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In times of uncertainty, some people turn to metaphysics such as Feng Shui and Astrology. But what’s their role in this coronavirus pandemic?

I’m seeing lots of questions like: how come Feng Shui masters and astrologers didn’t predict this coronavirus pandemic? After all, this is such a HUGE global event that will definitely get recorded in history. Wouldn’t there be something glaringly obvious in the stars or in the charts?

There are also more personal questions such as: can astrology predict whether I would get the virus? Can Feng Shui help prevent me from getting infected?

In this article, I’m going to talk about all the questions above. I will clarify the role and the scope of Feng Shui and Astrology using my understanding of the fundamentals of both.

Can Feng Shui and Astrology Predict Pandemics?

In my opinion, no.

But the Astrology I’m talking about here are the commonly practiced ones, such as Bazi, Western, or Vedic Astrology.

There are many masters who make annual predictions, and some were right about an incoming recession. But none that I’ve read have said exactly that a “pandemic” is coming.

Conversely, there are other masters who started analyzing the stars and charts AFTER the pandemic is a clear and present danger. I’ve seen quite a few different interpretations using the same set of stars and charts. Some interpret this as a sickness. Others interpret this as an economic damage. They could be totally right (or wrong). But here’s what I think.

I do not think Feng Shui and astrology can predict pandemics due to its scope. Both deal with micro-events rather than global macro-events like the COVID-19 pandemic.

Feng Shui applies to houses, offices, buildings, and gravesites. Astrology, such as Bazi, Western, or Vedic, applies to a single person’s natal chart. Both apply to a small scope – the individual and his/her immediate surrounding, as opposed to the larger scope – the global pandemic.

There are Many Different Types of Astrology

There are other practices in Chinese Metaphysics and astrology that MAY have been able to predict a macro-event like this.

For instance, ancient rulers in China (1,500-200 years B.C) have consulted “oracles” on the fate of the country. Major decisions on the kingdom’s fate were made based on the suggestions of these “oracles”, such as whether to go to war with another kingdom.

One of such practice is the use of oracle bones for divination. The oracle would carve symbols on the bones of the ox or turtle shell, and then apply heat so the bone or shell would crack. From the cracks, they would decipher the outlook of weather, crop planting, fortunes of the royal family, and others. Maybe they had a way to decipher pandemics? Perhaps, but I haven’t found records of that in history.

OracleBone Shang Dynasty - COVID-19 Pandemic: What’s Feng Shui and Astrology’s Role?
Oracle Bone with carvings used in the Shang Dynasty.

Other practices, such as Da Liu Ren or Tai Yi, can be used for governance. Da Liu Ren is a form of Chinese calendrical astrology dating from the Warring States period (475 – 221 B.C). It also uses the concept of Five Elements, the Yin and Yang, and charts based on time. This, along with other forms of divination such as Qi Men Dun Jia or Tai Yi, could have been used to predict a pandemic.

However, I don’t think those methods can explicitly foresee a “pandemic”. The master has to use his or her own knowledge and experience to interpret what was uncovered from those practices.  For instance, maybe the master’s saw a lot of death and people getting locked down. Based on that, one can guess war, natural disaster, or something of those sorts. Thus, accurately foreseeing a “pandemic” may not be as easy, though entirely possible.

The point here, again, is that the Feng Shui and Astrology we commonly practice today are for the individual or the occupants of a house. They are NOT used to predict macro-events like a pandemic.

Then, what can Feng Shui and Astrology do to help us with this pandemic?

What an Astrology Reading can Reveal

At the core, an Astrology reading like Bazi reveals whether the environment favors you or not.  

It does not, in my opinion, have the ability to predict a pandemic unless one uses subjective interpretation.

As master Sean Chan puts it, those who will take a serious hit and those who end up doing better can be seen in their charts. He mentioned that a person’s chart can reveal whether the year would be tough for a person, and gave examples of his clients who are struggling because they are in the food and beverage industry. And since the whole pandemic is part of the “environment”, an astrology reading can reveal whether this environment favors you or not.

Thus, when you know that certain years are going to be tough, YOU can take action to protect yourself.

That is why I don’t like calling an astrology reading a “prediction” because that means certain things OUGHT to happen no matter what you do. Rather, I’d like to see it as a guide.

Bazi Astrology Reading 10 year luck phases min 1024x299 - COVID-19 Pandemic: What’s Feng Shui and Astrology’s Role?
The above table generated from a Bazi chart shows 10-year luck phases of this individual starting from age 0 to 9, 10 – 19, and onwards.

For instance, a Bazi reading may reveal a tough year in 2020 in terms of wealth for you. Then maybe, you shouldn’t invest as much, nor should you start that restaurant that you’ve always wanted. The environment does not favor you. A Bazi reading, however, cannot tell us what the environment is, whether that be a pandemic or a financial meltdown like in 2008.

In essence, an astrology reading tells us about a person, not a macro-event. It tells us the time frame of your tough and favorable times, and that time frame is what we call “luck”. Feng Shui is part of a person’s environment that has the ability to affect that “luck”. Here’s what I mean.

What is Feng Shui’s Role?

Whether the environment favors your career, health, or relationship are all part of your “luck”, which can be uncovered in an astrology reading like Bazi. Good Feng Shui can boost positive “luck”, or a period of favorable time frame in your life, and minimize the negatives. Alternatively, bad Feng Shui minimizes positive luck and enhances the negatives.

Thus, at its core, the practice of Feng Shui is to accelerate and boost your luck by making adjustments to the house that you live in.

It does not, in my opinion, have the ability to predict a pandemic. That is because of Feng Shui’s scope – it deals with houses, offices and their occupants. It does NOT deal with humanity as a whole.

Eden Island Villas aerial view Feng Shui of Houses - COVID-19 Pandemic: What’s Feng Shui and Astrology’s Role?
Feng Shui deals with houses, offices and their occupants. It does NOT deal with humanity as a whole.

What you can do during this pandemic, when following the principles of Feng Shui, is to stick to the fundamentals.

The three jewels of Feng Shui are the sun, clean water, and fresh air. The sun’s UV rays have the ability to disinfect and kill viruses, although it may not kill the coronavirus because the UV rays are not concentrated enough. Still, try to let some sun in because not only can it kill other viruses, it can boost your immune system. Clean water should always be used to wash your hands and keep you and your home clean and sanitized. Allow fresh air inside your home and let it circulate. It helps getting rid of all the droplets we spew into the air from our mouth and nose when we talk, sneeze, or cough.

Also, here’s a Feng Shui tip from Uncle Dixer on preventing you from catching the virus.

On top of these, it is very important that you follow the guidelines set by the CDC, such as wearing a mask in public, washing your hands, not touching your face, social distancing, etc. Please protect yourself and stay safe!

I Do Know Someone Who Predicted This

In the end of 2019, my mom visited a psyche in Taipei, Taiwan. She asked the psyche whether it was a good time for my brother to switch jobs because he’s got another job offer.

The psyche claims that she could communicate with the Great Compassion Kuan Yin, and she advised against my brother switching jobs.

kuan yin great compassion buddha - COVID-19 Pandemic: What’s Feng Shui and Astrology’s Role?
A popular drawing of Kuan Yin standing on top of a dragon.

Her underlying reason? Because the jobs market will be bad. She said around 4 out of 10 people will be out of a job, and that the condition will be worse in the United Kingdom. She also told my mom that SARS would be back in 2020.

When my mom told me that, I didn’t take any of it seriously. After all, I have a job, and I was far away from SARS during its 2002 outbreak. Even though COVID-19 is not SARS, I do see why she said SARS because they both attack our respiratory system.

Looking back, the psyche can be considered “pretty accurate” in predicting what’s happening in 2020.

Don’t Forget Science and Bill Gates

I’m not here to undermine the practices I mentioned here. But I do want to throw this out there: science and mathematical models can also predict a pandemic like this.

Below is a TED Talk with Bill Gates talking about how we’re not ready for the next outbreak, back in 2015.

Of course, science and mathematical models can only say “we’re due for a pandemic”, but can’t pinpoint exactly what year. On the other hand, metaphysics may be able to predict the exact year when global disasters like this can happen.


Please don’t be disappointed at astrologers and Feng Shui masters for not predicting this pandemic. That’s because Feng Shui and the commonly practiced astrology all focuses on the individual and his/her immediate surrounding. Their scope is limited, which is why they cannot see what happens to humanity or the globe as a whole.

There are other metaphysics and astrology practices that could have predicted this, such as Da Liu Ren and Taiyi. However, I don’t think those are commonly practiced today.

You can use astrology and Feng Shui to help you grind through this period. An astrology reading can reveal how favorable 2020 is for you, so you can be prepared for what’s coming. As for Feng Shui, just stick to the basics – allow the sun inside your home, use clean water to wash and disinfect, and allow fresh air to circulate your home.

Do you know anyone or any practices that could have accurately predicted this coronavirus pandemic? Let us know by sharing your comments below!

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