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In my last article, I wrote about why your Feng Shui Setup is NOT attracting wealth for you.

If you read that article, you’ll understand why the “get-rich-quick-scheme” Feng Shui marketing is misguided. That’s because the “wealth formula” are often linked to original prosperity principles, which was aimed at sustaining life and having enough food, both relying more on the Water Chi. They might not translate into more money in your pocket right away, which is the best-case scenario when the formula is accurate. 

I can’t help to ponder when I see people building “water dragon” through drains around their home in an environment entirely made of stones and concrete. They are missing an important point, and that is Water is aimed at sustaining the Wood Chi and that the size of the setup matters.

With this in mind, even without connecting to plants and trees in your surroundings, knowing how to use the Chi at the right place and the right time can help to generate more money. How so?

Macro Feng Shui Principles for Wealth

First, let’s quickly go back to the macro-principles. If you choose to live in a place with a good Feng Shui setup in terms of landscape and liveliness of the Chi, you will benefit from it.

West Vancouver, for example, is such a place. The placement of water and surrounding mountains made it one of the wealthiest neighborhood in North America.

west vancouver property wealthy feng shui area min - Can Feng Shui Help Us Become Rich?
West Vancouver is one of the wealthiest neighborhood in North America.

Many Chinese chose to settle in a nearby city called Richmond instead because the name sounds like “richman”. The landscape, however trumps the name, and West Vancouver made people richer than the nearby Richmond. The quality of the Chi in such a neighborhood like West Vancouver will help you to sustain prosperity in your life.

The reverse is true. Settling into a neighborhood that is broken and struggling will eventually rub off on you.

With that said, the surrounding Feng Shui is not enough. Otherwise, Hong Kong would be entirely made of rich people. It also harbors a large amount of people living in cramped spaces and who are not able to make a decent living.

While a good macro Chi will greatly help, it’s not enough.

Internal Feng Shui Setup for Wealth

To get better money, you also need the right setup in internal Feng Shui. Here, rather than relying on transient formulas, we design or redesign a place based on sound Feng Shui principles.

Every school will have its own logic, but the Kua’s show some of what will work for you.

East and West group will determine your own good or challenging sectors, on top of the house’s good or bad sectors. Matching both will give you a greater chance to be in sync with the cosmic flow for this location. The water exits and stove placement, as well as bed positions, are all seen as paragon to achieve such flow.

rsz east and west group lucky directions min - Can Feng Shui Help Us Become Rich?
The auspicious directions for both the East and West groups based on the Kua.

The Feng Shui concept for wealth is therefore to be in sync and with the cosmic flow, by spending time where the Chi is more auspicious, both in a city (macro) and within the house setup (micro).

Feng Shui Luck Boost for Wealth

On top of the macro and micro setups, can we use some Feng Shui luck boost for wealth? Yes, we certainly can.

The principle is to tap into an auspicious Chi that is in a given space at a specific time. It’s basically the idea that you get some extra luck by being in the right place at the right time.

I must emphasize, however, that it will not sustain any long-lasting luck or wealth opportunities without having either the right Feng Shui setup, the right Bazi chart and luck period, or better both.

Here’s a metaphor. If you drink coffee, you will feel good and can be more productive in the next 3 hours. But it won’t transform you into a more productive person when you only drink a single cup of coffee your entire life. You see my point?

In my monthly blog, I give some of those free Feng Shui luck boost by combining Feng Shui, Qi Men, and monthly flying stars pattern. But they can in no way substitute for the right Feng Shui setup, which is what can help you produce long lasting improvements.

Note here that the activation is done with movement and ideally involves water. The association between wealth and the Water Element is also based on movement.

water fountain feng shui backyard min - Can Feng Shui Help Us Become Rich?
The association between wealth and the Water Element is based on movement, which a water feature brings.

The liveliness of the Chi comes from movement and growth. It can be argued that life is movement, and perfect stillness is death. On a side note, this is another reason why the Water Element is associated with prosperity.

The Wood Element is another one that adds movement by its everyday growth; and as Water feeds the Wood, both are in this productive cycle to bring prosperity.

As for Fire, it’s movement is too erratic to bring long lasting prosperity. Metal and Earth are often too slow to manifest fast effects and are for long-term purposes.

A lot of Feng Shui temporary luck boost are therefore about bringing more liveliness, through movement and/or the use of the Water Element, into an area that already has a lively and auspicious Chi at the time. For longer lasting formulas, the direct/indirect spirit formula actually brings movement in areas where the Chi needs to be re-invigorated, using a different logic as the activation is long-term.

Another prosperity principle is therefore to create a lively Chi where you are, rather than just “wait” for the house and macro setup to come into effect.

Connecting the Dots: How Feng Shui can Bring You Prosperity

So here I’ll summarize what we have seen so far in terms of Feng Shui and prosperity.

Prosperity is about sustaining one’s life effortlessly. In old times, it had a lot to do with having enough food and heat to sustain the family and future generations.

china agriculture feng shui min - Can Feng Shui Help Us Become Rich?
In old times, prosperity is about sustaining life – having enough food and heat for the family and future generations.

It’s not entirely about “making money”, but rather “living well”. In that sense, it is possible that what classical Feng Shui considers auspicious is more about sustainability and food growing rather than money making.

Here’s how Feng Shui is used to achieve such aims:

  • A good sheltered site with the right Feng Shui setup to sustain plants, animals and human life through farming and agriculture
  • A city, town, village, or settlement setup that catches the lively Chi from the surroundings
  • A setup that respects the Heaven Chi and the cosmic movements
  • An internal layout that respects the logic of sustaining a lively internal Chi through directions, main door, water exit position, stove, etc.
  • Spending more time in houses that are auspicious for the person’s (or family members’) date of birth, and inside those house, spend more time in the good sectors
  • Create a lively Chi by man-made means such as water features, placing plants in some areas, etc.

One last layer that can be added here is the knowledge of your personal “lucky” sectors based on your Bazi. In the Chinese zodiac, your benefactors, money signs, etc. can all be activated with some altars in those locations and adding some movements at the right time.

Those of you who read my previous article on Feng Shui and Bazi know that the lineage I follow also adds Bazi in the mix to determine the auspicious and inauspicious sectors, as well as the colors and supportive Elements of people.

Talking about the Bazi, we now go into one last important aspect. What if the Wood or Water Elements that are often used to “boost” prosperity is not your personal money Element?

Maximizing Feng Shui Wealth Formulas Using Your Bazi

Here we go further in the Five Elements logic.

Let’s imagine we put 10 people with different Day Masters (the Element ruling their day of birth: Yin and Yang form of the Five Elements) in a house that has a good Feng Shui layout, the right flying stars, and a setup that benefits from a true Water Dragon formula. One year later, we check on how they are doing. You will see that some have progressed in their career with their income much further.

Sample Bazi Chart - Can Feng Shui Help Us Become Rich?
Above is sample Bazi chart: 4 Stems on top of 4 Branches. The day master in this chart is the Xin – Yin Metal.

Why is it that some people seem to benefit much more from the Feng Shui setup and prosperity formulas?

This is because they have:

  • A different karma
  • A different face (face reading technique)
  • A different Bazi
  • A different money Element

A prosperity formula that is not connecting to your own Bazi and Money Element will still have an effect, but not as much as when you can receive it properly.

For example, a person with a strong Earth Bazi can make money out of the Water Element. In other words, a Water Dragon Feng Shui formula would have a high chance to boost that person’s wealth luck.

On the other hand, for a male who’s Bazi is a weak Fire Element, activating the water on a large scale might not bring the desired result.

So while some principles such as the symbolic formulas are good for everyone, what people see as “wealth formulas” must also be able to connect and be compatible with them to even work in the first place.

As a reminder, and outside of special cases, here are the wealth Elements for the different day masters in Bazi:

  • Water Bazi: wealth in Fire
  • Wood Bazi: wealth in Earth
  • Fire Bazi: wealth in Metal
  • Earth Bazi: wealth in Water
  • Metal Bazi: wealth in Wood

Your wealth Element is basically what you should focus on to gain money more easily.

For example, a strong Metal Bazi with no clash between Metal and Wood, while being controlled by Fire, could do well in Wood related professions such as clothing design.

Now, assuming that you know your wealth element, can you make money right away from your wealth Element?

To answer that question, we need to see your Luck Pillars and add the strong and the weak Bazi dynamics in the mix. People with strong Bazi usually can make more money easily. However, it still depends on the current luck period they are going through.

For the weak Bazi charts, the logic is as follows:

  • Weak Water Bazi: need resource and/or similar + Fire Element to “see” money
  • Weak Wood Bazi: need resource and/or similar + Earth Element to “see” money
  • Weak Fire Bazi: need resource and/or similar + Metal Element to “see” money
  • Weak Earth Bazi: need resource and/or similar + Water Element to “see” money
  • Weak Metal Bazi: need resource and/or similar + Wood Element to “see” money

For example, a weak Metal Bazi that enter the Goat (Wei) period could do well as the Goat brings both Resource and Wealth Elements.

In Feng Shui, besides the famous Water Dragons, some wealth formulas that involve less water can be tailored for a place and to the Bazi of the people. For example, the Five Ghosts Carry Wealth/Treasures is such formula that has proven to be efficient.

Conclusion: Feng Shui Helps You to Be in the Flow. The Money is Up to You.

Now is the time to review the logic that we have explored. The main point here is that Feng Shui is NOT a get-rich-quick-scheme and never was.

The aim here to respect the “cosmic energy” ruling our universe. This is done by choosing a site and house that respect the auspicious Five Elements rules and logic. That means we are working with the Chi, rather than against it.

high bamboo forests of central china - Can Feng Shui Help Us Become Rich?
Forests have good Qi and are a good environment to live nearby. A house facing the forest takes advantage of such Qi.

By further tailoring the place with the Kua logic and other Feng Shui rules, we then create a haven where we can be in sync with the best Chi supporting our lives. In other words, a tailored place using these rules allow us to spend more time in the auspicious sectors.

Then, by activating our personal benefactors and helpful signs through the Bazi-Feng Shui connections, we can manifest opportunities coming into our lives.

Finally, by regularly boosting the auspicious Chi at a precise time and location in our homes (or businesses), we further benefit from some temporary luck boost. Using such formulas is limited and cannot replace the proper Feng Shui setup. If you are not connected to your living place, it’s like expecting good health by not feeding your body well.

As you can see, the aim is more a life that’s flowing in the right direction and in sync with the Universe and your own nature, rather than manifesting money out of thin air. Having a prosperous life might sometimes translate into getting much more money.

But for the wealth to manifest and be sustained through Feng Shui, all those layers need to be connected properly. The right Feng Shui will bring opportunities to your door: what you do with them is what really changes your destiny.

A Note on Abundance and Karma

Last but not least, one important aspect of manifesting wealth is actually not about Feng Shui.

Many people make the mistake of considering that wealth manifests because of external factors entirely, which is why they focus on Feng Shui formulas. Not surprisingly, they don’t become millionaires or win the lottery using them.

Good luck is actually the conjunction of the Three Lucks working together: Heaven, Human, and Earth. It is one thing to act on the Earth luck with Feng Shui, but the Human and Heaven luck must be positively used as well.

3 LUCKS Bazi - Can Feng Shui Help Us Become Rich?
The Three Lucks concept translated into your life. Your place is the Earth Luck, your actions is your Human Luck, and your purpose is your Heaven Luck.

Therefore, before you even think Feng Shui, the golden rule, in my opinion, is to improve your karma in every way you can.

In Buddhism, generosity is seen as the number one factor to change a negative karma. There is no shame in what I am about to say: we all must have been misbehaving a bit in our previous lives.

However, if you believe in karma, then the scarcity in your life must also have karmic roots. Practicing it every day through willingly donate money or spend time into doing good deeds will contribute to manifesting the positive changes that you desire. In other words, if you want to receive more, you often have to give more first.

Even if you start out of selfish reasons, soon the karmic wheel with turn under the weight of your good deeds and you will start to become more “lucky”. This can translate into a better job, more money, but also in other different ways.

Having a proper Feng Shui should not be an excuse to not work on yourself. It’s by combining both Feng Shui and good karma that you will manifest a life of prosperity, and the benefits you experience will extend to other people. Think of Feng Shui as the soil. If you plant weeds into a beautiful soil, you will get a beautiful weed. You will not get a rose. It’s your actions that’ll determine the outcome.

In that sense, true wealth might not even be about money. Your prosperity might very well be to generate enough good karma on Earth. This is the most rewarding use of Feng Shui.

If you have questions about your Bazi or your home’s Feng Shui setup, feel free to contact me here!


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