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If you’ve read multiple Feng Shui articles online, I’m 100% confident that you’ve heard of a Feng Shui tip along the lines of:

These are very popular Feng Shui practices. For those that follow these tips, some say they work, and some say don’t. What is going on here?

In this article, you will find out why I think Feng Shui products work, but not the way you think.

But I go further, let me first clarify what I mean by Feng Shui products. They are typically those items that are sold with the promise to improve Feng Shui of an area. You can find a list of them in this previous article of mine.

Think about it. Do you really think placing a three-legged toad at your wealth corner will bring you money? If so, wouldn’t everyone be rich by now? The three-legged toad is a symbol of wealth. It does not actually bring us money magically.

What about Feng Shui crystals and Chinese Five Emperor Coins? Do you think its presence will really bring you better Feng Shui in general?

Those tips make Feng Shui sound like magic. The items are being promoted as a quick fix for those who doesn’t understand Feng Shui, overpromising and under-delivering.

However, I’m sure some Feng Shui items has helped improved your home’s Feng Shui.

“My Feng Shui product worked wonders for me!”

For those of you who are adamant about the efficacy of the Feng Shui products you purchased and placed, or have “witnessed” its results, let me be clear.

The items worked wonders NOT because of Feng Shui, but rather because there’s something else at play.

As you’ll find out below, crystals do bring energy. But that’s not Feng Shui.

Also, items can bring improvements in attitude and emotions, which will definitely lead to a better life. However, that’s not Feng Shui either.

In a nutshell, I just want to draw the line between the effects of Feng Shui and the “Feng Shui product”. To properly draw this line, we need to know how Feng Shui works.

How Feng Shui Really Works

At its very base, Feng Shui evaluates two elements: Form and Qi.

The Form, also known as “Luan Tou” and the Form School of Feng Shui, deals with what can be seen by the naked eye, like a T-junction, triangular houses, or an electric post or street light. There are little disputes about this practice. However, there are some conditions on how certain Forms actually manifest their Feng Shui effects which many practitioners don’t mention (or don’t know).

The Qi, also known as “Li Qi” or the Compass School of Feng Shui, deals with what CANNOT be seen by the naked eye. It uses the Luo Pan compass to measure the orientation of the house. There are MANY different practices here, such as Eight Mansions, Xuan Kong Flying Stars, and Western Feng Shui Bagua.

fengshui luo pan consultation min - Do "Feng Shui Products" Really Work?
The Feng Shui Luo Pan is used to determine the Li Qi element of Feng Shui.

At its essence, Feng Shui for the home as about how the person is utilizing the Qi of nature in three forms: air, sunlight, and water. Qi flow can be altered with wall placement, door and window location, and how they’re opened. The direction where the Qi comes from from should also be measured using the compass because it determines whether the Qi is auspicious or not. That means internal and external layouts of the house need to be reviewed.

For instance, imagine the Qi flow (in the form of natural air) of a T-junction. If the incoming air is fast and strong, do you think placing a Bagua mirror at the top of your front door can negate the effects of the incoming air? (Side note: sometimes the house at end of T-junction can bring good Feng Shui and wealth.)

Using the same concept, do you think placing a small item somewhere can alter the flow of Qi or negate a Form? A wall does, but definitely not a small item.

Do you now see why Feng Shui products don’t work the way you think?

Are Feng Shui Items Absolutely Useless?

No, they’re not useless.

I explained the concept above to a friend of mine who thinks Feng Shui crystals work. He said that crystals have the ability to change the Qi and magnetic field of the area surrounding it.

I agreed with him. However, I think crystals’ effect on Qi is different from the Qi energy that Feng Shui is referring to. In other words, crystals and Feng Shui deal with two different kinds of energy.

Amethyst Geode Feng Shui crystal min - Do "Feng Shui Products" Really Work?
Crystals have the ability to transform the energy of an area. But that energy is not the same energy that Feng Shui deals with.

Feng Shui is about Forms and Compass. A crystal may absorb negative energy or purify the energy field of an area, but it doesn’t belong in the realm of Feng Shui. Crystals are a modern fad and was not used as a Feng Shui item or cure in ancient times. If you’d like to learn more about this topic, read this in-depth article about Feng Shui crystals

As for other types of Feng Shui products, they are more of a symbolic cure. As Uncle Dixer mentioned:

[Feng Shui] items are used to “jiehua” (transformation to change your luck/attitude, through knowledge and understanding). They are meant to be symbols that are connected to your hopes and desires, like a rooster is to connect you to your need for happiness (something to crow about) every time you see it.” -Uncle Dixer

If your attitude and emotions improve when you bought and place it somewhere, then the Feng Shui product has done its job. I believe positive attitude and emotion will definitely lead to a better life. However, you can’t really say that the item has changed the Feng Shui of the place.

What About Products to Cure Negative Flying Star Combinations?

Again, this is why I said Feng Shui products are not completely useless.

The products as cures for certain harmful Flying Stars combinations do have some effect. However, their effects are sometimes not as evident. The effects of those items are not as strong as one might think.

Further, the items used for Flying Stars cure do NOT need to be one of the popular Feng Shui products. For instance, a cure for the Five Yellow or Two Black star, by themselves, can be placing metallic objects. You don’t really need ancient coins or bronze bells and chimes to do the work.

Why Feng Shui Experts Recommend Using Feng Shui Products

If Feng Shui products doesn’t change the Feng Shui of an area, why do Feng Shui experts keep recommending tips and solutions that involve them?

Here are some reasons that I can think of:

1. Because It Has Become a Common Practice

At this day and age, the use of Feng Shui items is so popular that it became a norm.

“Living at the end of a T-junction? Just place a Bagua mirror on top of your front door.” Yes, if there’s negative Qi coming towards your front door, a Bagua mirror like the ones below that we carry in our shop will help negate the effects.

“Want to gain more wealth? Place this three-legged money toad in your wealth area.” Just to be clear, the three-legged toad (money frog) is a symbol of wealth, which can help improve attitude and emotions, which in term will attract luck that will definitely lead to a better life.

three legged frog feng shui min - Do "Feng Shui Products" Really Work?
Feng Shui’s three-legged toad is a symbol of wealth. It doesn’t magically bring wealth to you.

I personally have found it fruitful to carry the money frog keychain (below) because it makes me feel that luck is with me. Whenever in need, I will rub against the money frog and I will feel better. Again, this is how it mproves my attitude and emotions, which in term will help me attract luck by having a better mindset.

Because the solutions are extremely easy, the practice has been widely accepted. Sometimes, a Feng Shui master would seem unprofessional if he or she doesn’t recommend something along the lines of widely accepted beliefs!

2. Because a Real Cure is Too Costly

Depending on the Feng Shui practice, some Feng Shui cures can be really costly.

For instance, if a Feng Shui audit reveals that your kitchen is in the wrong area (common in Eight Mansions practice), then the real cure is to relocate your kitchen. That can be a monumental task, especially if you live in a high-rise where the gas pipes and drainage are in a fixed area of the building.

renovation for feng shui can be a mess min - Do "Feng Shui Products" Really Work?

In another instance, some practitioners might ask you to relocate the door of your master bedroom because that door faces your son’s door, which will cause the two of you to fight constantly. This is another costly Feng Shui fix that many lack the funds for.

The alternative for these costly Feng Shui cures is the use of Feng Shui products and items. They are the alternative solution, and they cheap and simple. Just don’t expect them to bring the results you desire.

3. Because It Eases the Client’s Mind

Like Uncle Dixer said, the act of placing the item is a symbolic cure. In other words, the symbolic cure helps ease the mind of the client. This will positively impact the life of the client because the client would no longer stress and worry about “bad” Feng Shui.

Constant stress can negatively impact our brain, heart, and immune system, to mention a few. Implementing a cure recommended by a trusted Feng Shui consultant can remove that stress and thus, remove those health risks to our bodies.

Further, implementing those symbolic cures can positively impact the client’s attitude and emotions (like the money frog example I mentioned above). A Stanford study shows that a positive attitude literally makes your brain work better. Although the study focused largely on kids, there are many sayings that a positive attitude can lead to success and happiness, such as getting you hired and helping you to become a better manager.

However, keeping a positive attitude is easier said than done. In fact, I’ve encountered people who ended up in more despair after noticing that the Feng Shui items failed to work the way they expected. That is what I want to tell you here – do NOT expect your life to change by placing a Feng Shui product here and there.


Feng Shui products do not improve Feng Shui. However, they are not completely useless because they can be used as a symbolic cure, which improves a person’s attitude and emotions that leads to a better life. However, that improvement can be short-lived if the symbolic cures don’t produce the expected results.

If you truly want Feng Shui to assist you, I suggest getting help from a professional. Not only do they produce the desired results you’re looking for, you’ll be able to reap those rewards in the long run.

What Feng Shui items have you bought and used? What were the results? Share your experience with us by commenting below!

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  1. Jesus Vicu̱a

    Very true, some articles are just for marketing porpuse, not really to connect with feng shui, that’s pretty sad, that’s why i take very carefull when i’m shopping, i only buy the proper things to help my spirit to get peace with the nature trhough feng shui. Awsome blog.

  2. Jesus Vicu̱a

    Very true, some articles are just for marketing porpuse, not really to connect with feng shui, that’s pretty sad, that’s why i take very carefull when i’m shopping, i only buy the proper things to help my spirit to get peace with the nature trhough feng shui. Awsome blog.

  3. Reha

    Great article! I love reading about feng shui.

    1. Victor Cheung

      I’m glad you liked it!

  4. Reha

    Great article! I love reading about feng shui.

    1. Victor Cheung

      I’m glad you liked it!

  5. Liz

    I bought a figure and had a nightmare about the figure, ended up putting away.
    Love your blog, it really gives me the complete general information as needed.

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Liz,
      Sorry to hear that you got a nightmare. Hope all is well and thanks for the compliment!

  6. Verum

    A really good article and it does make sense. Thank you!

  7. Sherry

    I was able to stop financial drain and increase and multiply my income after placing trellises and things to block arrow chi from neighbor’s garages and fences. Our city is very dense, so it’s hard to avoid arrow chi.