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“Place a water fountain in your Feng Shui wealth area to attract money luck.”

“Hang a mirror in your dining area to increase your wealth.”

While these are common Feng Shui tips and practices for wealth, they only scratch the surface of what Feng Shui wealth is really about.

Feng Shui Masters understand this. On top of what you already know, they know how to create powerful Feng Shui setups to attract wealth. A few of the setup include the “Water Dragon” setup and the “Five Ghost Carrying Wealth” setup.

This begs the questions, which a reader asked me: “If Feng Shui Masters know all about Feng Shui for wealth, how come they are not rich?” 

In this article, I will tell you some reasons why Feng Shui Masters are not wealthy using what I know about Bazi.

A Compressed Summary About Bazi and Its Place with Feng Shui

Bazi is also known as the Four Pillars of Destiny. It uses your (1) birth year, (2) birth month, (3) birthday, and (4) birth time to construct the Four Pillars, or your Bazi chart. Insights can be drawn from your Bazi chart, which can provide a glimpse of your talents, resources, and raw capabilities. It also sheds light on your ability to attain wealth.

Sample Bazi Chart - Why Aren’t All Feng Shui Masters Making Millions?
A sample Bazi chart plotted from a person’s year, month, day, and time of birth. Above is a sample Astrological (Bazi) chart which can be used to uncover your pre-destined talents, capabilities, and the ups and downs of your life.

Bazi and Feng shui are part of the Trinity of Luck, which is consisted of: (1) Heaven Luck, (2) Earth Luck, and (3) Human Luck. You might have guessed this already; but in short, Heaven Luck is Bazi, Earth Luck is Feng Shui, and Human Luck are the choices you make.

feng shui trinity of luck heaven earth man 168x300 - Why Aren’t All Feng Shui Masters Making Millions?
The Chinese characters of Heaven, Earth, and Human, in that order.

A Bazi astrological chart is the foundation of a person’s life. It comes BEFORE Feng Shui, which is used more as an enhancer or ‘booster’ for your life.

Most people would say that Bazi has more influence over a person than Feng Shui. Well, that’s somewhat true. But I won’t elaborate here.

For this article, all you need to know is that Feng Shui Earth Luck is only one-third of the formula that affects a person’s luck. It is NOT everything.

Well, there you go. That’s the broad and general answer to the title of this article. But if you’d like to dig deeper into the realm of Bazi, or Heaven luck, then read on.

Not All Feng Shui Masters are Seeking Wealth

Would you be surprised to know that not all Feng Shui Masters are seeking wealth? Although we live in the age of capitalism, there are still plenty of people who doesn’t see money and wealth as everything. (Which is a good thing.)

Some masters that I know are trying to get to the bottom of this vast knowledge. Some are working to dispel Feng Shui myths and misconceptions. Some just want to share, practice, and spread this knowledge.

But what about those who ARE seeking wealth? Wouldn’t they construct the perfect Feng Shui wealth setup for themselves? How come they’re not rich? Does Feng Shui not work?

You’ll get all these answers in the rest of this article. For now, don’t forget that Feng Shui is only one-third of the formula. There’s also Human Luck and Heaven Luck.

In one of the Bazi classes I took, I learned why some people are driven or motivated to acquire wealth. That’s because there’s a “wealth star” inside the birth time pillar in their Bazi chart.

These are the individuals who won’t be jealous of others who are driving Ferrari’s or living in mansions. Instead, they would contemplate on how to get to the same level as their wealthier counterparts.

So here’s a start. That “wealth” star may not be present in some Feng Shui Masters. They are simply not looking to acquire wealth.

Their Bazi Chart Limits Their Capacity for Wealth

Let’s assume that some Feng Shui master have that “wealth star”. They have ambition for wealth. Now, we have to take a look at their wealth element.

For those of you not familiar with Bazi, it also has the “elements” similar to Feng Shui’s Five Elements, but with more complications.

Feng shui five elements cycles of productive exhaustive destructive - Why Aren’t All Feng Shui Masters Making Millions?
Feng Shui’s five elements and their cycles of production, exhaustion, and destruction.

For instance, a person’s wealth element can be beneficial and destructive. Also, the wealth element may have support or oppositions from other elements of your chart or from time.

Let’s use the elements of time as an example. 2017 is the year of the Fire Rooster. Both Fire and Rooster are elements, and whether the elements of the year are beneficial or destructive to you, in terms of wealth, will depend on your Bazi’s wealth elements.

The element representing wealth in one’s Bazi chart and its role is a very strong indicator for that person’s ability to gain wealth.

Even if those Feng Shui Masters seeking wealth have wealth elements present in their chart, those elements may not be supported. The stronger the support, the more capacity for wealth.

Do you have wealth elements in your Bazi chart? Are they supported? Get a Bazi reading to find out.

On a side note, the annual forecasts for the 12 Chinese Zodiac animal signs are not even remotely close to predict a person’s luck for the year. That’s because these forecasts only use your animal sign, and not even the accompanying element, of your birth year. It is only 1/8 of your Bazi. That is the main reason why I don’t publish those on this site. But I’ll admit, it is quite entertaining to read.

Capabilities and Talents are Not Fully Utilized

We can all agree that most of us have different capabilities and limitations. For some, socializing comes naturally. For others, structured thinking is the only way they think. For a few, they have both.

A Bazi chart can reveal those capabilities and talents. I’m sure we’d agree that utilizing them, and gaining the required skills and experiences, would be help bring income and wealth to a person.

Your Bazi chart describes your characteristics and capabilities as a person in your chosen profession. It tells you how far you can go and where you will need help.

For instance, a Bazi reading shows that “Bob” is highly sociable and likable. However, say that Bob chose engineering or accounting as his profession, which never requires any socializing. Do you think he can shine brighter if he had chosen sales or public relations as his profession? Further, he could’ve been a great public speaker or even a politician!

cubicled office - Why Aren’t All Feng Shui Masters Making Millions?
Would you agree that a sociable person would have a better career that’s outside of a cubicle most of the time?

A Feng Shui Master may have strong capabilities and talents in the field of Feng Shui. However, his capabilities might shine even more in other professions that are highly specialized, which may lead to a path of higher income and wealth.

Related: Bazi can reveal more than talents and ability to gain wealth. Learn more.

But let’s assume that all Feng Shui Masters are highly capable in the field of Feng Shui. Do you think merely being good at Feng Shui is enough to attain wealth?

Being Good at One Thing is Not Enough

Let’s assume that a Feng Shui Master has a Bazi chart with a strong affinity with ancient arts, such as Feng Shui. He or she could be the perfect person born for the practice of Feng Shui.

However, wouldn’t you agree that it takes more than just being good at Feng Shui to become wealthy?

Often, being good at one thing is not enough. This is what sets practitioners apart if you’re measuring success based on wealth.

For instance, successful Feng Shui Masters need to know a little about marketing, management, and have people skills (also part of capabilities) to reach out to the masses and get customers. If not, it doesn’t matter how skilled in Feng Shui they are because they probably won’t have customers to begin with. Plus, if their people skills are absolutely non-existent, they probably don’t even have friends to help them out!

people engaging people skills min - Why Aren’t All Feng Shui Masters Making Millions?
To be successful in most professions, a certain level of people skills is definitely required.

Sometimes, a master may choose to partner with other individuals, such as a salesman or a marketer, to help promote his or her business.

However, finding a good partner is not easy. Often times, they’ll need help from others. It might be easier for a few, such as those whose Bazi chart has the “noble man”, or people that help you (sometimes in indirect ways). For others, the “noble man” could be non-existent in their chart.

Towards the end, it comes down to whether the person’s Bazi chart have supportive wealth elements that manifest as resources in attaining wealth. It would seem that many Feng Shui Masters lack the supportive wealth elements.

Limited Chance to Apply Feng Shui

As mentioned earlier, one’s Bazi chart comes BEFORE Feng Shui. That is why the opportunity to tap into good Feng Shui is not always available.

Feng Shui practitioners may have the skills, knowledge, and experience. However, getting the opportunity to apply Feng Shui is a complete different thing. To get a hold of a good plot of land or a good apartment, he or she would require some level of luck inside their Bazi chart, which not many people have.

In other words, the quality of your Bazi chart plays a huge role in determining whether you are able to reside in a home or apartment with good Feng Shui. The ancient Chinese have a saying: “people with good luck naturally end up in places where good Feng Shui is abundant.”

However, ancient texts have recorded that Feng Shui can help you transcend your Bazi destiny chart. That is the reason why the ancient Chinese (and people today) placed such heavy emphasis on Feng Shui.

But even if you know the importance of Feng Shui, you are likely to encounter limitations when applying it.

For instance, the “Water Dragon” and the “Five Ghost Carry Wealth” Feng Shui setup is only applicable to large plots of land. Which Feng Shui Master has that kind of land to apply that wealth setup for themselves?

apartment complex building min - Why Aren’t All Feng Shui Masters Making Millions?
Many powerful Feng Shui setup cannot be applied in urban city dwellings.

Further, with modernization and urbanization into townhouses and apartments, applying Feng Shui remedies are becoming much more expensive. Who has the kind of cash to make major renovations like moving the front door or relocating the kitchen?


As you can see, being skilled at Feng Shui is not enough to make someone wealthy. You’d also need supportive wealth elements, pre-destined capabilities and capacity, and the opportunity to apply Feng Shui for wealth.

If you know your Bazi lack the wealth elements, don’t be discouraged. There’s always the element of Human Luck, and knowing your Bazi can help you better capitalize on it. Always remember that sheer hard work with a focus on your innate strengths and talents can still get you very far. When you offer your talents and gifts to the world, money will chase you instead.

Just remember – wealth and money is not everything. There are too many people who have plenty but are still greedy, unsatisfied, and unhappy.  Don’t overburden yourself with the pursuit of money. Remember to enjoy life!

Do you know any Feng Shui Masters that are extremely wealthy? How are they different and what are they doing differently? Please comment and share your thoughts with us!

P.S. If you’d like to discover your innate talents and luck phases, you can get that through a Bazi reading by Feng Shui Nexus.

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  1. Amanda Gates

    Great article. I have found that after years of study my desire to accumulate wealth has become less and less. I am an advanced BTB practitioner and our Buddhists roots teach us to be compassionate, show kindness, do good deeds daily and help humanity in general. In fact, Professor said that we should never practice if the the goal was to make money. That it is not about our time or effort but our karma that is most valuable.
    Thanks for sharing this insightful article.
    Amanda Gates

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Amanda!
      Long time! Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I myself practice a few Buddhist teaching and yes, compassion and kindness are a few paths to happiness. I totally agree with you 🙂