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The Feng Shui practice of using Life Kua number is based off of the Eight Mansions School of Feng Shui. Essentially, your Life Kua number tells you what your lucky and unlucky directions are, and what aspects of luck are affected by your auspicious and inauspicious directions.

Before reading this article, you should already know what your Kua number is. If not, read this article to learn how to find your Kua number.

If you know your Kua number, then this article will tell you what your unique Feng Shui requirements are, as well as what your best and worst cardinal directions are. On a side note, if you need help describing your own experience according to your kua number, you can get help from DissertationTeam.

Kua Numbers and Your Luck

The Kua is a subset of bagua, where “ba” means eight (8), and “gua” is another spelling for “Kua.” There is a total of eight Kua, and their numbers are usually 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, and 9 (there is no number 5). In Eight Mansions, each person belongs to one of these eight Kua numbers.

Your Kua number will tell you your auspicious and inauspicious directions and what aspects of life they affect and influence. You will have four auspicious directions balanced with four inauspicious ones. The majority of your auspicious directions will either be on the east or on the west, depending on your Kua number. Each direction will represent a different aspect of your life.

The East and West Group

Out of the eight Kua numbers, four are in the East Group, and the other four in the West Group.

The East Group has Kua numbers 1, 3, 4, and 9.

The West Group has Kua numbers 2, 6, 7, and 8.

The four auspicious directions of the East group include North, South, East, and Southeast, balanced with the other four unlucky directions. The West group is the complete opposite, with their four auspicious directions at West, Northwest, Southwest, and Northeast.

rsz east and west group lucky directions min 1 - What Does Your Feng Shui Kua Number Tell You?
The Eight Mansions East and West groups.

Each of the eight directions governs a different aspect of your luck, perhaps influenced by the magnetic force of the Earth. The section below will provide more detail.

The Eight Kua Numbers and Their Auspicious and Inauspicious Directions

The auspicious directions are listed in the order from most important to the least. Similarly, the inauspicious directions are listed from most critical to the least.

The naming of each direction that you’re about to see doesn’t paint the full picture (due to language/translation), and each direction represents more than what it’s called. Also, do not take the names literally because they are more of a figure of speech.

Here’s what each Kua represents:

Kua 1 – “Kan”

Feng Shui Eight Mansions Kua 1 min - What Does Your Feng Shui Kua Number Tell You?
Feng Shui Kua 1 Auspicious and Inauspicious Directions

If your Kua number is 1, you belong to the East Group. Your auspicious directions are:

  • Southeast – Prosperity (Sheng Chi)
  • East – Health (Tien Yi)
  • South – Harmony (Yan Nien)
  • North – Stability (Fu Wei)

Your inauspicious directions are:

  • Southwest – Total Loss (Jue Ming)
  • Northeast – Five Ghosts (Wu Guay)
  • Northwest – Six Killings (Liu Xa)
  • West – Obstacles (Huo Hai)

Kua 2 – “Kun”

Feng Shui Eight Mansions Kua 2 min - What Does Your Feng Shui Kua Number Tell You?
Feng Shui Kua 2 Auspicious and Inauspicious Directions

If your Kua number is 2, you belong to the West group. Your auspicious directions are:

  • Northeast – Prosperity (Sheng Chi)
  • West – Health (Tien Yi)
  • Northwest – Harmony (Yan Nien)
  • Southwest – Stability (Fu Wei)

Your inauspicious directions are:

  • North – Total Loss (Jue Ming)
  • Southeast – Five Ghosts (Wu Guay)
  • South – Six Killings (Liu Xa)
  • East – Obstacles (Huo Hai)

Kua 3 – “Zhen”

Feng Shui Eight Mansions Kua 3 min - What Does Your Feng Shui Kua Number Tell You?
Feng Shui Kua 3 Auspicious and Inauspicious Directions

If your Kua number is 3, you belong to the East group. Your auspicious directions are:

  • South – Prosperity (Sheng Chi)
  • North – Health (Tien Yi)
  • Southeast – Harmony (Yan Nien)
  • East – Stability (Fu Wei)

Your inauspicious directions are:

  • West – Total Loss (Jue Ming)
  • Northwest – Five Ghosts (Wu Guay)
  • Northeast – Six Killings (Liu Xa)
  • Southwest – Obstacles (Huo Hai)

Kua 4 – “Xun”

Feng Shui Eight Mansions Kua 4 min - What Does Your Feng Shui Kua Number Tell You?
Feng Shui Kua 4 Auspicious and Inauspicious Directions

If your Kua number is 4, you belong to the East group. Your auspicious directions are:

  • North – Prosperity (Sheng Chi)
  • South – Health (Tien Yi)
  • East – Harmony (Yan Nien)
  • Southeast – Stability (Fu Wei)

Your inauspicious directions are:

  • Northeast – Total Loss (Jue Ming)
  • Southwest – Five Ghosts (Wu Guay)
  • West – Six Killings (Liu Xa)
  • Northwest – Obstacles (Huo Hai)

Kua 6 – “Chien”

Feng Shui Eight Mansions Kua 6 min - What Does Your Feng Shui Kua Number Tell You?
Feng Shui Kua 6 Auspicious and Inauspicious Directions

If your Kua number is 6, you belong to the West group. Your auspicious directions are:

  • West – Prosperity (Sheng Chi)
  • Northeast – Health (Tien Yi)
  • Southwest – Harmony (Yan Nien)
  • Northwest – Stability (Fu Wei)

Your inauspicious directions are:

  • South – Total Loss (Jue Ming)
  • East – Five Ghosts (Wu Guay)
  • North – Six Killings (Liu Xa)
  • Southeast – Obstacles (Huo Hai)

Kua 7 – “Tui”

Feng Shui Eight Mansions Kua 7 min - What Does Your Feng Shui Kua Number Tell You?
Feng Shui Kua 7 Auspicious and Inauspicious Directions

If your Kua number is 7, you belong to the West group. Your auspicious directions are:

  • Northwest – Prosperity (Sheng Chi)
  • Southwest – Health (Tien Yi)
  • Northeast – Harmony (Yan Nien)
  • West – Stability (Fu Wei)

Your inauspicious directions are:

  • East – Total Loss (Jue Ming)
  • South – Five Ghosts (Wu Guay)
  • Southeast – Six Killings (Liu Xa)
  • North – Obstacles (Huo Hai)

Kua 8 – “Gen”

Feng Shui Eight Mansions Kua 8 min - What Does Your Feng Shui Kua Number Tell You?
Feng Shui Kua 8 Auspicious and Inauspicious Directions

If your Kua number is 8, you belong to the West group. Your auspicious directions are:

  • Southwest – Prosperity (Sheng Chi)
  • Northwest – Health (Tien Yi)
  • West – Harmony (Yan Nien)
  • Northeast – Stability (Fu Wei)

Your inauspicious directions are:

  • Southeast – Total Loss (Jue Ming)
  • North – Five Ghosts (Wu Guay)
  • East – Six Killings (Liu Xa)
  • South – Obstacles (Huo Hai)

Kua 9 – “Li”

Feng Shui Eight Mansions Kua 9 min - What Does Your Feng Shui Kua Number Tell You?
Feng Shui Kua 9 Auspicious and Inauspicious Directions

If your Kua number is 9, you belong to the East group. Your auspicious directions are:

  • East – Prosperity (Sheng Chi)
  • Southeast – Health (Tien Yi)
  • North – Harmony (Yan Nien)
  • South – Stability (Fu Wei)

Your inauspicious directions are:

  • Northwest – Total Loss (Jue Ming)
  • West – Five Ghosts (Wu Guay)
  • Southwest – Six Killings (Liu Xa)
  • Northeast – Obstacles (Huo Hai)

How Each Direction Impacts You

Here, we delve deeper into the aspects of luck that are affected by each of your eight directions. After knowing these, you can better decide which directions are more important for you.

The Auspicious

Prosperity (Sheng Chi) – The Life Force 

Translated as “growth Chi” or upward moving energy, your Prosperity direction gives strong growth and advancement in life. It can be used for advancing your career, starting your own business, and even increasing your chances of having children.

If this direction is used properly, you will be more active in many aspects of your life, including increased income, aspiration, and motivation at work. The young and ambitious should take advantage of this direction, as it will help with advancements in both their life and career.

If this position is not properly used, you may experience hiccups in your career. Worse, married couples may have trouble conceiving a child.

Health (Tien Yi) – Health and Wealth

Translated as “heavenly doctor”, your Health direction is directly related to your health and vitality with an indirect effect on your wealth. This direction is especially helpful for the elders and those who have ill health.

Proper use of this direction gives you a healthy mind and body. You may also experience fewer distractions, especially unexpected events that may put a dent in your wallet.

Improper use can result in sickness, disease, and extraordinary expenses. For those who are already sick, they might experience prolonged sickness. They may find themselves in situations where they receive ineffective medicine or are unable to find a good doctor.

Harmony (Yan Nien) – Relationship and Marriage

Translated as “harmony” and “longevity”, your Harmony direction is directly related to your love, relationships, and marriage. This should be the most important direction for those seeking a significant other.

Proper use of this direction brings stability in your marriage and love life. Your relationship with friends and family will improve, and you may meet new social connections that can help you personally and professionally.

Improper use of this direction can lead to conflicts with friends and quarrels with your significant other. Professional relationships with your boss or supervisors can also be damaged too, leading to undesirable consequences at work.

Stability (Fu Wei) – Peace, Personal Growth and Stability

Your Stability direction gives you personal development and a peaceful life. Proper use of this direction will do away with the ripples that distract you from your daily life, allowing you more time and energy to seek improvements.

It is easy to misuse your Stability direction because it is the weakest lucky direction of all. Improper use can lead to small but distracting events that require your attention, such as when your dry cleaner loses or mishandles your clothes, or when your washing machine requires a minor repair.

The Inauspicious

Your four auspicious directions are balanced with four inauspicious directions. Here are how these directions impact you, starting from the worst:

Total Loss (Jue Min) – Life-Ending Force

Directly translated as “ending life”, your Total Loss direction is associated with your own self-destruction. It can give you depression, anxiety, and other mental illness that can greatly affect your overall well-being. This direction is also said to negatively affect a person’s reproductive system.

If this direction is strengthened or frequently used, it can cause strong emotional instability. Additionally, the worsening of mental health creates potential for many types of accidents that either harms a person socially or physically.

Five Ghosts (Wu Guay) – Social Conflicts and Accidents

Your Five Ghosts direction is associated with violence and chaos. In some instances, this direction can do more harm than the Total Loss direction. It can bring an unhealthy competitive drive, aggressiveness, and ferociousness that creates conflicts with your family, work, and social settings. Worse, it has the potential to lead you into situations that involve lawsuits and bloody events (surgeries, accidents, and other situations that draws blood).

Six Killings (Liu Xa) – Negative and Unhealthy Mind

Your Six Killings direction is associated with a negative mind. This direction can damage your marriage, career, and your relationship with others. At the same time, it can bring you insomnia and feelings of irritation and indifference. Worse, it has the potential to lead you to chronic gambling and alcoholism.

Obstacles (Huo Hai) – Vitality Draining Force

Translated as “mishaps” and “troubles”, your Obstacles direction is associated with the loss of energy and motivation. Worse, it creates fatigue and extreme laziness, causing you to be unproductive at work and at home. The person may feel scared to take responsibilities and may feel weak and sick all the time.


Finding out what your Kua number means is just one of many steps to practice Eight Mansions Feng Shui. The next step is to find out how to actually use your auspicious and inauspicious directions. So if you don’t know what you’re doing, do NOT go about applying the above directions onto the directions of your bed, your desk, or your house’s facing direction. Your personal Kua direction is NOT the entire practice of Eight Mansions Feng Shui. Also, the directions are MORE than just “facing” direction. 

If you’re wondering whether you’re practicing Eight Mansions correctly, you can always engage an Eight Mansions expert or take Feng Shui courses to learn it yourself.

Although I’m writing and teaching you about Eight Mansions Feng Shui, please know that I have doubts on the efficacy of this practice. Please read the end of this article to find out why.

What do you think about your auspicious and inauspicious directions? Let us know by commenting below!

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    My KUA Number is 2.
    I would like to understand how do I use the information/knowledge given by you as above to improve my life.
    My house is facing East/North East

    1. SURINDER KUMAR Bhatia

      Well explained .
      It increases the knowledge and anxiety to learn further

      1. Yo

        Hi Victor, my kua is 7 and am sitting in command position of my office, however i am a) sitting opposite a colleague and b) facing East which is my unlucky direction (Total loss), any remedy to this pls?

        1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

          Hi Yo,
          Don’t worry about facing your unlucky direction. Sitting opposite of a colleague is also fine and could be good in some situations.

      2. Bettina

        If my # is 8, & directions are SW, NW, W, but my bed can only face N or S, isnt south the better choice? Ive tead so much about not sleeping to the north. Indians say South is best direction. Just wondering what you thought. Im not too concerned about it. :

        1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

          Hi Bettina,
          Yes, I’ve read about that one. There are some studies related to it, but not on humans and the specific topic you mentioned. (see:
          If you are applying your Kua, the section of the house matters more than the direction when it comes to bed placement. Make sure to read about the house Kua first:

          1. Chelsey Gallenbeck

            I am a woman 5. Why are the man and woman 5 missing from the article. I was searching what to do with the room in the Southeast of my house. Storage? Rec room?

      3. Zenaida Mamaki

        I have the same kua number with my partner which is 7. Now our new home is facing east? What Im going to do about it?

      4. Lusi

        Hi Victor
        Im sleeping with my head pointing the six killings direction for the past couple of years & have noticed a terrible negative impact on my mental health & all aspects of my life. There is no other option of changing this direction unfortunately. Is there something I can do to help counteract the negative energy?

        Kind regards

        1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

          Hi Lusi,
          If your room is in an auspicious area relative to the house, and your bed is in an auspicious area relative to the room, it could be something else at play here. I suggest you seek professional help because I cannot comment further without taking a full audit of your place.

  2. Kamal Gill

    Hello Victor
    My Kua number is 4 & my husband is 3. Which direction house is good for us.

  3. Elki Siew

    Hi Victor,

    My Kua is 8. Can I use only my room to determine the facing? Also I realized my total loss position is where I placed most of my crystals. Will that affect my luck?

    Thank you,

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Elki,
      You should first consider the house Kua, then use your personal Kua to mitigate if your bedroom is not in the best desirable position. So in a way, it is not wrong to apply your personal kua just using your bedroom. As for your total loss position, placing crystals are ok.

  4. Margitta

    My partner (Kua number 4, XUN) and I (Kua number 9, LI) live in a KUN house.
    The face (entrance and street face NE), the seat is in the SW. I would so like to put our bed in the right position. The bedroom is in the SW seat of the house.
    Which direction is the best for our heads nde of our bed?
    Thank you very much for your answer.

  5. Megha

    Well explained, excited to learn further and get more knowledge about it.

  6. Rashmi Sanger

    Hi Victor kua is very interesting card to know and use .but it could applied best .and what about the husband and wife they have opposite direction of Thier harmony , different kua no.i would like to know further .but one thing is sure kua works

  7. susan j d

    Warm greetings Victor ;
    ( should i request a house audit ? ). My kua number is 2 .
    House direction , apartment Building, facing the street , EAST . My apartment doorway , NORTH (!) also NW : Kitchen . And bathroom NE , bedroom EAST SE . Each most-active area is charted as most ( seriously ) negative. How to compensate ?
    Or do you provide individual consultations ?
    Respectfully, thank you .

  8. susan j d

    To Victor , a p.s. a positive : the apartment itself is in the SW of the building ( on the tenth floor ) for my kua 2 , does this give a partial remedy to the many Norths and Easts ? I look forward to hearing your insights ; also via your newsletters – blogs !
    Positive Regards !

  9. susan j d

    *** ( Revision ). Please feel free to remove my questions .
    ( i naively wrote too much , while happy to have
    discovered your site )

    Respectfully, best wishes .

  10. fatz1126

    Hi! My kua is 6 while my husband is 2. We both belong to the west group and I understand our 4 auspicious and 4 inauspicious directions. My question is, the stars in our house’s natal chart has it’s own good directions like for example where you should ideally place or point your bed at certain directions or which direction to face while working:studying etc.. But then if you will also consider your own kua’s auspicious direction, it’s inauspicious. How and when do you apply these two? Thank you!

  11. A

    When calculating kua number, do you use your Western year of birth, Western year of conception, or Eastern/lunar year of one sui (嵗/岁), or Eastern/lunar year of conception?


    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi A,
      Great question – the calculation methods provided here is based on Western year.

  12. janine

    hi my daughters kua is a 3 and her bedroom is NW area of house is this bad? she’s had a lot of problems with anxiety and friends. what can I do do fix it?

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Janine,
      I don’t have enough information to answer that because you also need to consider the house’s facing direction and many more. It is better to have a professional take a look at this. You can connect with one here:

  13. Kylie Heath

    Hi Victor,
    If a Kua number of both residents is 8 (small Earth) and the front door is in Auspicious direction of SE should Metal element be used to weeken wood? Your help is greatly appreciated. Thank-you

    1. Kylie

      Sorry I meant Inauspicious direction

  14. Kylie

    Hi Victor,
    If both residents are Kua number 8 (small earth) and front door is located in SE inauspicious direction, can Metal be used to weaken the wood to help improve this area? Your help is greatly appreciated. Thank-you

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Kylie,
      Yes, it helps, but the assistance is limited, depending on what’s outside the front door, which direction its facing, etc.

  15. Mary Cheah

    Hi, my kua number is 3 from East group.
    I am sitting facing Total Loss & Five Ghost direction daily from 9 to 6pm
    Due to the office desk setting, I am not able to move away from this sitting position.
    May I know what will be the feng shui cure for this?

  16. Thia Jee Sheng

    what to fix if my kua number 8 (male) and my house is facing southeast direction (total Lost)?

  17. Noreen

    Hi Victor!

    My house is teaching facing SW and sitting NE per the compass, but it is leaning much closer to W than SW. my question is if that means the house is still a Gen house or Zhen house? Or is it a combination of both? Both Gen and Zhen have very different auspicious and inauspicious areas. Thanks!

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Noreen,
      It is very important to get an exact compass measurement. Sitting right in between two major directions (the “kong wang line”) is not auspicious most of the time, but not always. With the exact compass measurement, you’ll know whether it’s a Gen or Zhen house.

  18. Horus TK

    Hi. I have just moved into a small 3m x 3m office with the office door centrally placed on the north side and the windows on the south. Am currently seated with my back towards the East wall (ie facing West) with the windows on my left. On the West wall there is a mounted air conditioner unit about 2m above ground. My Kua no is 4. Should I change the position of my desk such that I sit beneath the air conditioner with back to the West wall instead?

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Horus,
      Before going there, you should follow the basics first – solid wall behind your back, command position, etc. That is more important that which direction you face. That said, I wouldn’t worry too much about your facing direction in office. Plus, office Feng Shui is different from residential.

  19. artist with dharma

    Hi victor.

    Thank you for your website, I am Artist With Dharma. I am curious and amazed by my findings in Feng Shui.
    Many things are true about my personality and my birth animal with its characteristics.
    Before I started reading feng Shui I was facing Westwards daily and drawing most days and head sleeping eastwards that is if i managed to sleep.
    Many things went wrong in life, marriage, health and lifestyle i lost everything.

    I then found I am east person, I am Kua 9. born in the year Yi Mao
    my birth day is Jia Shen. Wood Element. Yin metal, and my minerals are pearl and Turquoise.

    I changed direction and thnigs improved in life, but now this year 2023 its my birth cycle of the fourth time 48 years.
    Now i discovered this year has many obstacles, i should not face east or west. South is my direction though it isn’t possible to sit facing that direction. My house front door is North direction and the rear where my apartment is faces south. I have an L shaped room.

    Now i ask you what am i Supposed to do to balance things out, for luck and positive energy to arise again ? please can you help with advice or guidance?

    Kind regards


  20. Rose

    Hi Victor nice explanation . I wanna ask about gua number application . Im a woman and my gua number is 6 . Some Fengshui consultant told me my good direction for relationship is Southwest . And i am aware with all my auspicious gua direction ( west group)

    my current room position is southeast
    another zhi wei dou shu consultant told me , my best position for relationship is Northwest and north .. she told me northwest is good but the best will be north … and suggest me to move to North direction’s room in my house

    I remind her North is my auspicious direction but she told me , fengshui is tailored for every individual . So many aspect to see so we dont always stick to the basic gua number auspicious direction ..

    Based on her explanation , is that true ?

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Rose,
      I’m not versed with zhi wei, but Feng Shui is somewhat based on every individual (depends on what we’re talking about and the Feng Shui practice). For instance, Gua numbers is Eight Mansions, but I find Flying Stars and San Yuan to be the better Feng Shui practice, which takes the individual less into account. But a person’s luck phases is also important. If a person is in a bad phase, Feng Shui can do little to nothing to improve a person’s situation. Contrarily, if a person is in an auspicious phase, Feng Shui will be a great boost.

  21. Li

    My kua number is 9. What do i place in the inauspicious directions to help make things better?

  22. abhijit chache

    hi I want know my kua number My dob 11 Feb 1984

  23. abhijit chache

    hi I want know my kua number My dob 11 Feb 1984 and also i want know all direction and lucky number which are effected in my life positive and negative