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Here’s a story when I first started practicing Feng Shui professionally.

Back in 2015, I already went through years of feng shui schooling and training. I got my hands on all the ancient Feng Shui text I could find. I used almost all of my friends’ places as Feng Shui case studies. I was ready. Then, I was faced with the first business decision – how should I price my service?

First thing I did was to see what my competition did. I found that every consultant charged differently because of the different schools of Feng Shui they practiced and the types of services they offered. Being a professional marketer, I made a few assumptions. I assumed that most of my customers would would be similar to my age group, living in a one-family house. I came up with a price based on a 1,500 – 2,500 square feet house and offered a full Feng Shui audit of a place for flat rate.

I couldn’t be more wrong about my assumption.

Shortly after, my first customer approached me. It was a remote consultation. She asked a few questions and paid for my flat rate consultation fee in full before we began. I asked her to send me the floor plan of the house, along with many other info. Then the surprise came.

When I opened the attached floor plan, my jaw dropped. Her house was 7,000+ square feet (3 floors)! Should I explain to her that she only paid for 1,500 – 2,500 square feet and ask for more compensation? (That would seem very unprofessional.) Should I respectfully decline my first customer and readjust my pricing? (Who in the right mind would turn away their first customer?)

Needless to say, I was at a loss when I acquired my first customer.

But things can be different for you – thanks to Kartar Diamond because she’s sharing her 30+ years of experience with you in this ebook: Career Tips for Feng Shui Consultants.

If you’re a professional Feng Shui consultant, or are thinking of becoming one, aren’t you be interested in learning what your competitors do? How they approach the same problems that you’ve faced?

Even after years of practice, I still find value in the following career tips from Kartar’s ebook (go to section table of contents to see all the career tips in her ebook):

  • Difficult Clients
  • Establishing Payment and Cancellation Policies
  • Doing Remote Readings
  • Consultation Styles
  • Handling Ridicule
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Handling Inquiries
  • Challenging Readings

Whether you’re starting out or have years of experience, I highly recommend that you read Kartar’s book because of the competitive information that it offers. For me, I’ve only learned from two masters and two ways of doing things. She presented yet another perspective on this practice. After reading her ebook, you might end up adjusting your business!

What’s more, Kartar is offering 30 minutes of private business coaching to those who purchased her ebook, just in case if you have any questions (which I’m sure you’ll have).

Below is the introduction of Career Tips for Feng Shui Consultants, the table of contents, and Kartar’s biography.

Introduction: Career Tips for Feng Shui Consultants

Career Tips for Feng Shui Consultants was written with a goal to offer guidance to both new and seasoned Feng Shui consultants.  I encounter former students and new practitioners who would like to consult full-time and I also know of long-time Feng Shui consultants, whose careers never took off in the way they had hoped.  What I offer here are some of my own “Best Practices” which I know have helped me tremendously in being able to sustain a Feng Shui consultancy for over 30 years.

I don’t claim to have all the answers and there are many ways to approach this metaphysical art form as an income-generating business. There are “super stars” in our industry, like Joey Yap, who can reach thousands of students at a time in a single webinar. Many years ago, when I was reverting back to my maiden name after a divorce, I had a numerologist tell me that if I added an “s” to the end of my birth last name that I would become the “Martha Stewart of Feng Shui.”

My last name is Diamond and I didn’t want to make it Diamonds.  One diamond is enough.  I have never aspired to be that famous like a Martha Stewart or a Joey Yap.  But if your goal is to be a “working” Feng Shui consultant, then I’m sure some of the business choices I’ve made can also assist you.  What you are about to read is a combination of tips and suggestions which I learned and applied over time, with each new client helping me refine and streamline my professional services.

Before having obtained this Career Tips manual, you may have already done some soul searching about whether or not Feng Shui is your true professional calling in life.  Perhaps you have been involved in other complementary fields, like real estate or interior design. Whatever your past may be or your other current interests, Feng Shui consulting has some unique aspects to it. It also has aspects to it which are relevant to ANY business success plan.

Another benefit in reading Career Tips for Feng Shui Consultants, is that it may inspire you with other ideas and motivations which are not even mentioned here and which are totally unique to your situation.  Since this is a digital manual, it can always be easily added to.  If you would like to share a technique, a business practice or a story to help other consultants, let me know!  I would be happy to add your experience or area of expertise and give you full credit.

Table of Contents

Author Biography…2
Training/ Walk Your Talk…6
Business Name and Trademark…7
Handling Inquiries via Phone or Email…9
Be Prepared to Market Your Services…15
Endorsements and Testimonials…15
How to Charge for Your Services…22
Establish Cancellation and Payment Policies…23
How to Conduct an Evaluation…26
Types of Services You Offer…27
Getting an Accurate Compass Reading…29
Doing Remote Readings…30
A Change in Local Magnetic Declination…33
Finding Out the Age of a Structure…39
Question Documented Information…42
Drawing a Floor Plan Sketch…43
Preparing for the Consultation…44
Consultation Styles…46
Challenging Readings…48
Difficult Clients…49
Providing Follow-Up Written Report…51
Conflicts of Interest…52
Marketing Tips to Stay In Touch With Clients…53
Annual Updates…54
Teaching Feng Shui…56
Other Ways to Market Your Services…61
The Internet…61
Business Networking…64
Have an Organized Office…65
Other Consultants…77
Handling Ridicule…78
Recommended Reading…79

About Kartar Diamond

Kartar Diamond is a classically trained Feng Shui consultant, in practice since 1992. She is a graduate from the American Feng Shui Institute and also studied with Masters Raymond Lo, Yap Cheng Hai, Gayle Atherton and Heluo Hill.  She has worked with people in-person and remotely, world-wide, for both residential and commercial properties.

Kartar taught herself how to sketch accurate floor plans and is one of the first practitioners to do remote compass readings and long distance evaluations. She has produced a monthly e-newsletter, Time & Space, since 1996.

image - Career Tips to be a Successful Feng Shui Consultant - An Introduction

She created a Beginner’s Feng Shui Video Workshop in 1999, followed by three trade paperback books and seven e-books.

Kartar also created a DVD on How to Take a Compass Reading and had a Feng Shui Case Study Club with monthly lesson plans sent out to students and fellow practitioners from 2011-2014.  Those Case Studies later became a part of the curriculum for Kartar’s School of Traditional Feng Shui, a private on-line mentoring program, which also provides Certification to Consult through her School.

Kartar is working on more Feng Shui e-books and case studies. This e-book, Career Tips for Feng Shui Consultants, was the natural result of both formal and informal coaching of students and fellow consultants over the decades.

How to Buy This Book

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