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If you are familiar with the classical school of Feng Shui known as Xuan Kong Fei Xing (Flying Star School), you may be aware that we currently live in “Period 8” which ends in February of 2024.  Immediately, Period 9 begins then and lasts until February 2044.  Just like the last big shift from Period 7 to Period 8, this can bring both excitement and questions for those who adhere to Feng Shui principles.

What are Feng Shui Flying Star “Periods”?

Each new 20-Year Era, called a “Period,” instigates a shift in how the unseen energies in all homes and buildings will influence people residing or working inside.  Some of the inherent, unseen energies will have a more positive influence and some will have a more negative influence.  There are 9 Periods and they each last for 20 years, so the biggest cycle is 180 years in length (9 Periods x 20 years), before the cycles repeat.

When a house is built, energies from the earth below and the Sun above co-mingle to create a defined magnetic field, which is sealed in the structure when the ceiling and roof go on. This time frame is also called a Construction Period. And while there are some Feng Shui practitioners who do calculations based on when the occupant moves in, just as many or more adhere to the traditional Xuan Kong Fei Xing principles which prioritizes the blending of these immense earthly and celestial forces.

The flying star chart is based on year built and compass alignment instead of date of occupancy. This means that if a house does not undergo any radical remodel changes, the same magnetic field will endure in a house or building, decade after decade.

Timely vs. Untimely Stars

What changes over time is the influence of those energies call “flying stars.”  Each of the eight basic directional zones will have a set of numerical coding called the flying stars and they will “mature” as time goes by.

In any given Period, only one star will be considered “timely” and inherently positive.  It is the star which matches the Period.  So, in Period 8, the 8 star is considered the best star wherever it lands in a house.  The location of the 8 stars (there are two for each chart) will be different depending on the direction of the house’s sitting and facing (back and front directions).  In Period 9, the location of the two 9 stars in the chart take over as “kings” and become known as the timely or “wang” stars.

Trailing behind the 9 star will be star 1 and 2, which will be in a “shen” or fairly positive phase. The shen stars can be powerful, like a prince waiting to become a king.  All the other stars are in a more declining, waning phase called “untimely” because more of their negative features can come out and influence the occupants.

Period 9 is About to be “King”

The change over from one Period to the next will influence everyone.  The energies in your own home and work place will shift in their influence, not their location.

As one example:  Let us say that you have been sleeping in a bedroom with a permanent 2 earth star.  This star has been in a downward cycle for over a hundred years.  The last Period 2 we had on this planet was 1884-1904.  That was the last time the 2 star was “king” and had the ability to attract wealth and support good health for the occupants.

However, after the last Period 2 ended in 1904 (which began Period 3), the 2 star took on more of the concerning attributes of sickness, loneliness, bleeding, or accidents.  The 2 star can also trigger issues with the abdominal area, digestion or miscarriage.  This has been a concerning energy for many decades.

The 2 star, however, is about to make a big shift.  In Period 9, the 1 and 2 stars both go up a notch and become more positive, second in command to the 9 star.  The 2 star in particular will change like being reborn, and will help support good health and well-being, instead of being associated with the exact opposite.

How to Boost the 9 Star to Your Advantage

The 9 star has been steadily getting more positive since Period 7 when it went from being very “untimely” to a better “shen” cycle.  Now the 9 star is on the cusp of taking over as the “wang” best star.

Compare this to whenever the 9 star is untimely and associated with fire accidents, explosions and even insanity.  Instead of wanting to temper or calm down the 9 fire energy, we practitioners will be recommending that people enhance or nurture the 9 fire star with the Wood element.  This is in sync with traditional Five Element Theory.  Wood strengthens Fire.  More live plants and an abundance of green color will be used in Period 9 with interior décor compared to recent past Periods. If you’re wondering why that is, read this article about the elemental association of live plants and how it’s used in flying stars.

Predictions for Period 9

Feng Shui practitioners often make predictions about what may happen in certain Periods on a global level. The 9 Fire star is related to the eyes and heart.  We could expect some medical advances or breakthroughs related to those body areas. Perhaps they will be monitored or enhanced by A.I. (artificial intelligence).

The 9 star is also related to the mind, so perhaps we will see other powerful shift with A.I. and human interactions. Hopefully a cure for mental illnesses and brain disorders like schizophrenia will come to pass.  The 9 fire star is also symbolic of aircraft (tubes propelled by fire energy in the sky), so we may see more advances in aircraft and spacecraft.

Unfortunately, the 9 fire star is still associated with explosions and fires in the destructive sense; even during Period 9 we are not exempt from those events, which includes nuclear energy.  The 9 Fire (Li trigram) is also symbolic of a middle-aged woman and a matriarchy in general.  While other parts of the world have had female presidents or prime ministers for decades, it is likely that in Period 9 the USA will finally have its first female president.

Preparing for Period 9 When Building or Remodeling Home

When a person is considering building or remodeling a home in these last few years before the shift from Period 8 to Period 9, it is important to work with a highly trained and experienced practitioner who can consider all the factors of how a Period 8 construction will fare throughout Period 9.

Sometimes when I work with clients to design a house using Feng Shui, and we know definitively what direction the new house or building has to face, it becomes fairly easy to decide whether to hurry up and build before the Period shifts, or to wait until after the new Period begins.  This influences how the interiors should be laid out, as well as critical outside features like the placement of a pool.

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  1. Ansu Patel

    Absolutely love Kartar! She’s a Feng Shui Master like none other. I haven’t met that many, mind. But, love her way of writing, and explanation.

  2. Cindy

    Hi Katar
    I was wondering about the flying star combination of mountain star 9 and water star 2. In period 8 it is very negative but will period 9 improve this combination? It is a bedroom in my house and very badly affecting my teenage daughter despite cures.

  3. Jasen Chamoun

    Hi Cindy, If I may. The 9 and 2 are much more favourable in period 9. The fire in 9 is generating the 2 earth star making it more powerful. The 2 star as Katar said is a much better enrgy in period 9. However upon saying that the 9 mountain star is good to sleep on if it matches her Gua number. I just wouldn’t spend much time in the room in the day time especially with being active. I hope this helps. Jasen

  4. Ivana

    Dear Kartar,
    Can you please explain what will happen in period 9 with flying stars combination like 97-79 43-34 and 25-52. Is there a way to make more use ofcnumber 2 without giving more power to 5 at the same time. Number 4, os it going to be bed in period 9?
    Thank you
    Greetings from Croatia

  5. Kartar Diamond

    I’m sort of new to responding to comments for my own article. Ivana, I just emailed you a response to your personal email address! I tried to copy it to Feng Shui Nexus, but it bounced back.–Kartar

  6. Fatima

    Hi Kartar!

    What happens to the combination of 2-5, 5-2 in period 9 when star 2 becomes timely? Will this combo be not as bad?
    Thanks in advance for your reply.

  7. Elle

    Dear Kartar;
    I am so glad to have found your site; it is very informative.

    I have a question. We live in central west mountains in the US. Our home faces sw/ne and we are right now having to replace our metal roof as we go into winter. Do you have suggestions for roof color? It is about to snow and we have to order immediately.
    Our home is soft tan earth tone stucco. I am east water snake, my husband is w monkey. Thank you so much. Our back view to NE is becoming more of a facing direction form landscaping and design.