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You’ve probably read countless Feng Shui bedroom rules and tips. Have you ever noticed that you can’t implement all at the same time? Because sometimes one rule conflicts with another?

For instance, you probably know that the bedroom door shouldn’t be facing the bed. However, if you place it somewhere else, you will be sleeping in an unlucky area or direction based on your Kua number.

When that happens, which should you follow? Is one rule superior to the other?

Depending on the tip or rule you use, one DOES have priority over the other.

In this post, you will learn about some Feng Shui rules and tips about bed placement that can potentially conflict with one another, depending on your bedroom’s layout. Then, I will tell you which tip or rule takes priority over the other.

Ideal Feng Shui Bed Placements Based on the Compass

Ideal Feng Shui bed placements differ by a person’s Kua number if we use Eight Mansions Feng Shui. (Please note that Eight Mansions is just one school of Feng Shui. I personally use Flying Stars Feng Shui and other schools instead of Eight Mansions. However, I am bringing the Eight Mansions practice as an example to illustrate a point.) To elaborate, your Kua number is determined by your sex and your birth year and will determine things like the ideal bed placement. If you don’t know your Kua number, you can use this calculator to find out. 

After you find out your Kua, take note of your lucky and unlucky directions. You will be using them for your bed placement.

Next, use the floor plan of your bedroom and divide it according to the eight cardinal directions. It’s like cutting a pizza, illustrated in the image below:

Floor Plan eight directions min 300x297 - When Feng Shui Bed Placement Rules Conflict: Which Should You Use?
If you need more instructions, I’ve laid it all out in my ebook.

The general rule is that your bed should be placed in your lucky or “auspicious” areas. For instance, a person with Kua number 8 should have the bed placed at the western section of the bedroom.

Although there are slight variations on ideal placements depending on the person’s Kua and gender, you should be fine just by following the general rule mentioned earlier.

5 Feng Shui Bed Placements to Avoid Based on Forms

Now that you know ideal bed placements, let me tell you where NOT to place your bed.

These are the rules, tips, and cures you probably know. These rules are the ones that are likely to conflict with the ideal bed placements as mentioned earlier.

1. Avoid Empty Space Between Head of Bed and Wall

You’ve probably heard this a thousand times: “the head of bed should be placed against a wall”.

Sleeping on Plane 1024x768 - When Feng Shui Bed Placement Rules Conflict: Which Should You Use?
If you could lie down sleeping on a plane, would you sleep with your head on the side of the walkway?

The reasoning for this placement is for you to feel supported. It’s a feeling of security, similar to sitting with a wall behind your back.

Diagonal placements should be avoided since this forms a triangular empty space when viewed from above.

diagonal placement bed feng shui - When Feng Shui Bed Placement Rules Conflict: Which Should You Use?
Shown above is a diagonal placement of the bed with respect to the wall.

According to some experts, this creates dilemmas in relationships. You’ll find that you’ll be in a relationship where you don’t love your partner or vice versa. Or, you may be in a situation where you’re in love, but circumstances make it hard for the both of you to be together.

Cure: Place a heavy piece of furniture behind the head of your bed that mimics a wall. It gives you the feeling of support and makes you feel more secure when you’re asleep.

2. Avoid Door Facing the Bed Directly

You’ve probably also heard this a thousand times, and some of you may refer to this as the renowned “coffin position”. This term takes its name from the practice of how we carry the dead through open doors, either head or feet first. 

The “coffin position” is when your feet face the door when you’re in bed.

coffin position bed placement feng shui - When Feng Shui Bed Placement Rules Conflict: Which Should You Use?
The “coffin position” is when your feet face the door when you’re in bed.

But this applies to any position. Meaning, it’s not just sleeping with your feet facing the door. As long as the door faces the bed, your bed placement is not ideal in terms of Feng Shui. Placing your bed in line with the door puts you directly in the path of the energy that flows through the entryway, which can disrupt your sleep.

This rule also applies to any door, such as the restroom door (if your bedroom is a master bedroom).

The restroom is renowned for bad Feng Shui. It contains odors, humidity, and bacteria that can affect both your sleep and your health. 

If your restroom door faces the bed, some experts say that it can attract love relationships that damage you. In other words, you’ll find yourself in scenarios where you tend to find the “wrong” partner.

Cure: The easy cure is to place a door curtain or simply keep your restroom door closed. You can also try hanging a mirror on the inside of the bathroom door, facing inwards, so that any negative energy is reflected back into it.

3. Avoid Placing Bed Under Beam

Many Feng Shui experts agree that a person should not sit or sleep under the beam. That’s because beams create a subconscious feeling of being suppressed.

The lower, bigger, or more protruding the beam is, the greater the Qi’s “pressure” it has on you. This feeling is similar to the feeling you get when you’re under a really low ceiling.

canopy bed beam feng shui - When Feng Shui Bed Placement Rules Conflict: Which Should You Use?
The canopy bed helps with uneven ceiling and the beams.

Though some people experience problems when they sleep under beams, I’ve noticed that this doesn’t apply to everyone. Some people (like myself) sleep just fine under beams. Some elders reasoned that physical strength and youth has a lot to do with it.

Cure: You can use a canopy bed with the top covered. Experts have said that the extra layer is said to block the beam’s Qi.

4. Avoid Head of Bed Under Window

I’ve written a whole post about why you shouldn’t sleep with your head under a window.

To summarize, it’s because the Qi entering through the window will disrupt your sleep. These Qi are mostly the smell, sound, and light that can come in through the window. To give you more context, these can range from animal movements, cigarette smell from your neighbors, and wind that can give you headaches. Putting yourself in the path of these energies can make it difficult to get a good night’s rest and give you a general sense of restlessness, so it’s best to move your bed away from this area.

Cure: You can use heavier window blinds, double-pane windows, or a tall and solid headboard.

5. Avoid Head on the Same Side of Door, Toilet, or Kitchen

Many of us know that the bed should be placed in the “command position”. Meaning, the door should be visible in your line of sight when you’re lying on your bed.

If that’s not possible, you should avoid placing the head of your bed against the same wall as the door. That’s because the sound, movement, and vibration from the opening and closing of the door will greatly impact how you rest.

This also makes sense from a practical point of view since there’s usually a walkway on the other side of the wall with the door. Human (or pet) movements along that walkway have the tendency to disrupt your sleep. Of course, this assumes that you share a room with someone or if you have other family members living with you.

The same goes with the toilet, where the flushing of the toilet will be exponentially louder. Other times, you may just be annoyed when you hear water flowing through the pipes.

As for the kitchen, some say that the fire energy from the kitchen stove can cause insomnia. Also, the noise of the refrigerator and other activities in the kitchen will be louder if your bed and kitchen share the same wall.

Cure: A strong solid headboard will do most of the job, as it’ll negate many of the sound coming from the other side of the wall.

Which Bed Placement Rule Should You Prioritize?

By now, some of you may have noticed this – placing the bed in an ideal position, based on compass, might place the bed in a bad position, based on Forms.

For instance, your lucky direction may be on the west, but placing your bed there means that the door would be facing the bed. Or, you might be struggling to choose between placing the bed under the window or facing the door.

Here are 3 scenarios to help you understand which bed placement rules to prioritize.

Scenario 1: Choosing Between Ideal Bed Placements and Choosing Which Placements to Avoid

Here’s the scenario: when you place your bed in an ideal position based on your Kua number, but you also end up positioning it in a location where you should avoid.

For instance, you want to place the bed on the east, but then you will lose your “command position” since the door is facing the bed.

bed under window and facing door is bad feng shui - When Feng Shui Bed Placement Rules Conflict: Which Should You Use?
Not only does the bed above faces the door in a “coffin position”, the head of bed is also under a window. Both of which should be avoided.

If you really have to choose, you should give up your ideal bed placement and heed the bed placements to avoid. This is especially true if:

  1. The door is facing your bed
  2. The head of bed has no support

But it doesn’t always have to be this way.

If you apply the cures as mentioned earlier, you can definitely place your bed in your ideal position.

For instance, to place your bed in an ideal location, you may need both a room divider (for a door facing bed) and a strong solid headboard (because the head of bed shares the same wall with the toilet).

Just remember not to overdo it. Don’t go overboard just so you can place your bed in an ideal position. This is because you might be altering the Qi flow of the bedroom when you apply too many cures. You will inconvenience yourself, and your bedroom space will seem less spacious and less comfortable.

Scenario 2: Choosing Between Two Individual’s Ideal Position

This applies mostly to married couples that share the same bed.

Say, for instance, that your Kua number is 8. Your lucky areas are in the west. You share your bed with your partner, who’s Kua number is 1, with lucky areas in the East. Who’s Kua number should be used for ideal bed placement?

When this happens, you should consider using the Kua of the female. That’s because both the bedroom and the female belong to Yin (using the Yin Yang theory, where men belong to Yang). For this reason, the female’s Kua takes priority in bed placement.

For younger couples, placing the bed in favor of the female’s Kua can also help the female to conceive.

Scenario 3: When Bed is Placed in Both Lucky and Unlucky Areas

What happens when a bed takes up the areas in the north and northwest of the house? (Or north and northeast? South and southwest?) This is quite common if your bed takes up most of your bedroom space.

Small Bedroom Interior Designs Feng Shui - When Feng Shui Bed Placement Rules Conflict: Which Should You Use?
In small bedrooms, your bed is likely placed in both lucky and unlucky areas of your Kua.

This is a concern because north is a lucky direction for people who have Kua numbers 1, 3, 4, 9, while northeast is the unlucky area for the same group of people. If you’re looking for something more unique and accurate than Kua numbers, you may want to consider using your Bazi for Feng Shui. Bazi essentially takes a deeper dive into your nature and maps out the milestones in your life based on your 4 Pillars.

In this case, the head of the bed takes priority. In other words, just make sure that the head of your bed is placed in your lucky area based on your Kua number.

Again, do not overdo this and force this bed placement. You still need to place the head of the bed against a wall and avoid having the door face the bed. Refer back to scenario #1 above.

Word of Advice

I’ve seen many people untrained in Feng Shui misinterpreting Feng Shui rules and sweating over things that are completely unnecessary. For instance, even if a door is facing the bed, in the coffin position, it is NOT as bad as one might think because there are other factors to consider.

Like I’ve always suggested, it’s always better to consult an expert than to do it yourself. The reason is that I’ve seen many people who follow simple Feng Shui tips and do more harm than good to themselves in the end.


Some bed placements to avoid take priority over the desired bed placement based on direction. For instance, you should choose to place the head of your bed against a wall, even if that means you’re placing it in your unlucky area based on your Kua number. In other instances, placing the bed in the female’s lucky area takes priority over their male counterpart.

As you can see, there are countless variations, conflicts, and cures for proper Feng Shui bed placement. That’s why you should consult a Feng Shui Expert instead of trying to apply Feng Shui yourself and you can browse and consult an expert of your choice here. The alternative to hiring an expert is to take courses and learn Feng Shui yourself.

(Side note: In my experience, the Eight Mansions Feng Shui practice mentioned in this article is a hit or miss thing. If you’re looking for a Classical Feng Shui practice that really brings results, you can use my bedroom Feng Shui consultation service.)

Also, bed placement is just one tiny aspect of Feng Shui. So shouldn’t be surprised if nothing much has changed when your bed placement follows the correct Feng Shui rules.

If you truly want Feng Shui to change your life, you need a comprehensive analysis of the surrounding area as well as the interior of the house. Again, this is where you will need help from a professional practitioner.

What other conflicts in Feng Shui bed placement have you experienced? Please share them by commenting below!

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  1. Sandy

    My bed in the master bedroom faces the patio glass sliding door. Does this fall into Category #2? If I move the bed to the adjacent wall the bed will cover half a window. There is no other way to position the bed.

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Sandy,
      Yes, it does fall under category #2. However, I’m thinking the patio door is less used compared to the bedroom door, so the disturbances should be less. Pick the location that you feel most comfortable. I’d always suggest that you find an expert to take a look just to be sure!

      1. Darko

        Hi Victor, I m wondering why FengShui kinda opposing Indian Vastu in opinion where head should be durring the sleep? In Vastu says, do not put head on north bcz human body magnetic North is where the head is, while by Feng Shui says opposite. Can you trow some light on this topic?

      2. Natalie Consalvi

        Hello Victor,

        Very informative article!
        I am stuck in an issue of where to place my daughters bed. My options are either to have it in the command position but under a window, or against the opposing wall, with the headboard in line with the door. I do have a picture of needed. She has issues with sleeping at night and feelings of being scared so I want to create the best sleeping conditions for her.

        Thank you so much.

    2. Sallas

      Hi Victor.

      I’m a male kua 9. Room door facing east. I placed my bed heading east but the bath room door (in South) facing my bed. West is the window. Is it ok? Thank you.

      1. Sallas

        Or is it ok if I keep the bathroom door closed at night if I’m not install any curtain?

        1. Brigid OBrien

          Hi my grandsons bedroom is extremely small and has only 3 choices to fit his single bed 1 facing the door 2head of bed to wall so if he’s sleeping his head is in line with the door and 3 his head in line with window … what is best please

          1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

            Hi Brigid,
            Hard for me to picture this. Without considering other factors, I would pick #2 or #3.

      2. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

        Hi Sallas,
        This is ok if you keep the bathroom door closed.

  2. Jimelyn

    My husband and I has a conflict kua location. his kua no. is 3 born in the year of sheep and I’m kua 8 rat. What best location should fit for us?

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Jimelyn,
      Ideally, the kitchen and the front door should be based on your husband’s Kua, assuming that he’s the breadwinner of the house. The bedroom, on the other hand, should be based on your Kua.

  3. Sisca

    Hi Victor, my kua number is 2 and my husband kua number is 3 what location fit best for us? we have economy issue since moving to new house..Right now our bedroom heading west and our kitchen heading west too.. thanks before..

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Sisca,
      I’m assuming “heading” west means “facing” west. If so, both should benefit you more than your husband. You should also check the front door direction as well as the Kua of the house based on its sitting/facing direction.
      I can’t really tell what’s causing your financial issues because of lack of information. I suggest you find a consultant to help you out.

    2. Lois

      1.In my room where the head of the bed can face has a window behind it..but the window doesn’t run to the floor level …and your side leads to the kitchen(heat from the kitchen)

      2.And the other position by the well, your head faces the bedroom door and your feet faces the washroom door

      Which one do I go for..1 or 2

      1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

        Hi Lois,
        Try sleeping in both positions and see how well you sleep. For instance, if you can feel the heat from the kitchen, then maybe #2 is better.
        If you’d like to consider Feng Shui directions and compass directions, I suggest you find a professional. Let me know if you need my service:

  4. Celeste

    Half of my bed faces the bedroom door and it is too small to place a room divider in between the bed and the door. What should I do? I read placing a five coin bundle on a red string hanging outside the door will help? Please advise!

      1. Jaymee Salazar

        can I use the beaded material door curtain?

        1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

          Hi Jaymee,
          Yes, of course you can! It’s quite popular in Asia. But I guess, only older generations like them better. 🙂

      2. Mirasol Lacbayo Gicain

        Hello sir… my kitchen front in my main door? It is bad? Ang my bed in the window

  5. Richard Mathews

    Hi Victor, I have my bed facing the west on of my best areas but half of the wall is a window and the opposite wall is a door. I want to use the another wall were my head and feet are protected but they are not my good directions. What can I do? Thanks.

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Richard,
      That’s exactly what this post is about. In Feng Shui, you should avoid the bad then consider the good. Once that’s set, consider the better “area” according to your Kua first. If that’s not possible, then consider the directions (where your head is faced towards).

      1. Richard Mathews

        Thanks. Unfortunately If I move the bed from where it is now all the other directions are not my favorable ones due to the size of the room. Is there any décor you will recommend to increase the flow of good energy when this happens? Thank you for all your time and knowledge. R.

        1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

          Hi Richard,
          Don’t worry about over-optimizing Feng Shui. Using Eight Mansions, hopefully your bedroom is located at a good location when you look at your house at its entirety.
          Also, you should definitely look at other areas. Feng Shui is not just about the bedroom!

  6. Karen

    Question… when referring to bed placement.
    When you say the bed is to be facing north, for instance, does that mean the headboard is to be placed on the north wall or would you position the bed on the south wall where you would be sleeping/ waking to the north?

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Karen,
      The bed’s direction is where your head is pointed towards when your sleeping in your bed: The bed can be placed at either side of the wall when facing this direction, but of course, the head of bed should be against a wall (as well as other bed placement rules such as avoiding beams, window, doors, etc.)
      Hope this clarifies.

      1. Gargy vyas

        Sir, only one direction can place bed is north-south in which head towards north and in India its believed not to be placed head in that direction. Any solution or anything that can be done to avoid negative impact. Please reply ASAP as about to move in new house

        1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

          Hi Gargy,
          Check to see if it is directly North/South, using a compass as measurement. If it avoids direct North/South (I’m assuming 352.5 to 7.5 degrees North??), then you should be good. If not, charms won’t work. Just don’t place your bed that way. I wouldn’t worry much about it, though.

  7. Celeste Kua

    Hi Victor, thanks for your advice. Do you recommend door curtain which cover the full door or 3/4 of the door?

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Celeste,
      Both can do the job, so which to use will depend on your preference and your level of comfort.

  8. Sharyn wolfenden

    Hi victor im new to your site I’ve just rent a house till my home loan goes through to build my home but my room standing at door looking in faces aw but I’m a 3 is this bad the left has built in robes and the right a window and a small ensuite on the same side as bedroom door the window faces nw so if I put bed there my feet would be facing se I’m having a stressful time with health my children and now financial please any suggestions would be beneficial thank you for your time sharyn

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Sharyn,
      It is not ideal to have your head facing Northwest because your Kua is 3. Also, please note that facing Northwest is still desirable if your placement avoids beams, doors, and other placements you should avoid.
      Bedroom Feng Shui is only one small aspect of Feng Shui. If you really want results, you should take a look at the whole house, such as where the bedroom is located when looking at the entire home’s floor plan.

  9. L Fowler

    I am a female & confused,,,,In ancient feng shui i am a kua1, newer calculations say i am a kua8 (DOB=-/-/54) which do i follow???

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi L Fowler,
      I’ve removed your month and day of birth. According to my learnings, and confirming using my other sources, your Kua is 8. (Gen)

      1. L Fowler

        It seems my old book, makes the same calculations for men & women.though had read more than once i was a kua1.

        Thank you for verifying im a kua8,, making bagua areas etc easier to follow as i must be a “west” person.

        1. f

          Hi Victor, is it ok if place the dresser/closet at the end of the bed? I have it currently facing my bedrooms door. So i don’t know what’s right to do. If the bed facing the closet is bad. Thankyou in advance

          1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

            Hi F,
            Yes, dresser/closet at end of bed is totally fine.

  10. Artchelle

    Hi Victor, my kua number is 7 which belongs to the west group.I want to ask about sleeping direction. Can I sleep with my head facing west direction and at the same time with my feet facing East direction (which is my bad direction)? I just wonder, do the head and feet should facing the good direction or only just for the head?

    Recently,I have read an article about sleeping direction which stated that when you face your bed west, you create the best conditions for a good night’s sleep.(Does “face your bed west” in this article means that with the head facing west?). Then the article added, West is contentment. However contentment can also bring with it laziness and low motivation, so starting a new career while your bed is facing this direction might not be the best idea. This is ideal for people who already have a good career going. As I am still a student so this concern me a lot. So is it okay for me to sleep with my head facing west? I really hope that you can help me to clarify this issues. Thank you.

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Artchelle,
      Your only concern is where the head is faced. 🙂
      I’m not sure about West and contentment, but I do know that some research suggest that direction can affect heart rate:
      Don’t get bothered by contentment. If you’re following Eight Mansions’s Kua, your west brings peace, stability, and steady personal growth!

  11. Saj glani

    Hi, i need your help please. My brother who is head of the family is single. He is kua 3 .there are only 2 placement directions for his bed. Novheast or southwest. How do i set up his bed. Would a mirror in northwest help. I. Thanks for an.y advice you can gv.

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Saj,
      If his bedroom is not at the East 4 sections, and if you can’t place the bed at the East sections in the bedroom, then just place it so the bed faces one of the 4 auspicious East directions.
      Where the bed faces is where your head is pointed towards when you sleep on the bed.

  12. Lynnette

    I live in the Southern Hemisphere in Uruguay. Since the sun moves across the sky from the North in the Southern Hemisphere, and the sun moves across the sky from the South in the Northern hemisphere, I realise that the Feng Shui North-South relations should be different for the different hemispheres. However the sun always rises from the East in both hemispheres, so I am guessing the East-West relationships should be the same for both hemispheres. Is that correct?

    Since I am a night owl and sleep until 11 AM I want to place the bedrooms in the South and Southwest part of the house so the sunrise doesn’t wake me up. However, one web sight says that KUA # 5 females should not sleep in the South areas. I am confused where to place my bedroom in the new house floor plan. Can you please tell me where I should place the bedroom for the best health?

    Thank you.

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Lynnette,
      Your question about the North/South hemisphere is one that boggles me too!! There are very few people that makes this mention and I’m also trying to grasp it. Initial thoughts were that the north/south should be flipped because of its distance to the magnetic forces. However, I have doubts on that explanation too.
      As for your Kua, female with Kua #5 is actually #8 and male is Kua #2. Both are west group, where South is not a favorable direction/location.
      Your bedroom should be placed according to the lucky directions – West, Southwest, Northwest, and Northeast. HOWEVER, I would do further research and check Xuan Kong Flying Star for reference too.

    2. Kimberly T Rota

      Hello Victor,

      Thank you so much for your articles. I am a female west 7 – my only bed placement options are N and S
      The bedroom door is facing S
      I am facing the door- but the door is in the corner so it’s not directly in front of the bed.
      Any suggestions?
      Thank you.

      1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

        Hi Kimberly,
        I won’t be giving the best advice without taking a full look at the house. If you have to choose between N and S, then choose N, assuming there are no other Forms that should be taken into consideration.

        1. Jini

          Hi Victor,

          I’m female with kua#6 and my husband is #8. Our master’s bedroom occupies the whole of the second floor. The floor layout:
          * southwest – staircase heading towards the bedroom door that is facing south
          * west – walk-in closet , door facing east
          * east – windows
          The rest of the areas are open for bed placement.
          Currently, our bed faces south (head pointing to south), and i seldom get some very good sleep. Most of the time, i don’t feel well and is always haunted with anxiety over a lot of things i.e savings getting drained no matter how much comes in, business does not really pick up, fear of trying new ventures..

          Feeling stagnated and lacking zest, i would like to experiment changing our bed direction to north since it also has a command position where we can see the bedroom door. Would this be a wise move?

          Also our bathroom connected to the walk-in closet is in the northwest, I was told it’s the reason why we repeatedly lose our savings, is there anything we can do to improve this?

          Thank you and I will appreciate a feedback.

          1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

            Hi Jini,
            Definitely experiment changing your bed direction. As for bathroom connected to the walk-in closet as the reason why you lose savings, I have my doubts on that saying. My bathroom is also connected to the walk-in closet and I don’t have that problem. 🙂

  13. Jonabel

    hi victor,

    My bed is facing door kitchen…is it bad fengshuie?

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Jonabel,
      Yes, it is bad Feng Shui. If space allows, place a divider, furniture, or a door cover/drapery in between. It’ll help lessen the effect.

      1. Kathy

        Hi there. due to financial circumstances and job cutting hours due to pandemic I cannot move or have a place to go. I live in an old apartment with thin walls. I live in northwest facing apartment. The bedroom is south sector. It has window on southwest wall, and a large sliding door on south to patio. and east wall is closet. north is the only empty wall but it faces the sliding doors which I covered with thermal curtains. being in Northern CA, the room becomes literally 100 degrees and winter its below 50 I have to use 4 blankets and I have nightmares constantly while sleeping in northwest direction. so i moved to living room because it has the wall heater/ wall ac which only cools/heats the living room ONLY. 10/27/86 says I am Kua 1. southeast is storage room. east sector is bathroom. North East and North are the kitchen area. IN living room acting as a studio , northwest is front of house but northwest is large window , west corner is front door. northeast is wall heater next to hallway towards southeast storage room.. South West has wall AC. the only wall i can place bed is considered half southeast and half South wall, placing bed here will be in view of front door, am I doomed forever until I can get the income to move ?? no matter what I will not be in any auspicious directions. or place headboard against southwest under AC unit…. I am doomed until I find a job with income to move ??? I’d really greatly appreciate some advice or insights. please please???? many thanks

        1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

          Hi Kathy,
          Placing bed with a view of front door is command position, which is recommended. Don’t confuse that with “coffin” position, which is where your feet points to the door when you sleep. The coffin position is not always bad too, so you are not doomed. Keep your head up and stay positive!

  14. Alfred

    My kua number is 7 (west group), and I am born in autumn season. My bedroom East has window, South has stove underneath, North has closet door and washroom door, West is bedroom door.

    Where should my headboard be placed (which direction should my feet point to).


    Here is the layout:

    1. Alfred

      Option 1: head board on east (window side)
      – commanding position of entrance door
      – head board covers window still by 6 inches on the right
      -not commanding position of window

      Option 2: head board on south
      – commanding position of window and entrance door
      – easily enter both sides of the bed
      – directly above stove in first floor
      – partially facing closet door

      Option 3: head board on west
      – commanding position of window
      – west side for kua group
      -Closet door crosses bed (does that matter?)
      -no commanding position of entrance

      1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

        Hi Alfred,
        You should first avoid the bad (like stove underneath), then adjust for the positive, like commanding position and directions. However, from your drawing, I don’t think you can see the door even if you place your bed at command position.
        Using that, I would pick option 3. Of course, I haven’t seen your actual room, so I cannot be sure.

        1. Dedra Tyler

          Hi I can only place my bed on a west wall conflicting with my Kia number of 4 and my husband a 9. Room small and door placement as well as there is a sliding door in the bedroom on the north wall. Any suggestions

  15. martin

    Hi Victor,
    thanks for your article, it’s very informing. We have the situation 5, so your advice and cures are more than welcome.
    I do have a question about the “entrance door facing bedroom door” situation. They are not completely aligned, but when we enter the apartment we can see the half of the bedroom door and they do stand very close to each other since the apartment is very small. Is there a cure I could use for this? My wife is kua 8, I am kua 7.

    Regards, Martin

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Martin,
      If the doors are not completely aligned, you’re fine. If it still bothers you, try placing a door curtain (or something similar) on your bedroom door. This will also help improve your room’s privacy.

  16. Eve

    I’m a woman with kua number 7. I’m in a relationship that I hope will lead to marriage and children. I’m not even sure if the info I gave is relevant to this, but here goes…I have a small bedroom. I placed a big mirror on the northeast wall/corner of my bedroom. It does not reflect my bed at all, but reflects my bedroom door. Is this bad fengshui?

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Eve,
      As long as the mirror and the bedroom door doesn’t form a straight line, you’re in good shape. Even so, the effects are a much smaller deal than having the mirror facing the bed.
      Good luck!

  17. Jonathan

    Hi Victor. Very helpful article. My question is less about bed placement and more about bedroom placement. I just bought a modest 2 floor condo with 2 bedrooms for me and my young son. The bedrooms are on the second floor. One bedroom is towards the back of the condo which I understand is the “power” position. The other bedroom is on the front of the condo. I understand that I should be in the back bedroom but the front one is slightly bigger with a view and my preference. Is there a “fix” if I chose the front bedroom? I greatly appreciate your input. -Jonathan

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Jonathan,
      The front of the bedroom is an issue only if it’s on the first floor because of privacy issues. Front of house is not suitable because it’s usually where most Yang activities are, and bedroom requires Yin to have restful sleep. However, again, that won’t be a problem for you because you’re on the second floor.
      If there are no obstructions from your window (such as a light post right next to window and/or facing a T-junction), you’re in good shape.

  18. DSC

    Hi Victor,
    Wondering if you can help me. Our master bedroom has a weird layout and am stuck on the bed placement. Is there a way i can send you the floor plan to take a quick look? Our bed is currently under the window, but if we move it to another side, it will be directly across from the bathroom door. Your input will be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi DSC,
      Having bed is under window is fine, as long as the window is NOT next to your head. Even so, a solid headboard (or solid blinds) can be a cure. It is way better than having it across from the bathroom door.

  19. CM Tan

    I just rented a house with the main door facing North. However the door to the rooms are all facing west towards the living room and the window are on the east side. I have to place the bed next to the doors facing the windows as placing the beds on the north walls in some of the rooms will have the doors directly facing the side of the beds or under a window. Please advice.

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi CM Tan,
      With limited context, I would say what you did is correct. First priority is to avoid having the door facing your bed.

      1. CM tan

        How can i share the house and room layout image you?

  20. Amy Bloom

    Hi! I recently rented a studio apartment that doesn’t have any option aside from placing my bed on a north facing wall. I can sleep with my head going north or flip and put my pillows so my head faces south but that feels ungrounded without a wall for support. The south wall is a double sliding door to my patio. The only other option is to put my bed under a window with my head facing west. And that position my head faces to powerline towers! I really can’t win. So, is there a cure for having your head facing north when you sleep? I don’t have many options in this tiny space. Thanks

  21. Jules Richards

    Hi Victor, really great article! I am at a huge dilemma now though. My Kua number is 1 and I have just moved into a new apartment where in the bedroom walls are SouthEast, NorthEast, NorthWest and SouthWest. So as you can see only SouthEast is my good direction while the others are all bad. The problem is, the SE wall is where the bedroom door is, therefore my bed would be next to the door. Another big problem is that the SE is not completely a solid wall. It has a modern design where there is a a glass panel/window (it is not clear glass though, it is blurred so you can’t really see through) on both sides of the door (kind of like a door to a patio). And basically, only half of my bed has a solid wall behind it and the other half has this window behind it that is next to the door.

    Is there any solution for me at all?? Any cures perhaps? What would be the best placement of my bed in this case?

    Any advice would be very appreciated! I am really unsure of what to do!

    1. Jules Richards

      I also forgot to mention that the NW wall is also a window! So I guess that would make it also one of the worst locations to place the bed since its a bad direction for me and a window!

    2. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Jules,
      Before you apply your Kua number, follow the basic bedroom Feng Shui rules first. Also, the method of using your Kua number is an option only when you’ve considered the Kua of your house (which I’ve mentioned in this article:
      Simple cures would be a divider in between your door and your bed (assuming you end up placing it where the door faces the bed). As for the patio door, no biggie. It acts more like a window that an actual door. Having a window facing your bed is better than having a door facing your bed.

  22. Synthia

    What if one side of bed is against the wall ?

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Synthia,
      Hopefully that’s the side of your bed’s headboard!

  23. Katie

    Hi Victor,
    My kua number is 3. I am currently sleeping with my head facing North, however 1/3 of the bed is facing the door and I can’t fit a night stand on the right hand side for balanced feng shui. The only other direction to move my bed is with my head facing West. Should I move my bed?
    Many thanks,

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Kate,
      The priority here is to position your bed so the door doesn’t face the bed (in a straight line). This should be done even if your head faces West when you sleep.

  24. Mel Viloria

    Hello Victor, my living room bum bedroom is on the South side of the house ,toilet is on the Southwest, kitchens on the West
    My kua number is 6
    Please help me how to fix it?
    Thanking in advance

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Mel,
      I cannot help without knowing your situation and without a floor plan. You’ll need a consultation for this.

  25. Tracy

    My bed is on a wall that’s share the bathroom n my door is on the wall also. My kua is 5. My west has window n only east has another wall that shares apartment bathroom.

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Tracy,
      It’ll be fine if the toilet doesn’t share the same wall as your bed. If so, use a more solid headboard or allow some space in between, or both, and you’ll be fine.

  26. Wendie

    My bed must face the NE direction…there is not any other choice. I am Kua #7 and most research says bed facing NE is bad, then others say for my Kua number that NE is a lucky direction. So, which is it? Is bed positioned on NE wall okay?

  27. Shannon Nakamura

    I’m moving into a new place and it’s partlyrics furnished. The bed is facing north, entrance to the bedroom is on West wall, and the closet door and the bathroom door are on the nothing wall. So I’m facing nothing in the bed but that’s facing both the closet and bathroom doors. The closet door is at the foot of the bed and the bathroom is not at the foot of the bed but more in the northeast corner. Is this bad and what can I do? Thank you.

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Shannon,
      A little hard to picture your room.
      The closet door facing the bed is not a problem, as long as there’s no mirror on it.
      If the door doesn’t face the bed, then you’re fine.

      1. Shannon Nakamura

        Sorry Victor, I just saw my typos. My bed faces North. At the end of my bed is the closet and bathroom. The closet is directly at the end of the bed, but no mirror, while the bathroom door is to the right. I could possibly change the bed to have it facing east but then the headboard will be up against the same wall as the entrance door to the bedroom. Which would be best? My number is a 3. Thank you so much

  28. dimput28

    Nice article. As an Indonesian surrounded by Chinese friends, it really helps to learn their culture. I once shifted the position of my bed to face the door when I was staying over at a close friend of my mother’s. My mother then told me to return the bed to its original position, as the homeowner contacted her personally to inform me. She said that it was an indication of bad luck and will deteriorate wealth. The “coffin position” you spoke of was creepier, though.

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Thanks for sharing your experience!

  29. Noel

    Hey Victor,

    Very informative blog and thank you for doing this. We are about to move in to a house with a bit challending dirrection for me. My wife and I have opposite kua(4 & 6) respectively. Bed placement options are:

    1: East, but have a slight inclination to NE depending on compass can have headboard on the wall with small window on each side table, but coffin position with restroom door

    2: North, but have a slight inclination to be NW will have the headboard on a big Window which will be a command position for the bedroom. No coffin, but restoom door somewhat lines towards the right side of the bed

    3: South with a bit SE will be on a wall, but adjacent to the other room and facing the big window. The restroom door lines toward the left side of the bed.

    I hope your wisdom can help us as it has been bothering me for quite some time. Front door is N/NE.

    Many thanks

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Noel,
      Based on your info, I would select option 3. The key here is to avoid all the negative positions FIRST. Directions based on your Kua is secondary. As for the restroom door, just remember to keep the door closed. Or, if you don’t have that habit, place a cover/drapery to cover the door.

      1. Noel

        Hi Victor, thank you for the insight.

        The room seems to be built for option 1 with headboard towards N/E wall but in coffin position from a restroom door with a mirror. Possible fix is replace the door, good footboard and cover with curtain like you mentioned. But yeah, this is definitely a big no no.

        I really wish I could make the option 2 work with headboard against double pane window N/W, but is a command position. Will closing the window all the time and placing a heavy curtain or blinds help mitigate if we decide to place the bed there?

        Thanks again.

  30. Donna B

    I enter my bedroom from a small hallway from the other part of my home and my bed faces that doorway and also the bathroom doorway. I cannot put my bed anywhere else. I also have a beam that runs over my bed. I have bamboo flutes hanging on each side of my headboard. I have a wind chime hanging over the doorway coming into the bedroom and a crystal hanging halfway between the doorway and bed. Could you give me anymore ideas? Thank you, Donna B

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Donna,
      Hopefully the wind chime and bamboo flutes aren’t affecting your sleep!
      As for other ideas, how about some door curtains on both the bathroom door and the bedroom door?

      1. Donna B

        I had read in a Feng Shui book to place the bamboo flutes on each side of the headboard of the bed if the bed was under a beam. That is why I put them there… What should I do about the beam? It runs all across the room. Thank you for the suggestion of the curtains in the doorways. There are no doors, just the doorway. That shall be an easy fix. Should I leave them closed all day or just at night when I go to bed. Thank you.


        1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

          Hi Donna,
          For beams, a canopy bed would do. I would keep the doors open during the day and closed during the night.

  31. Erin

    Hi Victor, thanks for taking the time to answer all these questions. I want to know about the bedroom’s placement itself. My room is in the money area, and my finances have been in rough shape for the last 7 years or so, and I really want to cure this area. I recently had bed bugs in my room, so I’ve completely emptied it and won’t move back in until I can afford a new bed, and this time I’ll get a headboard and footboard, and because there is only one position for the bed- with my feet pointing towards the door- I’ll hang a crystal between the bed and the door.

    Here’s what I’m wanting to know:

    1. While I save up for a new bed, I’m sleeping on my couch on the west side of my apartment, although my Kua number is 3, which says I should be sleeping on the east side (my bedroom is on the east side). Am I going to make my finances worse while I sleep on the couch? I’ll probably be there for a couple months (it’s comfy).

    2. When I do buy stuff for the bedroom, what colors should I focus on? Because it’s in the money area of the apartment proper, I’m thinking green, blue, purple and black. But because it’s a bedroom where love is supposed to happen, feng shui articles always say to choose along the red spectrum. Would purple be a good compromise? Or if I want money AND a good love life, should I just incorporate smatterings of colors from both palettes? I was loving my all-white room, but maybe that was a bad decision.

    3. Does Feng Shui say anything wise and spiritual about what bed bugs are supposed to tell us? Are they there as a result of bad feng shui or something?

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Erin,
      First, hanging a crystal between your bed and the door won’t do much help. See my earlier article about crystals:
      1. before you consider person Kua, you should consider the Kua of the house, which is based on the house’s sitting/facing direction. Personal Kua is used more for adjustments.
      2. Bedroom is for sleep, so colors should be soothing, warm, and relaxing (Yin). Nothing too bright! Or if you choose bright colors, dim your lights at night. Bright light and colors affect sleep.
      3. Feng Shui doesn’t say anything about bed bugs. Please refer to modern science on how to prevent them from coming to you!

  32. Jay

    Hi Victor, my kua number is 1 so my lucky direction is east and I am remodelling my room. I have some questions regarding my bed placement:
    1. To be placed in my lucky position (east), my headboard would either be pressed against the wall of my restroom or against the wall of my walk-in closet. Which would be better off?
    2. My bedroom would be on the 2nd floor but directly underneath it (on the 1st floor) is a big aquarium. Is this bad?
    3. Would it be ok if the foot of the bed would be pointed towards the wall of my restroom but the restroom door does not directly face the bed? Upon exiting the restroom, the bed would be plainly visible but not exactly in front of the door.
    Thanks in advance for your advice.

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Jay,
      1. It’d be better if your against the wall of your walk-in closet. It is fine to be against the wall of the restroom as long as you don’t share a wall with the toilet.
      2. This is ok.
      3. This is totally fine too.

      1. Jay

        Hi Victor, I have new questions:
        1. Is it ok to have a square bed (equal length on all sides)? Or is it ok to sleep on the long side of the bed (head on the side instead of the natural headboard side)? If my bed size is 75×78, naturally the headboard is on the 75 side. But we sleep on the 78 side, so my wife and kid and I can fit in the bed.

        2. Which is better (or worse), headboard of the bed sharing a wall with the entrance door, or headboard with a window on top? Coz my bed is situated as such. Headboard (75 side) is on the wall where the entrance door is, while if we change position and place our head on the long side of the bed, our heads would be under a window.

        3. In a small restaurant, Is it ok if the kitchen shares a wall with the toilet? The toilet is actually outside so the ventilation or windows is facing outside, but it shares a common wall with the kitchen.

        4. My kua number is 1, but this restaurant is owned by our family corporation. Whose kua number should we follow? Because in the layout of our space, there is a big open unused corner space facing the toilet. I intend to put a pond there, with koi and fish. Hopefully it will neutralize the negative energy from the toilet. But this corner area is on the northwest, which is an unfavorable direction to me.

        Please help.


        1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

          Hi Jay,
          1. You can sleep however you want, just be sure your head is on the side of the headboard against a wall.
          2. No definite answer for this. Consider the window size and whether your headboard covers the window, and consider whether opening/closing door would affect your partner’s sleep. (perhaps you get to work earlier)
          3. I don’t think this will be an issue.
          4. Restaurant is a business, and its Feng Shui requirement is different. Don’t use Kua number.

          1. Jay

            Thanks for your speedy reply.
            With regards to the restaurant, what feng shui should I use?

  33. Gerardo Rodriguez Guadamuz

    Hi Victor, My wife and I will be moving to a rental house soon and we are both 4 kua, so that should simplify the gender things. The issue is that we just dicovered that the master bedroom resides in the northeast corner of the house. There is another bedroom that is situated to the south, and I believe the bathroom is directly adjacent. ( have not seen the house yet myself, so I am a little short on all details) The question is — can we place the bed in the east direction of the master bedroom, or would we be better served using the smaller bedroom to sleep in? I have no real preference since it is a rental, but want to be at peace. If we use the smaller southern bedroom, could we use the Northeast bedroom for storage, closet? It is supposedly the worst direction for us, which is one reason we are leaving the current house we are living in, as the main entrance is facing due NE. Any other tips appreciated.

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Gerardo,
      You got the Eight Mansions practice concept right! If bedroom is at your Northeast relative to house, an inauspicious sector, you can remedy it by placing the bed in the East SECTOR of the master bedroom. Of course, your alternative works – Northeast for storage and sleep at the smaller southern bedroom.
      What’s suggested here is based on your personal Kua. Don’t forget about the house Kua itself, as it comes before your personal Kua!

      1. Gerardo Rodriguez Guadamuz

        Hey Victor, really appreciate it, based on what I know the house is sitting east, so it looks like we may be using the samller southern bedroom, provided it does not have a window on the southern wall. Another alternative would be placing the bed in the southern wall of the Northeast bedroom???? I beilieve the way the house is built that it may have a window to the east, but again, short on details at the moment, just want to have options, as this will also be a great help for the house plans we are hoping to begin soon for our own home. One final question, should we build a home based on our personal kua? We are both the same number and do not plan on having any more children. Thanks,these are questions no one here is interested in, let alone qualified to address!

        1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

          Hi Gerardo,
          No, don’t use personal Kua to build a house. It is just one method to mitigate for bad bedroom location. You can start with using the house Kua based on its sitting/facing direction. Also, Eight Mansions is just one school, you’ll need to consult other schools and find the in-between to build a good house (and the house’s surrounding should be considered too).

  34. justina

    Hi, the entrance of the bedroom direct to my headroom

  35. Sarah

    Hi Victor!
    What if some of the “Bed Placements to Avoid” conflict with each other? Which are the worst?

    In my situation, I have three bed placements to choose from:

    1. The head of the bed directly under a window. I don’t have a headboard but could get one. This window is near a very noisy/busy street as well (although my room is small so the noise is not necessarily greater here than any other placement!).

    2. The head of the bed shares a wall with the bedroom door (also shares the wall with another bedroom, but noise wouldn’t really be a problem).

    3. Foot of the bed is facing the door. I understand this is the “coffin position”? I live in a duplex so the head of the bed would also be sharing the wall to the neighbor’s unit (not sure if that matters?).

    Which is the best scenario? Worst?

    I don’t really have options of adding dividers or things like that due to the size of the room and a large bed.

    Any advice is greatly appreciated!


    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Sarah,
      Without knowing more, I would pick option #2. If you can get a headboard, the perhaps #1 would be good too, assuming you have other windows for air to flow in smoothly.

      1. Sarah

        Thank you for your insight, Victor. I appreciate it. After commenting on your article, I continued reading other articles and am now left wondering – for the “coffin position”, does that mean the foot of the bed is exactly sitting in front of the door? What if the bed is moved over a couple feet so it’s not a direct line? Does that make a difference? Very confusing!

        1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

          Hi Sarah,
          Yes, you’re right about the “coffin position”. If the bed is moved over a couple feet so it’s not a direct line, it is no longer the coffin position.

  36. Nin

    Hi Victor I have a concern,at the back of our headboard is the wall of our comfort room..though we have a solid headboard…and we are facing the east…but then a feng shui master said we should transfer our head to a different direction because its not good…she recommended the where there is a window,(north side & we are facing the south while sleeping…is it okay?even if our signs is rooster and rabbit?I will appreciate your reply.Thank You.

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Nin,
      I can’t give you an accurate assessment without taking a deeper look. The window and its size should also be looked at. Sometimes, bed under the window can disrupt your sleep more than having the comfort room next to your bed’s head.

  37. anna dinh

    Hi Victor,

    I am moving back to my parents house and I’m worried about bad placement of my furniture. I have a queen bed that takes up a good portion of my room, a large dresser, a minifridge, and a desk. Once entering the room, there is a large sliding mirror closet that reflects the entire room so I cannot avoid placing my bed out of the reflection of the mirror. In addition, there are two windows on the right side of the wall, one on the left side of the right wall and one on the far right. How should I rearrange my room? My kua is 5.

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Anna,
      So far, I only see mirror as the issue. If it reflects the whole room, just make sure it’s not reflecting you when you’re in bed. Uncle Dixer have suggested gluing ricepapers as a method/idea.

      1. anna dinh

        Thank you for your response Victor. It reflects my body but not my head, would that be okay? My bed also faces the window so my feet is directly facing the window but it is not next to the window. Also, my window is slightly covered by my dresser.

        1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

          Hi Anna,
          The window won’t affect you much. As for the mirror, you should be fine too, but observe whether it affects your sleep or not.

  38. Xue Neng Wong

    Hi Victor, the head of my bed is sharing the same wall with my neighbours toilets. Does this affect my feng shui even though it’s not my house?

    Thank you

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Xue Neng,
      You are ok as long as your neighbor’s use of toilet doesn’t affect your sleep. If it does, try using a more solid headboard that serves as insulation against the sound of the flushing toilet.

  39. Rosie

    Hi Victor,

    Few things, is it the placement of your bed in your room or the specific direction you face when you are sleeping? which will provide the most auspicious feng shui.

    Also, my partner and I have the same KUA number does this mean the placement/direction of which we face is okay to be the same?

    Thank you.

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Rosie,
      Your bed placement determines which direction your head is pointed (facing) when you sleep.
      As to your second question, yes, if both of you have the same Kua number, that means both of you have the same auspicious directions.

  40. Danielle

    Hi Victor!
    Great article. I live in a tiny one bedroom in NYC. My room is small, so my setup has my head right underneath my window. The other option is to not have my bed head against a wall (and my feet will face the window), but I know that’s bad for support. If I do put it against the wall, it will cut the room in half, and have me parallel and 5 inches from my door. On the other side of that wall would be my kitchen (which also opens into my foyer that leads to my front door). My personal energy and making space for love is of utmost importance. I’m not sure what to do. 🙁

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Danielle,
      Having your feet facing the window is not a bad thing, only if that makes the bedroom door facing the bed. If you’re not sharing the wall with the kitchen stove, then that’s also fine too.

  41. Irina Hamilton

    Hi Victor
    Our bed allows for top of our heads to be NORTH and our feet south
    We are me 68 yrs old my husband 59 but do not feel old
    We want peace calmness but not ilness or circulation issues
    Other poditions are not possible
    Please advise

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Irina,
      It’s good that you do not feel old. I’m guessing your current position is working great then.

  42. Angela

    Hi Victor.

    I love your article and am wondering if you can give me some suggestions regarding my little bedroom. My Kua is 9 and my only option is to put my bed against the corner wall where the head is in the south wall and the bed’s body is against the West wall, this leaves no room for a ballanced bed table. How do I remedy this as I’ve read in a lot of articles that there should be a space on either side of the bed but there’s just no room for it. If I move the bed to have even a small space on the west side then that will put it directly accross the door.

    I will appreciate any suggestions you can give me to remedy this little dillema of mine.

    Thank you and may this year bring you abundant blessings for all the help you are providing people.

    – Angela

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Angela,
      Your case is a little tricky. If I were you, I wouldn’t worry about having a balanced bed table because that’s not a Feng Shui school that I practice. If your current bed setup is convenient for you, then keep it. Sometimes having the door facing the bed isn’t that bad when distance between the bed and the door is considered.

  43. Eve

    Hi Victor
    What do I do if I can not avoid putting a sofa under or against a window, no other options are available because of the layout of the room.

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Eve,
      Putting sofa under or against window is not bad per se. The easiest option is to keep the window closed while you’re seated on the sofa.

  44. Alexander

    Hey Victor, my kua is 7 and my head should be facing west but half of the bed will be under a window. If I move it to the other side my feet would be facing the door which I’d like to avoid. Also if the bed is against the west wall my feet will face my closet door. (The entrance and closet door are on the same wall) so will my feet facing the closet door be the same as it facing the main door?


    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Alexander,
      Your feet facing the closet door is not the same as facing an actual door. No need to worry about that!

  45. Lucianna Coelho

    Hi Victor, I love your blog! I’ve been scanning it for Feng Shui tips over and over again. So if you have a moment, would you mind sharing your insight?

    My partner and I both have kua 9. Our bedroom is located in the South East corner of the house. Our bedroom door is located in the North side of the room closer – more to the west. There are two windows. One large one right in middle of wall facing directly East. One smaller one facing south but more towards the west side of room. RIght near that is the bathroom. That is located South West of the bedroom. I hope you’re tracking … so our bed originally was placed on the North wall, which would be directly as we walk into the room. I slept peacefully. Then my sister who thinks she is a Feng Shui expert came in and said we need to place our bed on the South wall … the foot of the bed does face the bedroom door but at angle. I usually sleep on the right side of bed and partner on left. But since we changed directions, I am now sleeping on the left and he on the right and I have not been able to sleep for 2 nights.

    What would you advice?

    Thank you for your time and expertise!

    1. Victor Cheung

      Hi Lucianna,
      If you’ve followed the tips in this article and here: Your sleep should be ok. Sometimes, it’s about the internal Forms (what can be seen) of the bedroom that’s disrupting your sleep. If you think directions are at play, you should consider how Qi, such as air and sunlight, enters the bedroom and where it goes relative to your position in the bedroom. Just plainly adjusting based on directions is an Eight Mansions practice only if the bedroom is located in a not-so-good area. The adjustment is NOT for sleep.

  46. CJ

    Help! Front of house faces South (very slightly west’ish, mainly South)
    I am a Kua2
    Bedroom is rectangle, northwest side of house.
    Along southside wall are 2 bathrooms & door to hall in southeast side of room.
    There is a direct passthru door on far south west side of room into bathroom that run into master bedroom.
    The east wall is all closet.
    Wall on northside is clear except for a window towards bedroom entrance northeast side of wall.
    Wall on west is clear but has a window next to bathroom door.
    I have the head of my bed in command position, headboard on west wall, left side of bed is against north wall & my head is next to the window, like inches. Corner of bed is right at window edge. I can see partially down the hallway of bedroom door.
    Issue: I can’t sleep!!!! Years of insomnia now so I am researching for answers.

    My mother who had the room before she passed had her headboard on north wall, a couple of feet away from window on north wall. Feet to south, but close to coffin position to bathroom door. Literally runs along the edge of coffin. It is technically a command position to hallway entrance and meets feng shu, barely.

    Since I am a 2, North headboard is a no-no. The house is not directly N to S, slightly NW.

    I have always been told to sleep N to S or S to N because as the world spins, we pass thru dimensions and realms, so the shortest distance E to W, is across our bodies, instead of through the length of our bodies, lessening length of exposure. In my current position, my mind is active all night long with all kinds of fragments as I try to fall asleep.

    Can you recommend anything? I thank you in advance for any consideration.

    I will check back.

  47. CJ

    I checked & my mother was a Kua 2 as well. Wish she was around to ask about bedroom setup. Rip

  48. CARMEN

    My kua number is is 6

    Element: Big Metal

    Color: White, Silver

    Group: West

    Trigram: Chien

    I have been going through horrible financial issues and health issues and issues. Can’t find a good paying job despite of my education and experience. I am always anxious, depress, in a bad mood in constant pain. Headaches, lower abdominal, kidney and back.

    I am convince that my luck changed since I moved around my furniture in the bedroom about 5 months ago. Everything at work started to changed and I was terminated without being given a reason. My partner is also about to go bankrupt. Can please help me set my bed in the right position?

    My bed is facing east, entry door, bathroom door and closet door are facing my bed. My options are either change the bed facing north or facing south but ed will be under the only window in my bedroom. What do you suggest?
    Thanks in advance…

  49. Regina Clarke

    Hi Victor–

    This is a very helpful article, but it also tells me I am “sunk” when it comes to feng shui in the bedroom. I just moved into a small cottage. The only room for a bedroom (that has a door I can close) has the following aspects: The front door of the cottage faces southwest. The bedroom is upstairs in the southeast part of the cottage. The sides of the ceiling slope and the only flat area of the ceiling has a window at one end and the door at the other (both exactly midway on the walls) so if I place the bed under the flat section I am in the floating and in the coffin scenario at the same time. One side of the window has baseboard heating so the head of the bed cannot go there (plus it would be under a sloping ceiling). The other side of the window is the same deal with a sloping ceiling, but about a foot of the ceiling above the bed is flat if I position right beside the window–but that area also faces the door. I don’t think my Kua number has a chance. In terms of avoiding the “coffin.” I would have to position the head of the bed against a wall under the sloping ceiling in kind of approximately northeast or approximately southwest. Is there anything to mitigate that option if I do that, or any way to keep the bed where it is facing the door but stop Qi? Many thanks for any suggestions. It is a small room but without the sloping ceilings would be fine. The other three rooms in the cottage are kitchen and living room downstairs and another sloped ceiling room upstairs.that has no door, just an open stairway leading up to it, and you walk through it to get to the bedroom. Gads.


    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Regina,
      If the sloping is not too extreme, you’ll be ok. Also, the “coffin” position is really overrated. Many people say it is a big no-no, but in some cases, that position is actually ok. It depends on the distance.
      The important thing is that you are comfortable and are able to constant good sleep. Try one bed position and if it’s not good, try another position.
      Good luck!

  50. Emit

    Hi Victor,

    My bedroom happens to be pretty smallish and the bed is aligned with the main door. Now since the bed cannot me moved is it alright to put a chest of drawers in front of them or does it have to be a footboard? and also what height would you recommend for either of them?

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Emit,
      Chest and drawers are totally fine. As for their height, I would suggest something on the same level of your bed.

      1. Emit

        Thanks for the reply..And can I fill them drawers with clothes or do they have to be left empty? Also if get a footboard, what height would you recommend?

  51. Emit

    And can I fill them drawers with clothes or do they have to be left empty? Also if get a footboard, what height would you recommend?

  52. Adrienne

    Hi Victor, I have two sofas in my living room and one is under a window and other against the wall. Is this ok?

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Adrienne,
      Depends on the school of Feng Shui you practice and whether the windows are open and how much it’s opened. If you want to know what type of Qi you are gathering, I suggest you find professional help. This same concept applies to all windows and doors.

      1. Paulina

        Hi Victor, I am facing a dilemma: either we place the bed under the window or our feet face the door. What is better?

        1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

          Hi Paulina,
          I’m not sure how far away the door is, how big the window is, the blinds/curtain you have, and what kind of headboard you have. They all matter. I would pick bed under window, but I can be wrong. This is why you need a professional to take a look.

  53. Tatiana

    Hi Victor! Nice to meet you. I really need help. I don’t even know how to begin. My marriage is coming down and I do believe is bad feng shui. Can you please contact me. (929)255-6577 hope to hear from you thank you.

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Tatiana,
      If you believe it’s bad Feng Shui, try seeking help from a local consultant. Where are you located at?

  54. Tanisha

    My bed Has to go against the wall but i know thats bad. my day is 12/31/85 please help. What can i do. I don’t wanna block help or a man with my bed having to be plcedon the wall. but there is no where else it can go.

  55. Jonathan Lee

    Hi Victor,
    Thanks for sharing! My personal Kua Number is 7 and my bed position is facing north which is deemed as “unlucky”. While that is the case, the rest of the other conditions met what you said and my bedroom faces the west which is the best direction and my head placement is also directly on the west side. Is it ok?

    Jonathan Lee

  56. Diana

    Hello Sir,
    Thank you so much for your expertise. In our family of 6, we are all west group except one who is east.
    Specifically one of my boys who shares bunk beds with other two. So he is east and the other two are west. Do you think an easy solution to the conflicting position of their beds could be to have them sleep in opposite directions once in bed, without moving the actual beds?
    The only problem is that my east group son would have an empty space behind his head instead of a wall.
    I would love your input! Thank you so much!

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Diana,
      As this article states, prioritize other Feng Shui rules (such as the Forms) before worrying about East/West placements. So if sleeping in opposite directions comply with the Forms, then you can go ahead and do that because it is quite a simple solution.

  57. Alex

    Hello Sir!
    I was wondering, I am a Kua 2. I wanted to feng shui my bedroom because I live with my family who has different Kua numbers. I’ve read on other posts that to find out the direction of where my head should be pointing, I should stand at the door and open up my compass and face my room (as if I’m entering). I wanted to apply the eight cardinal directions from what you presented here, but I just wasnt sure if I should follow the door directions of the house or the direction of my room’s door.

    Also a very great read! Thank you for this!

  58. Gigi

    Where is the best place to place my bed? Me and my husband both have KUA number 8, best direction is east. If I put our bed like this (60 degrees) I have another problem. That’s is that our bed will be placed exactly under the oven of the kitchen. Our living room/kitchen and bathroom is on the 1st floor, bedrooms on the ground en 2nd floor. Or I leave it like this and my bed is aligned with the door (240 degrees).
    What shall/can I do for the best?


    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Gigi,
      I can’t give you proper advice without taking a look at the room. All I can tell you is this: what bed position makes you feel most comfortable? If that doesn’t work, try another one. In Feng Shui, avoiding the negative takes priority over acquiring positive Qi. If you have to choose one, always prioritize avoiding the negative setup.

  59. Jessica

    I want to rearrange my bed placement but not sure where. Can you please tell me which is a better option? Option 1 – Bed headboard against bathroom wall. Option 2 – Bed against other side of wall but facing or aligning with double sliding closet door (not mirror doors). I also what to do something for my daughter’s bedroom. Her bed is facing the bathroom door. We have no other way. Is this bad? What are the remedy? Your help is greatly appreciated.

  60. Pam

    My KUA number is 4. Currently the head of my bed is West. North placement is not an option as the closet is there. If placed South my bed would be under a window. If placed East the bedroom door would open in the path of the bed from the side of the bed. What is my best option and possible Feng Shui cure?

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Pam,
      The first choice is to avoid the bed before you think about the better direction. So try to avoid bed under window (unless you have a cure). Having the bedroom door open to the bed is not bad by default because it depends on its distance.

  61. Kiat

    Hi there Victor! I have a question about my bed facing direction. I am kua 8 male, west group. Currently my bedroom is at the west/north west segment of my apartment (good areas). And the bed can be positioned with my headboard against two sides: 1) North West (where I can see the entrance door, but a toilet door will be facing me at the end of a small corridor); or 2) South East (my total loss position, but I cannot see the corridor or the entrance door to the bedroom). I asked a Feng Shui woman here who said that based on my Bazi or some Japanese directions, placing the headboard on the South East of the room can attract love into my life, though I’m not sure of the specific calculations/facts. What do you think? Thanks!!

    1. Kiat

      Just a note to say also that my room in the house kua layout is in the favourable positions of Yan Nien and Tien Yi, depending on the facing position — one is front door facing (the spot which greets visitors), and one is balcony facing (it is the spot which gets the most sunlight and wind). I read your article on how to identify the facing positions, and I am just weighing the different directions (balcony and front door), as my apartment is shaped irregularly as well.

  62. Puja

    Hi Victor, my Kua number is 1 and so it’s recommended to have my bed moved so my head is facing east but my bedroom door is on that same wall. The only other option in my house is to have my bed north facing. Where would you recommend positioning the bed for best luck?

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Puja,
      Always avoid the bad before adjusting for the auspicious. Also, when you’re practicing Eight Mansions, facing direction is less important than where your bed is placed and where your bedroom is placed.

  63. Sona Krutka

    Hi, I have to choices for the bed placement, one is with the head board on the same wall as the door in the room and the other with the headboard under a double window which I am planning to cover with a room darkening curtain.

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Sona,
      Both has its pros and cons, but I would choose the command position. That is also the position that should be quieter (assuming many things here).

  64. Elena

    Hi V –
    I’m a female 8, trying to decide where to place my bed with problematic walls. I would love to know your thoughts.

    I have a good size room, 3 and a half walls as my options for bed placement (I’m on a second floor so windows are not to the outside ground floor)

    West corner: puts my headboard in the kitty-corner from the doors but not in the dead man sleeping position. Ideal placement if it wasn’t a corner and the walls creating the coroner both have windows
    NW wall: ceiling to floor window in the center. A bed would be against a window completely
    SW wall: the wall has a window in the center ( the bed would against a wall, but under a window)
    NE wall: has the shared bathroom sinks behind it and the bathroom and room doors are on the east side of that wall.
    SE wall: is cut in half with the solid part of the wall perpendicular to the SW part of the wall
    ———– if my headboard is on this wall my head is in the direct line to the bathroom door on my right, and there is only a foot of space between the bed and the SW wall
    ———– E end/corner of the room is a boxed out space. The room door on the east wall and an L shaped closet box in this space. it’s more an entry space/dressing area, not functional for a bed.

    Thank you again,

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Elena,
      I can’t really picture your bedroom and your bed size, but I can tell you that it’s fine to have the headboard placed against a window. Also, you need to consider convenience and space. Feng Shui then can be adjusted by which windows to open/close.

  65. Julia

    Hi. I’m just wondering if bed facing closet door is also bad? Thank you.

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Julia,
      No, this is not bad by default.

  66. Gilliane

    Hi! What does this mean? “Position your bed as such that the headboard is east of north of the footboard.” Thanks!

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Gilliane,
      Where did you read this?

  67. Kaylie

    Hi Victor, I read your articles but I cant make a decision. I only have 3 choices of putting my bed:
    1) Bedroom door facing the left side of my face when I sleep (head of bed shares same wall with living room)
    2) Bedroom window behind head of bed
    3) Toilet behind the bed (head of bed shares same wall with toilet)
    Which option should I choose?

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Kaylie,
      Without further context, I’d pick #1 simply because it is your command position, and assuming the door doesn’t face the bed directly. You can also pick #3 if you’re living by yourself.

      1. Kaylie

        Hi Victor,
        When the bedroom door faces the side of the bed, is it consider facing the bed directly? Or is facing the bed directly means it is pointing our feet and head?

  68. Oksana

    Hi Victor,
    My Kua number is 8 and my bed is standing against SE wall facing the window which it sats unlucky. Door is to the left on the same wall as the headboard.
    The only other way to put my bed is NE which is commanding position with a door diagonally and the position of growth but the big problem here is then the wall that the bed would be facing is closet doors made of mirrors ! So the bed would be reflected fully. What to do? Is there a remedy for it or is it best to leave it as it is. Thank you.

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Oksana,
      You can choose to cover the mirrors with paper/stickers or leave it as is. Some people gets bothered by mirror, some don’t. Assess your current sleep quality and if all is good, there’s no need to change. Also, it is more important to check whether your bedroom is in a better area as opposed to checking whether the bed is in a lucky area within the bedroom.

  69. Andrew


    On this page, it says don’t put the bed facing the door. But on , it says put the head of the bed on the wall that is opposite the door. These two advices seem to conflict. Can you clarify?

    Is it that the bed facing the door is OK if the bed is not immediately visible from the doorway, e.g. the bed is facing the same wall that the door is on, but not directly in line of sight of the doorway?

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Andrew,
      The second point you said is on point. In other words, if you enter the bedroom and keep walking straight, you shouldn’t run into the bed.

  70. Maria Sale

    Hi Victor,

    I am Maria married w/ two children (all boys)
    What should be the best placement for couples?
    I was born on Nov. 5, 1969 ( scorpio), while my husband born on March 13, 1968 (pisces)
    I want to know what is best direction for our bed. I had a hard time in sleeping especially during night and and as of now we had marital problem (my husband has a girl (who is married w/ 3 children).

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Maria,
      The problems you’re experiencing could be other effects not related to the bedroom. I can’t tell without a full audit of your house. I suggest you get assistance from an expert here:

  71. Christopher Salas-Meraz

    i dont think ill be able to place a bed anywhere in my room then, my room is a rectangular, lets say its horizontal if u look at it from a top view. there’s my entrance door in the bottom left corner of my room, as u walk in, to the right side the whole right side of my room is just my closet doors, the doors are sliding doors and it has a column in between them (idk the name of it but its not like a piller, its just a tiny small wall between both sliding doors) then in the top right of the rectangle there’s my window that covers 60% of my whole wall opposite from the door, my window is not a floor to ceiling, its just a regular window.

    If i place my bed next to my window vertically, so on the top left side, then the entrance door will be in the bottom. if i place my bed horizontally the the door will still be there but also my bed will be touching my curtains too. and that’s the only space i have because if i put my bed in the middle top then half of my bed will be touching my window and the other half wont so it will be uneven, and it says i shouldn’t put it under a window, not only that i wont have enough room to freely open my closet door that’s in the top right side, it will be too cramped, and personally i would want my bed in a corner since I’m single and don’t need to take up so much space.

    also if i place my bed in thee bottom right side, horizontally, as in the head of my bed is in front of my bottom right closet door, then the foot side of my bed will be facing the door and to get to my closet i would have to walk around my bed.

    my one solution would be to place my bed in the top right, vertically, while its blocking my closet door, i can use the other one, but my bed will still be under the window, so i can get a headboard, but it will block the natural light, and since i don’t have a ceiling light nor standing light, i cant get a headboard. also i can get a big corner desk on the other side of the room, and on one side of the corner desk i can get a plant to make it feel more cozy, and on the other side i can get a trash can, and i will use the desk for school work, since i use my bed for school work most of the time. and on the other side of the room, next to my door i could put my small tv, or i can get a painting or even better, i can get a mirror to make the room feel bigger and to let more light in since it will be opposite of the window.

    can you please give me any suggestions as to what i can do for my room, this is the most awkward type of room and have no idea as to why they built it this way.

  72. Daron

    Hi Victor
    My Kua No is: 1
    Best Direction: SouthEast/East/South/North
    Worst Direction: SouthWest
    I have two options. I have a full wood headboard on my bed . Which direction would be best. My Window has those Roller Blinds – no drapery (its a new condo)
    1 – Head facing North West ( Full Window on this Wall) and my feet would face SouthEast.
    2- Head facing North East (doorway on this Wall) and my living room on the other side and my feet would be facing Southwest
    Presently have it on North West but I do get a lot of headaches. I tried in on the NorthEast, but I had troubles falling asleep. Any suggestions on cures to maybe lessen my headaches as i prefer my bed facing this direction.

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Daron,
      Avoid the bad before considering the good directions. For you, I would try #1 because you are either having headaches or trouble sleeping.

  73. Chariss

    Dear Victor,
    Thank you for your wonderful article. I was wondering if I could please get some advice regarding where to place my sons bed. Our bedrooms are at the front of our house (this can not be changed)
    His room is small. The door opens in the middle of the north wall. Two windows on the East. Two built in wardrobes on the West, with a built in mirror between them. The South wall has power points on either side (oposite the door in the north). Originally his bed was parallel right against the windows with the head board against the south wall. (just to the side of the coffin position). He has had issues with health and loneliness and sleeping. I attempted to move it to under the mirror, so the head board against the West in between the wardrobes but noticed a man hole in the ceiling is above his head/neck/chest which felt wrong to me. I have absolutely no idea where to put his bed? It is the most challenging bedroom I have ever encountered for bed position. I would be grateful for your help.

  74. Celeste

    Hi Victor,

    Can I have an advice for a room with two window facing each other in opposite direction, I heard if opening both will create strong Chi energy. So I close the curtain when I open one side.

    My bed is also facing the door, as u suggested I place a door curtain that reach till almost the floor.

    Is there any thing else I can do?

    Thank you.

  75. Alsee

    Hi Victor,

    What if the only option I have is the coffin position and I can’t place screens or furniture in between since it’s a small room? What cure can I do?

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Alsee,
      Another option is to hang a piece of cloth/drapery on the door frame, on the other side where the door opens. So if the door opens inward, then hang the drapery on the outside of the door frame.

  76. Linnor

    Hi Victor,

    If bed is in direct line with the bedroom door, can any of these be a cure:

    1. placing a 2-seater sofa on the foot of the bed
    2. placing a work table between the bed and the bedroom door
    3. repositioning the bed to face a large window instead of the bedroom door.

    Thank you so much in advance.

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Linnor,
      All that you mentioned are great and can be cures, yes. I haven’t thought of #2 before. Thanks for giving me this idea!

  77. Kal

    Hi Victor,

    I’m in need of some cures for my bed position…

    My kua is 1 and based on my bedroom layout, the ideal position for my bed is to be placed on the east wall (the only wall without any obstructions and an auspicious direction for me). However, because of the asymmetry of my room layout, placing my bed on the east wall means that it will be exactly in between the window (which is located on the NE wall) and my door (which is located on the SE wall); I’m worried my bed will be blocking the energy flow from my door to my window, and vice versa.

    If I were to place my bed on the north wall and on the east side (an unlucky direction for me), then it would be directly under the window and across my door. If I were to place it in the middle of the north wall, half my window would be blocked making my room become unbalanced. And if I were to place it in the NW, then my closet door would not open.

    My bed won’t fit on the west wall, and if I placed my bed on the south wall, I am inches away from my door.

    Additionally, the obscurity of my room has a pillar with a sharp corner in the SW section of my bedroom, (which looks like this photo but is wider and deeper: and is essentially pointing towards my bed if I placed it on the east wall. I’m afraid this poison arrow will be detrimental to me especially because of its position being an unlucky direction based on my kua.

    Please help!

    Kind regards,

  78. Irene

    I had a FS consult about 12/14 years ago, my kua is 4 (6/4/71) my bed is placed on the north wall, slightly NE, which was the wall FS consult said would be best. There is windows Wall to wall on the east wall, not ceiling to floor, and can’t put bed on south wall as the entrance door would open on to bed this door is on the west wall in the SE quadrant, and main water tank is behind west wall, I also have 2 ceiling beams north too south, I want to move bed as my life seems stuck my house is sitting in East, front door is NW, ? Thanks

  79. Brittany Jannisch

    Hi my name is Brittany. Currently my head of the bed is facing north (so when I sit up I’m looking south). The only options I have for bed placement is north(looking south), south(looking north) or west (looking east). If I put the head of my bed west looking east would that be a good placement even though I have two doors (closet and bathroom) in front of the bed.? Right now the main entry to the rooms door is southeast of me. I’m confused on how to interpret what would be best mentally physically and emotionally best to correct the Feng shui of my room. I always have the closet and bathroom doors closed as well (not sure if that helps). Also my children have their beds facing east (so their heads are to the west), is this ideal to have. I’m concerned for bad energies to take a hold of myself and my children. I would like some insight of what I could possibly do with the limited amount of space I have in each room. Thank you.

  80. Mark Holmes

    The placement of the bed next to the windows can be very important as there are many things to consider such as Lighting, air circulation, suitable furniture, and orientation. My bed is next to the window, this is the position I have chosen and I feel very comfortable in it. In this position, I can see beautiful scenery when I wake up, see the sunlight when I wake up, or windy days, early morning in summer days, sometimes the window can be used as a shelf.

    1. Mark Holmes

      Thanks to your article I learned more bed positions, very useful information when I intend to remodel my room. Thanks for the article, I hope to see a lot of useful things. so in the future.

  81. Kairey Chen

    Hi, I’m facing south but my bathroom door is also in the south area facing my head. Can you give me a cure for this?

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Kairey,
      I can’t provide a solid recommendation without more context. I recommend you finding an expert for this.

  82. Yen

    Hi Victor, I hope you’re well. I noticed there’s no updates this year on the site. I am reading many articles on your site to learn. Thank you for putting all this effort in it. I moved into a tiny house/room 4×4 and there’s really not an optimal placement for my bed.
    #1 Against bathroom wall in coffin position.
    #2 Against kitchen wall but feet facing the window.

    I am trying out both to see where I sleep best, until now that’s been #1. But my question is, I’m looking into ordering a headboard, is there a rule where the solid part of the headboard starts? Does it have to cover behind the mattress entirely?

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Yen,
      The headboard is like the wall against your back. That means,, the headboard should make you feel safe and secure when you’re sleeping. Pick a one that makes you feel that way.

  83. Maggie

    Hi Victor, the articles are very useful on your website, I appreciate this content!
    Would you be able to advise what to do in the following situation please?

    My nephew’s room is L shaped and moving or rebuilding is not possible. He is Kua 9, so East is his most favourable position, right? His bed is currently facing (head is facing) NW so the most unfavourable position of all but it is NOT facing the door (it’s not in command position but it is not in the coffin position either).

    The options to move the bed are: I can only move his bed facing (head facing towards) to Option #1 SE South-East where there is a full length window (the bed has a reasonably high and sturdy headboard, BUT it would be in the coffin position (his legs would be pointing to the same wall where the entrance door is, however not directly in line of the door) or is it better to consider Option #2 and move to head of the bed facing SW South-West which again is an unlucky but the bed headboard would be against the wall, in a command position and not facing a door) or Option #3 leave it as is against the wall, head facing NW in a really unlucky direction?

    I would be grateful for any recommendations.

  84. Ms Low (Singapore)

    What about having a 2-in-1 pull out bed (like a backup bed when there is a guests in town). Is this bad in feng shui as the bottom area have a bed and the chi cannot flow?

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Ms Low,
      I think that’s better than having clutter underneath the bed. It’s easier to clean and dust is less likely to gather. The main reason why “Qi cannot flow” is because dust and dirt can gather underneath the bed, which can cause allergies or other health complications in the long run.

  85. Ken

    Greetings Victor

    Thank you so much for providing this wonderful resource ! 🙂

    My current circumstances force me to have my bedroom and living room together. Somehow,my feeling is that this must be bad feng shui, but how bad is it ? What are the implications, if any…?

    I’m trying to assess if should try to quickly change this…

    Best regards

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Ken,
      It is better not to use a living room as the bedroom, if that’s what you’re alluding to.

  86. Danielle

    Hello Victor,

    Thank you so much for your help. My partner and me share the same lucky direction (east). He is a 1, and I am a 3. But our bed is currently facing west; this is due to the fact that the door is on the east wall. It isn’t in front of the bed, so not to worry about the coffin position, it is about 3ft to east from the edge.

    Since both our lucky directions are East, and unlucky west!, should we move our headboard to the east wall? this would mean that the door is on the same wall and a spare bedroom/office is located on the other side of that wall (verse the west wall is an exterior wall). The headboard is really sturdy if that would help?

    Thank you so much,

  87. Janice

    Hi Victor, seeking your advise on the bed position. My kua is 9, my husband is 5. Our bed can only be placed facing south or west direction. However for west, the room door will face the bed (meaning when you open the door, you can see top half of the bed) and feet will face directly at the toilet door. If it’s south, you won’t face the room door and toilet door. Which direction should I go for? Thank you!