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Kitchen plays an important role in residential Feng Shui. When we do a Feng Shui analysis of a home, the three most important living areas to look at are (1) the front door, (2) the bedroom, and (3) the kitchen.

You may already know why the front door and the bedroom is important. For those that don’t know, here’s a brief explanation. 

The front door is the mouth of the house. It’s where Qi enters, manifest, and influences its occupants.

The bedroom is where we spend almost a third of our lives, which is why it’s important to make sure that the bedroom is located in the right “place” so that good energy can benefit us.

So now, the kitchen. Why the importance?

In short, it is where Feng Shui energy interacts with Fire, which can be used to suppress negative Qi (and positive Qi as well, but hopefully that’s not the case). It is the stomach of your home and place where you prep to feed the family.

Here, you will find 33 kitchen Feng Shui rules that I know or have heard of. Although I doubt the validity of some of these rules (as you will see later), I suggest that you follow some of these rules when you apply Feng Shui to your kitchen.

Table Of Contents

Kitchen Placement and Location

1. Kitchen Should NOT be at the Center of the House

As previously mentioned, kitchen is filled with fire. With the kitchen at the center, it symbolizes “fire attacks the heart”, with the center of the house being the “heart” because of its central location (also not the best placement for wood tables). This has the ability to bring down the luck of all the occupants of the house, causing instability and health issues.

There are also other practical considerations. If the kitchen is at the center, cancer-causing grease smoke and cooking fumes can easily travel to all over your home, including your bedroom. How would that make you feel?

frying pan oil vapor captured bad feng shui kitchen - 33 Kitchen Feng Shui Rules and Tips – Location, Stove, and Basics
This photo captured some of the harmful vapor produced from stir-frying. These harmful gas can easily spread to all corners of your home if your kitchen is located at the center of the house.

2. Kitchen is NOT Suitable at Front of House

The kitchen is best situated at the back of the house, just as how the bedroom should be at the back of the house. Using the same concept, the kitchen should not be close to the front door. That’s because the front door is at the “front” end of the house. But why is this?

In ancient times, kitchen is analogized to be a source of wealth because of its function: producing food. Further, because the amount of wealth (and/or prosperity) a family has is a private matter, the kitchen should be placed at the back. If kitchen is at the front of the house, there is a potential that wealth is leaking away.

3. Kitchen is NOT Suitable Outside of House

As mentioned earlier, the kitchen’s function as the production of prosperity. Having your main kitchen outside of the house will make it hard for the Qi of prosperity to gather.

Outdoor kitchen Feng Shui affects prosperity min - 33 Kitchen Feng Shui Rules and Tips – Location, Stove, and Basics
Having your main kitchen outside of the house is not ideal for Feng Shui. It is also harder to maintain, and its use greatly depends on weather.

Wealth is not the only aspect that will be affected. Some experts say that this setup can cause family members to live in different regions, making a family reunion difficult. However, this will not be a problem if you have an outdoor recreational kitchen that is used during special occasions/gatherings.

4. Avoid Kitchen at a Specific Northwest Section

To be specific, the kitchen should not be located between 300 and 330 degrees Northwest of the house (according to the compass). If so, just make sure the stove isn’t within that section.

This is mainly because the Northwest section is correlated with the health of the father (or the male head-of-household). Kitchen at this location can cause various health issues, including headaches, high blood pressure, strokes, or other head-related illnesses. Male residents that are older than the male head-of-household may also be affected.

Kitchen bad areas min 300x300 - 33 Kitchen Feng Shui Rules and Tips – Location, Stove, and Basics
Areas not ideal for the kitchen stove. Please note that the shaded areas are not drawn to scale.

The effects for women is not as harsh. Instead of health, social relationships will be negatively impacted, especially in terms of career promotions.

5. Avoid Kitchen at a Specific South Section

To be specific, the kitchen shouldn’t be located between 165 and 195 degrees South of the house. If so, just make sure the stove isn’t within that section.

With kitchen at this location, residents of the house have a tendency to be ill-tempered, and social relationships will not be as desired.

However, if your kitchen stove is not between 165 and 195 degrees South, the effects are greatly reduced.

6. Avoid Kitchen at a Specific North Section

To be specific, the kitchen should be located between 345 and 15 degrees North of the house. If so, just make sure the stove isn’t within that section.

Kitchen at this location affects relationships between family members, including the family’s marital relationship.

Just like the Kitchen at the South, if your stove isn’t between 345 and 15 degrees North, the effects of this kitchen is minimalized.

7. Kitchen Should NOT Face the Front Door

Technically, this applies if the kitchen STOVE faces the front door. However, I have included it here because some experts will say that the kitchen DOOR should not face the front door, which would apply only to the architectural design of certain countries. For instance, in United States, there’s not really a kitchen door, and therefore, I would look to the stove instead of a kitchen door.

main door n kitchen feng shui lead to kitchen door min - 33 Kitchen Feng Shui Rules and Tips – Location, Stove, and Basics
In this floor plan, the front door directly faces the kitchen and is not a good Feng Shui setup. Image credit: Feng Shui Master Pte Ltd

So here are the specifics of this rule. The front door and the kitchen door (or the stove) should not form a straight line. If you enter the front door and can see the stove or the kitchen on the side, then it’s not a big deal.

Kitchen feng shui stove and front door min - 33 Kitchen Feng Shui Rules and Tips – Location, Stove, and Basics
You’ll have a Feng Shui problem if the kitchen stove and front door forms a straight line. Image credit: Feng Shui Master Pte Ltd

If the kitchen door or stove forms a straight line with the front door, then the Qi that enters the home will be demolished by the kitchen’s fire. Further, it is possible to experience health and financial problems. An easy remedy is to place a heavy furniture or a divider between the front door and the kitchen.

8. Kitchen Location Based on Your Kua

I won’t get into the details here because it can get quite specific and extensive.

In general, the kitchen’s Fire energies has the ability to suppress negative Qi because of its cooking and fire energies. Thus, good locations for the kitchen can be based off of your Kua’s inauspicious areas. Meaning, if you’re in the West Kua Group, then the kitchen is suitable in the North, South, East, and Southeast of the house.

9. Kitchen Location Based on the House Kua

Again, I won’t get into the details.

Just like a person’s Kua, the house also has its own Kua determined by its sitting and facing direction.

The house’s Kua can be interpreted similarly to the person’s Kua, where there are four lucky and unlucky sectors. As a rule of thumb, the kitchen should be located at one of the four unlucky sectors. Its purpose will be to suppress the negative Qi brought by that unlucky sector.

10. Kitchen Location Based on the Bagua

The kitchen brings strong fire element, and its strength is much greater than colors or shapes that are used to boost the Fire energy.

That’s why you’ll also need to check your kitchen’s location in your Bagua. You need to check whether there’s a conflict with the element associated with that location. (Water conflicts with fire, and fire weakens wood)

Feng Shui Bagua Map min - 33 Kitchen Feng Shui Rules and Tips – Location, Stove, and Basics
The basics of a Feng Shui Bagua.

Generally, South and Southwest are considered ideal Feng Shui spots for the kitchen according to the Bagua, as long as the stove is not within the narrow southern section indicated in #5 above. If it is at other locations, you’ll need to find remedies to balance the energy of that area.

11. Restroom Should NOT Face the Kitchen

This might be intuitive for some people.

The kitchen is where food is prepared. The restroom is where bodily waste is disposed. Having the two face each other can disrupt appetite. After all, when was the last time the sight of a restroom is appetizing?

Further, the restroom is full of water element. Having the two face each other produces a conflict between the water and the fire element, which can potentially cause many kinds disruptions in life. The easy cure in this situation is to close the restroom door. Make it a habit!

12. Kitchen is NOT Suitable Next to Restroom

Just like the previous rule, this rule has more to do with how people’s appetite are affected by restrooms.

The restroom doesn’t need to face the kitchen directly for someone to lose his or her appetite. They can be within vision. They can be right next to each other. In fact, I know some people find it disgusting just by knowing that food is prepared next to the restroom.

Businesses understand this. That is why supermarkets usually hide restrooms from plain view. This way, people won’t get disgusted and food sales won’t be affected.

13. Kitchen Should NOT Face the Bedroom

In my opinion, the reasoning here has more to do with hygiene than Feng Shui.

The kitchen produces grease smoke, which is known to cause health problems. Imagine having to inhale that toxic gas even when you sleep. How would that affect your health? Further, the smell of food can linger in the bedroom, which I know can harm the sleep quality for some people. The easy cure is to close the bedroom door when cooking and keep your kitchen (or other areas) well ventilated.

14. Kitchen is NOT Suitable Under Bedroom

If a kitchen stove is right under your bedroom, some say that the fire energy can cause insomnia or liver problems.

kitchen right under bedroom min - 33 Kitchen Feng Shui Rules and Tips – Location, Stove, and Basics
Kitchen under bedroom is not an ideal Feng Shui placement.

Although I have my doubts on this one, many Feng Shui experts advise against this placement. I personally have slept above a kitchen stove for years. Perhaps I was young and didn’t feel its effects, or perhaps the energy couldn’t rise to the bed because of the high ceiling in the kitchen.

15. “Kitchen is NOT Suitable at the West”

I put this one in quotes because I have big doubts on this one.

From what I know, there is a saying that the kitchen is not suitable at the west sector is because it tends to have higher room temperature (caused by the setting sun). Because of this, food has a higher tendency to spoil, bringing extra health risks.

This may be true in ancient times. Today, however, we have the refrigerator where food can be stored for days (or weeks) without spoiling. That is why I have big doubts on this rule.

Feng Shui for Kitchen Stove

16. Kitchen Stove is NOT Suitable Under Toilet

The idea here is that the toilet’s Water energy can affect the stove’s Fire energy. This only applies if the stove is directly under the toilet bowl. Also, it is not a concern if the ceiling is high and separates the two far apart. The suggested height is 15 feet, according to a renowned expert.

If this is your situation and your ceiling is not high enough, the remedy is to move the stove to another location. However, this may be costly. If you’re not experiencing any significant setbacks in life, I don’t think this cure is necessary.

When considering your stove’s direction and placement, it’s essential to think about practical matters as well, such as gas line installation. If you’re based in California, you might consider services like gas line installation San Jose to ensure your kitchen setup is both functional and in harmony with Feng Shui principles

17. Stoves on a Center Island

There’s a bit of a debate around this. Here, I’ll share why some experts prefer stoves on the center island.

light color granite topped kitchen island stove bad feng shui - 33 Kitchen Feng Shui Rules and Tips – Location, Stove, and Basics
Some experts say that stove on center island allows you to cook in the “command position”.

Having the stove in the center island allows the cook to prepare meals in a command position, which is preferable. This is similar to having the desk placed in command position, which gives you a sense of security because you have vision of the whole kitchen area (and perhaps the living room).

18. Have Wall at the Back of the Stove

Here’s other side of the story from the above rule. Most Feng Shui experts from Asia says that stove on a center island is bad Feng Shui because it doesn’t have its back against a wall.

The stove is the key element of the kitchen, similar to the bed for the bedroom, desk for the study room, and couch for the living room. They should all have their back against a wall. Some say that an island stove setup makes it hard to accumulate wealth, get married, or have children. Another renowned expert say that Qi can come from multiple angles to the stove and affect the food, thereby bringing health issues.

The conflicting information from different experts may be due to architectural differences and preferences in different continents. I personally would prefer a setup where the stove has a wall behind it.

19. Stove Direction Based on Your Kua

Earlier, we talked about kitchen location based on your Kua and your house’s Kua. Here, we’re ONLY talking about your Kua and the stove.

Without mentioning the specifics, your stove should face one of your lucky directions. To be clear, the stove’s facing direction is the OPPOSITE direction that you face when you cook.

20. Kitchen Door Facing Stove

This applies mostly to architectural designs in Asia where the kitchen is walled off instead of being in an open area.

According to a renowned Feng Shui Master, having the kitchen door directly facing the stove is like a mini T-junction facing the stove. The incoming Qi from the door is said to affect the food and thereby your health. The simple remedy (if simple) is to move the stove to another location.

21. Stove’s Location and Direction Relative to House’s Facing Direction

Here’s a rule that’s not commonly seen.

If the stove is at the back of the house and its direction is opposite to that of the house’s facing direction, then there’s a potential of losing large amounts of wealth. Again, the stove’s facing direction is the OPPOSITE direction that you face when you cook.

One thing to keep in mind is the house’s facing direction. In some cases, it is not the same direction as the direction of the front door.

22. Avoid Beams on Top of Stove or Cooking Area

Beams are notorious in Feng Shui because they bring suppressive Qi. Although beams can be cured by large upward-growing plants, plants are not suitable in the kitchen area.

Not only do beams harm the person who’s preparing meals, it can also cause fluctuations of Qi. As a result, the Feng Shui of the stove can be violently affected and can bring ups and downs to the family.

Beams on Top of Kitchen Stove min - 33 Kitchen Feng Shui Rules and Tips – Location, Stove, and Basics
Beams on top of kitchen stove causes fluctuations of Qi.

Please note: false beams have no effect in Feng Shui simply because they are “false.”

23. Stove Facing Water Element

This happens when the sink and the kitchen stove face each other and forms a straight line. (For more about the Five Elements of other kitchen appliances, please check the last rule in this article.)

When this happens, the Water Element of the sink and the Fire Element of the stove will conflict. Having this setup can bring health issues, lovers’ quarrel, or a decline in intimacy between lovers.

If moving the stove cannot be done, then placing an island in between will do. Another expert mentioned that Wood Element can be used as a cure, such as placing a green rug or mat in between the stove and the sink.

24. Stove Next to Water Element

Again, this has to do with the clash between the Water and the Fire Element. It only applies to the sink and the stove.

white kitchen sink next to stove 2 feet apart feng shui min - 33 Kitchen Feng Shui Rules and Tips – Location, Stove, and Basics
In this image, the stove and sink is at least two feet apart and would cause no clash between the Water and Fire Element.

The clash between water and fire exists only when the stove and sink are next to each other, which can cause relationship problems such as infidelity. If the sink and the stove are 1 – 2 feet apart, you do not have a problem with the clash between water and fire.

25. Small Cooking Appliances are Mini-Stoves

Not many experts mention this, but I have read that kitchen Feng Shui can also be applied to other cooking appliances such as the oven, microwave, or rice cooker. They can be counted as mini-stoves, and applying Feng Shui for them can help mitigate undesirable kitchen or stove locations.

One way to apply Feng Shui to these appliances is to use your Kua number. You’ll want the appliance to face your lucky directions if possible.

But placement is just one thing. You’ll also need to use these appliances to prepare food. In other words, using them as décor will have no Feng Shui effect.

26. Number of Stoves Doesn’t Matter

Some people are big on numerology. However, Feng Shui has little to do with numerology.

With that said, the number of stoves you have doesn’t matter. Also, whether the stove should use gas or electricity depends on personal preference and not on Feng Shui.

Other Feng Shui Kitchen Etiquettes

27. Mirror is NOT Suitable in Kitchen

Generally, kitchen is not a suitable place for mirrors. That’s because mirrors have the ability to amplify the energy of the Fire Element, which can cause an imbalance and fluctuations in your life.

mirror behind stove not ideal feng shui min - 33 Kitchen Feng Shui Rules and Tips – Location, Stove, and Basics
Mirror behind a stove is not the best Feng Shui setup.

Further, kitchen is said to have bad Feng Shui energy. Having a mirror there can amplify those energies. You wouldn’t want that, do you?

28. “Leaky Faucets Causes Loss of Wealth?”

There is the saying that a leaky faucet causes an outflow of wealth. That’s because some experts equate water as wealth, and that a leaking faucet is similar to an outflow of wealth Qi.

However, I personally do not think leaky faucets will cause an outflow of wealth. It is true, however, that your water bill will go up unnecessarily. Perhaps this is what was meant by losing wealth?

29. Keep Kitchen Well-Ventilated

Kitchen is where you prepare food. That’s where cancer-causing cooking fumes and grease smoke is produced. (Which is also why kitchen is said to have bad Feng Shui energies.) This is especially true if stir-frying is your preferred cooking method.

Keep the kitchen well-ventilated so other areas of your home won’t be filled with the harmful gas produced from cooking.

30. “Knives in Plain Sight is Bad Feng Shui”

Knives are sharp objects. So strictly speaking, it should have its own form of Xa Qi (negative Feng Shui energy) because of its form: a sharp cutting edge. That is why some people feel discomfort when they are in plain sight.

Magnetic knife rack wooden plain sight feng shui kitchen knives min - 33 Kitchen Feng Shui Rules and Tips – Location, Stove, and Basics
Organizing your knives in a magnetized knife block is not harmful or bad Feng Shui.

However, not all Feng Shui practitioners think that this is a Feng Shui practice. According to a renowned Feng Shui expert, organizing knives in knife block or magnetized knife block is not harmful or bad Feng Shui. In other words, there’s no need to keep your knives hidden from plain sight.

Even broken or chipped items, like mugs and plates, that act as sharp objects should be removed from home if not repaired. These items translate to broken energy and bring bad luck.

31. Cleanliness and Hygiene

Again, kitchen is where food is prepared. Because of that, food scraps can linger in various corners of our kitchen, arising from activities such as cutting green onions, tenderizing meat, or putting food on our plates.

If these food scraps are not cleaned up, bacteria will grow and can cause hygiene problems. Further, these food scraps, if not cleaned, can attract insects or even rodents.

In short, if you don’t keep your kitchen clean, the negative Feng Shui brought by the kitchen can be worse than your restroom!

Other Feng Shui Kitchen Tips

32. Are There Suitable Colors for Kitchen?

According to a renowned Feng Shui expert, using blue as your kitchen’s color theme would NOT be a problem. In other words, the Water Element’s energy brought by the color blue would NOT clash with the Fire Element that the kitchen produces.

Of course, it is quite popular to select a kitchen color based on where it’s located according to the Bagua. But here’s my suggestion: choose the colors that you personally like.

33. Don’t Over-Classify Water and Fire Elements

Some experts believe that kitchen appliances all have their Five Elements. However, there are other experts who would tell you NOT to over-classify those objects for the purpose of Feng Shui.

For instance, some say that Water and Fire Element would clash if the stove is right next to the refrigerator (or if they are facing each other, just like the sink). However, electronics can be considered Fire too. So what element is the refrigerator, really?

fridge next to oven appliances min - 33 Kitchen Feng Shui Rules and Tips – Location, Stove, and Basics
In this image, the refrigerator is next to electric ovens. While some would say that there’s a clash between Water and Fire elements, I’m asking you not to over-classify them. Just stick with the sink and the stove.

The tip here is to ask you NOT to over-classify things according the Five Elements, or else you’ll just be confusing yourself endlessly!


Feng Shui kitchen is essential when you want to Feng Shui your house. According to experts, stove placed in improper places can cause health problems because bad Qi can influence the quality of the food. Also, negative Feng Shui energies produced by the kitchen can be used to suppress other negative Feng Shui elements based on you and your home’s Kua number.

Although kitchen Feng Shui is important, it is just one part when looking at a home’s Feng Shui. If you truly want to benefit from Feng Shui, I suggest that you find a consultant rather than doing it yourself.

Have you applied any of these Feng Shui rules and tips? How have they worked for you? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Annie

    This is something that I have wanted to know about for such a long time. There is so much conflicting and confusing information on Kitchens and Feng Shui. This article is like a breath of fresh air for information. We do have a kitchen that faces the front door, and I have had so many difference of opinions on how to handle it. After reading this I know what to do. Thank you so much for sharing this information. I do feel like our kitchen has problems as we have [2,5] located there as well as have a electric stove in NW. The kitchen is old and worn out, but nothing I can do as it is a rental other than to keep it clean. This article has really helped me so much!

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Thanks Annie! I’m glad it helped!!

      1. Lauren

        Hi Victor,

        My front door faces a closet. Is this an issue?

        1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

          Hi Lauren,
          No this is not an issue.

      2. Cindy

        Hi Victor,
        My front door opens to the fireplace. Is this bad feng Shui?

        1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

          Hi Cindy,
          No, this is not by default bad.

      3. Maria Cristina San Agustin

        Hello, this is not about the kitchen, well sort of, can i have my fridge/freezer opposite to my zink? And another quetion, where should i place my clock in the livingroom, some writer says its okay in the east, others write that its a big no no.. What shall i do? I have it hanging on my east wall now, its a round metal.

        Thank you for your help. ????

        1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

          Hi Maria,
          Yes, fridge opposite to sink is totally fine because both are considered water. As for clock, anywhere is fine, doesn’t matter what direction.

      4. Julie Guest

        I have a stove which is partly in North and mostly in center. Also oven is in center what should i do please?

          1. Kim

            Hi Victor,

            My kitchen is in the northwest and my only affordable option is to move the stove. However, in doing so, my stoves facing direction will be opposite the house facing direction. Which rule is stronger?

      5. Leah Sunga

        Hello Mr Cheung.

        Hoping that this will get answered. My front door is facing our kitchen door but there is a small bar in between. Is this an issue? What remedy I can do . Please advise thanks

        1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

          Hi Leah,
          Without a look at distance, surroundings, alignments, etc., I can only guess. But from the little that you described, it shouldn’t be a big issue.

    2. Rhena

      Hi Mr. Cheung,
      So I read about your article regarding the Feng Shui in the kitchen, but what if some of you said about “NOT SUPPOSED” to… like the Kitchen shouldn’t be in the northwest area but when we moved this is outline of the house it’s a small house we really can’t do anything , so what should we do , and also I have a china cabinet with mirror and it’s directly facing where my sink is and although my stove is not directly facing the cabinet you can still see it from the cabinet in this case what should I do and we don’t have other place to put our cabinet I would really appreciate if you can enlighten me in this matter.

      Thank You,

        1. Kim

          Hi Victor,

          In the event there are 2 kitchens, such as a Wok Kitchen and a show kitchen, which is the more important kitchen to be in the right area and according to the right feng Shui rules? Is it the one used more or the one that takes up the most space? Thank you!!

          1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

            Hi Kim,
            It’s the one that’s most used.

      1. Jackie

        Hi Victor,
        My rectangular dining table is facing directly to the front door. Would that be a problem?
        Btw, thanks for all the informations. They’re very helpful!
        Thank you,

        1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

          Hi Jackie,
          This is not a problem unless you have privacy concerns.

    3. Victor lioe

      Hay victor,
      Saya ingin bertanyaa. Saya tinggal Di rumah menghadap ke selatan , tetapi posisi dapur saya berasa di belakang kapan, yg mana merupakan ajah barat laut. (Tidak baik dapur di barat laut)

      Saya ingin memindahkan ke sektor selatan yg mana merupakan bagian depan rumah saya, apakah boleh untuk dipindahkan ke arah selatan ?
      Yg nana dapur tidak baik Di bagian depan rumah ?
      Tetapi dapur tidak bisa dilihat dari luar.
      Mohon petunjuk nya pak

  2. Leelee James

    Feng shui in the southern hemisphere means fire elements in the north, water in the south etc as it us opposite to traditional origin. When considering North west for example is that in relation to the front door if house or the compass?

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Leelee,
      Generally, Northwest refers to the compass. However, I’m not sure what school of Feng Shui you’re using. Do not mix different schools together in one reading!

  3. jojo

    We are buying a home in Texas and i want to relocate the top stove microwave near the refrigerator and you said it is okay. I just want to confirm. And one thing more the oven is backing a sink 1/2 bath between a wall. How do i cure that?

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Jojo,
      Yes, microwave near the fridge is fine, although some will say otherwise because they’d reason that microwave is like stove (Fire). If it worries you, you can place something green in between. These effects won’t be much compared to the macro Feng Shui of the house.
      Oven and sink sharing a wall is also fine.

      1. Alice yap

        Hi Victor,
        Is it ok for the kitchen and dining room to be a few steps lower than the living room and main door?

        1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

          Hi Alice,
          Yes, that is fine, as long as the foundation of the whole house is at the same level.

  4. Abena

    Hello Victor
    My main front door is facing north. Should I put up and wind chimes in the north northwest corner and what number wind chimes rod should I use.
    Thank you

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Abena,
      There’s nothing wrong with your front door facing North. If you’re wondering about the macro Feng Shui effect of your home, you’ll need a compass reading of your facing direction, and it sometimes is not the direction of your front door. Also, wind chimes can do little to help the macro-effect of your home’s Feng Shui.

      1. Urmila Rao BAKTHAVATSALAM

        Hi Victor,

        Your article is very informative and helpful. I have only one question my apartment which I cannot do anything about this. The stove faces the wall that is connected directly to the bathroom and the position of the toilet back is directly opposite to the position of the stove . What can I do to help to assist the situation. I can’t do any major changes due to it being in an apartment. Kindly let me know how to change the flow to a positive one. Your reply to my urgent question will give me a lot of relief.
        Thank you,
        Urmila Rao

  5. Abigail

    Just got our new house haven’t start renovation.Our main door will be facing our dining table. When you open the door you will see the dining table in front of the door. Do i need to block it with a wall, full length cabinet or even just a small cabinet will do? Thanks!

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Abigail,
      Is the dining table far away? If so, you’re ok. But if it comforts you, a full length cabinet will do – it serves the same purpose as a wall. This will negate the effects of a long hallway that leads directly to the dining table from the front door.

  6. Marie

    Hi Victor,
    Our main door is directly faces the kitchen there’s no door on the kitchen but when you open the main door the sink is on the other side. What should we do??

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Marie,
      Main door facing the sink is fine. You’ll only have an issue if the main door faces the kitchen stove directly.

    2. Rachel

      Hi Victor

      In our new house, the stove is sharing the same wall as the toilet bowl ? As the bathroom is next to the kitchen. Is there anything I can do?
      Many thanks!

      1. Adonis Deruta

        Is it okay to have my kitchen in the north section since the house is facing Southeast and I’m my personal kua is west group?

  7. Veronica

    Hello! I have two questions:

    1. Our kitchen is in the North West side of the house. Is there a remedy for this?
    2. Does the stove have to be directly in front of the front door to be bad luck?


    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Veronica,
      Please make sure that the stove is not within 300-330 degrees area when you’re measuring from the center of the house. If so, there’s no easy remedy. However, if you’re not experiencing issues, you should be ok.
      As for stove and front door – yes, it has to be directly in front. Also consider the distance between the front door and the stove. The further apart, the less the gravity of the issue.

      1. Camilla

        Hi Victor! We just found a house to rent and cannot make any changes to the layout.
        I’m really, really starting to panic. Please help.
        1.)The door is south facing and is blue…(not sure if they will allow us to paint). What can we do?
        2.) If our house was a square, the kitchen is literally in the top left portion of the house which seems to be northwest. Is there truly no cure? I want to promote only GOOD things for the head of our house. What can we do??? Please help. Totally panicked.

  8. Beatriz Carmona

    Hello, thank you for this article it’s great help.
    I feel the need to work on the kitchen. We just replaced appliances, now working on cabinets. Currently the stove and refrigerator are side by side. With a 1 1/2 inch board in between. Wondering if we should move them apart now that we redoing the cabinet. Or it’s ok

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Beatriz,
      Your setting is ok, but feel free to redo everything if you feel like it. If you see from #24 above, I only pointed out the issue of water and fire when it’s sink and stove next to each other, and not the fridge.

      1. Den Padilla

        My main door is facing. Dining next to it is kitchen what should I do..

  9. Jane

    Many new houses with modern designs that have kitchen above the garage. What do you think this? What are the possible impacts?

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Jane,
      This shouldn’t be an issue. 🙂

    2. Denise Teo

      Hi, my water n gas stove is directly opposite each other n to redo the renovation will be costly. I read your recommendation is to put a green rug to solve it. Any other way i can add on to it?

  10. Jj

    Hi, Victor,
    Have you heard of anything on “walls or stairwell in front of window at the kitchen”?

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Jj,
      No, not really.

  11. Tara

    Hi Victor,

    How are you?
    I was just wondering when you say to put a wind chine between the foot of the bed and the door, can I put the wind chine just on the wall above the door, or does it have to be freely hang in between the door and foot of the bed stuck to the ceiling. Also what kind of wind chine do I use, is it the asian gold ones that are from those Buddhist shops?

    Thanks would like to hear your thoughts.

    1. Tara

      Oh ok, thanks. So I am just wondering what to do, as my bed faces the door. ( in what people day it’s the coffin position). Any thoughts on this situation as I can’t move the bed any other way.

    2. Aynur Mustafa

      My kitchen sink is in south east
      Does this mean my luck is going down the sink

      Thanking you in advance

  12. Jerome

    Hi Victor,

    I have a condominium unit wherein there is a male/female toilet above the kitchen, dining area, and a bedroom. The height between the upper floor and mine is 5 meters but developer will only put 2.70 meter ceiling, is this ok?


    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Jerome,
      Sounds like the toilet is huge! Nevertheless, if the toilet is not directly above the kitchen stove, and using it won’t bother you while you’re at sleep in your bedroom, then it is fine.

      1. Jerome

        Hi Victor,

        Thanks for the reply. Indeed, the toilet is quite big because it is a male toilet and a female toilet. Upon further talks with developer, they also put a protective concrete slab under the toilet pipes and above my ceiling (this slab will protect my unit from any leaks). Is this said concrete slab considered a separation with the toilet above? I do not need to move my kitchen stove when it is above the toilet bowl?


        1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

          Hi Jerome,
          Yes, you’re in good shape. Nothing to worry. What really needs to be considered is how your home gather Qi from the outside, its directions relative to you, and whether there are any bad Forms (outside and inside). Hope you know Feng Shui is not just about the internal layouts.

          1. Jerome

            Hi Victor,

            Thanks again. Tower will take another 31 months to finish. That is the only time I can go inside. Till then, we always keep in touch.


          2. Jeni

            Hi Victor,
            I have a small kitchen only based on the article kitchen door should not be the same as stove wall what i can do to prevent its not to good effect if theres any.

          3. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

            Hi Jeni,
            It is actually kitchen door directly facing the stove. You are totally fine.

  13. Amit

    Flat no. Of north apartment is LCG 204 B
    Second one is villa 115

  14. Amal Ghosh

    My kitchen is in the south east direction, is that ok. SE direction are the wealth corner. Can I apply wood (ie: live plants, herbs) in the kitchen. Are there any other suggestions? Can I utilize the SE corner of the living room as the wealth corner.

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Amal,
      Yes, kitchen in that direction is ok, and you can apply plants in the kitchen. Just make sure the plants get what they need (water, sunshine, etc.).
      As for Southeast corner in living room as wealth corner, I have not heard of that as a practice. But feel free to do what you like so you can make your home more homely!

  15. Jerry

    Hi Victor,
    I know I need to have a wall at the back of the stove. Is it the whole wall behind the stove? Or can it have small picture window on the left or right of the immediate back area of the stove (illustrated below)? This will be for lighting and/or ventilation? The immediate back area would still be a solid wall. Thanks.

    | window | wall | window |

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Jerry,
      That setup is totally fine. 🙂

  16. Man Hernaez

    if my house is facing Northwest, where should my stove be facing?

  17. Wenn

    Hi Victor,

    My kitchen is at the Northwest of the house. If I place my stove within 330 to 345 degree, the stove will be facing the main door with a brickwall between them. The stove’s wall is about 4feet from the main door. Will that be any issue? If yes, any remedy to it? Thanks.


  18. Faten Wadi

    My stove in the island facing the sink ???

    1. Victor Cheung

      Hi Faten,
      I wouldn’t worry too much about this, but if you’re worried about this setup, you can try placing a green rug/mat in between. This uses the relationships of the Five Elements Theory as a cure.

  19. Anne

    Hi Victor,
    I was wondering what to do because my stove is exactly in the center of my house?


    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Anne,
      The only thing you really need to worry about is the grease smoke easily flowing all over the house. A better ventilation system would work, or just close the room doors when you cook.

  20. Mut

    Hi Victor,
    Is that ok if the fridge aligns exactly with the main door? My kitchen is at the back of the house. The main door faces North and same as fridge. Thanks. Mut

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Mut,
      Yes, that is fine. 🙂

  21. Ina

    We are in a process of building a house. My kitchen will be located on SE corner at the back of the house. The house is facing West. The kitchen is square. The refrigerator is on the west side facing East. Where do I need to place gas stove and sink? Time is important and I get confused. Is my kua number important here? If so, it is 8. Thank you

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Ina,
      I suggest you seek help from a professional to get all your questions answered, or else you will only get some concepts/applications right but others wrong.

  22. Mike

    Hello Victor,

    I have a small house. My stove and sink are across from each other like 5 feet apart. What is the simple cure for this issue?

  23. Kim

    Hi Victor,
    My headboard is sharing a wall with the kitchen. Because the room is so small there is no other position to place the headboard anywhere.
    Is there any cure for this?
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Kim,
      Sharing the wall with kitchen is fine, as long as what’s happening in the kitchen doesn’t affect your sleep. (gas stove, fridge, etc.)

  24. Sheena

    Hi Victor,

    Not kitchen related but bathroom and the mirror. Ive read that its not a good feng shui if mirror is in front of the door (bathroom mirror is long horizontal for double basin) and quarter of it faces the door. What can I do please. Thank you

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Sheena,
      If it worries you, simply close the bathroom door and you’ll be fine. Just make sure your bathroom has proper ventilation when you keep your bathroom door closed.

    2. Son Nguyen

      If my stove is directly in line with the front door, but i have a kitchen island between it, does it remedy the issue? Or if a put a laughing buddha facing the front door and the plant on the island to block the direct alignment of the front door and stove/range, does that help?

      1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

        Hi Son,
        Both your suggestion helps.

  25. James

    Hai Victor,
    For points 4 and 5, where could I check if it is between 165 and 195 degree south for the kitchen or stove?
    From the main door of the house? or just use compass? or from the center of the house? or from the door at the carport? My house is facing north. and we have kitchen at the south area of the house.
    Also, is it okay if we have pantry with stove at the 1st floor, and the stove is exactly under the bed at the 2nd floor?

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi James,
      You should measure from the center of the house. Pantry and stove on the first floor is fine. However, some experts will warn against the stove under the bed exactly. If there’s a good distance between the stove and the ceiling, you shouldn’t worry much about it. Also, I think that rule is very antiquated – see

  26. July

    Hello Victor,
    OMG, this post is AMAZING. I’m about to renew my kitchen and was wondering about the placements.
    Thank you for sharing!

    The thing is, now I’m a bit afraid as my husband’s Kua number is 6, mine is 5, and the current stove is in the NorthWest section. I don’t want my husband to feel sick because of the wrong replacement.

    I’ll try to apply the stove/oven to the West corner as I do not have any other options.
    Would it be a good place for both of us?
    Also, my kitchen falls to the West / NorthWest side. I’m thinking white for cabinets.

    Any suggestions are well appreciated.
    Many thanks

  27. Russ Chong

    Hi Victor,
    If washer and dryer is in the Northwest area, will it affect the breadwinner too as with the stove?
    (case study testimonial: my dad suffered a lot when we had our stove in the NW area. )

    1. Stacey P

      This is the clearest article I’ve ever read. You really explained it well about the front door directly opens in straight line into kitchen area. Thats exactly what we currently have and we are trying to remodel to relocate the kitchen. However, with the new layout, we face the issue of the restroom door open directly in straightline with the kitchen. Basically it is similar to the picture you have for front door and kitchen, but instead of the front door, it is now powder room door. Do you know if that is a problem? I’ve seen articles saying it is bad to have restroom door opposite to kichen door but like you said, we dont really have kitchen door in the US. Hope you can help 🙂 Thank you for this great article by the way.

  28. Stacey P

    This is the clearest article I’ve ever read. You really explained it well about the front door directly opens in straight line into kitchen area. Thats exactly what we currently have and we are trying to remodel to relocate the kitchen. However, with the new layout, we face the issue of the restroom door open directly in straightline with the kitchen. Basically it is similar to the picture you have for front door and kitchen, but instead of the front door, it is now powder room door. Do you know if that is a problem? I’ve seen articles saying it is bad to have restroom door opposite to kichen door but like you said, we dont really have kitchen door in the US. Hope you can help 🙂 Thank you for this great article by the way.

  29. Sean

    I would like to ask if having a bedroom above the kitchen is really prohibited as per #14. and with this link
    Since then, I have no choice but to place the bedroom above the living room instead (planning stage). But personally, I would like my living room to be open up to the second floor and put the bedroom above the kitchen instead.

    I’m looking for other feng shui advices that will eventually allow bedroom above kitchen but only certain remedies are given.

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Sean,
      According to many experts, it is not advisable to have bed above kitchen “stove”, not just the kitchen. Some say a high kitchen ceiling is enough to rid of the “fire” Qi, but here’s what I think. This concept came from ancient times, and kitchens back then creates a lot of heat.
      For today’s living standard and Feng Shui, I don’t think its effect is that bad.

  30. Ann Amaral

    I’ve been looking into Feng Shui for the new home we purchased and now see that the kitchen setup may be bad Feng Shui and even the front door opens and you look to the back sliding door. I read in your article I can put a green carpet between the stove and sink, what can I do about the front door looking to the back door slider. I read somewhere that means your good fortune goes right out the door. Oh My, If I would have known this before I would have been more aware.
    Also, we are having a pool put in and the water feature flows towards the house is this bad?

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Ann,
      The pool and water features if fine. As for the front door leading to back door, if it worries you, you can place something in between. This can range from some heavy furniture, shelf, or whatever you need or can fit.

  31. Jay

    Hi How to find south section unlucky 165-195 location? do i check it standing on the center of the kitchen or the house ?

  32. Tracy

    Dear Mr. Cheung,
    I have a question that needs your help. My in-law unit’s stove is facing the main entrance plus on top of it is a toilet. It is a big task to relocate the stove. would you have any suggestions to correct this problem? (i.e. putting something on the ceiling, laughing Budda behind the stove????)
    Thank you so much for your time.

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Tracy,
      If your ceiling is high enough (15 feet), then you’re ok. Also, if you have stove vent or something in between, you’re good. I wouldn’t worry too much about this if I were you. 🙂

      1. Tracy

        Hello Mr. Cheung,
        Thank you so much for the advice; yes we do have the stove vent in between!

  33. Arun

    Hi. Which place is suitable for extra sink at the kitchen as per vasthu?

  34. Catherine

    HI Victor,
    Thanks for the tips! We’re renovating our house and mainly the kitchen, as our stove is in the dead center of our house right now. My question is, can I have my stove and a sink facing each other? For example, the stove up against a wall and my sink directly across on my island?

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Catherine,
      You will hear that this causes conflict in water and fire, and one way to cure this is to put a green rug (or something green) in between because of green’s elemental properties. However, I don’t see this problem today because our modern kitchen is very different than the ancient ones (or those that are 100+ years ago). See this article:

  35. Zara

    Hi Victor, thanks for this article, so comprehensive. I have a question,
    My kitchen is in the southern part of the house and the stove is exactly where it should not be 175 degrees south ????. Would you have any suggestion to remedy this? I can’t move the stove position. Stove faces north and I face the south while cooking. My kua is 8. Thank you, hope you will see my question.

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Zara,
      Something I left out here intentionally – a lot of kitchen (and restroom) Feng Shui rules are outdated because our kitchen (and restrooms) have changed significantly. I wouldn’t worry too much about this if I were you. If this worries you, I suggest that you seek the advice of an expert:

  36. Vanessa

    Hello, Mr. Cheung!

    I have a situation with designing the floor plan of a medium 1 bedroom house. My husband and I are east group people. The house faces N, with the bedroom in the SW (head of bed to E), bath and closet in the W. We’ve read to put the kitchen in one of our unlucky directions, so we thought NE, to suppress negative energies. However, this is the front of the home. That leaves us with SE, which is my prosperity and his career corner. A walk-in pantry would separate the bedroom and kitchen. What should we do??? NE or SE? Please help. I’ve been stuck on this for literally months.

  37. Audrey

    What if my kitchen is in my career zone and I’m a woman and the sole breadwinner in the home. Kitchen has maple cabinets, laminate countertops, stainless appliances, green paint color.

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Audrey,
      By your career zone, I’m not sure what practice you’re referring to. For instance, your issue is treated quite differently when using Eight Mansions or just the simple Bagua.

  38. Vince

    Hi Victor!
    My house is small I have a L shape kitchen the stove is on the left side and the sink is facing the front door..would that be ok? The position of our house is from front door there’s a living room next is dining area then the kitchen facing the front door.

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Vince,
      It is fine if the sink is a good distance from the front door.

  39. Melissa

    Hi Victor,

    My stove is backed by solid wall, and faces the balcony. Is there any issue with this placement? Thank you.

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Melissa,
      No, there are no issues from what you described.

  40. Mabel

    Hi Victor
    I like to ask, what can I do to remedy this sharp edge pointing toward my stove? The sharp edge is the edge of a wall in the middle of my kitchen and I cannot move my stove as it is part of the kitchen cabinet.
    Thank you in advance.

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Mabel,
      The effects of the sharp edge in your case is minimal. Sharp edges are more of a concern when it is a a building next to your house, or if there’s an edge next to where you sleep. I wouldn’t worry much if I were you.


    Hi Victor
    My stove is facing a sharp corner. Is it considered poison arrow and if so, is there anything I can do?
    Thank you

  42. Winnie

    Hi Victor, I recently installed a mirrored design aluminium bathroom door for aesthetic purpose. The door mirror is right opposite my rice cooker and water filter which you can see the water filter in a transparent Jar. However if you were to look through the mirror it does reflect the stove, hood, washing machine and sink as well. Is this ok or you advice I change to a non mirror door?

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Winnie,
      If there’s a good distance between the mirror and stove, there’s nothing you should worry about. 🙂

  43. Winnie

    Thanks Victor but is it ok if the mirror faces the rice cooker directly and Transparent Water Jar that is used to dispense water.. where it may look like “stagnant water”?

  44. Winnie

    I just realized from reading your article that my kitchen door is directly facing my stove. The stove is built in not movable neither is the kitchen door. How can I remediate this?

  45. Lea

    If the kitchen is in the wealth and success corner (sheng chi), how do you remedy? Thank you.

  46. Amy

    Hi Victor, i
    Our stove is behind garage and faces to back of the house. Stove facing direction is opposite from house facing direction just as you mentioned in # 21. Is there any remedy for that or should we be concerned? Thanks, Amy

  47. Ron

    Hi Victor,
    Thank you for your post! My house faces west. Do I need feng shui cure? Also my stove is directly opposite my sink. What fengshui cures can I do about it? Thank you so much!

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Ron,
      There’s nothing wrong with houses facing West. For stove directly opposite of sink, check #23 in the above article.

  48. Amy Wong

    Hi Peter,

    You answered my question on oven facing direction about 2 months ago. Did you mean I should or should not concern the direction of oven/stove facing with respect to house direction?



  49. Amy

    Hi Victor,

    Please accept my sincere apologies. I miswrote your name as Peter in my last comment out of haste.

    I want to clarify whether the direction of oven/stove facing with respect to house direction should be a concern nowadays. And, if it’s concern, is there mitigation?



  50. Kesivan

    Hi, in my apartment the kitchen and living room is open plan. The table in the living room doubles as my work desk. What if that table and when I am working on it faces the stove ?

  51. Teng Geok Huah

    Hi Victor, is it ok for my kitchen to be or the right side next to my main entrance door?

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Teng,
      Without more context, I cannot comment much, but it should be fine.

  52. mimi

    Hi Victor,

    i am planning to move into a studio apartment where the kitchen (stove part) is right next to the entrance door, so when you enter the room and open the door you will see the stove in the right side. like the illustration you give, but in my case, there is no much distance between kitchen/stove and the door, literally in the next right the entrance door. wondering if it is okay and not bring down my luck? if not okay, is there any remedies since i can’t remodel the kitchen and there is no much space. thankyou in advance!

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Mimi,
      Without looking at the entire place, I cannot be sure, but I don’t see an issue with your current setup. The big no is when it faces the door, but even so, ancient kitchens and modern kitchens differ greatly.

  53. Thomas yap

    Instead of the conventional stove, can i use a induction cooker?
    Btw why the 165 degrees n 195 degrees?
    What can i put in this area?

  54. Cici

    Is front door facing kitchen sink good or bad feng shui?

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Cici,
      It’s not bad by default.

  55. Margaret

    Victor, I love your posts. They are balanced and practical. I hope you can help balance out my thinking. I have fallen in *love* with a house – it is dream house, except that the kitchen is in NW. Overblown visions of complete loss of everything: job, home, friends, have no where to go, etc are nagging at me. That said, there is the possibility of moving the stove to a west location and have it still remain in kitchen. How important is this issue, and would you recommend moving the stove? Do you have any stories of people having kitchen in NW and nothing bad happening? Many thanks!!

  56. Aba

    F*CK now I feel like I can’t put my kitchen anywhere. All places say something bad :/ is way too much. Plus ppl give the guy a break, y’all asking personal sht, just read the post and desuce the answers by yourself

  57. Fran Goh

    Hi Victor

    My stove is located in the NW sector of my house, and the stove is facing NW too.

    I’m thinking of moving the stove to face the South direction, although the kitchen is still located in the NW sector.

    I’m Gua 2, West group person, so is it alright if my stove is moved to face South? My back will be in the North direction. My house is Chen Gua (facing West 2 direction).

    It is very perplexing as I don’t want to affect the health of my husband.

    Thank you for your kind advice.

  58. Lenn

    Hi Victor,

    Would you consider making a post about Feng Shui with low furniture like low dining table/floor table, low desk/floor desk and the best seats for feng shui like tatamis, cushions etc ?How to Feng Shui, the room if you sit on the floor in the living room, dining room, office ? I haven’t seen any articles about this, it would be great.

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Lenn,
      Thanks for the suggestion!

  59. Ashley

    Hi Victor,
    Understand that certain location at NW and South is not good for stove location but wonder why stove location at certain North location affects relationship?
    I am currently looking for a better location for my stove because currently is at NW and I have been experiencing career stagnancy and breathing issue ever since I moved into this house 15 years ago.

  60. Eliška

    Hi, Victor.
    Thanks for very interesting, useful and detailed article! However I’m still quite confused about some issues. First to say, I’m kua 6 and my husband, the main breadwinner, is kua 8.
    We live in a XUN house (303°) front door facing nortwest. As I understood this door facing is good direction both for my husband and me, but overall this type of house is not very “friendly” for western group kua… (anyway, we love our house and have been living here for 15 years happily 😉 )
    We are doing some reconstruction and the new kitchen must be 2/3 in fu wei, 1/3 in yan nien. The stove is planned in the yan nien section. Which is not really good according to 8 mansions… According to bagua, the stove is going to be in the east section approx. 88° (which is not among the very bad directions and should be bareable then?) and the kichen is east/ southeast position – meaning that it weakens “wood” element (if I’m right). The stove can face northwest, which should be good energy for our 8 and 6 kuas.
    Is it possible to cure the stove/kitchen position issues?
    There’s also going to be a small fireplace in jue ming section in northeast direction, which we plan to use during the winter only (should be a good placement for a fireplace(?)).
    Thanks a lot if you find some time to read and answer.
    Best wishes

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Eliska,
      I wouldn’t worry too much about the stove/kitchen positions because the Feng Shui rules should adjust to modern kitchen. See this article:
      For fireplace, it’s not frequently used so I wouldn’t worry about it as well.
      Try practicing another school of Feng Shui – like Flying Stars – to compare.

  61. Eliška

    Many thanks for you kind answer! I’ve read the “outdated kitchen feng shui” article before. It handles mainly the topic of hygiene, which is really not a problem these days in a modern household as you are mentioning there and It’s really great saying that! 🙂 The 8 mansions, bagua and personal kua concepts are more about energy flows within the house, I thought. So that was my main concern.
    The truth is that I haven’t study the Flying Stars concept very much so far, I should do it then 🙂
    If I can have the one last question: As I’ve written before, the “mouth” of the stove can face NW (good for both 8 and 6 kua) but it would mean that I have the entrance door behind my back (eventhough not directly). The other option is the stove facing SE (quite bad for my, very bad for my husband’s kua) but in that case I can have a good sight over the room. Which one would you prefer?
    In my country, it’s still traditional, that we cook quite a lot at home and the kitchen (and the stove) is in permanent use, so it remains really important room within the house and family life.

  62. Jonathon Haas


    We are looking for the our parcel of land to build our home. The one we want to get the house would face south with a south facing front door as well. We can change the layout around for the home and really wanted to put our kitchen in the back of the home in the south but with this land the south will be in the front? Any suggestions? We don’t really want to put it by the front door. Not sure if it’s better to keep it at the back in the north or move it to the front and either way use some cures. Thank you for any suggestions.


  63. Su Phan

    My stove is not directly inline with entrance door. but It is a little bit off to the side when I open my entrance door. I have an island in between. Is it bad?
    I also have question about my head of bed. Is it bad to have a head of bed facing a wall with stove on the other side of wall?My room is small. I either have to sleep with head of bed facing wall with stove on the other side, or head of bed is facing a window. Which one is better? Thanks much.