Feng Shui of Stairs Facing Front Door (Outside & Inside)

This popular Feng Shui rule is commonly misunderstood. Most Feng Shui beginners (and some practitioners) associate stairs facing the front door as bad Feng Shui by default. However, this is only half true and is not always the case.

Also, I noticed that when talking about this rule, many assume that the stairs are inside the house. Rarely do they talk about the Feng Shui effects of staircase right outside the front door.

In this article, you’ll learn about the Feng Shui effects of each.

Feng Shui of Stairs Facing the Front Door INSIDE the House

The Feng Shui effects of this, as noted by many practitioners, include:

Their explanations are similar – the staircase disrupts the flow of energy. The force of the Qi coming down the stairs overpowers the Qi entering the house from the front door.

But what about all the houses and mansions that we see with this setup? Like the one below?

If staircase inside the house facing the front door negatively impacts wealth, then wouldn't the rich who move into this kind of house suffer loss of wealth?

If the Feng Shui effects are really true, wouldn’t those millionaires and billionaires who move into these houses will suffer loss of wealth? Well, that’s not that case because doesn’t really affect wealth, at least not the way you think. Plus, several assumptions were made:

  • The first assumption is that the front door is constantly used. Meaning, this setup wouldn’t be a problem if you live in a dwelling where you enter and leave the house through the garage. Qi will neither be entering from the front door, nor will it escape from the front door.
  • Second, it assumes Qi moves like human beings and uses the stairs. It is true that Qi moves from top to bottom (similar to water, but not exactly). However, Qi does not need to take the stairs. Like water, it can flow through the sides of the stairs and any openings. I have to agree, though, that a good portion of it do take the stairs because of its size and surface area.

Because of these, the Feng Shui effect of inside stairs leading straight to the front door does NOT always bring loss of income and wealth. It does, however, bring roadblocks to your wealth. Your career path will be more bumpy and have more ups and downs.

For instance, a person that’s up for promotion might get delayed, or some unforeseen events (or “acts of God”) will delay your new business or product from launching.  These events are commonly described as being “unlucky”.

Some might construe this as a loss of wealth, but that is not accurate. This setup affects income growth because of the roadblocks and headwind. It does NOT drain your wealth away.

Whether this Feng Shui effect manifests also depends on the distance between the front door and the inside staircase. If the front door is a certain distance away from the staircase, then you won’t experience any roadblocks to your income growth, let alone loss of wealth. One explanation is that big foyer allow energy to settle and nourish the space. This also explains why the mansions inhabited by millionaires and billionaires doesn’t drain away their wealth.

It is best to have more space between the front door and the stairs to avoid the effects of bad Feng Shui.

How much space do you need between the front door and the inside stairway? I suggest you consult with an expert or take professional Feng Shui courses to find out.

What about all those talk about losing wealth? Are they completely untrue? Not quite because it has to do with the stairs on the outside.

Feng Shui of Stairs Facing the Front Door OUTSIDE the House

This setup is when you see a staircase going downward to the road when you open your front door, like the image below.

Stairs facing the front door on the outside the house.

Interestingly enough, not many practitioners talk about the Feng Shui effects of this on the web. However, Feng Shui masters in Asia do mention this and their Feng Shui effect in their books:

  • “Wealth goes down the stairs like a slide”. It is hard to acquire and preserve wealth.
  • Relationships will be affected from verbal arguments. At worse, it can bring lawsuits. This is because of the shape of this setup looks similar to a mouth (the door) and a tongue (the staircase). In Mandarin, the phrase “mouth tongue” means verbal disputes (which includes lawsuits because they are a form of verbal dispute).

From experience, this setup mainly affects wealth and not so much verbal disputes. To be specific, it affects your ability to preserve wealth. It does NOT affect your ability to acquire wealth (which is determined by other Feng Shui factors such as how you gather auspicious Qi in your house). In other words, there’s a tendency for you to incur high expenses, whether voluntary or involuntary.

This is because of the way Qi flows. As mentioned earlier, Qi flows from high to low places. When the front door opens, the Qi gathered in the house will flow outwards because of the difference in elevation.

Several factors need to be met for this to manifest:

If you understand the concept of Qi flow, you’ll notice that the said Feng Shui effect isn’t actually caused by the stairs, but rather, the house’s elevation relative to the road. That means if your stairs lead to a front yard where its elevation is close to where the house is, then the said Feng Shui effect won’t manifest.

What About Houses on Lower Grounds?

If houses on higher grounds makes it hard for you to preserve wealth, then would the opposite be true? Would it be easier to preserve wealth when your house is on lower grounds? Not exactly.

This just means you won’t have a problem with wealth preservation caused by Feng Shui. It does NOT mean that Feng Shui will assist you with wealth preservation. Depending on the house’s surrounding elevation and other factors, this setup sometimes brings sickness to the occupants of the house.

A long set of stairs that leads down to the front door is usually NOT a good Feng Shui setup.

This is why checking the elevation of the house’s surrounding is extremely important when assessing the Feng Shui of a house. Elevation alone can often make or break the Feng Shui of the house because of the strength of the incoming Qi.


With a better understanding of Qi flow, do you see why many of the cures for stairs facing front door is completely useless? Do you really think placing a red carpet, a crystal, Bagua mirror, or wind chimes can stop the Qi flow?

If you have this setup, don’t sweat. Most of the time, there are creative and cost-efficient ways to implement a cure. The masters, through their practice, knowledge, and experience, know how to turn negative Qi to auspicious ones. You can find these masters in the Feng Shui directory here.

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Hi , How this applies to countries like Scandinavia? Because all houses built on a 1-3 feel higher ground to protect from Snow and winter. So you have a couple of steps to climb to get to the main door.

Most of the houses in Scandinavia have two doors( door open outwards and once you enter the door open inwards to the house ) and or double grassing windows to protect and avoid cold coming inside the house in the winter.

Other hand, as you explained, if it’s bad luck to climb a few steps towards the main door and entrance of the house , how are you going to explain things like the old Royal palace or Emperor’s palace structure?They are built on higher ground and overlooking the view. Example imperial palace china or Forbidden city palace in Beijing, China, these are wealthiest dynasties and powerful rulers exist on chinese culture that build with feng shui techniques.

Second example, White house america, Congress House America build on a higher ground

Third Example Windsor Castle in England and Royal palace in England build on a higher ground and steps towards the main entrance. Does it mean that the Royal family in England will lose their wealth because they step towards the main door?

Hi Ray,
Great observation. For residential, a few feet higher is not a problem. Also, you need to check the “grounding area”, or the amount of space in front of the door. For instance, the image with the blue door you see on this page is totally fine because it’s not that much higher. (I couldn’t find a good image) For palaces, there’s usually a big “grounding area” between the front door and the stair. (Palace Feng Shui has more macro/surrounding that just this one factor that we’re talkinga bout. Plus, don’t forget the other two factors in the cosmic trinity.)
Also, higher expense does NOT equate to “losing wealth”. The Feng Shui setup of many places can acquire massive wealth where the expenses are minuscule compared to income amount.
The easiest way to check is – when you open the front door and just stand there. Does air come in or out? (assuming the temperature of both the inside and outside are the same, and there is no open window/backdoor straight at the other end) In most cases, this is not a big issue. But you’d be surprised to see this is an issue in dense Asian cities where the unit has a garage. See this image: https://i.imgur.com/6nXjcoF.png

Hi Victor. I need help…our front door faces south east. I think all 3 of us need to face west. We’ve had the worst luck living here, we’ve been sued 3 times and our revenue stream is suffering. We’ve been tryingto movefor 3 or so years and nothing is out there.What can we do??

Hi Melissa,
Keep your head up and keep searching. Once you’re at the worst point, things will only get better.

Hello Victor,
Your article was very interesting especially as I have stairs that face the front door and I have placed a crystal above the first step!!
I have another question for you if you don’t mind.
We are selling our house and moving to a smaller house which is opposite a reserve which has lots of trees facing the front of the house some of which are gum trees which are bare tree trunks with foliage at the top. There is also a post with a sign opposite the house which states that the land is a reserve.
I have read that this is a problem and if so what do I do to counteract this?
Many thanks,

Hi Debra,
From what you’ve described, I don’t see any problem. If this concerns you, I suggest you find a professional to take a look.

hi Victor just curious what if the head board of your bed is facing directly to a door to an enclosed empty space intended for aircon exhaust?

Hi Yvona,
It is best to have your headboard be placed against a wall for support.

I live in a Chinese neighborhood in San Francisco, single family homes where the Chinese rarely greet each other or me, the very long time Irish-American owner.
But for years now,
Some kind of weird voodoo items appear at the very top of our our front stairs, such as walnut halves,
Bobby pins, chicken bones,
A dried monkey hand,
And today, a Luger bullet casing. I have ignored all this “voodoo”
For years. But a bullet casing? What do you think, are any of these items connected to Chinese belief systems?

Hi Mary,
I don’t think any of these items are connected to the Chinese belief system, but I am no expert on this or any voodoo. From the stories I’ve heard, if voodoo really takes place, they don’t need to place anything outside of your front door. I do think that someone’s trying to mess with you though, maybe some teenagers that have plenty of time on their hands.

I’m thinking of having my front yard landscape redo and that includes putting concrete stairs but I’m having a second thought about it now?
I have a contractor design this for me. So please let me know weather this is a good idea or not?

Hi Ruby,
I can’t comment unless I see the floor plan. I suggest you seek out professional service to help you with this.

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