’m reading that all of this is inauspicious. I am not currently in a position to remodel in a huge way. How can I remedy some of these issues? Thank you for your time!

  119. Anne

    Hi Victor,I would like to ask you about our main door facing to street/road and straight towards it a bad thing?Please help and thank you!

  120. Kiat

    Hi there. Thank you for your INVALUABLE feng shui answers to everyone here! I am a Kua 8 male. I purchased a condominium and the main door is facing NE. In the 8 mansions chart, the door is located at the “Huo Hai/Mishaps” section. If I change the “facing” side of my unit (e.g. if it faces South West-West as per the more “yang-energy” sunny and windy balcony), the door will be located at the “Liu Sha/Six Killings” section. These are non-auspicious areas. Would you have any thoughts on this and whether I need to be worried? Any remedies (besides looking for another condo with a better direction)? Thank you in advance.

  121. Phin

    Hello Victor,

    May I check with you if there is a small beam above our main door, is it ok for fengshui. It was a beam for door opening and we can’t cover it with false ceiling as it is very low. Thank you in advance.

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Phin,
      Beams are not desired when you rest right below it, like if it’s above a bed or sofa. In your case, you’re fine.

  122. khong yee hup

    Hello my kitchen and my front house kitchen face each other.She dry all her laundry in the backyard. Everytime i go to kitchen and cook all her laundry are hanging there. Real eye sore. Any remedy ??

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Khong,
      I agree that is a real eye sore. However, that is not bad Feng Shui, so no Feng Shui remedy is needed.

    2. kaka

      Hi Victor, is it bad feung shui if the Maindoor is directly facing the pedestrian gate? garden on left and right is in between the maindoor-pathway towardsthe pedestrian gate.

      1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

        Hi Kaka,
        I would need to take a look to be sure. Consult with an expert to be sure.

  123. Poonam

    Much obliged such a great amount for this incredible information . I have been perusing and watching feng shui and would value your insight on this issue . Is a curve over the principle entrance entryway undesired feng shui ? This is an angled entrance and a curve formed window over the entryway. There are different curves all through the house. All are plain non enlivening curves.

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Poonam,
      Some masters say curve over door resembles a tombstone and is undesirable. However, I have yet to find efficacy in this saying. I wouldn’t worry too much about it if I were you.

  124. Hasnaa

    Hello Victor,

    My house is facing a parking lot, when you open the front door you see just a parking lot of our neighborhood, is it bad Feng Shui and it there remedy for that?

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Hasnaa,
      This is totally fine. The only issue could be noise, which I hope is non-existent.

  125. Max Teng

    Hi Victor,

    I have a new 2 room small apartment. But the entrance directly right side when enter is the bathroom door. This is bad feng shui right? What can help? There is no space for divider.

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Max,
      That may not always be the case. I suggest you consult an expert with some photos and measurements to be sure. You can find one here:

  126. Miguel

    Hi Victor,

    I just bought a house, the front of the house faces the south-west but the entrance and main door (on the side of the property) faces south-east. The question is, what colours should i consider when painting the exterior. Should i use a colour based on the Main entrance orientation (SE) or the facade (SW)?

  127. Cora J

    Hi! Our main door leads into the dining area/table — I know I need to block it. Can I use a low table/console type? How about a tall bookshelf with open shelves (bottom is closed)? I do not really want to block too much of the entrance as this is an apartment. Appreciate your help!

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Cora,
      Both option works. Pick the one that won’t cause any inconvenience as priority.

  128. Kathryn

    What about a front door that’s inside a car port and on the side of the house (it’s a downstairs flat)? The car port has a gate at the back but is otherwise fairly enclosed and it’s definitely quite dark as no sunlight gets in.

    Frustrating as the flat itself is great although the hall light would need to be on most of the time.

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Kathryn,
      Nothing bad about it, just that your front door won’t be bringing you good (or bad) Feng Shui. Without looking at it, my guess is your front door will be Feng Shui neutral.

  129. Janet Goh

    Hi Victor,

    I realized I might have posted this comment in the Plant section so here I am re- writing for your advice on the Front door section hoping I do it correct this time.

    I’m living in a high building. There are 3 elevators side by side on each floor. The front door of my apartment is facing the elevators, not directly onto the elevator door but the wall between the two elevators. Is it creating bad qi and if it is, how do I remedy this? There’s 3 apartment units on each floor.

    Thank you for your help.


    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi again Janet,
      Yes, you did post this comment in the plant section. Don’t worry about this, it’s not bad qi.

  130. Maria

    Hi Victor👋 thanks for a helping website.
    Please i want to know, i have an east facing front door, it opens inward, and when you Open, you see the toilet door. the toilet Door opening, starts from the middel of the front door, so you see, it is not totally i front of the front door, but you definetely notices it.

    I am concidering getting a curtain to cover the toilet door, in color Black or gray. How would this help?

    Please, seeking your advise. 🙏

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Maria,
      Yes, a curtain will help. As for color, pick one that you like. 🙂

  131. Maria

    Excuse me mr. Victor Cheung, i couldent ask a question anywhere, so i had to but in here.

    I have a question, i want to know, i have an east facing front door, it opens inward, and when you Open, you see the toilet door. the toilet Door opening, starts from the middel of the front door, so you see, it is not totally i front of the front door, but you definetely notices it,rigth.

    I am concidering getting a curtain to cover the toilet door, in color Black or gray. How would this help?
    Does the color matter, cause i sense that it is.

    Hope to get your clarification. 🙏

  132. Jonathan

    Hi Victor, I’m doing a layout of my dreamhouse right now. I’ve read on your article that the front door must be larger than the doors inside. Does it cover also if I have a larger door going outside? This is facing sideway. My idea is a wider view from the dining.

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Jonathan,
      Wider view is definitely ok, but are you sure that it’s a door? Even if it’s a sliding door, it should be fine. If that wider view/door is extremely large, then it is possible that your home’s facing direction might change.

  133. Maven

    Hi sir,

    Is it bad if my main door is directly facing our tv? I dont have any place to put my tv because the other side is my dining table and the other is the window.

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Maven,
      That is not an issue. Although some may argue that the TV is considered “black mirror”, it does not have the reflective properties of a mirror.

  134. Jaeco

    Feng Shui principles emphasize the importance of a harmonious and positive energy flow in a home. This insightful article discusses various tips and cures for creating good Feng Shui through the front door. Choosing the right front door hardware, such as auspicious door handles and doorknockers, aligns with Feng Shui principles and contributes to a balanced and inviting entryway. The right hardware choices can positively impact the energy and overall ambiance of a home.

  135. Li

    Hi! I live on a corner home, starting point of cal-de-sac. Front door faces between southeast/south and side door west facing circle. Lots of open space on the west curving to the back yard. One tree in front and side with two round bushes on south corner. Lots of strong wind comes through the west patio into backyard all open space. We have experienced health/wealth issues as hard as we work we feel we just can’t catch up. Must we add more bushes small or tall, windchimes in what direction, and would water features help? We appreciate your help – thank you.

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Li,
      I would start by adjusting your bed in accordance with where the windows and doors are located, and not with water features.