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It’s getting more and more difficult to discern which online sources to trust, and having a list of go-to blogs can be a great source of information and inspiration. Here, I’m sharing a list of my favorite feng shui blogs from top Feng Shui Experts and Masters that gives you great tips, information, insights, ideas, and experiences.

The blogs listed here are by no means ranked from best to worst. Rather, they contain some resources and perspectives that I found helpful.

I’ve highlighted what’s unique about their blog, the popular posts on social media, and what I liked about them.

Which ones stand out for you? I’ll start of with the ones that stood out for me.

Top Feng Shui Blogs:

1. Kartar Diamond Feng Shui Solutions

This is a blog by Kartar Diamond, a writer, feng shui consultant, and founder of Four Pillars Publishing. What I like about her blog is that she focuses more on specific feng shui topics rather than just general information and tips. She is also the expert contributor to Feng Shui Nexus’ Answers Column.

2. Master Sean Chan

“An old soul born in the wrong era”, Sean is a young Feng Shui Master in Singapore who works at a tech unicorn during the day and a Feng Shui Bazi consultant all other times. He is one of the most sought after Chinese metaphysics consultants in Singapore. He regularly shares his thoughts and case studies on metaphysics in his blog.

3. Feng Shui and Prosper by Safrina Kadri

This blog by Safrina are mostly made up of videos, which is extremely easy to follow and consume. What I love about her practice is that she practices Classical Feng Shui and regularly hosts classes and web casts. Follow her on YouTube to see if you like her style.

4. Western School of Feng Shui by Terah Collins

This is a blog by Tera, who has students from around the world. Tera and her staff of skilled instructors help students bridge the gap between the mysteries of Eastern Feng Shui practices and pragmatic Western thinking to achieve dynamic, productive results. Her 5th book: The Western Guide to Feng Shui for Romance: The Dance of Heart and Home, can be downloaded for free here (the hardcover sells for $24.42 on Amazon).

5. Feng Shui on

Anjie Cho is the Feng Shui Expert that regularly contributes to the wealth of feng shui information and knowledge on I like how it contains a vast amount of information, and each post links to other posts for you to delve deeper into the feng shui topic that you’re exploring into.

6. Feng Shui Dana 

Dana Claudat is a feng shui consultant and influencer who’s integrated a broad spectrum of knowledge into her own way of feng shui. What I like about her blog is that her writings are vibrant and inspirational. Also, her posts include awesome images and videos.

7. Karen Kingston’s Blog

Karen Kingston is a feng shui expert, consultant, and author of two feng shui books. She is the leading authority in the specialized branch of feng shui known as space clearing. I like her blog because it has a unique focus on the feng shui of space and clutter.

8. Know Feng Shui

This is a blog by Rodika Tchi, a Feng Shui Expert and influencer. What I like about her blog is that her writings are short and sweet, sometimes accompanied by great videos and slideshows to guide you through tips and concepts.

9. Red Lotus Letter

Kathryn (Katie) Weber is a professional feng shui consultant with over 20+ years of experience. What I like about her site is that she provides free tools to calculate your Kua number, zodiac sign, and the feng shui color that you should use for specific areas of your home.

10. World of Feng Shui

This site was founded by feng shui author and expert Lillian Too and daughter Jennifer Too. What I like about the site is the amount of information they haveand how they categorize them, such as by countries and by seven different feng shui schools. The site also has free tips of the day, horoscope, Kua and Flying Stars calculator, and more.

11. International Feng Shui Guild

This blog is run by a community of feng shui experts. What I like about their blog is its diversity. Each week, you will be reading articles written by different feng shui experts and professionals. The site also has about 300 feng shui professionals listed in their directory, which you might find helpful.

12. Hipster Feng Shui

This is a site by writer and author Patty Tran, who was inspired to acquire feng shui knowledge after witnessing so many stressed and unfulfilled individuals in today’s society. What I like about her blog is that she occasionally publishes an “Ask Hipster” article where she answers her reader’s feng shui question.

13. Ms. Feng Shui

Jessie Kim is not just a certified feng shui consultant, but also an experienced real estate investor. What I like about her blog is that she sometimes infuses her real estate experience into her writings and is up to date with feng shui news within the world of real estate.

14. Feng Shui for Writers

MC Simon is a writer and author that loves the realm of energy. What I like about her blog is its uniqueness. She is focused specifically on helping writers to get through the challenges of writing through the use of feng shui.

15. Marlyna Consulting 

Marlyna Los is the founder of East West Academy of Feng Shui. She is a recognized educator, speaker, author, and consultant. What I like about her blog is that it connects feng shui with Asian culture, Chinese astrology, and BaZi.

16. Karen Rauch Carter

This is a personal blog by Karen Rach Carter, a professional feng shui consultant and healthy-lifestyle designer, educator, and author. What I like about her blog is how she shares her personal experiences with us.

17. Feng Shui Beginner

This site has great information on traditional Chinese customs and cultures that are feng shui related. It also contains great image illustrations to explain certain concepts, although some images can only be comprehended by those who read Chinese.

18. Feng Shui Pundit

This blog is great for feng shui knowledge, facts, and practices. It contains a wealth of information that is displayed in a very digestible format that reminds me of Wikipedia.

19. Feng Shui by Fishgirl

This is a personal blog by Katy Allgeyer (a.k.a. Fishgirl), who has 20+ years of feng shui expertise. The blog was created to bring an understanding about the practice of feng shui principles to a wider audience.

20. Ken Lauher

Ken Lauher is a writer, speaker, and feng shui consultant. He acquired his feng shui skills from multiple feng shui masters, including Grandmaster Professor Lin Yun Rinpoche. His blog contains popular feng shui tips and advices that are accompanied by video explanations.

21. Feng Shui & Beyond

Though this blog seems like it’s no longer active, it does provide some quick and easy feng shui tips that are well categorized. You can quickly browse through this site using the table of contents on the homepage or by using the navigation menu on the left.

22. Lushome

If you like images, you will like this blog. Each post is filled with pictures, photos, and images to give you more feng shui and home décor ideas.

23. Traditional and Authentic Feng Shui

This is not a feng shui blog you might expect, because it’s information is not for everyone. It regularly publishes “Ton Shu”, which includes information about the monthly and annual flying stars as well as conflict directions.

24. Chi Solutions Feng Shui Foundations

Samantha is a feng shui expert who has achieved Senior Practitioner & Lecturer status from Feng Shui Research Centre. She blogs more than just feng shui, such as health & wellness, astrology, and design accessories. Her site provides two free tools – a gua calculator and a birth chart calculator.

25. Feng Shui London

This is a personal blog by Jan Cisek, a feng shui consultant, expert, trainer, mentor, and writer with 25+ of experience. His blog also explores different topics related to feng shui, such as “dirty electricity”, electromagnetic radiation, and other health topics in our modern day living.

26 Gayle Smith’s Blog

Gayle Smith is a Real Estate Agent who uses feng shui pricinples to help her customers buy or sell their homes. Her blog brings a different feng shui perspective, and one of my favorite is her post about Research in Motion (producer of Blackberry smartphones).

27. Laurent Langlais’ Blog

Laurent Langlais is a Feng Shui, astrology, Bazi, and Tarot expert. His blog offers predictions by the horoscope for your Chinese sign and Bazi. He also frequently blogs on Feng Shui Nexus, where he combines his vast expertise to give you deeper insights about Feng Shui – such as in his article: “How Bazi Helps You Get Better and Faster Feng Shui Results.”

28. Wind and Water Feng Shui Consulting

This is a blog by Diane Gallin, a certified Feng Shui consultant. Her blog posts are short and straight to the point. Some her most popular blog posts include Rain Water and Residential Feng Shui.

29. Feng Shui Architect

This is a in-depth blog post by Howard Choy. He blogs all about Feng Shui, sometimes sharing images and explanations with great explanations. For some of his blogs, you’ll need a good understanding on Feng Shui to understand his analysis.

30. Fawn Chang’s Blog

I found two blogs for Fawn (although they publish similar content). One is on WordPress and another on her website. I especially like how her blog connects what we know about the world today with Feng Shui.

31. Carol Hyder’s Blog

Carol is all about Integrative Space – a space that has attractive and pleasant qualities. Her blog posts uses powerful imagery of homes and designs to make her point.

32. Thriving Spaces

This is a blog by Lorrie Webb Grillo, a Feng Shui expert and consultant. Her blog provides information about Feng Shui tips and rules as well as success stories on how Feng Shui has improved the lives of others.

33. Feng Shui Form

This blog is by Donna Stellhorn, a Feng Shui Expert and Consultant. I have personally met her and she’s extremely friendly and knowledgeable about Feng Shui. Though her blogging schedule is inconsistent, she offers great tips on her blog, such as getting a new and better job and helping women get pregnant. She also has a YouTube channel providing Feng Shui tips and predictions based on astrology.

34. Susan Levitt’s Blog

Susan’s expertise include Tarot, Astrology, and Feng Shui. Though her blog is mostly about astrology, she does combine those knowledge with Feng Shui so you’ll understand how time is related to Feng Shui.

35. Feng Shui Style

This blog belongs to Jennifer A. Emmer, a Feng Shui Master, Interior Design, Color Consultant and HGTV featured professional. Though her blog is inactive for a while, her blog does provide some Feng Shui tips such as the issue on T-intersection and on landscaping.

37. Gates Interior Design

Amanda Gates is a trained Interior Designer and a Feng Shui practitioner. She incorporates Feng Shui principles in her designs to create truly enjoyable space that heals your mind, body, and soul. Her blog consists more than just Feng Shui, but also other helpful tips for everyday living.

36. Feng Shui by Bridget

Bridget Saraka is a Feng Shui expert and intuitive practitioner. Her blog talks about the Feng Shui essence of all the living areas of your home, including foyer, hallways, and fireplaces. Her blog also includes rituals that you can perform to better your mind and body.

37. Empress Energies

Erica is a Feng Shui consultant that heals places and spaces. Her blog shares her own personal thoughts, experiences, and recommendations on Feng Shui. Occasionally, she would share a Feng Shui rule or tip.

38. Feng Shui with Me

This is a blog by Marianne Gordon, a certified Feng Shui Consultant from the Western School of Feng Shui. The cool thing about this blog is that it’s not just bout the typical feng shui tips. It also factors in time and provide a guidance on how to feng shui using the Flying Stars method.

39. Feng Shui Society

What I like about this blog is its diversity. It mixes podcasts, interviews, tips and more. If you’re looking for more than just feng shui tips, this is the site to go to.

40. Complete Feng Shui

This blog is by Michele Castle, a Feng Shui practitioner trained by Masters Raymond Lo, Joey Yap, and Lilian Too. Her blog consists of valuable Feng Shui tips and tips. Sometimes she would incorporate some of her other knowledge, such as face reading.

41. Feng Shui Simply

This is a blog by Cheryl Grace. She is a Feng Shui expert and consultant who also provides Feng Shui classes on demand. Her blog uses Feng Shui to give practical tips, such as using Feng Shui to buy or sell your home faster, and she highlights blog posts from other bloggers.

42. Julie Schuster Design Studio

Julie is an Interior Designer that incorporates Feng Shui principles to create a space that supports and nurtures you. Her blog includes all range of topics related to interior design and Feng Shui.

43. Emily Rooney’s Blog

Emily is also known as The Home Alchemist. She is a Feng Shui coach/consultant and curator of sacred space for healing, well-being, and success. Her blog is less about Feng Shui tips or cures, but offers personal stories and thoughts that’ll help you create a space that you’ll love.

44. Feng Shui Agency

Sarah Mcallister is a Feng Shui Consultant in London. Her blog doesn’t really cover Feng Shui tips or rules. Instead, she uses her knowledge to blog about self-improvements and designs as it relates to Feng Shui. Occasionally, she’ll add in forecasts based on animal signs.

45. Authentic Xuan Kong Fei Xing Feng Shui

Master Simon Chan is the author of this blog. It offers deep insights into the world of Feng Shui, some of the articles are not for those who are just getting started. He’ll sometimes offer deep analysis on the Feng Shui of buildings, like Apple’s new campus. This blog is a great resource if you’re looking to understand Feng Shui on a deeper level.

46. Felicia D’Haiti’s Blog

Felicia is a Feng Shui coach that uses space to empower you. She offers some practical tips on self-improvement and life lessons from Feng Shui and her own experience and observations. One of my favorite article is “Want to Know More about Your Own Life? Take a Look at Your Home.”

47. Morris Feng Shui

Laura Morris, a Feng Shui consultant, is the owner of this blog. She’s been blogging since 2011, and her articles offer the basic information about Feng Shui and is great for those who are getting started.

48. Feng Shui by Maria

Maria McCullough is a Feng Shui consultant that blogs about actionable Feng Shui tips to help you improve your life. Some of her articles will expose you to the power of simple objects in terms of Feng Shui, such as flowers, angles and corners.

49. One World Feng Shui

This blog belongs to Francoise Courty-Dan, a certified Feng Shui Consultant in the genuine, classical tradition. Her blog is great for those getting started with Feng Shui. It offers easy Feng Shui tips and explains rules in a short and simple fashion.

50. Feng Shui by Jen

Jen Stone is a Feng Shui Expert and Consultant who blogs about Bazi, astrology, forecasts, and Feng Shui. What I like about her blog is that it offers more than just tips and cures, but also her opinion sensitive topics surrounding Feng Shui, such as whether clutter is really part of Feng Shui.

Feng Shui Content Curators

The #FengShui Daily

This is another #FengShui Daily by Rinoa Koh, a certified and licensed personal style coach who created an online tool to customize personal auspicious dates. What’s different about her #FengShui Daily is that it contains an aggregate of feng shui related photos and videos.

Blogs by Feng Shui Stores

Feng Shui Store

This is a relatively young blog about feng shui products. It’s first entry is October 2021. Hope this site keeps it up!

Zen Appeal

Although the site sells products, it does have a set of articles about feng shui health, well and all the popular topics. What’s more, those articles are written by Leslie Jacobson, a certified Feng Shui Consultant.

What can you do with these blogs?

My goal here is to provide you with more reliable sources of feng shui. If any of these blogs stand out or resonates with you, you can subscribe to their blog or newsletter to get updates whenever they publish a new post. If you’re already receiving too much emails (like me) and would like to keep your inbox clutter-free, you can follow them on Twitter or Facebook.

What are your favorite feng shui blogs and websites? I’d love to hear of any other blogs that wasn’t mentioned. Please let me know using the comments below!

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  12. Steve Powell.

    Good evening M. Cheung
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    His only credit is the invention of Mc FengShui for the use of turkey pluckers!
    As for many others, their talents in business communication and marketing are obvious and great, how wonderful if their knowledge of Feng Shui was up to that level. Roaming through their blogs, I have not been impressed.
    Of course, westerners do not pay attention to the fact that most of asian feng shui business has its solid base in yin house feng shui, which is not the case in the West, so westerners practitioners have to rely mainly on interior design tidbits to make a living.
    Some in the listing display an honest interest and good basics.

    As for “cures” in Feng Shui, once you penetrate the meaning of Qi cures Qi, then no need of objects whether chimes, coins or plastic toads…..

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    ~Jennifer A. Emmer
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