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I’ve heard from a Feng Shui consultant that she was asked to use Feng Shui to get rid of his neighbors.

For your information, Feng Shui does not do that. But it can help you in MANY other aspects of life.

For those of you who know a little about Feng Shui, you have a good idea on what it can do for you. You may be practicing it to find love or to attract wealth. Yes, Feng Shui can help you with those, but Feng Shui can bring many other benefits and advantages too. 

In this post, I will tell you the many benefits that Feng Shui can bring you, according to experts and literature. I will briefly mention the Feng Shui rules and tips to help you achieve those benefits, just to give you a basic idea.

My goal is to keep you informed. That way, when you’re serious about improving your life through Feng Shui, you can ask for specific solutions when you get help from a Feng Shui consultant.

Let’s start with the most sought-after benefits when people use Feng Shui.

1. Enhancing Wealth

In Asia, Feng Shui is most commonly used to attract wealth. Many business use it, and most tycoons seek help in this area, discreetly or openly.

For residential Feng Shui, some wealth enhancements used include the use of water features such as fish tanks. Other ways of enhancing wealth means taking advantage of your Prosperity area (Shen Chi) and Health area (Tien Yi) determined by your Kua. You’d also want to make good use of your home’s wealth area, which is determined by the direction your house is facing and the floor plan layout relative to the front door.

2. Finding Love for Singles

According to my experience and observations, love is the second most common benefit that people seek when using Feng Shui. While males mostly look for wealth and career advancements, I noticed that most females seek love.

A powerful tip for singles to attract love is to place fresh flowers in your Peach Blossom area. That area differs by a person’s year of birth. See tip #26 from this list of Feng Shui love tips for more information on Peach Blossom position and for other Feng Shui love tips.

3. Career Advancements and Stability

According to the bagua, the North side of the house symbolizes career. That area should be free from any negative Qi (or Xa) and shouldn’t be lacking in terms of surface area and space. For instance, a house with its North side concaved inward means that the energy in the North would be lacking, therefore potentially harming your career.

A person’s Prosperity area (Shen Chi) can also help with career advancements, because it can help an individual become more driven and motivated.

4. Health Improvements

Proper Feng Shui can greatly improve your health. (This doesn’t mean you can neglect exercise, proper food, or sleep) Feng Shui for health is mostly used for the sickened or elderly.

The Health area (Tien Yi) based on a person’s Kua influences a person’s health. If you’re seeking for health improvements, trying placing your bedroom in that area of the house. For instance, if your Tien Yi area is North, pick the bedroom that’s in the North side of the house. If that’s not possible, trying placing your bed in North end of the bedroom, as it’ll also help with health improvements.

great bathroom design 1024x564 - 20 Advantages and Benefits of Using Feng Shui
Keeping restroom clean and improving sanitation can improve your health.

Of course, you should always consider sanitary measures, such as keeping your restroom clean and decluttering, as all of them impacts your health in different ways.

If you want to take another positive step into improving your health, practicing yoga regularly can also be a solution for you. Just make sure to use a proper mat and apparel for the same. If you consider these to be too expensive for you, you may also use an alo coupon code to decrease their overall cost.

This way, it’d be better for both your health and your bank balance.


What you just read were the most sought-after benefits when people decide to apply Feng Shui. From here on, let’s get to the specific benefits that Feng Shui can bring. I’m guessing that you may not be aware of some of these.

5. Staying in a Relationship or Marriage

The Harmony area (Yan Nien) determined by your Kua number governs relationships, marriage included. To stay in a relationship, make sure that this area is not harmed by any negative Feng Shui (or “Xa”).

Other factors that may affect marriage include the front door and the bedroom. If the size of the front door is smaller than other doors within the house, your marriage can be negatively affected. As for the bedroom, the bedroom door cannot face the kitchen. Also, the bedroom itself cannot be protruding or bulging out from the house. (like a separate add-on unit)

6. Enhancing and Expanding Social Connections

Again, the Harmony area (Yan Nien) influences relationships. This encompasses all sorts of relationships, including family ties, friends, and work relations that can help you keep your job or get you promoted. Again, make sure that this area is not harmed by any negative Feng Shui.

Living Room no window min - 20 Advantages and Benefits of Using Feng Shui
A living room with no windows can potentially harm your social relationships.

Other factors that can harm social relationships include the lack of windows in the living room and placing the kitchen stove within 15 degrees in the Southern area of the house. As for family ties, you can place healthy plants with round soft leaves in your family, friends, and health area in the Bagua map.

7. Improve Fertility

In Feng Shui, the three most important areas to look at are the kitchen, front door, and bedroom. For married couples, the kitchen and front door’s Feng Shui should be adjusted according to the husband or the breadwinner. The bedroom’s Feng Shui, on the other hand, should be adjusted according to the female/wife. One reason for this is to help the wife conceive.

When using Feng Shui for fertility, the bedroom needs to be at her Prosperity area (Sheng Chi). If that’s not possible, just make sure that the Prosperity area are not affected by negative Feng Shui. The kitchen stove can also help, such as placing it at the Total Loss area (Jue Ming) and facing the Prosperity area (Sheng Chi).

8. Stop Unfaithfulness or Cut Off Damaging Relationships

Some say that the frequent use of the side door (instead of the front door) can cause unfaithfulness (or a cheating spouse). The way to cure this is to prevent the side door from replacing the function of the front door.

Bedroom with patterned bed head - 20 Advantages and Benefits of Using Feng Shui
There seems to be another room behind the head of bed, which can cause infidelity.

Bedrooms with another room within also has the tendency to create unfaithfulness (not including a walking closet). One way to stop this is place a rooster figurine towards the front door.

9. Prevent Unwanted Accidents

Each of us have four lucky and unlucky directions based on our Kua. The unlucky area that causes conflicts and accidents is called the Five Ghosts area (Wu Guay). Ideally, this area should be where your restroom, kitchen, or storage room is located at.

green wood cemetary brooklyn new york - 20 Advantages and Benefits of Using Feng Shui
Living next to places of the dead can bring troubles and accidents.

Accidents can also trouble you when you live right next to places of the dead. This include graveyards, morgue, or ancient execution grounds that you may not be aware of. Other factors include having a concaved area in the Northwestern area of your house and having the kitchen stove facing your front door. A proper Feng Shui cure can help prevent these unwanted accidents from happening.

10. Increases Energy and Motivation

The Obstacles area (Huo Hai) based on a person’s Kua influences the energy and motivation level of a person. Just like other unlucky areas, the Obstacles area is more suitable for kitchen, restroom, or storage areas. On the other hand, bedroom or study room in your Prosperity Area (Shen Chi) can help increase your energy and motivation.

Another way to increase motivation (and creativity) is to place big plants in the Eastern area of your home. This is because East in the Bagua belongs to the element of wood.

11. Prevents Bad Financing and Money Problems

West in the Bagua governs your ability to save and keep your belongings, including money. If the Western area of your house is concaved or is extremely small, you may be experiencing conflicts in money. This includes bad financing or lending money to friends and family and not getting them back.

If that area is protruding or is extremely big, you could have the tendency of being “cheap”. Or, to the other extreme, you may be spending extravagantly. West belongs to the gold element. If that area is concaved, trying adding additional gold element. If that area is too big, try adding water elements to weaken it.

12. Avoiding Ghosts and Spirits

Although Feng Shui does not explicitly talk about the supernatural, it does make some mention about it. In short, a small area in the Northeast and Southwest sections of your home are called the “spiritual gates”.

Feng Shui Spiritual Gates Ghost Line - 20 Advantages and Benefits of Using Feng Shui
The highlighted areas are said to be the “Line of the Spiritual Gates.”

These areas are not suitable for sick adults and children under 8 years old. Also, avoid plants that brings Yin energy and avoid houses next to graveyards, cemeteries, and morgue. To learn more about this, read my previous post about Feng Shui rules related to ghosts and the supernatural.

13. Improving Temper

Several Feng Shui factors can influence your temper. One is where your bedroom door is facing the kitchen. The fire, cooking, and human traffic along the kitchen area will disrupt the peace and quietness needed for your bedroom. Second, if the kitchen stove is within 15 degrees in the Southern area of your house, you may experience social and temper problems. Proper Feng Shui cures can neutralize these negative influences.

Also, noise is a form of negative Qi, and being constantly bombarded by noise can be a great nuisance. You will get irritated and annoyed, and both feelings can lead to you anger. If you live next to a busy street, try using double-paned windows for noise cancellation.

14. Help with Lawsuits

The Five Ghosts area (Wu Guay) brings troubles and conflicts, and one of those conflicts involve lawsuits. If your stove is faced towards your Five Ghosts area, lawsuits might be one trouble you might face in the future.

Kitchen feng shui min - 20 Advantages and Benefits of Using Feng Shui
The microwave, toaster, oven, coffee maker, and other cooking devices can be adjusted to bring you luck.

One remedy is to use other cooking devices such as a rice cooker or microwave along with your stove. Place those devices in your Obstacles (Huo Hai) or Six Killings areas (Liu Xa) while facing your Prosperity (Sheng Chi) or Health areas (Tien Yi). If it’s for big lawsuits where life and death is at question, place those cooking devices in your Five Ghosts (Wu Guay) or Total Loss areas (Jue Ming) areas. Of course, placements of cooking device depend on you and your home and have to make sense. You wouldn’t want to be cooking in your bedroom!

A weak energy in the Northeast will also bring losses in lawsuits. This happens when the Northeast area of your house is concaved or missing. The way to boost the energy in that area is to add the element of Earth.

15. Help with Receiving Financial Payments

A smart use of other cooking devices (mentioned earlier) can also help you with receiving financial payments. Though I have my doubts on how well it works, here’s what I’ve heard.

If you’re expecting a payment, such as a business deal, in the months of January, February, May, June, September, and October in the LUNAR calendar, the cooking device should face your Prosperity area (Sheng Chi). If it’s on March, July, and November in the LUNAR calendar, then face the Health area (Tien Yi). For all other months, the cooking device should face the Longevity area (Yan Nien).

16. Boosting Your Business or Career Based on Industry

Each of the four lucky areas based on your Kua has its own unique benefits to different types of business and industry. I have included some of them here for your reference.

If you’re looking to start a business, make good use of your Prosperity area (Sheng Chi). Your Health area (Tien Yi) is suitable for industries such as medicine, health, insurance, or realtor. Your Longevity  area (Yan Nien) has a broad use, and is suitable for various industries including literature, arts, design, sales, and public relations. Finally, your Stability area (Fu Wei) is suitable for industries related to female, such as beauty, cosmetics, and fashion.

17. Improve Academics and Learning Capabilities

Everyone has a Wen Chang area based on your birth year. Also, every house has a Wen Chang area based on the direction of the house. These areas influence your academics and learning capabilities.

lucky bamboo straight wood background - 20 Advantages and Benefits of Using Feng Shui
Lucky bamboo for feng shui’s Wen Chang area should be straight.

The best case scenario is where your Wen Chang area is matched with your home’s Wen Chang area. That will make the Feng Shui job a little easier. One way to take advantage of your Wen Chang area is to place four straight “lucky” bamboos in that area. To find out more about the Wen Chang area, I suggest you read this guide on feng shui plants.

18. Nurturing the Growth of Children

I’ve mentioned that the Northeast and Southwest areas of the house are not suitable for children under 8 because those corners are deemed the “Gates” of the Spiritual Realm. Also, Northwest is not suitable for the son’s room because it symbolizes the authority of the house. Having a son’s room at that corner can create conflict between the father and the son.

If you have introverted kids, placing their room at their Longevity area (Yan Nien) with respect to the house can help them with social circles. As for kids with strong emotions, placing their room at their Stability area (Fu Wei) can help.

19. Improve Home and Personal Security

Feng Shui is more than just Kua numbers, floor plans, interior design, Qi flow, and directions. It also has much to do with time.

For example, houses built in the 1950’s that face West is vulnerable to break-in’s, more so than other similar houses. The same energy that causes robberies can also spread to other areas of your life, if no Feng Shui cures are applied.

20. Promote Emotional and Mental Health

Using the Bagua, a concaved or missing Southwest area can cause depression, along with many other problems. Also, your Total Loss area (Jue Ming) can also bring the same effect depending on where it’s located in your house.

Clutter in front yard - 20 Advantages and Benefits of Using Feng Shui
Living around clutter increases stress and is linked to depression.

Other schools of Feng Shui have cited clutter as part of Feng Shui. Although I agree that clutter is not really part of Classical Feng Shui, decluttering does bring significant benefits. Some these benefits include a decreased level of stress and decreased chance of suffering from depression.


Above are just a brief overview of how Feng Shui can positively impact your life. The Feng Shui rules, cures, and solutions mentioned above are NOT comprehensive (and are not meant to be). There is really no generic approach to Feng Shui because there are countless variations when we factor in the house, the occupant(s), and time.

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of the can’s and cannot’s of Feng Shui along with its specific benefits. This way, you’ll know whether Feng Shui can help you with your life’s problems or not. And when you’re serious about using Feng Shui to improve your life, you can ask a Feng Shui consultant for specific solutions and remedies.

Have you used Feng Shui? How has it benefited you? Share your thoughts and experiences with us by commenting below!

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