21 Feng Shui Mirror Placement Rules and Tips for Your Home

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Where are the best places for mirrors in your house?

In Feng Shui, mirrors have many unique abilities. It can double or multiply the energy of an area. It can reflect incoming energy. It can also disperse the incoming energy to its surroundings.

Because of these abilities, mirrors should be used very carefully. Sometimes, water features and other objects should be treated the same way because they have the similar reflective properties.

In this article, I will go through some basic mirror Feng Shui tips and rules as they relate to each room and area in your house. Towards the end, you will learn some rules and tips about Feng Shui Bagua mirrors. After reading this article, you will know the best and worst places to place mirrors and their reasons why.

Dining Room

1. Dining Room Most Suitable for Mirrors

The wealth area of a house can be hard to find, but one’s wealth “vault” is easy to identify. The dining room represents this “vault”. It represents one’s capacity to hold wealth.

With those said, the MOST suitable place for mirrors is your dining room. It increases the size of your vault and your ability to hold wealth. Think of this as the size of your purse and how much money you can put in.

The dining room is the most suitable place for mirrors.

The dining room, however, is NOT to be confused with wealth areas. Nor is placing mirrors here considered a Feng Shui wealth setup. To make myself abundantly clear, placing a mirror in the dining room does NOT improve your ability to attract wealth.

2. Careful with Mirror Facing Window

Although the dining room is most suitable for mirrors, where to place them needs a little attention. This is because the mirror can bring anything from the outside into the house.

According to Feng Shui Expert Gayle Smith, placing a mirror can bring in the outside, which is a good thing. However, this is NOT recommended if there are any sort of bad “Forms” outside the window because the mirror can bring those negative energies inside.. These “Forms” can include an electric pole, pipes, electric wires, and others.

Also, some experts claim that the mirror will attract scandals into your life if it is reflecting any sort of water features from the outside, such as a fountain or lake.


3. Kitchen is NOT Suitable for Mirrors

The kitchen has negative Feng Shui energies, and that’s the main reason why Feng Shui doesn’t like mirrors in the kitchen. If mirrors can double the energy of an area, then a mirror in the kitchen will amplify the negative energies brought by the kitchen.

That is also true based on the lucky and unlucky areas of a person’s Kua number. If the kitchen is in a lucky area, the auspicious energies will be suppressed even more when the mirror amplifies the kitchen’s negative energies. If the kitchen is in an “unlucky” area, the mirror can amplify both the negative energies brought by cooking activities and by your unlucky area.

4. Mirror Facing Stove Creates Yin Yang Imbalance

Kitchen stoves bring extremely strong energies of Yang fire. This applies to all kinds of stoves, such as those powered by natural gas or by electricity. All of them bring energies in the form of light and heat.

With a mirror facing the stove, the fire element and the Yang energies would increase greatly. As a result, the Yin and Yang balance in the house can shift, and you may find that the house is not as comfortable as it once was.

Mirror behind stove is not the best Feng Shui setup.

This rule applies to mirrors not just in the kitchen, but also to living areas where mirrors can reflect the kitchen stove.

5. Mirror Facing Stove for Those that Cook with Door at their Back

I’ve read on various Feng Shui websites that mirror behind the stove is suitable for those who cook with their back facing a door. The reason is that the cook would easily know who’s entering or leaving the kitchen.

To me, this suggestion is not really about Feng Shui. However, this does seem like a practical tip, especially for those working in restaurants. The cook can easily get the attention of waiters and waitresses as they enter and leave the kitchen.

Restroom and Bathroom

6. Remove Mirrors that Face the Bathroom Door

These are mirrors located anywhere within the house that face towards your restroom or bathroom door.

Restrooms and bathrooms are said to produce negative Qi because that’s where we rid ourselves of our wastes. With a mirror facing those rooms, those negative Qi have a chance to grow and disperse to other places within the house.

7. Mirror Facing Toilet Spreads Negative Qi

Toilet is said to produce negative Qi because of its purpose. If a mirror is facing the toilet, it is said that this negative energy can be strengthened and dispersed. Amplifying negative energy is not a good idea, even if it can be used to suppress other negative energies.

Besides, having a mirror facing the toilet can feel a little weird for some people. This person’s hilarious feedback captures just how we feel if we were using a toilet like that.

Not everyone likes to look at themselves when they use the toilet.


8. Mirror Facing Bed Brings Sleep Problems

Mirrors are quite common in modern bedrooms. Generally, having mirrors in bedroom are not a bad thing. There is just one thing: the mirror shouldn’t face the bed.

But why? Some experts say that mirror facing bed causes bad dreams and restless nights. Others say that it can bring a third party to your relationship and even tendencies of soul-stealing. I have written a whole article about this and you can read it here.

Living Room

9. Living Room Generally Not Suitable for Mirrors

As mentioned earlier, the best place for mirrors is the dining room. As for the living room Feng Shui, the information I got was mixed. Some like it, and some don’t.

Some say that mirror placement in living room makes parties and gatherings more festive because it feels as if the amount of people have doubled. However, others are concerned about the mirror amplifying the energy brought by the guests, especially those with negative energies.

Personally, I wouldn’t put a mirror in the living room because it’s distracting. Even if you place it to reflect a scenery outside your window, that view can only be seen from a certain angle in the living room. Why not place a painting instead?

10. Don’t Hang Mirror Behind Sofa

Just like the bed, the back of the sofa should be placed against a wall for sense of security. Some say that if a mirror is placed on the wall behind the sofa, that sense of security is lost. The same was said for mirror placed on the wall behind the bed.

Some say that a mirror behind a sofa negates the presence of the wall behind the sofa.

I have my doubts on this reasoning, although there is the concern of the mirror falling on your head in case of earthquakes. Other than that, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with placing it behind the sofa as long as it abides to all the other rules mentioned here.

Foyer and Front Door

11. Mirror Facing the Front Door Causes Instability

Some people like placing a mirror close to the front door or foyer for convenience. They have a final chance to take care of how they look before they leave the house.

There’s nothing wrong with having a mirror at the foyer or close to the front door. However, almost all experts agree that having a mirror facing the front door is just bad Feng Shui, and their reasons vary.

Mirror placed near the front door is fine as long as it doesn’t face the front door.

Some say that the Qi entering the house will be reflected and repelled right out the door. Others have said that the Qi would enter the house but would somehow be stuck there (and not circulate into the house for the benefit of the occupant). But of course, you can have the mirror placed on the side. Just make sure it’s not directly facing the front door.

12. Mirror can Expand the Look and Feel of Your Foyer

From earlier, you know that having a mirror in the foyer area is fine, just that it shouldn’t be facing the front door.

If your front door area or foyer is small, such as having a long narrow entrance, you can try hanging a mirror on the side that suit the swing of the door to make the space feel bigger. Here’s more information from Uncle Dixer on making the space of your front door area feel wider.

Others Living Areas

13. Good for Hallways but Not at Its End

Mirrors in hallways can get a little confusing.

Some say placing the mirror at the end of the hallway symbolizes “stay away” and can lead you to make mistakes and bring frustration. Others say that mirrors placed at hallways can help slow down the Qi energy as it moves through your home.

The key here is to make sure how the mirror is placed. Do place it along the two side-walls of the hallway but not at its end. Also, make sure that those mirrors on the side-walls don’t face each other.

14. Narrow Staircases Can Use Mirrors

Narrow staircases are said to diminish fortune and abundance. In those situations, you can insert a mirror at the landing area because it can help widen the staircase. Also, if the staircase can benefit from the water element, adding a mirror would help too. However, some others think that placing mirrors in staircases has the effect of “cutting” Qi and is not recommended.

Though all those sayings have their merits, I do think it is fine to place small mirrors at narrow staircases. If it were me, however, I would place some objects other than mirrors, such as scenic paintings. But that is just personal preference, because mirrors can get quite creepy for me.

15. Mirrors Should NOT Face the Desk

I’ve read from multiple sources that mirror facing the desk will work against you. That is because the mirror tends to “double your workload”. Others just say that it’ll distract you from work.

I don’t think that mirror facing the desk will actually “double” your workload. However, I do agree that it is distracting and can bring more stress. With a mirror facing your desk, you’ll see the reflection of the work that needs to be done instead of looking at something else – whatever the mirror is covering. You’ll be constantly reminded of work, which can definitely bring a great deal of stress to you.

In this image from the movie “The Devil Wears Prada”, the mirror just barely missed facing the desk.

That said, there are sayings that you should place a mirror so you can see the door when you sit on your desk. This only applies when you can’t place your desk in the command position (similar to the bed’s command position). Whether this is necessary is entirely up to you.

Feng Shui Bagua Mirror Placements

Traditionally, there are two different types of Bagua with three different types of mirrors.

The two Bagua’s are the Early Heaven Sequence and the Later Heaven Sequence. Most of the Bagua mirrors out there are of the Early Heaven Sequence.

The two types of Bagua – Early Heaven Sequence on the left and the Later Heaven Sequence on the right.

However, there are Bagua mirrors that use the Later Heaven Sequence. Here’s one I found on Aliexpress.com:

This Bagua mirror found on Aliexpress.com uses the later heaven sequence. Do you notice the difference?

Aside from different Bagua, there’s also concave, convex, and flat mirrors. Each of them have different rules and uses. I have briefly outlined them here.

16. Bagua Mirrors Should NOT Be Placed Indoors

Let me repeat: Bagua mirrors should be placed outdoors only. The Bagua Mirrors are powerful, and almost all experts agree that it shouldn’t be placed inside your home (except for extremely unique circumstances). The most common place for Bagua mirrors is right above the front door.

In general, the Bagua mirror is mainly used to block the negative energies from the outside. These are mostly energies that has ‘Form’. Meaning, if there’s a light-post right outside your front door, a Bagua mirror can be used. However, according to Feng Shui expert Rodika Tchi and many other masters, it’s best to use a Bagua mirror only when it’s recommended by a professional.

17. Traditionally, Early and Later Heaven Bagua Sequence Matters

This is where modernization and commercialism has taken a toll on Feng Shui.

Most Feng Shui tips out there fail to mention the difference between Early and Later Heaven Sequence. There is a difference between the two.

The Early Heaven sequence should be used with a concave mirror. The Later Heaven sequence should be used with a convex mirror. Both have their different uses, as you will see in the following tips. (To Feng Shui Masters that are reading this, correct me if I’m wrong by commenting below.)

However, most Bagua mirror manufacturers don’t pay attention to this. Further, most layman can’t really see the difference. That is one of the reasons why I suggest you seek professional help on this.

18. Concave Bagua Mirrors Absorb and Neutralize

Concaved mirrors are mirrors that’s curved inward. It’s reflection is up-side down.

Most experts agree that these mirrors have the ability to absorb bad Qi from the outside. Others have said that these types of mirrors, when used with the Early Heaven sequence, can be used to absorb good Qi.

19. Convex Bagua Mirrors Reflect Negative Qi Away

Convex mirrors are mirrors that’s curved outward. When looking inside this mirror, you have a greater vision of your surroundings. It’s the same type of mirror some drivers use to attach onto their automobile’s side mirrors.

Shown here is a convex Bagua mirror with the Early Heaven Sequence.

Convex mirrors are said to reflect and redirect those negative Qi away. Sometimes, it can go to other people’s house, so this method is not the most ethical way of using Bagua mirrors.

20. Flat Bagua Mirrors have the Most Neutral Use

The flat mirror is said to be most neutral and popular. According to Feng Shui Consultant Terri Perrin, the flat mirror can protect you by deflecting bad energy away and invites positive energy. So if you are not sure which type of mirror to use, some recommend that you use the flat Bagua mirror.

However, I do not think flat Bagua mirrors was used in traditional Feng Shui (I could be wrong). It could be just a modern fad. Again, I suggest that you refer to your trusted Feng Shui consultant for advice.


21. Final Tip: Objects with Reflective Properties are Considered Mirrors

Objects that have reflective textures can also be treated like mirrors. These objects include metallic objects, fish tanks and aquariums, and glass surface of old-school tube televisions.

Old-school televisions have reflective properties and can be treated like mirrors in Feng Shui.

That is why some experts say that televisions are not suitable for the bedroom. In addition to its EMF that can impact our sleep, it has the effect of mirror facing the bed, which is a big NO in Feng Shui.


In terms of Feng Shui, mirrors are great for the dining room and good for narrow stairways and hallways. However, where to place them is critical. For example, mirrors in the dining room shouldn’t face the kitchen stove or the window, and mirror should not face each other in long hallways.

As for other places, it is best not to place mirrors unless advised by your trusted Feng Shui consultant. This is especially true for Bagua mirrors, where it is essential that you get professional advise instead of doing it yourself.

What was your experience with mirrors at home or at another person’s home? Does it sometimes creep you out like it does to me? Share your experience with us using the comment below!

Comments (263)

mirrors should be placed or hanged only in the east and north walls strictly

Placement also depends on the kinds of room/space it is, whether there’s a window, etc.

Can a mirror be customed designed for a entire wall?

Hi Derrek,
Yes, I don’t see a problem with that assuming you’ve understood the concept behind mirrors in this article.

Hi! Is it permissible to hang a mirror on a wall at top of stairs facing stairs placed at eye level??

Hi Denise,
Yes, this is permissible.

Can you have a mirror facing the sofa or will that bring bad chi thanks for your help

Hi Anna,
Mirror facing sofa is fine.

I have a large standung mirror. I would like to put at end of hall outside of bathroom.

Can I hang a mirror on the opposite wall of my family photos wall. This is two opposite walls of hallway.

Hi Neha,
Yes that is fine.

Hello Sir! I have a little concern about my dining table because it is almost under the stairs and directly facing the main door.What could you recommend that i need to put like decorations or something to counteract the effects it does bring to us because as of now, we dont have enough space to move the dining table to another place or part of the house. I would highly appreciate your reply if you can help me.Thank you.

Hi Eireen,
I have no idea what your setting looks like, so my advice wouldn’t be accurate. If no one’s sitting under the stairs, or if your current setting doesn’t really interfere with your meals, then you’re ok. If you’re really concerned, one way is to get a smaller dining table.

I have built-in sliding mirror wardrobe at end of bed. Can the negative effects of this be neutralised by hanging a curtain in front of these?

Hi David,
Yes, you can definitely can do this.

Please can you advise on mirrors outdoors. I currently have one in the garden that is reflecting the garden and water feature back into my home, is this okay? The mirror also reflects the back gate and me when I come through it, is this okay? Thanks

Hi Emma,
The mirror placement is good. Nothing to worry much there.

I want to ask I have a Bagua mirror out side of my home placed there by a feng shui lady when my parents lived there. They are gone now and I inherited the home. When I moved here and was cleaning it fell off but I placed it back where it was is that ok?

Hi Monica,
That’s completely ok if the mirror is not cracked.

is it ok to place mirror in garage facing my car?

hi vi have a mirror facing my car in the garage, is it safe?

Hi Pinky,
Yes, that is totally fine.

Is it bad if I have my mirror facing my bedroom door but it is outside in the dining room?

Hi Amanda,
This shouldn’t be a problem. Some people gets startled when they see a mirror once they open the door. If that doesn’t bother you, then you’re fine.

hi victor, im planning to install a large mirror in the dining area but it will be facing my bedroom door and also sliding window in the middle room.. is that ok?

Hi Tracy,
It’s better to have some distance between the two. If the dining area is in between, I don’t see a problem here.

Hello Victor,
I have a mirror that is now parallel to my front door it will have to face west and there is literally no where else to place it that isn’t bad according to these rules can I neutralize this somehow with a painting or something opposite of it? I need the mirror near my front door also for last minute checking, primping etc.

Hi Linda!
Of course you can place the painting or something opposite of it. I think it’ll be a great addition, and you can keep your habit of last minute checking, pimping etc. 🙂

My kitchen and dining room are combined. I have a mirror on west wall which reflects the dining room table but also a window where the kitchen sink is on east wall. Is this ok?

Add on to the message above. Is it ok to have the mirror in the West wall? Silver frame?

Hi Victor. I’ve just come across your website. I have a mirror opposite my shops main door. Removing it is not possible. Is there any other remedy to minimize the negative effect? Thanks.

Hi Neeru,
If the mirror is far away and small/medium in size, there’s no need to worry. Also, if it’s a shop (and not a place of residence), you’re also in good shape.

Hi Christine,
As long as the mirror doesn’t directly reflect the kitchen stove, you are good.

Hi Victor,
I have mirror on the south wall in the formal dining room and that mirror faces a wall. Is that bad?
I read that mirror should not be on the south wall.
Is it better to move it on the staircase (half way on the staircase there is wall , i can hang on that)?

Hi Simran,
It’s fine to place it at the South wall. It’s great to have it in your dining room! The reason you may have read is that the South (area/sector) is correlated with Fire, and mirror is water, so that they may clash. But if I were you, I wouldn’t worry about it. The mirror is not going to make or break the balance.
If you want, you can also move it to the staircase if you want. Both places are great. Pick your like!

Simran Sachdeva

Thanks for your reply Victor. Appreciate your help.
would you suggest dining room south wall or stairway , whats a better place for my rectangular mirror?

hi victor! asking if its ok to hang the mirror facing the kitchen sink and refrigator …. thanks 🙂

Hi Michelle,
Seems odd but shouldn’t be a problem.

Is thIs true not to hang mirror on south wall? And i don’t really have dining room so it is in living room on south wall facing couch, sort of near entry but in middle of living area due to small space.

Hi Terri,
I have not heard of that rule – no mirror on South wall. Mirror is more relevant to Forms as opposed to compass.

Great article and well written! I have a very challenging room. 2 doors, one on west side and another north facing door in the same room. On south side 4 large windows. I thought of placing a mirror on north side facing windows with reflection of beautiful nature. How can i make the most of this room with so many doors and windows?

Hi Leah,
Yes, placing a mirror with reflection of beautiful nature is a great idea!
Placing a bed in this room will be challenging. How about using it for work/study or leisure? If placing a desk, your back should be against the side without without the doors and windows.

So mirror can only reflect north or south??

And what about placing a mirror inside of wardrobe?

Hi Svetlana,
Mirror inside wardrobe is totally fine because you only see/use it for a short period of time.

We have an open floor space plan and have a mirror hanging by our dining table. However, this also reflects our aquarium which is on the other side of the wall across the dining area. Is this ok?

Hi Cece,
This is completely fine. Nothing to worry!

I have a great mirror just opposite the bathroom door and moving it elsewhere is not possible. Is there a remedy for this. I already try to keep the door closed at all times.

You don’t need a remedy when you keep the door closed! That way, the mirror is rarely used. Here’s more info for your reference: https://fengshuinexus.com/blog/answers/two-mirrors-facing-each-other-bathroom/

So, is it ok to have the image of closed door in the mirror all the time?

Thanks a lot. It eases my mind.

Is it ok to hang a mirror at the south facing our dining table which is in the center of our house and reflecting our aquarium that is at the east side?

Hi Amie,
Yes, this shouldn’t be problem without considering other factors.

I have a narrow staircase from the main floor leading down to the basement. Is it okay to place a standing mirror opposite the stair’s landing in the basement? Thanks!

Hi Ella,
Yes, that is fine. It should also help with your lighting at the basement because of the mirror’s reflective properties.

Patricia M Almond

I would like to hang a mirror in our small dining area adjacent to the kitchen. However, that wall faces the stove which is about 20 ft away. Is this alright or is there a remedy for this? Thank you!

Hi Patricia,
This is fine because the stove is quite far away. If you don’t like it, just place something in the middle/ in between and you’ll be fine.

Hi Victor, I love your site. I’ll try to keep this short:
I have a beam that runs left to right when you enter the front door into our living room. I placed a floor standing mirror against the north wall inline with the beam (beam “goes” into mirror) so mirror basically placed under beam. The Beam generally directs/points outside the house towards 2 electric poles. The mirror Also faces that same direction. Would that be ok?
We are also located on a corner at a “Y” intersection street and the beam/mirror is pointing towards the intersection.

Second question:
Out bedroom bed is placed against wall between 2 small little chandelier-type lights that’s mounted to the same wall. Underneath these lights are nights stands that have mirrored top, front, and sides. Is this ok?

Hi KD,
Without a good luck, I suppose the beams are ok. As for Y intersection, I cannot comment without taking a look. Your bedroom/chandelier/mirror relationships are fine.

Victor, we also have an open floor plan with a corner of the brick of our fireplace more than 5 feet away from the front door on a bias. Is it ok to hang three similar frames mirrors vertically on this brick?

Hi Scott,
Yes you’ll be fine, as long as it doesn’t face any of the “should not’s” listed here. Even so, you’re fine if the mirror is far away.

Hi Vicror, thanks for all the valuable information! After reading your article, I realize that we have a problem with a huge mirror (actually a double mirrored door to a closet, not a mirror that can be moved) right in front of our entrance door. The entrance door itself lets a lot of natural light in through the glass. To replace rhe closet doors would involve a lot of time, money and creativity and at this time not possible. Do you have any suggestions as to what can be done in this situation?
Thanks a lot!

Hi Tania,
You can try placing something in between the front door the mirrors. A large plant would do the job. Also, the entrance area is great to have plants!

Ni hao, Victor, this is going to be rather long list of questions.
I have read your blog with great interest and have few questions.
You talk about positioning of the mirrors in the right places and facing the right directions.
I am renting a small apartment; I have rather large kitchen that flows directly to my living room.
I have no dining room as such. Living alone – my kitchen and living room serve as dining room according to my mood. So, what about the mirrors?
My front door leads straight into my living room (no corridor); I have one mirror placed next to it and it faces the opposite wall – only some artwork is hanging there. Mine BTW.
Outside – I have one old, very loved mirror facing … well, outer world. I hope this should be cool.
But also, I have recently returned from China, where I spent few months of intense Tai Chi training (Chen Style). I have brought back two small Bagua mirrors; I placed one of them on my outside door – not above it – is it wrong? Another one I placed on the outside of my bedroom door.
That was removed instantly after reading your article an hour ago. Panic!!!
Talking about bedroom situation > you have mentioned that the bedroom mirror should never face the bed. Well, I have a wall wide wardrobe in mine and it is all impossible to turn it around as it is built in and nothing I can do about it. Any ideas?
One last question: you have mentioned that mirrors are bad notion in the kitchen.
Well, after my return from China, I have purchased a medium size mirror and placed it in my kitchen.
My place is very small, I practice my tai Chi Forms by myself and sometimes I need to look at my movements to correct myself. This is the only place large enough to do it when not practicing @ the beach. The mirror is not facing the stove, but still in the kitchen and facing the front door (which I always keep open for air breeze).
Can it get any worse?  Any advice form you will be worth gold. Thank you for your patience.
Sincerely, anka

Hi Anka,
Bagua mirrors are usually placed on top of the door. You don’t need it unless there’s an undesirable “Xa Qi” coming straight to your front door. And yep, you definitely don’t need the one outside your bedroom door!!
As for the mirror facing the bed, you can get creative here. Here’s a tip suggested by Uncle Dixer: https://fengshuinexus.com/blog/answers/mirrored-closet-doors-reflecting-bed/
If you are to place a mirror, don’t have it face the front door (it’s fine if it’s far away). As for the kitchen, it’s good that the mirror doesn’t face the stove. Try it out and see!

I have multiple picture frames stuck together, the frames are mirror, angled inward towards the photo, located behind my couch, a north wall, it looks good there. It reflects different things in the living and dining room (blended room) like a puzzle and shines due to the recessed lighting….should I worry?

Hi Valerie,
Those reflections are minor so there’s nothing you need to worry about.

谢 谢 Victor,
I appreciate your reply and hope my pedestrian Chinese is up to the standards.:-)
I have removed my little Bagua mirror from my bedroom door and hung it outside, in my back yard instead.
Rice paper in the bedroom advice – not yours – referred – doesn’t cut it.
Is there anything else/simple/aesthetic I can do instead?
Also, I googled and googled >>> there is something about window/door positioning plus colour according to your Birthday. According to my friends from Singapore.
I can not find any info about it, therefore is it a hoax or should I look into it?
Thank you for responding to my trivial enquiries.
Sincerely, anka

Hi Anka,
Your welcome! For the mirror, how about pasting some of your favorite artwork/posters? Please note that certain types of artwork are NOT suitable, like those that generate strong emotions: https://fengshuinexus.com/blog/33-bedroom-feng-shui-tips-improve-sleep/ Specifically, those that include violence, reminders of sorrow, or even religious figures are NOT suitable because they can all harm bedroom romance.
Colors can be used to balance the five elements of that area: https://fengshuinexus.com/blog/colors-influence-homes-feng-shui/ It is true that there are ideal door positions based on a person’s Kua number.
Adding birthday and time of birth, there is a possibility that it’s used in Bazi favorable elements. That, however, I have doubts on. You can download a sample Bazi report here if you’re interested to know more about it: https://fengshuinexus.com/bazi-reading-consultation-service/
Hope this helps!

Thank you very much, Victor. Best regards, anka

Hello Victor,
I have a mirror in my powder room. Since it is a small space it faces both toilet and sink. I love it there for design purposes and use for checking appearance. Not much #2’s happening in this rest room. My concerns is that it faces the drains not my husband does not always place the cover back down. Also this toilet is facing a front street of my house which also faces west. What are your recommendations. And is it my best interest to remove the mirror completely from the powder room

Hey Melody,
If you keep the toilet and powder room clean, there’s no negative energy to amplify. And, no worries if it faces the drains. There’s no need to remove the mirror!

Hi Victor:
Thank you for the interesting article. We just moved into a new home. I have a long living and dining room. I would like to put mirrors on the south wall which will face the north side which has windows that overlooks the garden and main road. Would you have any advice on this?

Hi Noopur,
That’s a great idea. Reflecting the garden brings more green to your house!

Hi Victor,
Thank you for this very interesting article. A few questions for you as I’m not 100% sure I understand the ins and outs of feng shui and am currently redecorating so would like to get this right:
1) is it ok to place a floor mirror in bedroom facing a small wall (with or without art)?
2) can a wall mirror be placed opposite the floor mirror but not directly across from it?
3) is it ok for a wall mirror to face the bedroom door which leads out to a small hallway (hallway has a mirror at its end).

Hi Pam,
1. Yes and yes.
2. Better not to have mirror facing mirror.
3. There should be a good distance between the two mirrors, so should be fine.

Hi Victor , is it ok to place a mirror behind the dining table but facing ( north)the side of the staircase? Or should I put it the opposite side but with facing (south)windows. Thank you for your time.

Hi Cris,
Both placement are fine. Use whichever one you feel most comfortable with.

Hi Victor: I just read your article thanks for all the help I do have a question is it okay to put a mirror in a black room with no Windows

Hi Martha,
Yes, that is totally fine.

hello Victor, I have a dresser mirror facing my bedroom door, I cant move it anywhere else. I have it tilted slightly so it not reflecting out. Is this a bad thing? I have been trying to attract love in my life but not successful. could this be a problem?

Also I have two beautiful oil painting in my bedroom with garden of flowers and open gates, no people. Is this bad feng shui> One faced my bed the other to the side. I love waking up to them.

Many thanks

Hi Pam,
If your mirror is not reflecting the door and your bed, the mirror is ok. As for attracting love, there could be numerous reasons, both in terms of Feng Shui and in terms of your Bazi luck phases.
As for the oil painting, it’s great to have them because you love waking to them!

Hello Victor, Thank you for the information. When I sit at my dresser I can see the top of the door and when I walk into the room I can see myself, is this ok too?

Thank you

PS do you live in Vancouver BC?

Hi Pam,
Yep, both are fine. I live in Southern California. 🙂

Hi there, thank you for a great article! Quick question..I’ve got a very narrow and small hallway and would like to hang a mirror here, however as soon as you step in, there is wc door to the right (north), kitchen door opposite it (south), radiator next to the kitchen door (that’s preferred place for a mirror so far), and turning stairs in front of it (just after the wc door). Hallway leads straight to the dining/living room..
So if I hang a mirror above the radiator, it would reflect stairs going up…would this be ok? Or should I forget about a mirror here at all? Thanks so much in advance..!

Hi Eve,
I would suggest forgetting about a mirror there just because it’s at the end of a walkway (from the stairs). Hope this helps!

Hi, my dining area is small and I intend to install a mirror there but this will face our main door. How can I counter this? Usually we close our main door.

Hi Sharon,
If the mirror is far away from the front door then you’re fine. If not, try placing it in another wall or placing an art instead of a mirror.

Hi Victor,
I have a few questions please:
1.) We have a square wooden mirror in the living room on the East wall facing the window to the garden and opposite a desk (but not directly in view) is this ok? Or best to put on South East angled wall facing the living room door, relecfting the sofa?
2.) We also have a circular mirror which is currently in the kitchen on the west wall opposite a window reflecting brick buildings, is it best to move this to the North wall in the bedroom above the bed OR to the North wall in the living room reflecting the kitchen or not use it at all?
3.) Lastly is it best to have the bedhead on the North wall with door diagonally across from foot of bed or on the South wall with side of bed in line with door when it open?
Thanks for your advice in advance

Hi Sammy,
Some brief answers for you:
1.) Yes, this is ok. Reflecting good views from the outside is actually quite nice.
2.) Best not to use it because of the presence of kitchen.
3.) Avoid having the bed in line with door when it opens. So I’d suggest your bedhead on the North wall.


My front door directly faces a staircase of my 3 story house. I have 10 stairs that lead to the first landing ( straight stairs, which do not curve in any way). I would like to place a mirror approximately 5 feet high off the landing, which does face the front door, but the door view is partially obstructed by a second floor staircase overhang. You will not be able to see your own reflection within 5 feet of entering the house due to the height of the mirror and the overhang. Is it safe to hang the rectangular large mirror there? Thank you

I would also like to add that you can see the mirror from the second floor living room.

Hi Christine,
Yes, hanging a mirror there is fine because it doesn’t directly face the mirror front. You’re in good shape.

Hello Victor,
I have a small apt. When I enter my door i face south, past a closet on my right there is a little alcove and my bathroom. Directly opposite of the bathroom door is the kitchen which has no door. And then the hallway continues. Would a mirror on the bathroom door facing the kitchen be a good or bad thing? It would not be facing the stove or windows.
Thank you!

Hi Denise,
If I were you, I wouldn’t place the mirror, even if it doesn’t face the kitchen stove. See #3 above.

Hi Victor,
What if I put the mirror in the small alcove on the wall perpendicular to the bathroom door facing the opposite wall; technically it is facing the front door but you cannot see the door in the mirror as it is at a diagonal to the door. The front door is about 6 feet away.

Hi Denise,
It sounds like the mirror is not really facing the front door. Any obstructions in between would mean that the mirror is not facing the front door. If this is the case, you are in good shape.

Hi I have a question I have a mirroed dresser facing my bedroom door but is not facing my bed also I have my tv hang in front of my bed but you can’t see the reflection of my bed is this ok also I have a large round mirror in my living room in my entryway facing my sofas and my baby’s pictures is this ok as well and I would like to hang a mirror facing my kitchen and my front door is this ok the mirror will face the door when is open but when I close the door it won’t face the mirror

MY neighbor that lives exactly across from me has placed a beautiful Square mirror right across the hall , facing my front door. I bet she is negatively Feng Shuing me.. what can I place on my door to avert the dangers of bad feng shui. please.. . She and I do not get along, she is unfriendly….Management does not even want things placed on the walls… so maybe I should talk to them first.. unless of course they happen to like that mirror.. You would be surprised at people who think FS is for the birds !.. I don’t~~~ Can you help me please ?. Thanks.

Hi Laural,
I think I’ve answered this question in your email. Hope it helped!

Hello Victor.

I have an L shaped hallway off my family room that leads to the garage. I would like to place a vertical mirror on the facing wall where you enter the hallway from the family room. The mirror would reflect the outside yard through the sliding door. Would this placement be acceptable?
Appreciate your advice.

Thank you, Therese

Hi Therese,
Yes, the placement would be great because it can reflect some nature from your yard!

This is wonderful news, I was a little worried. Thank you so much

Hi Victor,

Any thoughts on the best shape of mirrors to use in the dining room to maximize fengshui?


Hi Tim,
Different shapes are correlated with different elements. But this totally depends on your personal preference. A mirror you find that you like the most is best.

Hi Victor, can I place a mirror above gas fireplace in the living room? Thanks!!

Hi Latchforda,
Yes, that is fine.

Hi Victor, thank you for this article. I had a problem with neighbors looking in and sending ill will in one of my windows so I placed a mirror in the window to deter them. The mirror is up against the window glass but on the inside. I’m curious to know if this would bring the negative energy inside. While the reflected image is not seen from the inside, the mirror itself is inside. What do you think? Thanks in advance.

Hi Aileen,
Mirror reflects energy, so negative energy will not be brought inside but instead be reflected. Good luck with your neighbors!

Hi Victor,

Feng Shui is a new concept for me and I am fascinated by it. I am of Korean/Chinese descent and my family have always told me about the merits of this ancient practice but never truly embraced it until now. Aileen’s situation seems similar to mine. I have some very mean and ruthless neighbors that moved in next to me. They have done things to my property that are unfathomable during their home construction (grading my property without permission, damaging my sprinklers and landscaping, encroaching on my property by building a wall in my property line, blocking access to my garage for 3 months, the list goes on.) They even disregard the city rules regarding home construction and what’s permissible; the city is too afraid to enforce anything and they tell me it’s a civil matter, not a city matter. Apparently, these neighbors have done this with their prior home construction and continue to get away with such things. I am at wit’s end. Anyways, I feel the negative energy coming from them so I am thinking of placing a mirror near my east-facing front door, which faces their house. I’ve heard that bagua mirrors should ideally be placed above the front door, but I don’t have enough room there. Is it okay to place next to my door? Any other advice on how to deflect the negativity would be very much appreciated. It’s wonderful that you are willing to give such great advice to your readers.

Thanks for any advice you can share.

Feeling pretty helpless.

Hi A. Shin,
The practice of using Feng Shui Bagua mirrors is to reflect negative Qi (Xa), in nature/landscape/construction FORM outside the front door. It is NOT used to reflect human Qi. Even if you use it, I have doubts on whether it can be of much help.
Seems like your situation requires some human intervention! Sorry if I couldn’t be of much help here.

Hi Victor, I have a mirror in the hallway facing the door under the staircase not the front door but the door beneath the staircase. shall I move my mirror elsewhere? thanks

Hi Mishi,
If that door is not frequently used, there’s really no need. Further, I’m assuming that door is not connected to the outside, so again, there’s no need. Hope this helps.

Hi Victor,

I will move to a new house and I need your advice. Can I get your email so I can attached the 3d image of my new house including mirror placement and all other stuff ?

Thank you in advance,


Hi Celestine,
Only basic answers I can answer for free. Anyhow, subscribe to blog and you’ll get my email.

What about a mirror in front of shower room?

Hi Alex,
Just make sure it doesn’t face directly to the door.

I have a strange neighbor that has been harassing me and my vandalized my car, I noticed she placed a large mirror in her window facing my apartment is she some kind of witch? She seems very dark.
Thanks ?

Hi Carrie,
From what you’ve told me, I wouldn’t conclude that she’s a witch. Hopefully you won’t catch her doing some sort of satanic ritual! 😛


My house is in the End Lot, the community has installed a Mirror to see the car turning to left or right. The mirror is facing my house. Is it good or bad?

Hi Jazz,
It depends on how far and how big the mirror is. But mostly, it depends on where outside the house it reflects. You’ll be fine as long as it doesn’t reflect your front door/window.

Feng Shui says to avoid mirrors in your bedroom because the energies are too strong among other things. But I have a dresser mirror that I like. I suppose I should find something pretty to cover with when not in use. Also, my master bath has a mirror which faces the door so when the door is open, I can see one mirror in the other. I am limited in how I can arrange my furniture because I have two closet doors, another door in/out and the bathroom door and two windows lol. The beauty of an old house. Anyway I had a strange experience involving the mirrors. My bathroom door was open as I slept and I was having a restless night. I awoke in the night to feel a lot of restlessness in the room but it wasn’t my energy. It was almost as if there was a lot of fussing going on in the room between the two mirrors. Spirits or something. I could almost hear them. Like a disagreement or something. So strange. I got up and closed the bathroom door and went back to sleep. I have kinda made my spiritual sanctuary in my room until the guest room is more available. I feel the spiritual energy when I go in there but I think it’s just from my spiritual activities. Do you know much about mirrors?

Hi Dieu,
I don’t have the experience you had with mirrors! But when I was young, I think I constantly saw shadows passing by a huge mirror that was right outside my bedroom door. Maybe that’s why we see movies where mirrors reflect spirits? Perhaps others have that kind of experience.
I don’t know much about mirrors and the spiritual world. Apologies!

Hi Victor,

I’ve been wondering about this situation for a while and trying not to give it too much thought, however, I live in a rented semi-detached bungalow, orientated south, with the main door on the side of the propery – ie facing north. The floor plans are west-east and the living room, where I spend most of my time in has a huge east-facing patio window which looks out across the garden and is overlooked by side wall of an adjacent 1 storey house.

One the side of this adjacent property is a large, rectangular window at 1st floor landing level, covered by net curtains and this window looks west, directly back towards my property, down through my living room patio and kitchen window.

This is where it gets weird! A few months after I moved in, they began switching their first floor landing light on at night, either manually or on a timer (or possibly a low light / motion detector – the guy is ex police). This has continued for a year. When their landing light comes on, on the far wall, their have a large mirror faces directly back towards me and downwards towards my ground floor living room and kitchen. They have net curtains, so without their light being on, I would never know about their mirror. I’m wondering if this is deliberate use of feng shui for good/bad or just ignorance?

I’ve had a lot of bad luck since moving to this property in all areas of my life…(loss of my job, physical and mental health) which may be pure coincidence. In addition, my adjoining next door neighbour to the south who is 80, is having to deal with a sick husband who is now in a care home, she seems angry about the whole thing and I’m wondering am I also picking up her bad vibes through the walls?

At the moment, I am not in a position to move house.

Do I need to be concerned about this and do something to protect myself? Or am I really overthinking this?

Hi Ady,
You are perhaps overthinking this. I don’t think it is their deliberate use of Feng Shui. If it really bothers you, talk to your neighbor about it and work something out!
Having bad luck since moving in to a property can be a Feng Shui issue or an issue that can be identified in your astrology chart. What’s more important is how you handle it. Keep your head high and keep fighting!! 🙂

My home has a short hallway with bedroom doors at either end. I have a mirror hanging on the wall opposite my bedroom door, so when the door is open, it’s in line with the end of the hallway. Is this a bad placement for the mirror?

Hi Tara,
The placement is not ideal – similar concept as mirror at the wall opposite and in line with the front door. However, if you’re not bothered by it, you’re all good!

Hi Victor,

Can you having two mirrors in the living room?
I have one full length mirror on the West side and hexagon mirror on the North side of living room. The mirrors are not facing each other.

Hi Mr T Benjamin,
Yes, having 2 mirrors in the living room is fine.

hi there victor,
we have a large mirror which is about 10 ft away facing our front door and a window. i like it because its big. the moment i open our screen door i get to see myself and i feel happy. is that ok if we keep it that way?

Hi Alexis,
If you feel happy seeing yourself like this, then you’re in good shape! Also, it is about 10 feet away so that’s a good distance.

Hi Victor,
Is it bad if the bathroom door (fr. the 2nd flr.) directly faces the stairs (going down). The distance fr. bathroom door to the 1st step of the stairs is 4 1/2 ft. The stairs faces the wall. Fr. the last step of the stairs to the wall, the distance is 2 1/2 ft. Can you give us the cure? Thanks.

Hi Lorna,
The setup is not ideal. The idea is that the energy from the restroom can go all the way down from the stairs. Just remember to keep the restroom clean and the door closed and you’ll be fine!

By the way, on that wall, there is a glass family picture frame that mirrors the stairs going up. Is it bad? Lastly, I plan to have a fountain….but need to give up one fish tank, will it be an arowana or a flower horn? Thanks.

This was a very interesting read! I just purchased and new home, however i do have a street lamp on front yard. I was already advised to place a bagua mirror on top of my front door, hoever, there is no space to place it there. Can i place it to to side of the the entrance door? Left or right?
Also, the friend advised me to place one on top of garage door, is this necessary, i wouldnt want to over do it. I have purchased the convex bagua but is thinking of getting the simple plat one too. Will this make a difference?


Hi Cecillia,
It is still advised to put the Bagua mirror on the top of the front door. If there’s no space, try to find a smaller mirror so that it fits.
As for where to put the mirror, only put it at the door that faces the street lamp. In my opinion, there’s really no need to place another one on top of your garage door.

OMG.. what an awesome article.. 1. ,So I should remove any type of mirror from behind my couch no matter what shape or design it is? I do not have solid mirro.. I have odd shape pieces that are mirror.. But I guess mirror is mirror what ever the case. 2. i have a closet workspace with a floor mirror that faces my doorway and it can view the stove…no where else to put it..should i cover it up…Pleae help

Hi Sondra,
Do the mirrors bother you? If not, feel free to leave them where they are. You’re fine as long as the mirror doesn’t directly reflect the kitchen stove.

There is a small dining wall adjacent to the patio for an open layout. As a result the mirror on the wall ( about 30+ feet) away would be visible from the main entrance door near the foyer. Would that cause a negative effect by reflecting positive energies away? ( Second floor plan in link below)

Hi Tuffkins,
The mirror is very far away from the main entrance door. There’s no need to worry about it!

Hi Victor!
Thank you for your great article and all your responses to the comments. They were very helpful. I have a situation I wanted your guidance on. I’m an artist, a painter, and I have a room in my apartment that is dedicated as my art studio. On the west wall, there are two windows, and on the south wall, right near the east wall, there is a door. I have my easel and a desk set up on this same South wall. The desk is right near the west wall and it’s mainly a place for my paints and other accessories, and then right next to it (on the middle of the south wall) is my Easel and its the main area I work. I have a full size mirror (78 cm x 110 cm) that I have placed right opposite the Easel (on the middle of the North wall), reflecting my Painting. So when I paint, the painting is right behind me on the opposite wall, reflecting my back.

I find this a helpful method to turn around and look at the painting through the mirror, to judge the accuracy of my proportions, as looking at the painting through the mirror offers a fresh perspective. My question is twofold:

1. I read that it is not advisable to have a mirror behind you. Is this problematic from a feng shui perspective? will it, as they say, bring about circumstances and energies that are out of my field of vision and understanding?

2. Although it is not reflecting the desk, it is reflecting my workspace, but it is also reflecting beautiful artworks that I create. What is the fengshui stance on this matter: will it double my work, or will increase the amount of art I produce.

Any insight will be greatly appreciated


Hi Sam,
Doubling your work/being problematic are more symbolic. Doubling the work likely comes from the idea that wherever you see, you just see “stuff” that reminds you of work. So if it reflects your beautiful artworks, you should be in great shape.

Hello Victor. Interesting article. I have a long and narrow mirror with wooden frames (1.2 meters length and 0.6 meters height). It it ok to place it horizontally in the north east side?
Since it is so narrow in height it should be hanged horizontally very low so i can see my image. But if I hang it a little bit tilted downwards it will reflect the whole dining table and I can see myself from my torso up. Is it ok?

Hi Yuna,
Both scenarios you described will work just fine.

Mirror somewhat in the kitchen toward next room – doesn’t face the stove – south wall? A

HI Victor, How can i utilise a mirror as a self reminder. Such that when ever i stand up from my work desk i can take a look at myself and make necessary reflections on myself.

Hi Steve,
Not sure what you mean by necessary reflections, but your answer depends on the setup of your work area. Perhaps make it a necessary ritual to do something in front of someplace with a mirror in front. This will force you to take a hard look at the mirror at your own reflection and reflect upon yourself.

Thanks Victor, I got your explanation. Its a good answer 🙂

If my front door faces directly towards the back door should I place a mirror in the path?

Hi Christie,
Ideally, the mirror shouldn’t face the front door. Or, you can try putting something else other than the mirror in the path.

Hey Victor I have a beautiful mirror in my dining room that faces the windows and outside the windows is my neighbors house who is a very mean-spirited person. Should I move it?Her house is about 10 ft away from my house so the mirror is about 30 ft away from her windows of her house. What should I do

Hi Carlie,
Your mirror is in a good place, unless you have a better place for it. Don’t mind your neighbor. 🙂

Thank you for your quick response Victor. I don’t have a better place for it. Your wisdom is very much appreciated.

Is it advisable to place the hse TV right infront of the entrance door? I find it obstructing the door space when visitor coming in or doing cleaning with all the wires behind the front door and curtain. I tried to tell my relative but he dont agree. Hope you can give him some advice on this matter.

Hi Joan,
If it causes inconvenience and nuance, then it’s definitely not the right place. Maybe he’ll notice the next time he tries to move something inside the house from the front door.

I have a mirror facing my bedroom door, as well one facing my bathroom door. I keep both doors closed virtually all the time, and the mirror facing my bedroom door is at least five feet across from the door. The mirror facing my bedroom door is grounded by a small, handcrafted console my Mother made for me and on it are a pair of candles and symbols of unity, as it is located in the relationship sector of my bedroom. Is this still considered bad feng shui?

Hi Caitlin,
It is not bad Feng Shui if the mirror doesn’t face your bed, and if you are not bothered by the mirror when you enter your bedroom and bathroom.

A question. After reading this article I decided to remove and re-home the mirror in our bedroom which is in the Southeast corner of the house to the North wall. I liked this placement as it reflects the dining room table but I have one concern. Our house has an open floor plan so my mirror catches the dining table, then sitting room, then the courtyard and then we can see the neighbor’s house.

Hi Marie,
There’s no problem with this. It’s actually good to have your mirror catching the dining table.

Thank you for this well written article. I have a very clear poison arrow energy (a concrete right angle) pointing to the front of my house. The energy is partially blocked by some trees that have grown up. I would like to put up a Bagua mirror. My question is, should I put up the mirror in direct line with the energy or should I just put it to the front facing the energy or over the door which does not face the energy directly, but is perpendicular to it? Thanks!

Hi AJ,
A bagua mirror may or may not help. Whether the concrete right angle affects you depends on several factors as well (distance, where it goes to your house/front/back etc.). Let me know if you need me to review the Form by using this link: https://fengshuinexus.com/feng-shui-consulting-service-light-review/

My mother in law would like to move closer to my family. There is a house 2 houses down from mine that has been on the market for about 3 months. It is situated where the street aims right for the front door. Would a Bagua mirror above the front door help with all the traffic’s energy coming towards the door of the house? Or is it better to not move into a home like that? Thanks in advance!

Hi Mya,
How’s the traffic of that road? A mirror would do minimal to help. Plus, the mirror can distract drivers and make the area more unsafe.
I can’t make a full recommendation unless I do a measurement and analysis of the surroundings. Let me know if you need my service.

hi victor!your article is interesting.
i have a small place.
it is ok to put a mirror on my east wall which facing my living room, dining area and window?
or it is good if i place it in my dining area on the north wall facing my small kitchen. (i dont have stove in my kitchen. my stove is place outside the house)

Hi Michelle,
I would go with the first option that reflects living room, dining, and window.

thank you!

Hi Victor,
We have a large, round decorative mirror above our tv in the living room (NW). Since its above our tv, its quite high and so faces our dining area wall. Our ceilight lamp is reflected in the mirror. Is this alright?
Previously we had placed it at eye level at our hallway, facing our kitchen but not the stove.
Which arrangement is better? Thanks!

Hi Jan,
Both arrangements are fine. See which arrangement you like better and keep it at that!

Thanks Victor. Happy Chinese New Year to you!

Hi Victor,
I have a basement of approx 200 sq. yards. I fixed 2 very big mirrors on South Wall which cannot be changed due to space issues and fixture already done. Now both mirrors reflecting towards east and we have a staircase plus main door from East direction. One of our friend suggested to remove the mirror if possible or else place 2 more small mirror in north wall where staircase and main door is placed. So face to face reflection will be there with big mirrors, positive energy will keep in side then. but after reading more about Feng Shui.. it seems i did mistake..

Please share more details and help me out with the solution.

Thanks in advance.

Hello Victor,

I hope you can help . I am planning to put a mirror in my dining room that faces my neighbours back Door which they have put screening in front so they cannot see directly into our room . The window is on the side of my house where the drive way is . Will this be ok ?
Also in my bedroom I have my dresser mirror facing the window to the street. Is this ok ?

Thank you kindly


Hi Gina,
Both placements are totally fine!

Hi can I place the mirror on the back of the door in the bedroom facing window?

Hi Teresa,
Yes, that is fine.

Hi Victor, Can I place a mirror in the kitchen facing the sliding back door of the the house and a vision facing the stove if you are close to the mirror about 10 ft. away. There’s a small dining table in the middle of it. Me and my husband just like seeing our reflections while eating at our small dining table. Please help. Thanks as well.

Hi Cecilia,
Yup, both are good. Enjoy your setup!

Hi Victor, thank you for your great work! Very good article!!!

I bought a beautiful arched mirror to place in my patio area, however it’s a tiled mirror (with patterns), I heard that it’s bad to use a tiled mirror which cuts the reflection into pieces, is that true? If so, does it apply to a decorative one like that in the patio? It faces our outdoor seating area. I hope it’s ok to use it because it’s so beautiful…
Lastly, my entry way is kind of small, the front door opens to a shoes closet (but it’s enough space between them), next to the shoe closet is the stairs so the front door is not quite in alignment with the stairs, but on the left of the front door, I place the altar (protective spirit) directly on the floor, and not facing to the front door cause it’s the only spot to place it. So I would like to hang the mirror on that side to open up the entryway but can I place it directly above the altar? Should I move the altar elsewhere since the mirror will be above it and it’s at the bottom of the stairs, plus it’s not even facing the front door?

I’d appreciate your help!


Hi Sophie,
The tiled mirror is fine. Some people don’t like it because it cuts the reflection and spooks them. If it doesn’t spook you, it’s good. Having it faced outdoor seating area is good.
As for altar, I would be careful. I’m not sure what kind of altar you have.

Hi Victor:

I am very well pleased to know you are there to help us analyse the positioning of the mirrors
and I hope to have one from you, is full size mirror placed infront of my bedroom door and eventually
at the lower end portion of my staircase good..
Thank you and keep up these good work, I live in the Philippines.


Hi Victoria,
For the bedroom door – it’d be better if the mirror doesn’t face the bed when you sleep. As for the stairs, it is fine.

Hi! We have mirror and its facing the back door. Is it okay?

Hi Lloyd,
Yes, this is fine considering there’s a good distance between them.

Hi Victor, is it ok to put glass block tiles in the living room facing the window? The glass block tiles will be placed in our partition in between the living room & dining area? Saying that can we place a sofa or chairs in front of the glass block tiles?

Hi Grace,
Yes, glass block tiles are totally fine.

Hello viktor 🙂

Sabrina here great informative article ! We just bought an old big mirror that would be perfect for one wall but it is facing a small walk way and the front door. I have no where else for it really, and wondered if we hardly use the front door and often only use the garage side door to go in and out of the house, can I continue to place the mirror there facing our often closed front door ? ? I did see that one of the comments reply is to place plants and I have lots of plants 🙂 should I be placing plant outside of my front door too ?

Hi Sabrina,
If you don’t use the front door, then yes, it’s fine. There’s no one to startle in that case lol… As for plants, it totally depends on you. Both inside and outside are great places for plants.

hey what about a dining room table beneath a chandelier and spanish beams can I put a mirror on top if my wooden table cause its kind of damaged and we want to cover that. I Love Mirrors. we love mirrors in our house and want to use a custom mirror contoured to it as a table top. Is that cool ! ?

Yes that is fine.

Hello Victor:
I have a long hallway that leads to the bedrooms, I placed a long mirror at the end f the hallway, where should I place the mirror in the hallway that will bring good energy.I read is not good at the end of the hallway.
Thank you so much

Hi Claudia,
It depends on the situation, it is not “mirror is bad at end of hallway” by default. If you feel everything’s fine, then the position is good. If you truly want good energy, you need compass measurements and smart furnishing.

Hi Victor,
This is an interesting article for anyone who believe in fengshui. I want o know if it is ok to place a mirror facing a a dining room opposite a sliding door? The sliding door is located Southwest of the house and the sliding door is facing plants and small bamboo trees and the firewall of our neighbor. Thank you so much. Hope you can help me.

Hi Portia,
This is totally fine. Great view you got there!

Hello Victor,

This is a very informative article! Thanks a lot
Just a small question, got 3 small decorative round mirrors with scallop-designed frames. Do you think it is ok to place it at the wall close to the dining table or on the small narrow hallway leading to our living room? The reflection is not big, should i place these horizontally, vertically, or diagonally? Your suggestion will be appreciated.

Hi Laney,
Both locations are fine, and how you want to place it is totally up to you. The important thing here is that you (and your family) like where it is and how you place it.

Hi Victor, My home is open floor plan. I have a very large mirror on the wall about 14ft from the back of my sofa., in the breakfast nook. I have a chair and plant at one side of the mirror. There is no wall for my long sofa, it’s (floating). If I sat at one end of the sofa, I am not reflected in the mirror. On the other end it reflects me in a seated position. Is this okay? The mirror is also on the west wall facing north. No other place for it. Thank you.

Yes, this is fine. Don’t worry too much about it unless the mirror bothers you.

Hello Victor,
I just wanna ask if it is good in feng shui . Im planning to put a big wall mirror in my Dining. But my Dining area and Living area are in the same place. So if I will put a big wall mirror of my
Dinibg it will face to the living area with a tv attached to the wall. Is it good ? Kindly please advice me which is better.
Thank you.

Hi Benjie,
Having your mirror in dining that captures your living room and the TV is fine.

I have a very long connected living room and dining room. The dining room is near the window, while on the other end, I am thinking of placing a mirror to lighten up the place. Technically, the mirror will face the window but it’s like 3 rooms length away. Does it still count? Also, I heard mirror facing a window can amplify the whatever element outside the window. My window faces tree… so is it good or bad?

Hi JK,
Facing tree is fine because you’ll have more natural green in your house.

I have a small living and dining room combined. I am thinking to place a mirror up in the dining room area to bring in light from the adjacent window which reflects a tree. The mirror will face the white wall in the living room. Is it ok? also I have a small mirror in my bedroom that I cannot remove. although it faces my bed I cannot see myself in it when I sleep. should I change my bed position?

Hi Marie,
The mirror in the dining room is a great placement, and there’s no need to worry about the mirror in your bedroom.

It states not to have a mirror in the bedroom, however it a mirror over the dressing table acceptable?

Hi Sheena,
Mirror is ok in bedroom as long as it doesn’t directly face the bed where you can see yourself when in bed.

Hi Victor,

Good day.

I intend to put a big full height mirror on the living room wall in my new home and it is directly facing the hallway. My bedroom is located at the end of the hallway.

May i know is this placement of the mirror consider a good fengshui?

Thank you.


Hi Terence,
Your placement is ok. Not good or bad. Place it there you’ll be fine.

In part of our living room, (in the north east of living room), we have put dinner table and this area has became our dinning room. Is it okm

Another quoition is that how can learn more and more abou fengshui? Is there any free pdf educational files?
Thanks alot

Hi Victor,
I have an L shape stairs, i hang my rectangular mirror facing the first part of the stairs just before the end of the stairs, i love seeing my reflection into the mirror while going down, the location of my mirror would be ok?

Hi Jazz,
Yes, this is fine.

Placing a mirror in a window at the outside is good? Will it protect of anything bad that comes from the outside sending it back?

Hi Eduardo,
That’s not always the case. It depends on what you’re reflecting.

Can I place a large round mirror on the landing at the top of the staircase . The front door is at the bottom of the staircase but not directly in front of the staircase but a few meters to the side of it.

Hi Bridget,
Yes, this is fine.

Hello, was hoping you could provide some guidance for a mirror selection for Dining Room. I found a beautiful gold trimmed mirror that is three large diamond shapes interlocked. So this mirror has two smaller diamonds in between. Is that ok?

My other option is two rectangular mirror hung about 4 inches apart.

Thank you.

Hey Norma,
Both mirror is great. Pick whichever one you like most.

Hi Victor,
I just love your article. It’s very valuable. However, we have a mirrored wall just outside our master bedroom and my daughter’s bedroom. So if you’re facing north, you would be facing our master bedroom door. On the left side (west side) is my daughter’s bedroom door and directly opposite her bedroom door, the east side, is the wall with mirror. So, if you are going to our master bedroom, our daughter’s room is on the left and the mirror wall on the right. I hope I make sense. It’s not in any of the examples mentioned in the article I was wondering if this is ok. Please advise. Thanks.

Hi Naomi,
From what you described, it seems that the mirror has a good distance from your daughter’s bedroom door. This shouldn’t be a cause of concern. 🙂

Madhuri Lakkapragada

Hi Victor,

Thank you for the beautiful article.

My house is a northwest entrance home. My backyard large door is towards the northeast direction with a beautiful view.

I have two large mirrors on my southwest wall facing northeast and east view of the green backyard.
I read that the mirrors should not be facing northeast or east direction.. Is this true? What can I do in my situation.. There is no wall at all in a northeast direction for me to place the mirror.. 🙁

Eagerly waiting. Please advice.

Hi Madhuri,
I’ve never heard about rules stating that mirrors shouldn’t face northeast or east. Facing a view of the green backyard is great, so no need to worry about it.

Hi Victor,

When we come out of front door, we face the garage wall of our neighbor ( West facing home). We share the wall between the houses. Is it bad ? Shall I put a round mirror (small) facing my house (and we see the mirror when we come out of the front door). Please advise.


Hi Hum,
Without considering other factors, I don’t see the need for the mirror.

Thanks Victor. My house is west facing, and the garage wall of my neighbor (south facing house), is what we see while going out of front door. There is a small path way between the wall and front door, which leads to our backyard in North of the house. We have flower plants near the garage wall of neighbor. We have not been getting the right results for efforts put. That is the reason I am checking on a remedy. Please advise.

Should i put my mirror on east wall in dining room or north wall. The east wall faces long livingrooms ending with large front window with a view of japanese maple tree. The north wall faces smaller window with view of neighbours house.

Hi Mickie,
That’s not a bad place to place a mirror.

Hi Victor,
Your articles are very helpful!
Thank you for your thoughtful replies.
I plan to hang the mirror right next to the front entryway.
Mirror won’t face the front door but it will face the door leading to the small hallway.
Is it a good idea to hang a mirror right next to the front door?

Hi Janet,
Of course that is totally fine!

Hi Victor, I just discovered your site and love all the info. I live in a cul de sac and my unit is at the end of it. The unit on the very right side highlighted (front door is not visible, it is perpendicular to the street next to my neighbor’s door, up the stairs), my driveway and garage are in the right side. https://imgur.com/a/53auXQj I am feeling like I need protection. There are times when there are many drivers who don’t realize it’s a cul de sac and they end up turning around. I find a lot of conflicting info on bagua mirrors. I know you recommend getting an expert to take a look, but I’m dealing with a lot right now. If you can offer any help, I would appreciate it.

Hi Young,
Without a proper look, I’d say you don’t need to worry too much about this. A bagua mirror is not a silver bullet that solves all problems.

I’m planning to place rectangle mirror in dining room (north wall) . on opposite wall there is already family pictures. Is that ok to keep it?

Hi Ran,
Yes, this is totally fine.

Hi Victor,
I have a full length rectangular mirror in the north-west corner of the living room, facing the window hence reflecting trees and some residential buildings outside. Is this ok?

Sorry, I have a follow-up question. Is the placement of a colourful owl painting in the south-west corner of the living room facing the sofa okay?

Hi Jen,
That is totally fine. Reflecting trees are great! As for your owl, it is great as long as you like its placement.

I have steps leading to my front door. Of I place a mirror here (to face the front door from outside) will the reflect/return out flowing “good qi” back into the apartment???

Hi Alexandra,
No, that’s not how you use mirrors. The good Qi is determined by what is immediately outside your front door, how much open space, etc. and what objects you erect to gather those Qi.

Hello Victor,

I have mirroed closet doors in my bedroom that when closed face the window. Do you have any suggestions?

Hi Jeannette,
Mirror closet doors facing window is not a problem. In fact, it brings what is outside to the inside and is especially nice if your window has a nice view.

Hello! What about a mirror facing a garage door that opens into the house? It’s not the front door so I’m assuming it’s okay?

Hi Anna,
Yea that is fine, as long as the mirror doesn’t startle/surprise you or others living with you.

Dear Victor

I want to place a large arch window mirror in my hallway halfway up the stairs. My concern although not in direct line of the front door it does face it. I want to reflect more light up into the upstairs hallway. It’s a west wall. What’s your thoughts?

Hi Maria,
Reflecting light up the stairs is always a good idea. I don’t see any issues here.

Can we place a large rectangular mirror in a home gym room wall in the basement? Wall is on west side.

Hi Amy,
Yes, that is totally fine.

Hi Victor!
I have a mirror in our dining room which directly faces a wall, on the left side is a sliding door with curtains and the other side is an open area – living room. Upon entering from the front door, this mirror can be seen but it’s not directly facing the front door since it’s facing a wall. Is this okay or should I move the mirror on the other wall so it can’t be seen from the front door?
Also, you’re awesome! I’m glad I came across your website. 🙂

Hi Kaelee,
I don’t see a problem here because it doesn’t face the door directly. You’re all good.
Thanks for the compliment and I’m glad you like this site! 🙂

Hi Victor,
I came across your website searching for info about mirrors. Should I be removing all of my mirrors?
1. Mirror on the south wall in kitchen/diner facing stove on North wall?
2. Mirror on the North wall that is outside the bathroom/toilet room?
I appreciate your guidance. Thank you

Hi Sjan,
Maybe just the one facing the stove, but depends on the distance. Remove only if you feel uncomfortable or grew tired of it.


I (will, soon,) live in a building of apartments and my apartment’s front door is directly facing the building’s staircase at a close distance (between 1 and 2 meters away is the first step). The building has 4 floors and I am living at ground level. Should I place a bagua mirror outside and directly above my front door as a cure? Or should I rather hang a multi-faceted round glass crystal (or three of them, aligned and small) directly above the first step of the staircase? Is any of these two options better than the other?

If the bagua mirror is the answer, should it be convex or flat? I think convex would better scatter the (rushing) qi in more directions.. I personally prefer the crystals, since they are more discreet. 🙂

I believe that first thing one should do is to be aware and NOT go against their gut-feeling.

Have a nice day! Hope you can answer my question.

Hi Verum,
Stairs facing your front door is not necessarily a bad thing. Plus, hanging crystals or bagua mirror won’t stop Qi from coming into your home. I wouldn’t worry too much about this if I were you.


We have a kitchen with glass door / partitioned and our dining area is adjacent and outside of kitchen. A mirror was placed at the dining area. The mirror was not facing directly to stove, indeed faced directly to dinning table. But when we are in the living areas, around 45 degree from the mirror, we can see the reflection of stove from the mirror. Is that fine ? Hope you can answer my question. Thanks.

Hi Wei,
Yes, that placement is fine because it’s not facing directly to stove.


In one of my bathrooms, the vanity mirror facing the door, so when you open the door you see the mirror and the vanity, is this a bad placement for it? what can I do if this is not good?

Thank you!!


Hi AT,
This is not bad by default. If you’re worried, simply close the bathroom door most of the time.

Hi Victor,

I need some advice on how to correct the current placement of the mirror at our dining room, unfortunately its durectly facing a door leading into our everyday kitchen. The option that we’re looking at is to move the mirror at the opposite wall however space is not enough to put it since there’s a light switch on the other side. If we push to have it moved then, mirror will be too high since we need to avoid the light switch.

Hope you can share some recommendation how to correct it. Thank you!

Hi Roselle,
I can’t really comment without taking a look. I suggest you find an expert to help you with this.

Hello Victor,

First let me say, love and light to you! Second, I am wanting to place a Feng Shui mirror in the front of my home to protect and reflect bad energy from neighbors projecting such. I want to confirm that place the convex outside by the front door, will be accurate, facing North. Or does the direction matter when placed outside? Also should the concave be placed outside the back door facing the opposing entrance or placed inside facing the front door? Thank you for all your help!

Hi Sophia,
To reflect, use convex. TO absorb, use concave. If your neighbor is giving off bad energy, it’ll be better if you try to make peace with them. Sending them a small gift/food would be a great start!

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