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A bagua mirror is an eight-side-framed mirror used in Feng Shui practice to serve as a protective talisman that deflects bad energy or bad luck. From the word “bagua”, this mirror holds eight symbols, each containing three lines and each line is either broken or unbroken. The eight symbols which can be seen in the frame of the mirror are also termed as the ‘eight trigrams’ that represents Yin and Yang.

Accordingly, Feng Shui practitioners use this mirror to attract wealth and good luck, ward off evil spirits, or deflects negative energies.

Do You Need a Bagua Mirror?

In traditional Feng Shui practices, Bagua mirrors are often used to address specific challenges or imbalances in a home’s energy. Here are common scenarios where people might consider using a Bagua mirror:

Sharp Corners or Sha Qi

Sharp corners or structures pointing directly at your home, such as the corners of neighboring buildings or roads, can generate what is called “Sha Qi” or negative energy. Placing a Bagua mirror on the wall facing the source can deflect this energy.

Building Corner facing front door bad feng shui min 1 jpg webp - A Guide to Feng Shui Bagua Mirrors – Use, Placement & More
An illustration of Corner Sha facing the front door of another condominium, which just barely missed the front door.

T-Junctions or Rushing Sha

If your home is located at a T-junction where roads intersect and energy rushes toward your house, a Bagua mirror might be used to redirect the energy away from your home.

Poison Arrows

These are fast-flowing energy lines, such as straight pathways leading directly to your home. Bagua mirrors can be placed to soften or redirect this energy.

Long Narrow Alley New York 1 744x1024 - A Guide to Feng Shui Bagua Mirrors – Use, Placement & More
An illustration of Arrow Sha, formed by the gap of two buildings.

Deflecting Negative Energy

If there are areas at the outside of your home that consistently feel heavy, stagnant, or negative, you might consider using a Bagua mirror to help redirect and disperse the energy.

Hospitals, Cemeteries, Hospitals or Other Negative Influences

If your home is located near places with potentially negative influences, such as cemeteries or hospitals, some people believe that using a Bagua mirror can help deflect your home from their negative energy.

Attracting Auspicious Qi

Some practitioners recommend using bagua mirrors to gather auspicious Qi, such as those that help with wealth, health, or happiness. Read on to find out what types of mirrors attract auspicious Qi.

How to Use the Different Types of Bagua Mirror

Generally speaking, bagua mirrors are used to fix the energy going inside a home, an office, or other establishments. However, each type of bagua mirror has a different function and can be used for separate needs. Here are the ways you can use the bagua mirror according to its type.

Flat Bagua Mirror has the Most Neutral Use

A flat or plane bagua mirror has a flat reflecting surface. These mirrors always project images in a virtual and erect appearance. In Feng Shui sense, the flat bagua mirror either collects or reflects thus it must be used outdoors and never indoors.

Yellowbaguamirrorwoodbackground - A Guide to Feng Shui Bagua Mirrors – Use, Placement & More

This type of bagua mirror is considered to be an all-purpose one. It can be used to cure poison arrows directing towards your home. It can also absorb good energy from the universe which is beneficial for the homeowners.

The flat mirror is said to be most neutral and popular. There are a number of Feng Shui masters out there that claim flat mirrors can protect you by deflecting bad energy away and invites positive energy. If you are not sure which type of mirror to use, some would recommend that you use the flat Bagua mirror.

Concave Bagua Mirror Absorbs and Neutralize

A concave bagua mirror has a reflecting surface that curves inwards. The image projected by a concave bagua mirror will appear erect and magnified if the object is near it and will appear inverted if the object is far. This type of bagua mirror is mainly used to absorb.

red bagua concave black 300x300 - A Guide to Feng Shui Bagua Mirrors – Use, Placement & More
A concave bagua mirror, used to attract auspicious energies.

The concave bagua mirror is nowadays used in absorbing auspicious energies and wealth. Thus, this can be used to home layouts that does not allow energy to go inside the home. One example is when the gate entrance has a downward stairways leading towards the home.

When positive energy is not be able to flow inside the home, that is believed to cause financial difficulties towards the home owners. In solution, the homeowners may cure this by using a concave bague mirror in the front door to absorb the needed energy. Others have said that these types of mirrors, when used with the Early Heaven sequence, can be used to absorb good Qi.

Convex Bagua Mirror Reflects Negative Qi Away

A convex bagua mirror has a reflecting surface that is totally opposite from a concave type. It curves outward thus the images portrayed by this type of mirror are always erect and magnified. In terms of Feng Shui, the convex bagua mirror multiplies and reflects. When looking inside this mirror, you have a greater vision of your surroundings. It’s the same type of mirror some drivers use to attach onto their automobile’s side mirrors.

red bagua convex black 300x300 - A Guide to Feng Shui Bagua Mirrors – Use, Placement & More
A convex bagua mirror, used to repel negative energies.

The convex bagua mirror works as a deflector. This means that it can be used to block-off the bad energies outside of your home. This kind of mirror can be used if there are edgy and pointy objects or building outside of your home which are considered poision arrows.

Convex mirrors are said to reflect and redirect those negative Qi away. Sometimes, it can go to other people’s house, so this method is not the most ethical way of using Bagua mirrors.

Early vs. Later Heaven Sequence

Traditionally, there are two different types of Bagua with three different types of mirrors.

The two Bagua’s are the Early Heaven Sequence and the Later Heaven Sequence. Most of the Bagua mirrors out there are of the Early Heaven Sequence.

two different feng shui bagua min 1 jpg webp - A Guide to Feng Shui Bagua Mirrors – Use, Placement & More
The two types of Bagua – Early Heaven Sequence on the left and the Later Heaven Sequence on the right.

The vintage yellow Bagua mirror below is from our store’s Bagua Mirrors Collection. It is only $18.99 and uses the early heaven sequence. Do you notice the difference?

Maple Wood Bagua Mirror 2 jpeg - A Guide to Feng Shui Bagua Mirrors – Use, Placement & More

Traditionally, Early and Later Heaven Bagua sequence matters. Most Feng Shui tips out there fail to mention the difference between Early and Later Heaven Sequence. There is a difference between the two.

The Early Heaven sequence should be used with a concave mirror. The Later Heaven sequence should be used with a convex mirror. However, today, for simplicity, most of us use the Early Heaven sequence. This is yet another example of how Feng Shui has adopted to modern times, and how traditional rules are sometimes outdated for modern living.

Aside from different Bagua, there’s also concave, convex, and flat mirrors. Each of them have different rules and uses. I have briefly outlined them here.

Bagua Mirrors Should NOT Be Placed Indoors

Bagua mirrors should be placed outdoors only and nowhere else. The Bagua Mirrors are powerful, and almost all experts agree that it shouldn’t be placed inside your home. The most common place for Bagua mirrors is right above the front door.

In general, the Bagua mirror is mainly used to block the negative energies from the outside. These are mostly energies that has ‘Form’. Meaning, if there’s a light-post right outside your front door, a Bagua mirror can be used. However, according to Feng Shui expert Rodika Tchi and many other masters, it’s best to use a Bagua mirror only when it’s recommended by a professional.

Do Bagua Mirrors Really Work?

The main reason why some bagua mirrors do not work for people is because they are using it wrong. If you think using your bagua mirror can help you solve your problems with difficult neighbors, then you are having a misconception about it. These mirrors will not let your neighbors become easier to deal with. It is also important to note that bagua mirrors should be regularly cleaned. Dusts and debris should not be present in your mirror because it can interfere with its function.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Final Words

The bagua mirrors are a powerful feng shui amulet. However, you should be wary of the difference between its types as there is a risk of using it wrong. Using it wrong can possibly cause harm towards you. Assess your living situation before deciding on which type you need. Lastly, always do good things towards others because it is believed that by doing so, bagua mirrors will reward you with abundance!

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  1. Anny

    Hello Victor
    Your Bagua information is helpful.
    My question is , when I move, can I reuse my old bagua for at a new house?

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Anny,
      Yes, you definitely can use your old bagua mirror!

  2. Tina

    Hi Victor,
    I have plan to move in the house located T junction the street straight point to my home. I would like to put a Bagus Mirror. Do you think what time of Bagus Mirror would be suitable for my house ?
    There is no house front of my house at all. Flat or Concave ore Convex? Early or later haven ?

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Tina,
      For T-junction, most people are scared of the “rushing” negative energy, sometimes called the poison arrow, depending on context. To deflect this, most people get the early heaven convex mirror and place it above the front door.

  3. Elizabeth

    Hi Victor,
    I have had a bagua on my house for several years and had no issues. I don’t think I should hang it above my door (my porch is covered at the top so it reflects my porch in the mirror) so I hang it to the right of my door – the door opens toward my bagua. I noticed recently that the mirror had come loose, so I hot glued it back together.
    I have been having a lot of trouble recently and I’m wondering if it’s because I didn’t repair my bagua correctly. Should I replace it, and should I make more of an effort to put it over my door?