Belief Behind Why Feng Shui Consultations “MUST” Get Paid

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Have you ever heard of this saying, “Feng Shui consultations MUST get paid”?

If you desperately need help, can’t a Feng Shui master just come and help you for free? Or, if your friend knows how to practice Feng Shui, can’t you just ask him to help you for free?

Traditionally, the answer is no. Here’s why.

When a Feng Shui master performs his service, tradition dictates that he should get paid in the form of red envelope (also known as “hong bao” 红包). The red envelope, in other words, is cash. This tradition has been around for hundreds if not thousands of years. Why is that?

Also, Feng Shui practice was, and still is, the highest paid metaphysics practitioner (compared to astrology, divination and the likes). But why?

Here’s the belief:

Feng Shui is the only practice that disrupts nature to improve one’s luck. And because nature is disrupted, payment is required to restore nature’s balance, or else the Feng Shui master will suffer consequences.

To help you understand why that is, we’ll explore cultural beliefs such as Taoism, the law of balance in nature (think Yin and Yang, karma), the trinity of luck, and basic human nature.

Feng Shui is the Only Practice that Amplifies Your “Luck”… and It Works in the Background

To understand this concept, you’ll need to first understand the trinity of luck. In short, the trinity of luck is made up of Heaven, Earth and Human. Heaven luck is predetermined, which includes the date you were born (astrology), the body that you were born into, and the family you’re associated with. Earth luck is your surrounding environment, which includes the country, time period, your location, and your home (Feng Shui). Human luck includes the choices you make, how you invest your time, and what you do.

Heaven, Earth and Human – the Trinity of Luck

Heaven luck CANNOT be changed. Even when you get an astrology reading to decode parts of your Heaven luck, you still have to use your own knowledge, skills and abilities to make the best out of your life (part of your Human luck).

But if you apply Feng Shui properly, you can get a boost to what you’re already working to achieve without MORE effort on your part (you still need put in the effort). For instance, if you work 10 hours a day, you might get 10 units of return. But with good Feng Shui, you might get 11-200 units of return, depending on other factors. That’s why this is THE most expensive practice in metaphysics. Getting an astrology reading is similar to revealing a map or a guide to your life, but Feng Shui is like the invisible hand that helps you get better results.

Here’s another way to understand it. Imagine yourself on a sail boat, representing your life’s journey. Astrology is the compass, stars, map or navigation system that tells you which path is easier or harder for you. Feng Shui is your tailwind that carries you to that goal, faster and with less obstacles. Don’t forget – YOU still have to navigate and sail the boat. You won’t get anywhere without putting in any effort.

Feng Shui’s direct translation is “Wind Water”, which is essentially the natural environment. That means when Feng Shui masters are creating that “tailwind” for you, they are adjusting, or disrupting, the natural environment AND the natural flow of your life.

Why Feng Shui Disrupts Nature

Using the law of nature (Taoism), your life should flow naturally, just like how a leaflet flows down a river (metaphorically speaking).

However, we humans can alter nature to our advantage. We can build a dam to stop or control how the river flows. Conversely, we can add more earth on the riverbanks to narrow down the river so it flows faster. That’s disrupting nature.

Build a dam here, the rainforest down the river might start dying because it is getting less water. Create a narrower river and probably there’ll be more flooding on the riverbanks when it rains. This is how nature balances itself, which is quite evident considering how our modern-day living is endangering other life-forms on Earth.

The belief is that this law of nature and its balancing acts also applies to humans. Here are two quotes to help you better understand that:

One person in a sedan chair requires many to carry it” (一人坐轿众人抬). In ancient times, the bigger the chair, which resembles power and wealth, then more people are needed to carry it.

The sedan chair is a symbol of wealth and power across all cultures in ancient times.

An achievement by a military general (during war) comes from the sacrifice of thousands of lives” (一将功成万骨枯). The greater the achievement, the more the sacrifice.

In other words, when you enrich one, you’re either taking from others, or others have to pay the price. That’s how nature balances itself.

When Feng Shui is applied, the natural flow of a person’s life is disrupted. To balance that disruption, the Feng Shui MUST get paid. Otherwise, nature, or karma, would seek to balance on its own at the expense of the Feng Shui master.

You can also understand this as some sort of “energy exchange”, like what Laura Cerrano mentioned in this article.

Sorry to say, nature is not all sunshine and rainbows. You have to accept its dark side too.

What are the Consequences of Disrupting Nature?

As previously mentioned, the common belief is that Feng Shui masters will suffer consequences if payment is not received because nature is disrupted. The consequence is just how nature rebalances itself. Some people call this karma.

Another common belief is that the Feng Shui master WILL suffer consequences if they practice no matter what, and that payment is reimbursement for those sufferings.

Which is the right interpretation? If you ask me, I’d say the former is true. The latter, in my experience, applies not to Feng Shui masters, but to people with divination gifts (which I will discuss in another post).

My Feng Shui master told me several stories about this. When his students practice Feng Shui for free to help out their friends, those students all went through a major illness shortly after. The illnesses were quite serious where those students couldn’t work for weeks and even months.

According to my master, they got sick because Feng Shui “changed their friends’ luck”. And because no payment was received, what was supposed to happen to the friends transferred to those students in the form of illness.

Feng Shui masters who know this do NOT practice Feng Shui for free, even when it helps out a friend.

“But the Feng Shui master who gave me free advice is perfectly fine!”

According to this belief, wouldn’t those Feng Shui masters who publish tips online suffer consequences because they are helping the readers disrupt nature? Nope, not at all. Here are two reasons why.

First, practicing Feng Shui is NOT just applying a tip here and there. At the minimum, you need to get a compass reading and check for Forms surrounding your home.

Second, even if applying some of those tips did seemingly improve your luck, the improvement is nothing significant to constitute as a disruption in nature. If you’re seeing results from tips, wait till you see the results when a Feng Shui expert makes adjustments to your place.


In our modern day “free economy”, many people (including me) are becoming increasingly spoiled. We are always expecting something for free – free tips, free trials, free samples, etc. Some are asking for discounted Feng Shui services, while others are asking for free Feng Shui consultations to help them climb out of their dire situation.

That is why Feng Shui is becoming a “rich man’s game”. The good Feng Shui masters are increasingly moving to rich areas where clients can pay, while avoiding areas where they get hassled by those asking for free or discounted service. In a way, this is causing the rich to get richer. “One person in a sedan chair requires many to carry it”, remember?

Also, please do not over-estimate the power of Feng Shui. Say, for instance, you get to live in Bill Gates’ or Jack Ma’s house. Do you think you’ll be as rich as they are?

Everyone is different. That’s why results differ case by case and is why Feng Shui masters are not millionaires.

Over to you: what do you think of these beliefs? Share your thoughts by commenting below!

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Hello there!
I just want to share my experience from practicing fengshui. I been practicing for six years now.
First i was renteng in a small house. I live here for ten years.
We are poor, we have to work hard just to buy food. After 3 years the owner of this house made an offer. If i can work in his newly opened computer shop. I accept it i work there but still it wasn’t enough. Until one day I’ve read an article about fengshui.
Ive been following fengshui advice . Ive done some research, there are some fengshui master who teaches for free. I am thankful that they’re advice helped me so much, it change everything from worst to good
Fengshui literally change my life. Because of this my friends asked me to also fengshui for day I gave them advice for free, because they doesn’t want to pay. but after ive done it my son got sick i feel sorry for what ive done. I know the rules of nature .
Now i am facing struggles again . I know this is the outcome. Because last month our friend whom has problem she was ok now . She said thank you to me she was fine , only the word thank you this is what i got. Thank you is not worthy for what i am suffering to day. I will never do it again. I know i can get through on this struggles. This is the big lesson that i have learned.
I remember a saying here in the philippines. ” If you helped a begar you will carry thier burden. Instead of them.

Hi Miralyn,
It’s sad how nature can be so cruel sometimes. I hope you’re doing much better now. Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

Dear Sir, Good Morning.
You are 100% true. I am happy to read the article.
As you said the good Feng Shui masters are increasingly moving to rich areas where clients can pay, while avoiding areas where they get hassled by those asking for free or discounted service. I found it in London, where my son who lives there consulted on e FENG Shui master.
Hence we need Feng Shui masters who can help the middle income people also who will accept the fee suitable for the clits. Here we need more training centers in the areas where there are no good Feng Shui Masters and disseminate the great knowledge of ages for the use of mankind.
If there is any Master is conducting online training kindly inform me so that I can join and learn the knowledge and skills.
Thank you so much.
Venugopal Reddy
Hyderabad, India

Hi Venugopal,
I totally agree with you with regards to the middle income clients. I’m working on getting Feng Shui masters to list their classes on this site, so stay tuned.

I don’t totally agree. I believe if you help someone with fengshui which is changing energy and your not protected you could end up ill etc because someone didn’t like the change of energy so took revenge because of them losing control and or jealousy. Energy Transference: so you help someone and the person or person’s that don’t like it can transfer that energy to you through their energy

I agree totally as it is an exchange of energy Feng Shui helpers /Masters should be paid
Because with the exchange of information and advice a persons life or environment changes and it does benefit the receiver in the long run.. why does the giver not give consideration as well then it becomes a win win situation.. It is then balanced on both sides.. do people not give consideration to the giver as he has to pay to learn feng Shui to begin with and if it was not for the advice the receiver may have suffered or experience lost.. I feel it is a given to repay back some needed advice for a better life..

Hi May,
I completely agree with you. Cheers!

Hi Victor,

Prior to reading this I did recall this divine-gifted lady who was said to offer counselling with regards to feng shui and sort only to those willing to pay. My reaction upon knowing it back then was pretty much like that of every uninformed person I guess: why so stingy? Then I recalled that her life was pretty much in shambles: she keeps dealing with health issues, daughter had a broken marriage, etc.

Once I read this article, it dawned on me now very clearly why she insisted on getting paid, whatever view others would have on her. The price that she and her family were paying, at least according to the theory, probably stemmed from her past of trying to help folks with her gift for free, which she might not realise would actually affect her in the way she hadn’t wanted.

Now comes to me personally: I’ve actually helped this friend to improve his house’s feng shui (with the knowledge I gained from you!) since he was suffering metaphysical attack since a while, in the belief that doing this would eventually improve my karma and do good on me. Now, there had been several paranormals from different circles telling me that I would reap a so-called “big fortune” some time this year, but yet my life stays about the same up to this point and there are absolutely no signs of that fortune coming, which is actually frustrating since I’ve had my business broke since a year and now I’m living with my parents at 33. Upon reading THIS article I’m starting to wonder whether my trying to help this friend with my knowledge of feng shui has actually harmed my luck rather than brought me forward.

If that happens to be the case I would then straight ask for payment for those interested in the future, citing explicitly the above reasons, rather than not receiving anything AND personally paying the price.

Big thanks for coming forward to say this Victor, everybody learning feng shui would better take note so as what they know wouldn’t then come to harm them. I haven’t found such an article anywhere on the web anyway so thanks for enlightening us on this. Keep it up.


Anyway Victor, would it then be fine for me at least from Chinese wisdom perspective if I asked for payment for what I’ve done for him? If that’s the case, it’s win-win for everyone involved then rather than just me paying the price. Otherwise I assume I would just have to hang on till the tide calms then, so to say.

Thanks again!

Hi Ricky,
This is a tricky question – from stories/experience, you may have already paid the price. But of course, you can definitely ask for payment, because at least you’ll be better off in some way.

Hi Ricky,
I have the same experience. The divine-gifted masters that I visit occasionally also has health issues – from polio to cancer. I’m glad this article helped you, and best of luck to you in the future!

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