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Many people who are fascinated by Feng Shui have heard that the bedroom is one of the most important rooms in a house, if not the most important room.  And many equate love and sex with the bedroom, so it is a popular topic.  The bedroom represents so much more than that. So in this article, I discuss additional reasons why the bedroom ranks #1 by both consumers and Feng Shui practitioners.

The Number One Room in the House

Firstly, hardly any other room in the house can compete with the time spent in a bedroom. By definition, where we spend the most time, that space will have the biggest influence.  If you sleep eight hours a night in a bedroom and spend only one hour per day in your kitchen, the bedroom will influence you eight times as much as the kitchen.

Your Health is a Major Concern

There are many considerations for the bedroom when it comes to optimizing the space for your health.  The direction you sleep may be determined partly by your birth data, as each person has their own set of good and bad sleeping directions for recharging, as well as for becoming more of a magnet for wealth and opportunities. Conversely, each person has negative directions they can avoid, which could undermine health, relationships and financial potential. Many of these concepts and practices come from the Ba Zhai School of Feng Shui. But so many people are practicing hybrid versions of Feng Shui, that these applications are included by those who do not even practice the Ba Zhai School exclusively.   There are also notions about good and bad sleeping directions which come from Chinese Astrology.  For example, a person born in the Year of the Ox could feel drained sleeping in the Sheep direction (SSW).

In Form School Feng Shui, we also look at the architecture and design of a room, for optimal qi flow (air currents).  A good balance can encourage sound, peaceful sleep.  This has to do with door and window placements, as well as ceiling angles and heights. In summary, having good feng shui in the bedroom can help regain or maintain good health.

Romance or the Lack Of it

In the “romance department”, it is understood that some energy fields can make us lonely, aloof, argumentative or vulnerable to deception.  These energies can undermine you when you want to attract or maintain a relationship. 

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Much of this information is non-obvious and has to be calculated based on when the entire house was built and what direction it is facing.  This information comes by way of the Xuan Kong Fei Xing (Flying Star School).  Then, the whole floor plan is divided up into directional zones and this is how we understand what is going on specifically in the bedroom, by what directional sector it is in.  Where you sleep can influence all of your relationships: romantic, platonic, familial, social and work-related.

bedroom sleep - Why We Care So Much About the Bedroom in Feng Shui
Where you sleep can influence all of your relationships: romantic, platonic, familial, social and work-related.

In the 1990’s a very popular New Age version of Feng Shui also recommended that people set up their bedroom in certain placebo-laced ways to attract love and romance. This could include placing romantic pictures, using soft colors, and the look you might expect from a racy romance novel.  While this kind of environment is better than the look of a messy college dorm room, classical Feng Shui goes way beyond what you can see with your eyes in order to assess the qualities of a bedroom and if it is helpful or hurtful for love and romance. For imbalances in these instances, certain organic real elements can be added to a room, such as the elements of metal, earth, fire, water or wood.

Other Worldly Influences Coming from the Bedroom

What the general population still does not know, is that the energy of a bedroom can address a whole host of other life concerns and scenarios.  This goes back to the reality that you are influenced by the room you use the most.  Some bedroom energies do not indicate one way or another if your health will be good or bad or if you will have a hot love life.  Instead, some bedroom energies indicate that the occupant many have fertility issues, legal dilemmas, security problems, accidents or other obstacles in life.  This is why classical Feng Shui practitioners rank the bedroom as so important. Of course, children’s bedrooms are important as well.  But in the hierarchy, the good fortune of the parents will influence the children, so the master bedroom is still more important than the kids’ rooms.


When I evaluate properties for people to buy or lease, the master bedroom has the highest priority for all the reasons listed.  If the energy in the master bedroom is poor, then there need to be several strong compensating features to the rest of the house in order for me to recommend one move there.  No house is perfect, but there should definitely be positive aspects to other parts of the house if the bedrooms are lacking.   An example might be a whole house that is deemed strong for financial luck, even if the master bedroom indicates a vulnerability to legal problems.  In this combination of influences, an occupant might encounter legal problems, but overcome them or win their cases.

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